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Snow-covered Gensokyo Chapter 115: Fute!

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    "Hakurei slashes in all directions!" Lingmeng, with a straight Hong Kong comic-style face, waved his hand and struck at Ren Tie.

    "The Hakurei Divine Fist? It's nothing more than a point-pointing technique that forcefully pours Qi into other people's bodies and causes huge damage to their internal bodies!" Substantial crimson Qi suddenly erupted from Ren's body.  "Then let me see how powerful the Hakurei Divine Fist is! It's still my fists that are more powerful!!"

    "Haha!!!" He crossed his hands on his chest, and a burst of green light flashed out from Ren Bangdi's hands.  "Nirvana! Overlord Xianghou Fist!" Push out with both fists!  A huge cyan sphere made of air quickly hit Reimu.

    "Ah, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit!" Waving his hands, Reimu effortlessly dispersed the Overlord Xianghou Fist bit by bit, but this series of actions caused her to have a short vision.  vacancy!  Rendi took this opportunity and disappeared from Reimu's sight.

    I saw another green light flashing beside Lingmeng.  "Suffer it!"

    "Special move! Dragon and tiger dance!" Taking advantage of the moment when Reimu was frozen while retracting Hakurei's Square Slash, Rendi approached Reimu again and sharply compressed the energy in his body, causing them to form colored green light!  Use all your strength on your fists and legs!

    Like a machine gun, Rendi¡¯s fists and feet kept hitting Reimu¡¯s body.

    It would be great if it really hit!

    It¡¯s a pity that after strengthening the body, it became a melee form.  Reimu's body reaction speed seems to have been greatly improved!  The moment Ren Bangdi yelled out the name of the move, he forcibly twisted his body into a defensive posture.  He blocked Ren Bidi's fist, which was like a Gatling gun bullet, behind his arm.

    The more powerful moves that use Qi, the shorter they last.  If nothing else, the stronger the compression of Qi, the stronger the explosive power, the faster it is lost, and the shorter the maintenance time will naturally be.

    Most of the moves of the extreme flow secrets that Ren Ludi exchanged from the infinite world are powerful moves that seek to briefly break through the limits of the human body and reach the inhuman realm, and then explode.  For example, the dragon and tiger dance in a flurry of hundreds of combos within a few seconds, the Overlord Xianghou Fist's one blow breaks through ten thousand enemies, and the Heaven and Earth Bahuang Fist's one punch dominates the body

    Therefore, the attack on Reimu lasted less than 5 seconds.

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    In the dragon-tiger flurry, the move similar to the Shoryuken that knocked people flying was not used in the end.  Because once this move is used, Reimu, who is completely dancing with dragons and tigers, will definitely counterattack him from below!

    But it¡¯s still the same sentence.  No matter how powerful the move is, there will always be periods of stiffness.  Opponents will often seize this point and start crazy counterattacks against you!  This is why the most common attack method in the King of Fighters competition is to use light hands and feet.  Once your skills are defended by others, what awaits you will be an infinite chain of deaths.

    Although the final blow was missing, the damage to Reimu was enough.  Although Reimu can use spiritual power to restore himself, his recovery ability is not as strong as Ren's.

    Although the Dragon and Tiger Flurry move does not have the effect of destroying the body by injecting Qi like the Hakurei Divine Fist.  But purely in terms of destructive power, it is enough.

    Reimu¡¯s hands were dislocated starting from the shoulders, and there were many cracks in the bones of his hands.  If Ren Dedi hits her a few more times, Reimu's hands may be scrapped in this battle.

    "We have to find a way!" Lingmeng had cold sweat on his forehead and said to himself in a voice that Ren Bangdi couldn't hear.  But ah! He is injured and still has the strength to fight, but I am injured and can¡¯t stand up again!"

    "You are so out of your depth!!!" Hitoshi yelled at Reimu, "I'm going to beat you back to Hakurei Shrine with this punch!!!"

    "Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh!!!!!!" Ren Bangdi's feet sank into the ground, and the red aura bursting out of his body became even more intense!  Qingmang!  Red light!  Jinmang EX!  !  "Break through one's own limits! LimitBreak! NEO¡¤MAX's super special move! The ultimate secret of ultimate style! True Heaven and Earth Bahuang Fist!"

    Within one kilometer with Renludi as the center, the energy in the entire area began to shrink towards Renludi.  Because of the sharp contraction of Qi, Ren Lidi's vision has been distorted!  The light is constantly refracted in the irregularly concentrated air.

    "Please!" Reimu clenched his fist, "The secret of the Hakurei Divine Fist! Wu Xiang is reincarnated!!!"

    "It's useless, it's useless, it's useless, it's useless!!!!" Ren Bangdi slowly punched forward, but Reimu found that he couldn't dodge it at all!  No matter how slow Ren Bangdi's punch seemed to him, it seemed to stick to him and hit him.


      Reimu was tricked.

    "No! That's not right!" Ren Bangdi, who had been immersed in his fist, opened his eyes, "The touch doesn't feel right! It's the paper god again!!!!!!"

    "The stronger the move! It means the longer the hard time!" Reimu's voice came from behind Ren Bangdi, and at the same time, a huge circular shadow appeared above Ren Bangdi's head.


