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Fantasia: Sign in at the beginning of the game Latest chapter update list


Chapter 1 My son Su Yuan looks like a great emperor!Chapter 2 Sign in to Dacheng EucharistChapter 3 DetectionChapter 4 Visions
Chapter 5 Twelve Rings, Shocking the Eastern Territory!Chapter 6: Women Competing for HusbandsChapter 8Chapter 9 Foundation Establishment!
Chapter 10 Witness History!Chapter 11 Thousands of feet of suffering!Chapter 12 The Unpretentious Life of the SonChapter 13 Catch him for me!
Chapter 14 Who is Trash?Chapter 15 Roll over and lead to death!Chapter 16 You Can'tChapter 17 Definitely came for me!
Chapter 18 Yes, Holy Son!Chapter 19 A girl who can't be conquered without milk tea!Chapter 20 Breakthrough, Life Spring Realm!Chapter 21 Two Realms in One Day
Chapter 22 Emperor MonumentChapter 23 Zhang ChengChapter 24 Where? Let's get some advanced martial artsChapter 25 Three books of emperor-level martial arts!
Chapter 26 Expelled from the Holy Land!Chapter 27 Two ConditionsChapter 28: Hot Discussion in the SectChapter 29: Nangong Ya's Shock
Chapter 30 Breakthrough after practiceChapter 31 The Three Heavens of the Taoist Palace!Chapter 32 Preparing to break throughChapter 33 Sweeping all the way
Chapter 34 In the Dao Palace, I am invincible!Chapter 35 I am stronger!Chapter 36Chapter 37 Blood Rain Sect
Chapter 38 Jiang HaoChapter 39 One Sage, Three Sects, and Five Aristocratic FamiliesChapter 40Chapter 41 I Disdain You
Chapter 42 Enter the Nine Nether Remnant Realm!Chapter 43 Got Double Pupils!Chapter 44 Killing, from now on!Chapter 45 Reaching the Blood Dragon Mountain Range
Chapter 63 The Conceited Zhou ShiwenChapter 64 I have a way to break through!Chapter 65 It's just a waste of timeChapter 66 I don't know Su Shengzi, but do I know the Holy Medicine Garden?
Chapter 67 It's Not UnacceptableChapter 68 You're so meanChapter 69 I have endured you for a long time!Chapter 70 Kill it!
Chapter 111 Offending to the deathChapter 112 Let's Go! Kill Su Yuan!Chapter 113: Ants That Can Be Destroyed With A Flick Of A FingerChapter 114 You are the one who talks the most bullshit!
Chapter 115 Dead?Chapter 116: Pretend to be struck by lightning!Chapter 117 Let Me Kill Someone Quietly!Chapter 118 The Sword of Divine Illumination
Chapter 143 Killing One in One Step!Chapter 144 The first to kill you!Chapter 145: Record ExposureChapter 146 Sprinkle a handful of salt hard
Chapter 147 Get lost!Chapter 149 Want to die one by one!Chapter 150 Killing all of them, leaving no one behind!Chapter 159 One move kills instantly!
Chapter 160 Come and get it!Chapter 161 Arriving at Luo City!Chapter 162 Is alchemy that easy?Chapter 163 He is an alchemist, are you?
Chapter 164 The Whereabouts of the Burial Demon RealmChapter 165 How many tricks can you take from me? !Chapter 166 Guess is right, but no prize!Chapter 183 Prison?
Chapter 151 Exploding with one punch!Chapter 152: The Heavenly Subduing Demon Formation!Chapter 153 Oh, Really?Chapter 154 Wait for the head, I will take it another day!
Chapter 155 Everyone Shocked!Chapter 156 Blood Rain Sect's ResponseChapter 157: Kaiyang can still be saved!Chapter 158 The harder you scold, the worse your death will be!
Chapter 167 ConspiracyChapter 168: Second Heavenly Transformation DragonChapter 169 Entering the Demon Burial RealmChapter 170 Want to go with yourself?
Chapter 171 You Are Not Wanchen!Chapter 172: Really Weak!Chapter 173 You are too happyChapter 174 A Dish
Chapter 175 Have you smoked enough?Chapter 176 What is the Wrath of the Emperor Zhun!Chapter 177 Killing him is still not a problem!Chapter 178 What does it have to do with me, Su?
Chapter 179 Thirty-six strategies, the best strategy is to goChapter 180 Holy Medicine Garden, Do You Know?Chapter 181: Turbulent Flow in the VoidChapter 182 Seven Orifices Exquisite Sword Heart
Chapter 119 I don't know what you can do to block my move?Chapter 120 Arriving at the Well of Ten Thousand Demons!Chapter 121 Another ghostChapter 122 In a quarter of an hour, I will destroy him!
