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Chapter 864: Jie vs. Enchantress

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    "The invisible blade is the most deadly!"

    "Ah! What's going on? Is it locked? Is it locked now? Oh my god! Did I read it correctly?"

    When BYT¡¯s last hero was locked, everyone at the scene was excited.

    But in the first game, BYT is on the blue side. The first four heroes chose Ornn, Prince, ez and Galio respectively. The last midfielder actually locked Zed. This player has not appeared on the field for a long time.  Back then, he was a hero with many legends on the field.  In particular, many famous scenes were created by the man opposite SKT.

    "Is this provoking our Brother Li?"

    "It seems that Zed should definitely be in the mid lane. I don't think chelizi by T has the courage. In all likelihood, it's Ye Xing who is going to play in the mid lane and face off against our faker!"

    "Haha! This is what they often say in China, is the Li family committing robbery? There is a good show to watch!"

    "This game is really exciting! Brother Li, you can't bear it, can you? Just go back!"

    In the commentary room at lck, several commentators became excited. They did not expect BYT to jump so much in the first game, and to choose a hero with such a low error tolerance like Dare to choose Zed.  And who doesn't know that Zed is Faker's famous hero, known as Naruto Zed!

    It has been many years since anyone dared to show off the hero Jie in front of faker.  Whenever the hero Zed is mentioned, everyone will think of the double Zed battle. Faker's bloody show killed Yue Lun and helped his teammates win the game.

    It is precisely because of such a connection that the audience reacted so violently.

    "Jie? In this version, there are still people playing robbery? What does he mean?"

    The person involved, Faker, could not help but frown when he saw that the opponent was locked up.  Zed is a hero that Faker likes very much, but due to the version, it has not appeared on his training list for a long time.  But he is familiar with the hero's skills, and Faker is naturally very familiar with them.

    "Brother Li, you are going to kill him to the point of being a super ghost in this game. Are you willing to end the game? I support you, fuck him!"

    Clid immediately laughed and said that the mid laner on the opposite side was a disaster, and he was already considering whether to hit the second level.

    "Byt is so crazy. He doesn't choose any hero. He dares to show off his robbery in front of our captain. He is seeking death! I also support him, fuck him!"

    ¡°Fuck him!¡±

    ¡°We can¡¯t lose to them in the first round with great momentum!¡±

    Several players from SKT echoed one after another. They were all angry at BYT's provocation and thought they would just go back with the opposite BYT.  Regardless of winning or losing, at least don't be suppressed by this momentum.

    "Well! In the first game, when the game just started, the opponent may be deliberately provoking us. If you want to get angry, you will be fooled by the opponent! But knowing that the opponent is deliberately stepping on our face, it is not good if you are cowardly! Faker,  Do you have any ideas? Do you want to withdraw? You decide for yourself! If you have to worry about not being able to keep up with the operation, you can choose a tank that can support you. Your output pressure is not great in this round."

    SKT¡¯s coach¡¯s face seemed to have no emotional fluctuations, but he was still unhappy inside and felt that his team had been despised.

    "Okay, my operation should be fine! In that case, let's choose Enchantress! Coach, I can still show off!"

    Faker didn¡¯t think much, he made up his mind.  Since the other side wants to show off, then show off with the other side to see if his calamity shows off or my enchantress shows off better.

    The hero Zed is very explosive, but unfortunately he has too many natural enemies in League of Legends.  For example, there are so many little fish-men, angels, time, etc. that I can¡¯t even count them.

    "Yeah! OK! Since you think faker is okay, then choose it! Don't pay too much attention to the opponent's provocation. This Ye Xing is quite strong. This should be the first time he has brought this calamity out. We didn't close it first.  I don¡¯t know how he plays, but be careful! Others are the same, especially AD. You may be the primary target of this calamity! Anyway, if you keep an eye on this calamity, there should be no problem.  .¡±

    Coach skt¡¯s BP task has been completed. Before leaving, he still carefully warned the players not to be careless.  If the opponent chooses a calamity, it will affect the mentality of all SKT members. This is not allowed.


    The black rose will bloom again!


    "It's locked! skt is locked!"

    "Wow! Now the showdown in the middle is exciting, Enchantress vs. Jie!"

    "Yes! The game hasn't even started yet, and this BP has already started."??Hell be damned if you lose!

