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Fangcun Kill Latest chapter update list

author£ºWandering Illusion

Chapter 1 The WedgeChapter 2 Cold-Blooded Assassin!Chapter 3 Inch strength, instant kill!Chapter 4 Unequal Transactions!
Chapter 5 Extreme body training!Chapter 6 Visual deception and... counter attack!Chapter 7 Fight against the innate!Chapter 8 Epiphany, Xingzi Jue!
Chapter 9Chapter 10: Put it to death and live again (2)Chapter 11 Disguise, kill!Chapter 12 Lore!
Chapter 13 Old Ghost Leng!Chapter 14 Must Kill!Chapter 15 Get Out!Chapter 16 Wonderful Silver Needle!
Chapter 17 Become a famous doctor!Chapter 18 Just Two Words, Death!Chapter 19 Three Conditions!Chapter 20 Enter the urn!
Chapter 21 Quack Doctors Don't Need Knives to Kill People!Chapter 22 Young Master Pianranjia! (first update)Chapter 23 The City Lord's Guest of Honor (1)Chapter 24 The City Lord's Guest of Honor (2)
Chapter 25 Probe, Make a Plan!Chapter 26 Poor performance!Chapter 27 Borrow a knife!Chapter 28 Complete Golden Spirit Washing Essence!
Chapter 29 Woman, you owe me this!Chapter 30 Carve the machine!Chapter 31 Forced to kill (1)Chapter 32 Forced to kill (2)
Chapter 33Chapter 34 The Leng family, expel!Chapter 35 Within an inch, I am invincible!Chapter 36: It's Over!
Chapter 37 Will drink! (first update)Chapter 38 Wine Sword Immortal (Second update)Chapter 39 Can't compare, so let's talk about fighting? (third change)Chapter 40 Coquettish Sword Dance!
Chapter 41 Dionysus, Xiaoyaozi! (Fifth update is over!)Chapter 42: Recite Poems, Drink Drunk and Kill People!Chapter 43 Sword Intent!Chapter 44 Don't worship the king!
Chapter 45: Knights Walk!Chapter 46 Put it on the fire!Chapter 47 Sleeping Flower House!Chapter 48 Overwhelming others with power?
Chapter 49 Close at hand, the enemy's country is full of people!Chapter 50 Wait and see!Chapter 51: The Shots Are Unexpected (1)Chapter 52: The Shots Are Unexpected (2)
Chapter 53 Liu Family, Feiyu!Chapter 54 Horror sword skills!Chapter 55 Princess HongluanChapter 56 Not Messy Enough! (first update)
Chapter 57 Yama Tie (1)Chapter 58 Yama Tie (2)Chapter 59Chapter 60 Trap! (five more)
Chapter 61 Who is Shameless?Chapter 62 Offensive and defensive reversal, death hunt!Chapter 63 When the fake is real, the fake is also true!Chapter 64: The Monstrous Genius Who Hasn't Been Ever in a Century!
Chapter 65 Trial!Chapter 66: The Arrogant Early Bird!Chapter 67 You are not the only one who is proud!Chapter 68 A plate of loose sand!
Chapter 69 Shadow Killer!Chapter 70 Murder!Chapter 71: Shadow Slash!Chapter 72 Ancient Killing Domain!
Chapter 73 Breaking through the barriers ten miles away, killing every step of the way!Chapter 74 Roses with thorns, Thousand-Handed Fairy!Chapter 75 Sneak attack, three-party melee!Chapter 76 Stepping into the Ancient Killing Domain!
Chapter 77 The Monument of Seven KillsChapter 78 Seven Killing Sword Code ¡¾Second¡¿Chapter 79 Shocking the evildoerChapter 80 Exposure [Fourth Update]
Chapter 81 Blood Pond Transformation (1) [Fifth]Chapter 82 Blood Pond Transforming Gods (2) [Part 1]Chapter 83 Flying Needle Technique¡¾Second¡¿Chapter 84 The Mysterious Order Typed ¡¾Third¡¿
Chapter 85 Who is the evildoer? [fourth more]Chapter 86 When the truth is false, the truth is also false [fifth edition]Chapter 87 Extremes of Life and Death [Part 1]Chapter 88 One look at life and death, one thought of reincarnation!