Chapter 123: Fight Now!Chapter 124 I'm in a hurryChapter 125 Catch a turtle in an urn?Chapter 126 It's easy for me to kill you!
Chapter 47 Mysterious Double EyesChapter 48Chapter 49 Don't you think it's ridiculous?Chapter 50 Power in one sleeve!
Chapter 51 I use big chance to buy my life!Chapter 52: The Prestige Is Up To Me!Chapter 53 I Helped This Favor!Chapter 54 Use the Dragon Slayer Curse!
Chapter 55 Ask Su Shengzi to take action!Chapter 56 Shocking everyoneChapter 57 Breaking the FormationChapter 58
Chapter 59 Squeeze to death!Chapter 60Chapter 61 Inside the palaceChapter 62 Good things
Chapter 71 Kneel down and recognize me as master!Chapter 72 Get down and die!Chapter 73 Resist me with all your strength!Chapter 74 Reversal of the Situation?
Chapter 75Chapter 76 Realm barrier? Doesn't exist, okay?Chapter 77 Break through easily!Chapter 78 The Shocked People
Chapter 79 Reaching the Holy Meteor Valley!Chapter 80Chapter 81 AccidentChapter 82: Emperor's Palace
Chapter 83 Battle in the past!Chapter 84 Two YearsChapter 85 If I were an emperor in another year! !Chapter 86 Self-strength is king!
Chapter 87 If I become a demon, what will Buddha do to me!Chapter 88 Everyone Must Die!Chapter 89 Use Your Blood to Sacrifice the Soul of My Kaiyang DiscipleChapter 90
Chapter 91Chapter 92 Are you scared?Chapter 93 Su Yuan made a moveChapter 94: Worldwide Horror
Chapter 95 Bloody Kill OrderChapter 96 Arriving at Void Emperor City!Chapter 97 Sorry, the soft persimmons are much harder than you!Chapter 98 Shame on you? Do you deserve it too?
Chapter 100 Swallowed! ?Chapter 102 Killing you like a dog!Chapter 103 The Shocked Ji Family ExecutivesChapter 104 Soul Monument! Soul-swallowing violent reaction!
Chapter 105 Do You Still Need to Pick a Day to Hit You?Chapter 106 Ins and OutsChapter 109 Poor Fan TianlangChapter 110 Undercurrent Surges
Chapter 127Chapter 128 It is not a gentleman not to take revengeChapter 129 I, Su Yuan!Chapter 130 It's none of your business!
Chapter 131 Exploding with one palmChapter 132Chapter 133Chapter 134 The Arabian Nights
Chapter 135 This Son Is So ScaryChapter 136 Hit me if you have the ability!Chapter 137 The Powerful Ji WudaoChapter 138 Clues to the Holy Medicine Garden
Chapter 139 PenanceChapter 140: If you leave the city, you must die!Chapter 141 Is it up to you?Chapter 142 He hasn't used all his strength yet!
Chapter 184 Three Thousand Sword MovesChapter 185 Be My Sword SlaveChapter 188 Surrender or DieChapter 189 The Heartland of the Holy Medicine Garden
Chapter 190 If you dare to say it, I dare to believe it!Chapter 191 A Grass Slashes the Sun, Moon and StarsChapter 192 Ninth Grade Alchemist? Are you bluffing me?Chapter 193 Tempering
Chapter 194 Is this okay too?Chapter 195 Who Has the Sword? lend me a hand?Chapter 196Chapter 197 Sword Power
Chapter 198 Are you disappointed that I didn't die?Chapter 199 Hitting is a Genius!Chapter 200 Everyone SubmitsChapter 201 Departure, return! !
Chapter 202 I'm going to kill someone!Chapter 203 Hell is empty, and the devil is in the world!Chapter 204 So what about Sendai, still a sword!Chapter 205 News of the Young Emperor's Battlefield
Chapter 206 Why do I, Su Yuan, need external force to kill you all!Chapter 207 I am invincible with this sword, you can do whatever you want!Chapter 208: The Dark Moon and the High Storm Kill the Night!Chapter 209 Is this possible?
Chapter 210 He is a sword master, I swallow mountains!Chapter 211 You Are Not WorthyChapter 212 The Desperate PeopleChapter 213 Mie Kaiyang, Have You Asked Me, Su Yuan?
