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Volume 2 Chapter 57 Trap

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    Chapter 57 Trap

    Zhang Kuang calmed down and asked: "When will we do it?"

    Gu Feifeng's eyes flashed, and finally she said: "The sooner the better, get rid of him before he returns to the capital. When the time comes, I will let him experience the 108 tortures of Jin Yiwei!"  Zhang Kuang couldn't help but tremble.

    "The last thing in the world to mess with is a woman. The so-called wasp's tail is the most poisonous to a woman's heart. Even if Bao Zheng was alive, Liu Pingfeng would never have thought that the person who wanted to harm him was right next to him.

    Gu Feifeng thought about it carefully and said: "It is inconvenient to do things here. On the way to the capital, there is a place called Tiandu Town. It is an important traffic road and there is a mixture of dragons and snakes. Liu Pingfeng died there.  No one will doubt"

    Zhang Kuang nodded, Gu Feifeng glanced at Zhang Kuang charmingly, and then walked out, saying as he walked: "If you really want to get my body, in fact, I can agree to it. Who said you are  My husband" The voice gradually became inaudible.  However, Zhang Kuang felt as if he had been given a bottle of aphrodisiac.

    Although Gu Feifeng¡¯s appearance is not as good as Lingyun¡¯s, Gu Feifeng¡¯s feminine charm is much stronger than that of Lingyun.  Gu Feifeng exudes a mature charm, while Ling Yun exudes a youthful charm. Although they each have their own strengths, in the eyes of most men, mature charm is much better than youthful ignorance.

    Zhang Kuangqiang calmed down the rising desire in his heart, and couldn't help but scream inwardly. Mo Ziliang said that the female disciples of Tianluo Sect all practiced the art of charm and the art of harvesting yang and replenishing yin. This girl Feifeng must have also practiced it.  What Zhang Kuang practices is the secret technique of Buddhism, which can stir up Zhang Kuang's heart. Unless it is emotional, it is impossible to succeed.

    But just a few words from Gu Feifeng aroused the passion in Zhang Kuang¡¯s heart, which was really powerful.  According to Gu Feifeng's martial arts, she should not be as good as Mo Ziliang. I wonder what it would be like for the more powerful female disciples of Tianluo Sect to use their charm skills?

    Zhang Kuang shook his head and smiled, thinking for a while, it seems that Tiandu Town is not a simple fight.  How high is Liu Pingfeng's current skill?  Zhang Kuang didn't know, but Zhang Kuang knew that Liu Pingfeng's skill was definitely higher than his current level. I think Na Feiyun should have assassinated Liu Pingfeng once.

    However, Liu Pingfeng was safe and sound. Feiyun must have returned without success. Gu Feifeng said that Feiyun's martial arts was not inferior to Qin Yaoguang's. Although it was not entirely true, it could not be taken as a joke. Since Feiyun was a disciple of Zhongnan Mountain, he must have  There is definitely something unique about it.

    ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? away away from the sword.

    Since even Feiyun was no match for Liu Pingfeng, Zhang Kuang was no match for Liu Pingfeng in a single fight. Zhang Kuang sighed, thinking about his many adventures, his advancement in cultivation was already shocking, but Liu Pingfeng's progress was still there.  Above him, it seems that the way of heaven is difficult to determine.

    Although Liu Pingfeng and Zhang Kuang have no deep hatred, if Liu Pingfeng knew Zhang Kuang's true identity, he would not let Zhang Kuang go. The humiliation Zhang Kuang brought to him can be said to be unbearable for a superior person.

    If Zhang Kuang reveals his identity, Liu Pingfeng will definitely come and kill him!

    But Zhang Kuang is someone who just sits back and waits for death. When Gu Feifeng asked Zhang Kuang to kill Liu Pingfeng, Zhang Kuang even felt a little happy in his heart. Only one of Liu Pingfeng and Zhang Kuang would survive, and Zhang Kuang didn¡¯t want to be someone else¡¯s.  Prey, so by striking first, he has already chosen his identity as a hunter.