Chapter 89 Reopening the Ancient Killing Domain?Chapter 90 Overbearing Sword Pavilion!Chapter 91 Discernment is worse than silence!Chapter 92 Poison plot serial [first update]
Chapter 93 Silver Needle Special Skill ¡¾Second Update¡¿Chapter 94 Preparation of PoisonChapter 95 Lingering in Love and Moon ¡¾Fourth¡¿Chapter 96 Broken Soul Incense ¡¾Fifth¡¿
Chapter 97Chapter 98 Interlocking (1)Chapter 99 Interlocking (2)Chapter 100 An Unexpected Visitor!
Chapter 101 An Undeniable Temptation [Part 1]Chapter 102 Bad News [Second Update]Chapter 103 Jiange Pavilion Master ¡¾Third¡¿Chapter 104 The sword is broken, the bone is hard to bend! [fourth more]
Chapter 105 Yu Jian Riding the Wind Comes ¡¾Fifth¡¿Chapter 106 Apprenticeship to Xiaoyaozi!Chapter 107: Passing the Sword Before the Battle!Chapter 108 Refining Sword Intent!
Chapter 109 Turning Your Body into a Sword!Chapter 110 Nine-character Mantra (1)Chapter 111 Nine-character Mantra (2)Chapter 112 Terrible conjecture (1)
Chapter 113 Terrible Conjecture (2)Chapter 114 Above the Heaven Rank?Chapter 115 Control the Sword with Qi!Chapter 116
Chapter 117 Breaking the Beauty Fan [Part 1]Chapter 118 Why Conspiracy? ¡¾Second update¡¿Chapter 119 You Can Fish in Muddy Waters [Part 3]Chapter 120 The Obscene Trio
Chapter 121: A BoxChapter 122 Succeed... Robbery?Chapter 123 See also the flying needle technique!Chapter 124 The owner of the box!
Chapter 125 Lazy, why don't you sleep first?Chapter 126 Splendid Debut [Part 1]Chapter 127 Where is the square inch? I want to fight him! ¡¾Second update¡¿Chapter 129 I am square inch [third]
Chapter 131 Attack on a snowy nightChapter 132 Suspected Heaven Rank?Chapter 134 Are you looking for me? ¡¾First update¡¿Chapter 135 Shadowless Scattered Man Appears ¡¾Second Update¡¿
Chapter 136: True, False, False, Murderous Intent!Chapter 137 Hidden Sword Art!Chapter 138: One Thought Becomes a Demon!Chapter 140
Chapter 141 The Assassin's Way!Chapter 142 Love!Chapter 143 Take advantage of the situation to take the sword!Chapter 145 Seven kills and one move, blood all over the road!
Chapter 146: The Sacred Tree of Immortality!Chapter 147: The Power of the Necromancer Emperor!Chapter 148: Trading Their Lives for GoodChapter 149 I Can't Trust You!
Chapter 150 The world is so close, the ground shrinks to an inch!Chapter 151 What does this bastard want to do?Chapter 152: The Six Soul Lockers!Chapter 153: The Direction of Righteousness, A Hundred Deaths Without Regrets!
Chapter 154: Sinking into the Sea of ??Desire!Chapter 155 I want you to remember me forever!Chapter 156 Emperor Sword!Chapter 157 Stunning attack!
Chapter 158 Palming Yin and Yang, Discussing Life and Death ¡¿Chapter 159 Extreme Joy Begets Sadness, Extreme Lore!Chapter 160 Incarnation Cherishing Flowers!Chapter 161 Two monsters!
Chapter 162: If you die, you will be blamed!Chapter 163 Watch out for Sanshou!Chapter 164 Horror talent!Chapter 165 Returning to the Royal Capital!
Chapter 166 Is this... a marriage gift? !Chapter 167: It's supposed to be a marriage gift, but it's actually a care for the orphan!Chapter 168 I, Give You This Freedom!Chapter 169: The Breath of Heavenly Tribulation!
Chapter 170 Big Wedding and... Spoiler!Chapter 171 Life and death agreement!Chapter 172: The Emperor Sword's Seven Absolute Arrays!Chapter 174: Phaseless Demon!
Chapter 175: Envied by Heaven and Earth, Heavenly Tribulation Kills!Chapter 176 Nirvana!Chapter 177 No God's Power!Chapter 178 Freedom!