Chapter 214 Tell me how you want to dieChapter 215 Come try my sword too!第216章 此山,吾必吞之!Chapter 217 I'm here to kill you today
Chapter 218 Go, practice with meChapter 219 Who gave you the guts?Chapter 220 Playing tricks?Chapter 221: Come!
Chapter 222 Nine Towns Destroy the Enemy!Chapter 224 Surrender to me? Sorry, you are not worthy!Chapter 225 Not only death, but also opportunityChapter 226: Ancient spirit in the early days!
Chapter 227 ConspiracyChapter 228 Overbearing YouthChapter 229Chapter 230 Either Die, or Dao Heart Be Destroyed?
Chapter 231 Only Children Make Choices, He Wants It All!Chapter 232 Breakthrough?Chapter 233 Fuck these guys hard!Chapter 234 Is This What You Are So Powerful?
Chapter 235 The Cruel YouthChapter 236 The Law of WarChapter 237 Come on, let's continueChapter 238 Hit you? No, I will kill you!
Chapter 239 Give me a sentence!Chapter 240 Haven't been in touch with alchemy?Chapter 241: Shocked Yan Wuji and the othersChapter 242 Seeing You Are Displeased, That's All
Chapter 243 Take my move, let you leave if you don't dieChapter 244: Walk Well on the Road to the Underworld!Chapter 245 The Lord of Danfeng who doubts lifeChapter 246 Is this a bit simple?
Chapter 247 If he dares to come, he will be killed!Chapter 248 Can you become stronger even if you keep refining alchemy?Chapter 249 Please Strengthen My Sunshine During This Trip!Chapter 250 If you don't come out, the door will be blocked for three days!
Chapter 252Chapter 251 Wait for him to fight!Chapter 253 You Shouldn't Be Like ThisChapter 254 Who is Su Yuan?
Chapter 255 That's it?Chapter 256 Fourth on the land list? But that's all!Chapter 257 Beat the rhythm of the four major forces in one day?Chapter 258 Arrival
Chapter 259 Burning into nothingness!Chapter 260 The ending is the sameChapter 261 Everyone, do you want to die?Chapter 262 Is it true that my second life was in vain?
Chapter 263: Shaking the Emperor's Weapon with Bare Hands!Chapter 264: The Curtain Comes to an EndChapter 265 Golden Buddha Temple, who will fight?Chapter 266 Buddha also lowered his eyebrows when he saw me
Chapter 267 How about deciding the outcome and dividing life and death?Chapter 268 Invincible in the same realm! Overwhelm the same generation!Chapter 269 Heavenly Sword Three Slashes?Chapter 270 Unexpected Joy
Chapter 271 Laugh, keep laughing for me!Chapter 272 Don't talk nonsense, let's all die!Chapter 274 Xiao Qingya's ThoughtsChapter 275 Arrival
Chapter 276 GatheringChapter 277 Open, enter!Chapter 278: The Construction Method of Divine Grade Dao Foundation!Chapter 279 I just want to escape now, is it too late?
Chapter 280 Do you think you are the Son of Kaiyang?Chapter 281 I Can Break It With One Sword!Chapter 283 Unconvinced? Let's fight!Chapter 284 The Situation Has Changed
Chapter 285 Kill with one sword!Chapter 286 Is it possible that I am really the Son of Destiny?Chapter 287 Unfortunately, I saw through it!Chapter 288 Hey that monster, punch me!
Chapter 290 DepartureChapter 291 ArrivalChapter 292 Petrified EyeballsChapter 293: Inheritance of the Ancient Double-Puppet!
Chapter 294 SucceededChapter 295 ReservedChapter 296 Stay with me to the end!Chapter 297 I will soon break this formation
Chapter 298 You have realized the sword intent! ?Chapter 299 You want to die!Chapter 301 Act TogetherChapter 302 Cutting Leeks
Chapter 303 Myriad Treasure PavilionChapter 304 Killing with a Borrowed KnifeChapter 305 The Fifth LawChapter 306
Chapter 307 Five Star InformationChapter 308: Still GoingChapter 309: Yaoxi's SuspicionChapter 310 Cooperation
Chapter 311 Showing offChapter 312 So, this is the feeling of envy?Chapter 314 The Law of TimeChapter 315 Trading
Chapter 316 Li Sheng's plotChapter 317 Please accept me as your younger brother!Chapter 318 Information about DishanChapter 319 The Weird Mountain
Chapter 320 Become Immortal?Chapter 321 AbductedChapter 322 Necromancer ArtChapter 323 Is it a dead end?
Chapter 324 One PunchChapter 325 Who will come next?Chapter 326 RecognizeChapter 327 What Are You Seeing? Look at you again!