    Turning his head suddenly, Lingmeng, who had returned to his original appearance, was holding a huge yin-yang jade and throwing it at him.  "I haven't learned anything about reincarnation yet!! This is my last trick! The Noble Phantasm "Yin Yang Ghost Jade"!  !  !  !  !  "

    "I'm going to suffer!!!" Ren Bangdi's face changed drastically as he still maintained his punching posture. He desperately released the red energy that turned into red. Two pairs of huge arms seemed to appear behind his back, opening towards the sky to help Ren.  Bangdi blocked the pressure of the huge yin-yang jade!

    "You must not hit this move!!! If you hit it, you will definitely lose! Not to mention keeping Winter! Even Cirno, who may be affected by the bombardment, cannot be saved!"


    The Yin-Yang Jade finally hit Ren Bangdi, and the arm made of red energy behind him collapsed instantly after contacting the Yin-Yang Jade!

    "Thisthis is wrong!!!!" Ren Bangdi stretched out his hands to hold the huge yin and yang jade, and half of his body was pressed into the ground.  "Am I not the protagonist of this book! Why do I make such careless mistakes twice in one day!? Is Hakurei Reimu really an insurmountable existence in the setting!?"



    "Hold on"


    ¡°I can¡¯t stop!!!!!!!!!¡±

    Three-quarters of his body has been nailed into the ground, and his hands are already covered with bloodshot eyes, but the huge yin-yang jade is still exerting pressure on him.


    In a hazy state of consciousness, Ren Bangdi seemed to see a blue figure flying to his side holding six sword-like weapons.

    "Remember! I! I am the strongest!!!!"

    "Idiot!" Reimu, who had already avoided Cirno's position to release the Yin-Yang Jade, was shocked when she saw Cirno running under the Yin-Yang Jade.  "Leave quickly! That guy can bear it, but you absolutely can't bear it!!! Do you want to die!?"

    "Tough!" Throw the watermelon knife!

    "Invincible!" Throw the chocolate knife*2!

    "The strongest!" Biscuit Sword*2 is thrown!

    Five strange-shaped swords surrounded the Yin-Yang Jade in the form of a five-pointed star.


    I saw five swords striking the Yin Yang Jade fiercely at the same time!  Cirno herself rushed towards the center of the Yin Yang Jade with a long sword made of ice.

    "Jade shattered! Crushed! Big cheers!!!!"

    Bang!  !  !  !  !  !  !  !  !

    The yin-yang ghost-god jade that Ren Bangdi failed to catch was just like this, a hole was poked out by Cirno's sword, and other parts were also exposed with broken marks under the strong slash!

    "Super¢áMartial God Tyrant Slash!" Cirno, who dragged her sword back to the ground, read out the name of this move.

    At this time, Cirno is worthy of the title of the strongest!

    And Lingmeng was completely shocked!  What is Yin Yang Ghost Jade?  It¡¯s their Hakurei Shrine¡¯s Noble Phantasm!  It is also the strongest move she has mastered so far!  Now it was cracked by a goblin!  ?  How could this not shock her.

    While Reimu was shocked by Chao ¢á Martial God Tyrant Slash.  Cirno dragged the disappearing swords one by one and walked to Ren Dedi, who was nailed three-quarters of the way to the ground and was already unconscious.

    "Hehe. I saved Ren again" Cirno smiled and poked Ren's cheek.


    The words were interrupted, and without any warning, Cirno fell to the ground.  The red ribbon tied into a bow on the back of his head spread out and floated to Ren Bangdi's side.

    ¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ªFutian mode is charging¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª

    Poof!  puff!

    Ren Bangdi¡¯s two limp arms collapsed on the ground.  The attack of the Yin Yang Ghost Jade is different from the explosive attack. It is completely crushed by force!  If Cirno hadn't suddenly come in to help him, I'm afraid he would have been knocked unconscious by this move.

    correct!  Cirno!  Ren Bangdi noticed the red ribbon beside him.

    "Thank you~~ Cirno, I was saved by you again. Qi Ciruno!!!!!!"

    Soft armsTrembling, she reached for Cirno's body.

    It¡¯s so cold!

    Although it is an ice spirit, its body temperature is abnormally cold!

    "Cirno, get up. You'll catch a cold if you sleep here." Pushing Cirno's shoulder, Rendi tentatively released a breath of air into her body.

    Breathing stop!

    Brain wavesinterrupted!

    The heartbeat stopped beating 1 minute ago!


    Why!  Why is this happening!  ?  The set plot is not like this!  It is clearly set that even if I am defeated by Reimu Hakurei, the energy stored is enough!  Enough to complete the transformation between winter and spring at the bottom of the lake!

    Why did you come to save me!  !  !  Why!  !  !

    Holding the red ribbon that Cirno dropped on the ground, Ren Bangdi shouted with red light in his eyes, "BA¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ªKA¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª"

    Although you have a smile on your face.  But I would rather not get the smile I get in this way!  !  !

    Destiny is unfair!  !  !  !  !  !

    ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Ren Bangdi felt that a part of his heart was missing.  Tens of thousands of thoughts turned into just one word.


    The energy all over his body enveloped Ren Bangdi inside, forming a red devil the size of a brown bear.

    Boom!  !  !  !  !  !  !  !  !

    The ground under Ren Bangdi's feet exploded, and countless pieces of gravel rose into the air with the red air, and were compressed to the rich air and crushed to pieces!

    There is only one word left in my mind, kill!  There is only one person in my eyes, Reimu Hakurei!  !  !

    "Kill you!!!!!"

    Renludi and Futian modes are activated!

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