Chapter 179 Inheritance of the Fated Emperor Sword!Chapter 180 My Name...Mu Qiu!Chapter 181 Three more breaths!Chapter 182 Keep cheating!
Chapter 183 Staying on Tongming Island!Chapter 184: Xiao Zhan's ExplorationChapter 186: The Body of the Taiyin!Chapter 187 If I want to leave, who dares to stop me?
Chapter 188: Mountain Worship!Chapter 189 It's...she? !Chapter 190: Pill Peak!Chapter 191: Drug Boy!
Chapter 192: Du Erdan!Chapter 193 Love Tribulation!Chapter 194 Cheng Dan? !Chapter 195 Let go with heartache!
Chapter 196 Then I will destroy your obsession!Chapter 197 Bite back ¡¾The climax is coming, please subscribe¡¿Chapter 199 Yan Luotie reappears!Chapter 200 Every step of the way!
Chapter 201: Drink Poisonous Poison!Chapter 202 A Soul Burial Song!Chapter 203: Duanmu's Probe!Chapter 204 The Wind Blows Qingzhou!
Chapter 205: The Gambling King's Successor!Chapter 206 Bet again!Chapter 209 Auction!Chapter 210 Who Lost?
Chapter 211: Shake the King of Gamblers!Chapter 212 Already Lost!Chapter 214 Bloody Greetings!Chapter 215 Unexpected Assault [Part 1]
Chapter 216 Sanshou VS Qinglian Jiangang [Second update]Chapter 217 Fatal FlawChapter 218 Ending!Chapter 219 Fall!
Chapter 220 One hand, cover the sky!Chapter 221 Sword Formation, Stable Storm (1)Chapter 222 Sword Formation, Stable Storm (2)Chapter 223 Endgame, settled!
Chapter 224 Opening and... a warning sign of anxiety!Chapter 225: King Xu Arrives!Chapter 226: The Hanging City!Chapter 227 The Road to Nothingness
Chapter 229 One thought of heaven, one step of hell!Chapter 230 Ten Steps!Chapter 231 Power of Mind!Chapter 232 Demon Soul Wings!
Chapter 233 Demon Soul Hall!Chapter 234 Nine Character Mantra Seal (1)Chapter 235 Nine Character Mantra Seal (2)Chapter 237 Seal?
Chapter 238: Both die together!Chapter 239 The Aggrieved "Princess" and "Mud Legs"Chapter 240 Triple Seal!Chapter 241 Soul Blood Orb!
Chapter 242: Evil Buddha!Chapter 243 Reckless? Bah, bad habits!Chapter 244 Evil People (1)Chapter 245 Evil Way Man (2)
Chapter 246 Evil Way Man (3)Chapter 247 Harm to One Party (1)Chapter 248 Harm to One Party (Part 2)Chapter 249 Origin!
Chapter 250 Chicken Tile Dog (1)Chapter 251 Chicken Tile Dog (2)Chapter 252 Have you seen enough drama?Chapter 253 How about we make a bet?
Chapter 255 BaptismChapter 256 Clay Puppets, How Dare I Be Worshiped?Chapter 257 My Name...Fang Cun!Chapter 258 This is, Minecraft! ¡¾Second update¡¿
Chapter 259 The transformation of inch strength (1) [third]Chapter 260 The Transformation of Inch Strength (2) [Fourth Change]Chapter 262 Transformation's Cunjin (3) [Part 1]Chapter 263 Pursuit
Chapter 264 Killing the Bureau [Third Update]Chapter 265 Who's killing game? [fourth more]Chapter 266 Evil Dragon Zen StaffChapter 267 Shaking the peak of the sky rank [Second update]
Chapter 268 Inch strength, lore! ¡¾Third update¡¿Chapter 269 Let Him Guess [Fourth Update]Chapter 271 Huaxi City!Chapter 272 Arrogant and domineering (1)
Chapter 273 Arrogant and domineering (2)Chapter 274: Ask for one thing!Chapter 276 The Peak of Earth RankChapter 277
Chapter 278 Spirit Pagoda!Chapter 279: Dharma Aspect Clone!Chapter 280 Trigger the Heavenly Tribulation? !Chapter 281 Dead end!