Chapter 328 BattleChapter 329Chapter 330 Let's see how you resist now!第331章 时间回溯!
Chapter 332 Li Sheng, die!Chapter 333: The EndChapter 334: CrazyChapter 336 Pressure
Chapter 338Chapter 339 Finding the SwordChapter 341 InvitationChapter 343 Attacking the middle of the sword intent!
Chapter 344 Deep in the ValleyChapter 345 Blind Sword vs Evil Sword SpiritChapter 346 There is still hopeChapter 347
Chapter 348Chapter 350: Quasi-Emperor Dao Fruit?Chapter 349 Coiling Dragon Pattern SwordChapter 351 Is He Su Yuan?
Chapter 352 Su Yuan vs Evil Sword SpiritChapter 353 Battle!Chapter 354 I'm not as good as himChapter 356 Final Breakthrough
Chapter 357 How is this possible!Chapter 358 I've Already KilledChapter 359 Soul Suppressing SwordChapter 360
Chapter 361 Wheel of SwordsChapter 362 Ji XiaomanChapter 363 I'm super strongChapter 364 Do you want to grow up quickly?
Chapter 365 Making a Deal with Little LolitaChapter 366 Oil bottle?Chapter 367 Liu JingshanChapter 368 Luo Sirius
Chapter 369 There must be a conspiracyChapter 371 Purple Fire DragonChapter 372 I have something to discuss with you!Chapter 373 Give You Three Breaths
Chapter 374: I want to go home!Chapter 375 I'm Not a DevilChapter 377Chapter 376 You Have Been Beaten By Me
Chapter 378 Prepare to ShotChapter 379 Dragonscale Spear TechniqueChapter 380 I want this thing!Chapter 381 You Are Courting Death!
Chapter 382 Will You Know If You Try It?Chapter 383Chapter 385 Since you want to fight, then fight!Chapter 386 Changes in the depths of the stone palace
Chapter 387: It Really Is You!Chapter 388: 90% SureChapter 389 One hand can hit tenChapter 390 Heading to the depths of the hall
Chapter 391 Joining forces to cross the seaChapter 392 AllianceChapter 393 Die fasterChapter 394 When he was Emperor Zhun?
Chapter 395 Prepare to cut off the beardChapter 396 Messing around? maybe notChapter 398 Who else?Chapter 399: Opportunity Appears
Chapter 400 Let's see how you die!Chapter 401 Do it!Chapter 402 CompetitionChapter 404 He is the Holy Son of Kaiyang!
Chapter 405Chapter 406 I can't beat you to death, I will take your surname!Chapter 407 Are you kidding me?Chapter 408 I will send you on your way!
Chapter 411 Blood Moon ExplodesChapter 412 Big Fat BabyChapter 414 Blood Moon ClanChapter 415 Choose one yourself!
Chapter 416 Killing chickens and monkeysChapter 417 Ye Fan Who Are You?Chapter 418 That's allChapter 419 The Fear of Being Dominated by the Ancient Eucharist
Chapter 421: Too VigorousChapter 422 I Will Definitely Return It!Chapter 423: Fellow Daoists, Please Stay!Chapter 424 Shocked Luo Sirius
Chapter 425: Great War Breaks OutChapter 426 Boy, You Forced MeChapter 427 Black HoleChapter 429
Chapter 430 AssessmentChapter 431 No way, no wayChapter 432 How to TransformChapter 433 Who's just showing off?
Chapter 434Chapter 435 Bring it to you!Chapter 436: Everyone ComesChapter 437: Number Nine's Thoughts
Chapter 438: The Next LevelChapter 441 My energy is beyond your imaginationChapter 440 It's Three Special PhysiquesChapter 442 Another Pile of Divine Gold!
Chapter 443Chapter 445 I'm fierceChapter 446 Get lostChapter 447 Clean up early, finish things early
Chapter 450 The volume must not be large enough!Chapter 451Chapter 454 Please step up your effortsChapter 456 Thank you
Chapter 457 Dismantling of the familiar roadChapter 458: RyomaChapter 459 Absolutely StableChapter 460: Being Targeted
Chapter 461 If I Don't Give It To You, You Can't Take It!Chapter 462 Will You Submit?Chapter 463Chapter 464 I, Blood Moon Pioneer, am not a fool!
Chapter 465 No one else, but familiarChapter 466 Think I'm Unworthy?Chapter 467 You too underestimate me, Blood Moon Pioneering!Chapter 468 One by one will perform better!
