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Conferred God: Beginning Saint Experience Card Latest chapter update list


Chapter 1 I want to change the ending of Conferred God!Chapter 2 Humans don't believe in immortals!Chapter 3 This script is wrong!Chapter 4 The king is such a god!
Chapter 5 Whoever loves to kill will kill, anyway, I won't kill!Chapter 6 Please order the king to execute Daji!Chapter 7 To kill or not to kill?Chapter 8 Human Emperor's Heavenly Emperor Sutra, break the shackles!
Chapter 9 Dealing with Daji, the Heart of the Nine-Tailed FoxChapter 10 Let's see if she dares to come to Chaoge!Chapter 12 Is it because I have greened myself?Chapter 13 I will raise your wife and children!
Chapter 14 Give him a good time!Chapter 16 Red Rabbit Among Horses, Lu Bu Among People!Chapter 17 Waiting for the triumphant return of Gu Gu, I will wait for thousands of miles of rivers and mountains!Chapter 18 Lu Bu kills his father and invests in business!
Chapter 19 Destiny cannot be violated, and the general trend cannot be changed!Chapter 21 Ancient Evil Comes VS Zheng Lun!Chapter 23 You bastard, why did you learn from me?Chapter 24 The Great King Doesn't Get Higher By His Status!
Chapter 25 Lu Bu's Strength!Chapter 26 There Are Five Immortals In Heaven And Earth!Chapter 27 Make a strategy to defeat the enemy, Wen Zhong's doubts!Chapter 28 There is my son... ahem, there is Feng first!
Chapter 29 The emperor's catastrophe, three legs stand together!Chapter 30 The Temple of Jiuli, the King of Jiuli!Chapter 31 There is no good banquet, two choices!Chapter 32 Set up an ambush in the valley!
Chapter 33 Don't do anything to Di Xin!Chapter 34 Bloody Battle!Chapter 35 Ants!Chapter 37: The One Who Devours the Lord and Seeks Glory! ¡¾Seeking genuine support!¡¿
Chapter 38: Chi You's Remnant Soul, The Yellow Emperor's Supernatural Powers!Chapter 39 Afraid you will fail? !Chapter 42 The Ancient Evil Comes¡ªDian Wei!Chapter 43 Lu Bu Dian Wei vs Mozun Jidu!
Chapter 45 Jiao Demon King vs Beihai Dragon King Ao Run!Chapter 46: Sinister! Damn!Chapter 47 Don't poke this hornet's nest!Chapter 48 This reckless man is more reckless than me!
Chapter 49: The Holy Object of the Jiuli Tribe¡ªThe Demon Refining Pot!Chapter 50 Mission failed, go to the East China Sea!Chapter 51 When the flood is lifted, Nezha makes trouble in the sea? !Chapter 52 Flood Demon King vs Nezha!
Chapter 53 Who gave you the confidence? !Chapter 54 You are afraid of heaven, so aren't you afraid of widows? !Chapter 55 Give both kindness and power to subdue the dragons from all over the world!Chapter 60 Old thief, let go of that woman!
Chapter 61 Lu Bu vs Real Taiyi!Chapter 63 I teach, I am not afraid of anyone!Chapter 64: Not even a hair left!Chapter 65 What Is Solitary Thinking? She's just a rock!
Chapter 67: Fudge...convince Shiji!Chapter 68: The whole world celebrates killing Nezha!Chapter 69: The Emperor's Prestige Is Inviolable!Chapter 70 Peerless Arrow God¡ª¡ªXue Rengui!
Chapter 72: Kill Nezha! Yuanshi Tianzun is here!Chapter 73: Our race cannot be bullied!Chapter 74: The Birth of Confucius, Shaking the Three Realms!Chapter 75 Heaven and earth have righteousness, and the grandeur will last forever!
Chapter 76: The Six Saints Gather! On the Road!Chapter 77 Bye, the human race is holy!Chapter 78: Silence, Strange Power and Disorder!Chapter 79: Conferred Divine Calamity Opens Early!
Chapter 80 Shen Gongbao's counter-explanation! Jiang Ziya goes down the mountain!Chapter 81Chapter 82 Wuyi Mountain, drop treasure money!Chapter 83 The Holy Emperor is here, and the Three Realms are Attracting Attention!
Chapter 84 The birth of the sages of the human race in Huoyun Cave!Chapter 85 Try moving!Chapter 86 Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors Block Yuanshi Tianzun!Chapter 88 We will block the robbery for you!
Chapter 89 From now on, I am the Holy Emperor of the Great Merchant Clan!Chapter 90 After today, there will be no more three emperors and five emperors!Chapter 91 Why do we need others to intervene in the affairs of our race?Chapter 93 Youzhou Living Immortal, Mr. Shang Yang!