Chapter 282 Now, I'm Old!Chapter 283 Respectfully invite my lord to come!Chapter 284: The Evil Buddha Comes!Chapter 285 Perfect Counterattack!
Chapter 286 Perfect.....the Origin!Chapter 287 Now, Are You Satisfied?Chapter 288: Apprentice!Chapter 289: Show mercy!
Chapter 290 My Name, Fang Cun!Chapter 291 A bow!Chapter 293 Polar Regions!Chapter 294: Thousands of miles frozen!
Chapter 295 Bad guy!Chapter 296 Protecting the Clan!Chapter 297: Ice Dragon!Chapter 298: Polar Seal!
Chapter 299 Killing Intent and Promise!Chapter 300 Extremely Cold Eyes and Absolute Zero!Chapter 301 Fireworks!Chapter 302 True Dragon Blood Essence!
Chapter 303 Refining, Origin!Chapter 304: Ice and Snow Sacred Beast!Chapter 305 Frozen, Origin!Chapter 306: The square inch of Lingtai, my heart is the boundary!
Chapter 307 Raid!Chapter 308: The Frozen Continent... Melts!Chapter 309: Ten Thousand Years Ice Lotus!Chapter 310 Guarding...freedom!
Chapter 311 The Spectacular... Swordsmanship!Chapter 312 Escape!Chapter 313 Promise!Chapter 315: The World Wide Web!
Chapter 316 Metal Puppet!Chapter 317 Li Wei, kill!Chapter 318 Return!Chapter 319: A Song Moves the Royal Capital!
Chapter 320 Sword Sacrifice!Chapter 321: Emperor's Appearance!Chapter 322 Fight the world alone!Chapter 323 The power of the source, blood stains the royal city!
Chapter 324: Emperor Sword Seven Cuts!Chapter 325 Xiaoyaozi's sword!Chapter 326 Are You Threatening Me?Chapter 327 I Count to Three!
Chapter 328 Unseal... Heavenly Tribulation!Chapter 329: Zixiao Sky Thunder!Chapter 330: Grasping Time!Chapter 331 Seven kills come back!
Chapter 332 Countermeasure, nine-character mantra!Chapter 333: Thunderbolt's true body!Chapter 334: Heart Demon Tribulation!Chapter 335 Chaotic memory fragments!
Chapter 336 Immortal?Chapter 337: Square Inch Mountain!Chapter 338 Killing Sword!Chapter 339 Who Are You?
Chapter 340 Backhand, Killing Technique!Chapter 341: Heaven Rank!Chapter 342: Blood Essence Stone and... Tianwaitian!Chapter 343 Recognizing the Master and the Second Seal!
Chapter 344 Changes in Qingzhou!Chapter 345 Blood Rain in Qingzhou!Chapter 346 Blood of Myriad Spirits, Blood Demon Devours!Chapter 347: The Sword Moves Nine Heavens!
Chapter 349 Sword Pavilion, Zhang Yifeng!Chapter 350 Emperor Sword Qijue Slash VS Tiantian Nine Swords!Chapter 351 Defeated... The Jedi fights back!Chapter 352 You Can't Stop Me!
Chapter 354 Return to the Hanging City!Chapter 355: The Void King Guards the Pass!Chapter 356 Void MirrorChapter 357 New Year's Eve, Please Support!
Chapter 358: King Xie Xu's Perfection (1)Chapter 359: King Xie Xu's Perfection (2)Chapter 360 Incarnate Lightning!Chapter 361: Shake it hard, body and sword unite!
Chapter 362 Countdown, Light of Destruction!Chapter 363 Open the channel!Chapter 364: City in the Sky!Chapter 365 Blackmail!
Chapter 366: The Killer Becomes Famous!Chapter 367 Winery, Wanted!Chapter 368 Threat, layout!Chapter 369 Tianxing Auction House!
Chapter 370 Stirring the situation!Chapter 371 Demonstration!Chapter 373 Jealousy, Seduction! ¡¾First update¡¿Chapter 374 Join forces? ! ¡¾Second update¡¿
Chapter 375: Auctioning the Ziling Sword! ¡¾Third update¡¿Chapter 376 Sky-high price!Chapter 377: Unexpected Betrayal ¡¿Chapter 378 Missing a hit, flying away!