Chapter 469 What are you waiting for?Chapter 470 Get on your knees!Chapter 472: Everyone Has to Lie DownChapter 474: The Mysterious Headmaster
Chapter 475Chapter 477 You tell me how to lose?Chapter 478 Something is wrongChapter 479 Shocked Liu Jingshan
Chapter 480 Brother save me!Chapter 481 Become stronger again?Chapter 482 The price is too high!Chapter 483: I'll die!
Chapter 485 This day will never be too lateChapter 486 Surrender to me, I can spare you from deathChapter 487 Give me two sword strikesChapter 488: Signing the Contract
Chapter 489 You will have to work hard in the futureChapter 491 BettingChapter 492 A Man Good at Performing MiraclesChapter 494 Three moves can kill him!
Chapter 495: Finally ReachedChapter 496: The Legacy of the Last EraChapter 497 Soul SoldiersChapter 498 Yuan Tianba
Chapter 499: A Thousand Leaps of ShadowsChapter 500 Kill him with one handChapter 501 Transformation into a mere dragon can turn the sky upside down?Chapter 502
Chapter 505 The Shocked TwoChapter 509 Four Soul SealsChapter 510 First Encounter with a Genius from the Ancient RealmChapter 511 Seems familiar
Chapter 512 The Dumbfounded ThreeChapter 513 Concentrate a littleChapter 514: Absolutely ImpossibleChapter 515 A Sneeze
Chapter 516 Must find someone to take revenge on meChapter 517: That's ItChapter 518 I want to report, my lord!Chapter 519 Confidence!
Chapter 520 Jiang Qingyun's planChapter 526Chapter 528: The Earth Shatters!Chapter 529 How Strong Can It Be?
Chapter 530 I want to hit tenChapter 531 I didn't use all my strength just nowChapter 532 If you beat it a few times, you will always get downChapter 534: Ying Qianyue's Accident
Chapter 535 This kid is not worthy!Chapter 537: The Big Fish Takes the Bait!Chapter 538 It's on the verge of firing!Chapter 539: Is It Attractive?
Chapter 540 You are no exceptionChapter 541 Outbreak of BattleChapter 542 I'm standing still!Chapter 544 He is only the pinnacle of dragon transformation!
Chapter 545 It Should Be Just Our IllusionChapter 546 Constantly Getting Stronger! ?Chapter 547 You forced me to do this!Chapter 548: Heavenly Hell Shadow Killing Technique!
Chapter 549 Pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger?Chapter 551: Such a Glass HeartChapter 556 Stop Pretending, It's a ShowdownChapter 558
Chapter 559 Why didn't you say it earlierChapter 7 Attack!Chapter 46 Hunyuan Fruit!Chapter 148: Watch How That Ant Turns Upside Down!
Chapter 99 Scared!Chapter 101 Don't talk, just kneel and accept the crime!Chapter 107 The Soul Monument is Broken!Chapter 108 I hit it off with the old man in black robe
Chapter 186 Just Better Than YouChapter 187 Killing with one swordChapter 223Chapter 273 One after another set off!
Chapter 282 Dead people don't need to know that much!Chapter 289 Pregnancy EssenceChapter 300 Breaking the arrayChapter 313 Qian Duoduo's Thoughts
Chapter 335 LeaveChapter 337: Blind SwordChapter 340 Swordsmanship Reaching the BoundaryChapter 342 The Mind of the Blind Sword
Chapter 355 The Shocked Evil Sword SpiritChapter 370 This boy is not simpleChapter 384 If you want to touch him, touch me first!Chapter 403: It's You?
Chapter 409 Wait a minuteChapter 410 Are you worthy of making me afraid?Chapter 413Chapter 428 Passage
Chapter 444Chapter 448 Unless he has a strange fireChapter 449: Tribulation of Light in the BeginningChapter 452 Do you want to be a golden crispy chicken?
Chapter 453 What Can You Do To Me?Chapter 471 What Can He Do To Me?Chapter 473Chapter 476
Chapter 484 Can't be really that fierce?Chapter 490 Shocking Ji QingzhuChapter 493 But Only NowChapter 503 Not a Fuel-Efficient Lamp
Chapter 506 Invincible Brain SupplementChapter 507 Joining forces, you deserve it?Chapter 508 That kid is unworthy, and you are even more unworthy!Chapter 522: Seal of Desolation
Chapter 523 Happy decisionChapter 524 Let you do three tricks firstChapter 525 Break it with one punch!Chapter 527 Let's Go Together
Chapter 533 He thinks he can do it againChapter 536 Times have changed!Chapter 553 Seems to be a good dealChapter 554 I am not a devil
Chapter 555Chapter 557 Get Rich  
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