Chapter 94 Shang Yang? Shang Yang!Chapter 36 Testimonials on the shelf (Qiafan)¡ª¡ªChapter 97 The quasi-sage in Chaoge City!Chapter 98 Xiqi's Rebellion and Failure to Comply!
Chapter 99: A thousand miles away from the dry land!Chapter 100: The demon handsome Fei Lian is reincarnated!Chapter 101 Emperor Tang who is closest to the Holy Emperor!Chapter 102 Drought! Drought!
Chapter 103 She Shouldn't Have Endured Such Pain!Chapter 105 Then Kill Him!Chapter 107 North of Chishui, Candle Dragon!Chapter 108 I think you are retarded!
Chapter 109: The Peerless Overlord¡ª¡ªXiang Yu!Chapter 110 My Name, Xiang Yu!Month-end summary and May plan:Chapter 111 Feather's Bravery, Unparalleled Through The Ages!
Chapter 113: The Truth of the Dragon Clan Totem!Chapter 115 The real Daji!Chapter 116: The Mysterious Bird Appears! Shenlong worship!Chapter 117 Set up the National Beast Mansion, and the Heavenly Court strikes!
Chapter 118 Get lost!Chapter 119 Wu Mourning Heavenly King, Ran Min!Chapter 120 What qualifications do you have to say you are invincible?Chapter 121 Xiang Yu VS Zhen Yuanzi!
Chapter 122 Don't be naughty! Master Xuandu!Chapter 123: Mozi!Talk about no moneyChapter 124 The Second Saint Experience Card!
Chapter 126 Soldiers Saint Sun Wu vs Yuanshi Tianzun!Chapter 127 This is the Jade Plate of Good Fortune, please taste it!Chapter 129 You can go, the canopy stays!Chapter 130 Emperor of Heaven and Emperor of Man, meet by fate!
Chapter 131 Destroy all god temples!Chapter 132: The Heavenly Palace, the Tribulation will begin!Chapter 133 Kong Xuan's younger sister, Xuantian Huofeng!Chapter 134: Bold and monstrous, I want you to reveal your true colors!
Chapter 135: In Chaoge City, Movements are Prohibited!Chapter 136 Kill Jiang Ziya!Chapter 137 Martial God, Zhao Zilong is born!Chapter 138 You try to touch him? !
Chapter 139: Overwhelming the Mountain with Power!Chapter 140 If you have the ability, come in and fight!Chapter 141 Senior Brother Yuanshi, You Passed!Chapter 142 My disciple, is it your turn to punish?
Chapter 143 The assassination of the four great princes, the beginning of chaos!Chapter 144 Shen Gongbao Seeks Seeing! Xiqi chaos!Chapter 145 It's up to you to promote teachers and destroy merchants? !Chapter 146 Unparalleled Ran Min, Destroy Emperor Ziwei!
Chapter 147 Because You Are Second Senior Brother!Chapter 148: Conferred God's Calamity Begins! The Western Zhou Dynasty established the country!Chapter 152 Wu Mu Yuefei, the wise sage Zhuge Liang!Chapter 153: Top of Ten Thousand Races! Yue Fei's knot!
Chapter 154 Biyou Palace, Master of Tongtian Sect!Chapter 155 Discovered Haotian's little secret!Chapter 156 Shang Rong is Captured! Shen Gongbao makes a move!Chapter 158 Manjusri Guangfa Tianzun! People of Cihangdao!
Chapter 159 Send Manjusri and Cihang to the list of gods!Chapter 161 Who Said You Need To Know Oracle Bone Inscriptions To Cross The Shang Dynasty?Chapter 162 Soldiers against soldiers, generals against generals, king against king!Chapter 163 Twelve Golden Immortals, That's All? !
Chapter 164 Xiang Yu is the fourth person under the sage!Chapter 165 In the whole big business, there is no one richer than me!Chapter 166 Poet Immortal Li Bai! The richest man Shen Wansan!Chapter 167 Killing a person in ten steps will never stop a thousand miles away!
Chapter 168 What kind of strange thing is this? !Chapter 169: Xue Rengui, Longmen Formation!Chapter 170 Women Only Affect My Shooting Speed!Chapter 171 Who is coming? Chang Shan Zhao Zilong!
Chapter 172 I want you to be buried with the whole teaching!Chapter 173 Officially declare war on Yuanshi Tianzun!Chapter 174: Grand Marshal of the Western Zhou Dynasty's Conquest of Shang!Chapter 175 Don't embarrass me with the Huaxia lineage!