Chapter 379 Excellent layout!Chapter 380 Survival of the Fittest!Chapter 381 Slate, Shadow!Chapter 382 Dark Night!
Chapter 383 Buy Your Own Life!Chapter 384 Thunderfield!Chapter 385 What do you want?Chapter 386 Sell You a News!
Chapter 388 Thunder Mosquito! ¡¾First update¡¿Chapter 389: The Origin of Domain!Chapter 390 Eyebrow Level Stick, Sunny!Chapter 391 Shrine, Son of God!
Chapter 392 Unexpected Crisis!Chapter 393: Taking advantage of the Thunder Mosquito!Chapter 394 Anti-chasing, deterrence!Chapter 395 Whose Layout? Whose ambush!
Chapter 396 Conspiracy, sneak attack!Chapter 397: The world is so close, the ground shrinks to an inch!Chapter 398 Prologue!Chapter 399: Unlocking... Thunderfield!
Chapter 400 Purple Sun, Yuwei! ¡¾First update¡¿Chapter 401 Tempering ¡¾Second¡¿Chapter 402 Provocative, make enemies in many ways!Chapter 403 Because, They Are All Geniuses!
Chapter 404 Extreme BattleChapter 406: Lightning Ghost! ¡¾First update¡¿Chapter 407 Desperate situation, psychological pressure! ¡¾Second update¡¿Chapter 408 The Eye of Thunder
Chapter 409 Emperor Sword, Ultimate Counterattack! ¡¾Four more completed¡¿Chapter 411: Five afterimages, a hard-hitting lore!Chapter 412: Scared to death!Chapter 413 Detonate the Eye of Thunder!
Chapter 414 The Great Accomplishment of the Origin of Thunder (1)Chapter 415 The Great Accomplishment of the Origin of Thunder (2)Chapter 416: Domain's Seal!Chapter 417 Overturning the cloud and rain, I am the universe (1)
Chapter 418 Overturning Clouds and Rains, I Am the Universe (2)Chapter 419 Are You Scarlet Wind Mark?Chapter 420 What a big black pot!Chapter 422 Crazy wind marks!
Chapter 423 Crossing the Tribulation and Closing the Thunderfield!Chapter 424 Big Trouble!Chapter 425 Dead, All Dead!Chapter 426 Night Update
Chapter 427: The Pill Recipe Gets It!Chapter 428 The horse swims to the end!Chapter 429 Pill City!Chapter 430 Fire Elixir!
Chapter 432 Whereabouts of Wu Yao!Chapter 433: The Artistic Conception of Death!Chapter 434 AggressiveChapter 435 Devouring the artistic conception of death!
Chapter 436 Calvin, take a day off!Chapter 437 False news and... Outland!Chapter 438: Wu Yao's Conception!Chapter 439 Opportunity and...Test!
Chapter 440 Fire Control!Chapter 441 Drive fire with fire, eight fire dragons!Chapter 442 Named Disciple!Chapter 443 Sword Bell!
Chapter 444 Who is more evil?Chapter 445 My Heart Is Like a Sword!Chapter 446 Gains and LossesChapter 447 Furnace Cauldron? !
Chapter 448 Wu Yao's decision!Chapter 449 Are you willing?Chapter 451: Realizing the Origin!Chapter 452 One person, one sword, one green shirt!
Chapter 453 I, Only One Sword!Chapter 454 What did you ignore?Chapter 455 Reluctant to give up and... guard!Chapter 456 Breakthrough, the origin of the five elements is accomplished!
Chapter 457 Half an inch and a palm!Chapter 458: Promise to Kill!Chapter 459 Escape in embarrassment!Chapter 460 Survive a near death!
Chapter 461 Overnight, the World Shakes!Chapter 463 Origin of reincarnation?Chapter 464 Name: Yan Luo Tie (1)Chapter 465 Name: Yan Luo Tie (2)
Chapter 466: Transparent Little Sword, News from Xiaoyaozi!Chapter 467 Xibei goods?Chapter 469 Torture, Conspiracy!Chapter 470 As You Wish!
Chapter 471 DevourChapter 472 Slap in the face, as you wish!Chapter 473 Coward? Wu Yao's counterattack!Chapter 474 Death Trap!