    Therefore, when Tata mentioned that matter, the audience collectively laughed.  This is not Ye Xingkeng, it is clearly the food of Tata and you guys, okay?

    ? Blue side byt: chelizi Aoun (top lane);

    Byt-dang prince (jungle);

    Byt-ye tribulation (mid laner);

    Byt-puff Ezreal (ad);

    Byt-southwind Galio (auxiliary).

    Red side skt: skt-khan crocodile (top order);

    ? skt-clid blind monk (jungle);

    ? skt-faker enchantress (mid laner);

    ? skt-teddy Yasuo(ad);

    ? skt-mata barrel (auxiliary).

    While several commentators were chatting and laughing, the game started, and ten heroes rushed toward the midline.

    "Eh? Have you noticed that the skin used by Ye Xing's robbery seems to be Faker's championship skin! This is a bit of a show-off!"

    Ji De soon noticed that Ye Xing had something on his Jie¡¯s skin.  After looking at it carefully, I confirmed that it was faker's championship skin from back then.

    The audience just realized it and were in an uproar again!

    "Haha! This is a tribute to Faker, and there must be no other meaning. I think there is another reason, that is, although Ye Xing won the championship once, for some reasons he did not have his own championship skin, so he could only use someone else's  Yes, this is normal, we don¡¯t need to make too many associations.¡±

    Tata stood up to defend Ye Xing to prevent faker fans from misunderstanding.  In China, Faker actually has a lot of fans. After all, the Big Devil is not an ordinary player. He is more famous in China than many professional LPL players.

    "Yes, don't think too much! Both sides chose a long snake formation to start. They did not organize a first-level group and tacitly chose a harmonious start! It's not bad. It's better to be more stable. The first-level groups on both sides are also  Half a pound."

    Ji De also realized that he had said the wrong thing, and hurriedly explained, fearing that he would be taken over by others, and changed the topic to the game.

    "Have you noticed that Enchantress and Jie are both carrying Ignite? Isn't this too strong? I feel that there may be a solo kill in the middle without even reaching level 6!"

    He also noticed that the summoners of Ye Xing and Faker both chose Ignite and Flash very unanimously.  Obviously, everyone is going for the second person.

    "Don't let the smell of gunpowder be too strong. It feels like they are going to have sex as soon as they meet, right?"


    "Ignition? Yo? Do you want to work with me? Okay! Let's compete and see who has the faster hand speed!"

    But when the two sides met, Ye Xing and Faker saw each other's summoner skills and starting outfits at the same time, and the corners of their mouths couldn't help but curl up and smile lightly!

    This time, we all thought of going together. The middle lane is where the winner will be determined. Only one person is allowed to do last-ditch damage in the middle lane.

    The secret of shadow!  Zhubian(q)!

    Ye Xing is a cruel person. He doesn¡¯t say much when they meet, he just raises his hand and throws Q!

    Moving forward, faker calmly twisted away, stepped on it with a backhand w, and leveled the a!

    This is the Enchantress. She has a displacement skill at level 1. After A is finished, she will immediately come back with level 2 W. This exchange of blood makes it easy to earn blood!

    ¡®In the first round, faker won a big victory!

    Ye Xing had actually known this for a long time. Enchantress had long hands and had displacement skills. It was inevitable that she would lose a level A in this exchange of blood!  It's just a level A, don't panic when you go out with a long sword and three red items.  Lose a little first, and then find an opportunity to win back later.

    Ye Xing is more wary of, in fact, the blind monk on the opposite side. He is worried that his strength will come to the middle!  Therefore, Ye Xing, you are very conservative in your positioning at this level. You need to gain some experience first, and only after you upgrade your level to level three will you have room for maneuver.  After all, level A damage is untreatable within the effective attack range.

    Ye Xing also knows very well that in the battle between Jie and Enchantress, it is difficult to gain an advantage before level six.  The key to whether the line is correct or not depends on whether Zed's q throw is accurate.  Compared with the consumption of Enchantress, the biggest advantage of Jie is that there is no blue bar. The skill relies entirely on energy, and it can be consumed infinitely.

    ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????turning out, enchantress, used a corruption potion, can be seen that the enchantress is also prepared to rely on the line!

    The secret of shadow!  Zhubian (q)!

    When Q¡¯s CD ended, Ye Xing took action again with the Q in his hand.  For heroes without blue bars, their skill release is so willful in the early stage.  (Remember the website address:
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