Chapter 176: Ji Chang Returns to Zhou Dynasty, and the Disciples of Chanjiao Gather in Xiqi!Chapter 177: The Master Who Solved Xiang Yu!Chapter 178 Do You Think This General Is A Fool?Chapter 179: Xiang Yu enters the Yuxu Formation alone!
Chapter 180 So What About the Great Luo Golden Immortal? !Chapter 181 I will slaughter all of your Yuxu disciples first!Chapter 182: Ten Heavenly Lords of Jinao Island!Chapter 183 Ten Absolute Formation vs Yuxu Formation!
Chapter 184 Please turn around, baby!Chapter 185 Shen Gongbao leaves the mountain, Zhuge Liang enters Xiqi!Chapter 186: I'm Conferred Gods for Production!Chapter 188 Snatch the Conferred God List?
Chapter 189: All the Immortals of Jiejiao Gather, Kong Xuan Arrives!Chapter 190 Fight! Send you a big gift!Chapter 191 Three-legged Golden Crow vs Colorful Black Bird!Chapter 192 How dare you humiliate me like this? !
Chapter 193 All cards are played! Patriarch Styx? !Chapter 195: Dao Dao Blood Shocks Everywhere!Chapter 196 Ancestor Styx vs Killing God Baiqi!Chapter 197 Collision in the killing field!
Chapter 198 A place where saints dare not set foot?Chapter 199 You can't grasp it, let others grasp it!Chapter 200 If you want to save your mother, go to Chaoge!Chapter 201 I have endured you for so long!
Chapter 202 The little monsters are coming to school!The task is completed, first summarizeChapter 203 The Son of Luck¡ªSix-Eared Macaque?Chapter 204 Netherworld, meet Chi You again!
Chapter 205 Live as a hero, die as a ghost!Chapter 206 The God of War, Xingtian, the Great War Breaks Out!Chapter 207: Born God of War, Li Cunxiao!Chapter 208 Chi You Battle Formation vs Flying Tiger Eighteen Riders!
Chapter 209: News of Demon Lord Jidu, Madam Pingxin!Chapter 210 My name is Lu Bu, if you don't accept it, come and beat me!Chapter 211: I treat each other as a prince!Chapter 212 Injured the leader of Tongtian sect?
20 minutesChapter 213 One Life For Another!Chapter 214 You are an eyesore to live!Chapter 215: The Twelve-Rank World-Destroying Black Lotus!
Chapter 216 You should struggle a little more!Chapter 217 Demon Ancestor, Luo Hu!Chapter 218 Congratulations to the birth of the Demon Ancestor! (Add more rewards for [Brother Pancake])Chapter 219 Dao Ancestor, Lao Tzu!
Chapter 220: I am the reincarnation of the founding Yuanling!Chapter 221 The heavens do not give birth to Taoist ancestors, and the human race is like a long night!Chapter 222: Lao Tzu and the Taiqing Sage! [Add more rewards for [reader 132...752]]Chapter 11 Get rid of the restriction of recruiting demon banners!
Chapter 15 Yuan Futong's adopted son, Lu Bu?Chapter 20 Are You Serious?Chapter 22 Does the widow need to explain to you?Chapter 40 One is an enemy, the other is not an enemy!
Chapter 41 Demon Venerable Jidu, Are You Worthy?Chapter 44: Killing the Capital! To Beihai!Chapter 56: The Nine Sons of the Ancestral Dragon¡ªPulao!Chapter 57 Mr. Li, It Looks Like You Are Busy?
Chapter 58 Xuanyuan Bow, Sky-Shaking Arrow!Chapter 59 One of the Sky-shaking Arrows is missing!Chapter 62 The widow stands up for you to kill, do you dare to kill?Chapter 66 Enemy Infiltrated Chentang Pass?
Chapter 71 Siege of Guang Chengzi!Chapter 87 Prodigal son, stop it!Chapter 95: The Peerless Second Sage¡ªMencius!Chapter 96 Don't You Stop Resisting?
Chapter 104 Three Moons Appeared Between Heaven and Earth!Chapter 106: Ao Guang's Ambition! Jiang Ziya? !Chapter 112 Calling the Four Great Princes to Beijing!Chapter 114 Your Majesty, take a concubine!
Chapter 125 How can you be holy without humans?Chapter 128 Our race will stand tall in the sky and look down upon all spirits!Chapter 149 Visiting the Master of Tongtian!Chapter 150 Chi kiss and Taotie!
Chapter 151 Eight hundred princes rebelled against business! The four generals set off!Chapter 157: Shen Gongbao, You Don't Talk About Law and Virtue!Chapter 160: The willow branch of Immortal Yangmei?Chapter 187 Lu Ya Daojun, the book of seven arrows nailed to the head!
Chapter 194 Yuantu Abi! Kill God for nothing!   
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