Chapter 475 Sword Slashing Saint Rank, peerless elegance!Chapter 476 The Sword Moves, Stunning Everywhere!Chapter 477 Emperor's posture, king of the world!Chapter 478 Backlash, the real Danhai!
Chapter 479 Tai Chi, the origin of reincarnation!Chapter 480 Who plotted against whom?Chapter 481: Heavenly Tribulation!Chapter 482 Ask!
Chapter 483 Zhang Yifeng is a spoiler!Chapter 484 Destruction!Chapter 486: Golden Zun!Chapter 487 Poor bastard!
Chapter 488 Unsealed, space turbulence!Chapter 491: Evil Buddha!Chapter 492 Seal the town with one finger!Chapter 493 Emperor Prestige, Seal the Nether Town!
Chapter 494 Our time is running out!Chapter 495: The Reincarnation Formation!Chapter 496: Sword Tomb!Chapter 497 Ming Wu, the Assassin's Battle!
Chapter 498 Fusion, collapse!Chapter 499 Indescribable Tao!Chapter 500 Sorry, You Are Too Close to Me!Chapter 501 Perverted Request!
Chapter 502 Huang Quan, the only chance to leave!Chapter 503 Hunting Evil Spirits!Chapter 504 The crisis is approaching!Chapter 505 Meet Jinzun again!
Chapter 507 Defeat!Chapter 508 Reincarnation Transformation!Chapter 509 So what if we become enemies of the Three Realms and Six Paths?Chapter 510: The gourd seals the sky, and the world is drunk!
Chapter 511: Emperor Sword Defeats Evil!Chapter 512: Inch Strength Broken Lotus!Chapter 513 Crossing the UnderworldChapter 514 A round of green sun, Huangquan enters the soul!
Chapter 515 Breaking into the Sword Pavilion!Chapter 516 Breaking into the Sword Pavilion (2)Chapter 517 Reincarnation Breaking Sword Formation!Chapter 518 Sword of Eternity, Battle of Destiny!
Chapter 519 Sword Domain, Ten Thousand Swords Overwhelm!Chapter 520 The emperor's sword is broken, and the three realms are in chaos!Chapter 521 Endless Void!Chapter 522 A Green Bamboo Staff!
Chapter 524 Who Are You?Chapter 526: The Unfinished Battle! ¡¾season finale¡¿Chapter 527 End of the testimonial, and the heart of an assassin!Chapter 128 Ask for the first order, please guarantee the monthly pass!
Chapter 130 Monthly Pass, Monthly Pass, I Need a Monthly Pass!Chapter 133: Fight to the end, brothers, let's fight with me!Chapter 139 About the Obscene Trio!Chapter 144 Seven kills and one move, blood all over the road!
Chapter 173 I owe a chapter todayChapter 185 Ask for a Monthly Pass!Chapter 198 The climax is approaching, please subscribe, monthly pass!Chapter 207 The third shift is over, please help!
Chapter 208 Update in the afternoon or evening!Chapter 213 It's too uncomfortable, let me wait another day!Chapter 228 The update resumes tomorrow!Chapter 236 Little Devil!
Chapter 254 ReincarnationChapter 261 The fourth update is complete, please subscribe, monthly pass!Chapter 270 Asking for a day off!Chapter 275 Who is the pawn?
Chapter 292 Thousands of miles frozen!Chapter 314 The update resumes tomorrow!Chapter 348 Defeated....... Jedi fight back!Chapter 353 Brothers and sisters, Happy New Year!
Chapter 372 I'm sick, please take a day off, make up tomorrow!Chapter 387 Thunder Mosquito!Chapter 405 The fifth update is over, open a leaflet to ask for a recommendation ticket!Chapter 410 The fourth update is over, continue to ask for help!
Chapter 421: Tomorrow's Friday Update!Chapter 431: The Artistic Conception of Death!Chapter 462 I'm in Lijiang, please take a day off!Chapter 468 I'm working on a thesis, please take a vacation!
Chapter 489: Land one hundred and seventeen: Seal the town with one finger!Chapter 490 Unpredictable Emperor's Power, Sealing the Nether Town!Chapter 523: The Unfinished Battle! ¡¾season finale¡¿Chapter 450: The Origin of the Five Elements!
Chapter 485 Proving the Way, becoming a saint!Chapter 506 About this month's updateChapter 525 Breaking into reincarnation! 
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