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HighSchool DXD Chapter 101 Dark Warrior

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    "You idiot, what did you do? Now you tell me that the tracking target is missing!" In an alien space, two figures were having a conversation, but one was standing and the other was kneeling.

    "Sir, please calm down. I was just negligent for a moment. I won't dare to do it next time. Please forgive me!" The kneeling man shivered. He knew very well the methods used to deal with garbage in the organization.

    "Next time, do you think you will have such a chance? Just because you are such a useless guy, I was scolded by that adult, and you will be responsible for your death." The person standing said angrily.

    "Sir, please give this villain a chance. He is willing to make meritorious service and bring the target back." The kneeling man said in fear.

    "Bring it back? Do you have the ability? Just go with peace of mind, I will take care of your wife and daughter for you." A trace of flame was thrown out by the standing person and fell on the kneeling person.

    "You" He only had time to show his indignation, and the flames instantly grew bigger and swallowed up the life of the kneeling person.

    "It's really troublesome. If you can't find that person, you may get mad." The person who was standing just now sat in his seat as if nothing had happened, thinking deeply.

    "No, it seems that we still need to find a scapegoat. Even if we trace it by then, it won't fall on me. Hehe, 'serious business' matters tonight." The whole person was in the shadows, and the only thing that could be distinguished was that  What an extremely vulgar smile.

    As for Zheng Pan, Katie has already locked horns with him. In order to buy precious time for her second sister, Katie has to use words to delay Zheng Pan's actions. The second source of magic power is in her body and can be used at any time. Now  Zheng Pan's state of mind can no longer be seen. It is always good to take a step back.

    "Don't say I bully women, let you go first." Zheng Pan took a stance and quietly waited for Katie to attack.

    He also has his own thoughts. He is not a murderous person in the first place. With the must-kill missions issued by the system and the current side missions, Zheng Pan is still not ready to use his full strength. Everything has to be measured. The system is his immediate boss, Zheng Pan.  It can be said that Pan is acting in a yin and yang. The reason why he dares to do this is based on the fact that the punishment is not unbearable. This is the first time he has heard the name of the Disaster Group.

    When I first watched this anime, I just wanted to have fun and see how good girls are. I never expected that one day I would come into this world alone. This kind of thing that only exists in fantasy, you let a person who is suffering from reality  How devastated young people believe.

    God is so pity, God may also feel the cruelty of this world, so he brought Zheng Pan to the legendary space to realize his fantasy. Zheng Pan is not a contented person, his greed is endless, and he has fantasies.  , dreams and ideals are never too far away.

    I'm used to being low-key in reality, so I should be high-profile here, not to mention that I have the strongest bloodline in the universe, and my mind is even more arrogant. Fortunately, I haven't reached the point of being arrogant, and my words and deeds are not out of the ordinary. This is what I have been taught since childhood.  Okay, it's ingrained in his mind and he can't change it even if he wants to.

    There is an essential difference between being a true self and being a servant at the mercy of others, and he is currently in the latter stage. Although people who are not from my race must have different minds, Zheng Pan has never done anything to kill them all.  A tragic case.

    In the final analysis, Zheng Pan is still an ordinary human being at heart. For the experiences of different worlds, Zheng Pan does not adapt to them, but agrees with them. He does not get rid of his identity as a human being, nor does he let go of the moral bottom line in his heart.  Although the identity and status have been changed, it is difficult to change the inner essence.

    "I know what's going on in my heart, I don't need you to say anything!" Katie secretly glanced at Ophis in the distance. After seeing that the other party was indifferent, she let go of her hand. A mirror appeared in her hand. It was just a mirror.  The surface is pure black.

    "This side is the breast mirror of the dark warrior, a dark artifact. Since you know about the Arad continent, you must be familiar with this artifact." Katie said eloquently.

    ¡°Beauty, I¡¯ve seen people procrastinate, but I¡¯ve never seen anyone procrastinate like you. Your skills are too bad.¡± Zheng Pan said with a smile.

    "Wake up, the sleeping warrior soul, in the name of Katie, I will give you the pillar of action." The black mirror in Katie's hand melted quickly and seeped into the surface, and a human figure slowly emerged with white hair and black hair.  Hitomi is equipped with a pair of black ghost hands, but she can't feel a trace of life in her body.

    "Dark Warrior?" Zheng Pan stared at the Dark Warrior for a while, but the other party remained calm and motionless.

    "Puppet? Doll?" Zheng Pan asked such a question. There are only a few kinds of lifeless aura in Arad. One is a master, who can shield his own aura, and the other is a puppet, which can be used as a sharp tool for brushing pictures.  The doll?Made in batches by puppet masters, although they are humanoid, they are not alive and only possess the most basic kinetic energy. Zheng Pan cannot detect a trace of life in the current dark warrior, which can only be attributed to the puppets. As for the dark warrior,  For the strong, the odds are really low. The real strong is still standing behind.

    "The power of time and space fragments, wake up, Dark Warrior." An irregular crystal appeared in Katie's hand, and bits of light spilled from the fingers, and was sucked into the body by the Dark Warrior.  A violent aura began to erupt, and darkness began to cover the entire land. Ophis looked at the darkening sky with interest, not knowing what he was thinking. Zheng Pan frowned, the violent aura was a bit exaggerated, unlike  It is aimed at a certain person, but it includes everyone.

    "Second sister, is it really okay? This guy is hard to control." Katie asked with uncertainty in her heart.

    "Don't worry, as long as you don't take the initiative to get close to him, he won't attack you." Held simply replied.  Katie still had no confidence in her heart, but she couldn't show it on her face. It would be dangerous if the enemy discovered the flaw.

    "It's such a fresh air. Where is this place?" The dark warrior shook his stiff shoulders, and a black blade was naturally held in his hand. He looked up and saw Zheng Pan, as if he had thought of something, and raised his hand.  The black blade slowly rose into the air.

    "Death to the monster!" He quickly rushed towards Zheng Pan, and the black blade fell heavily from a height.  Zheng Pan narrowed his eyes and did not choose to face the enemy head-on. He did not feel the opponent's hostility and did not want to have another enemy for no reason, so he chose to avoid it temporarily.

    "Monster, stay away!" A black light was thrown from the black blade, covering Zheng Pan's body and pulling him back in an instant. Zheng Pan was also careless, and he reacted the moment he was hit.  , the fist in his hand hit the opponent's abdomen directly.

    ¡°Ding!¡± With a sound, the distance between the two began to widen.

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