    Liu Pingfeng, whether you can escape or not depends on your luck!  A frightening light flashed in his arrogant eyes.

    Zhang Kuang once swore an oath that he would show no mercy to anyone who wanted to hurt him!  Wu Jing was punched by Zhang Kuang, his heart and lungs were punched, and he was completely lifeless.  Zhang Kuang already knows that in this world, human life is regarded as nothing but grass. Only by using oneself as a sharp blade to cut through all obstacles can one maintain his own stability.

    Liu Pingfeng needs to be the victim of Zhang Kuang¡¯s sword!

    Although the night was quiet, burning thoughts arose in Zhang Kuang's heart.

    A night of silence.

    On the second day, everyone got ready and set off. Although the flower party in the capital had not ended yet, everyone was no longer interested. Murong Qian seemed to be unhurried because she was approaching Kyoto, and she responded to Murong Feihan's request.  He made an appointment to say goodbye to Zhang Kuang and others, stayed at Pingyang Hou Mansion, and returned to the capital in the future.

    Naturally, Zhang Kuang would not stop him, so Murong Qian left the crowd. Zhang Kuang drove the carriage and looked at the five women in the carriage. He couldn't help but shake his head. Originally, the carriage was for two horses riding at the same time, but because there were too many people, the carriage was larger.  After getting into the carriage, it turned out to be a four-horse race.

    Such carriages are rare.  Even the chariots on the battlefield were only four horses riding in parallel. The rumored eight-horse chariot could only be used by the emperor.

    The etiquette of this Shenwu Kingdom is very strict. If Lingyun was not the goddaughter of Zhennan King and had a title, these four horses would not be able to drive her away.It's impossible to sit down.  Lingyun was the princess and enjoyed a high rank, so she could be regarded as a relative of the emperor.

    When everyone got on the horse, they waved their whips wildly, and the carriage started galloping smoothly.  With four horses working together, like chasing the wind and clouds, Lingyun opened the rolling curtain of the carriage and looked at both sides of the official road that was retreating at a rapid speed. She waved her whip arrogantly from time to time and felt happy in her heart. She stood up and shouted: "Ah  , so fast! Haha, Zhang Lang, hurry up"

    ?? Crazy and almost fell off the carriage. If someone who didn't know the reason heard such words, they would definitely think that he was doing something casual.  Zhang Kuang couldn't help but smile, cracked his whip, and the horse neighed and galloped.

    ??Lingyun¡¯s shouts and screams are heard clearly, her vitality is revealed, her arrogant heart is gentle, she rides in the rivers and lakes, and enjoys grudges, which in itself is the happiest thing.  Although Zhang Kuang couldn't express his gratitude, he had no problem riding in the rivers and lakes.

    Riding on their horses and raising dust, everyone left the Tianzhou Mansion.

    And on the side of the city gate of Tianzhou Mansion, a red shadow ** looked at the back of the carriage in the distance, seeming to sigh, and also seemed to feel lost, and sighed softly.

    "Did you fall in love with that boy?!" Standing next to her was a tall young man. If you were arrogant here, you would definitely recognize that this person was the Tianluo Sect who was with Duan Xing in Yuquan Palace that day.  Mo Ziliang!

    And this red shadow is naturally Gu Feifeng!  Gu Feifeng didn't look at Mo Ziliang, but just snorted softly: "Senior brother, I, Lord Feifeng, don't seem to need your lesson yet!"

    "Gu Jing! Don't forget the sect master's order this time! If you can't make him surrender, there will be no way for him to survive!" Mo Ziliang said.

    It turns out that Gu Feifeng¡¯s real name is Gu Jing, and the word Feifeng is just her name. It seems that Gu Jing¡¯s status is actually higher than Mo Ziliang!

    Gu Jing turned around gently: "How is the investigation of Xue Qing's matter?"

    "Xue Qing arrived at Tianzhou Mansion three months ago. At that time, she was seriously injured. Fortunately, Pingyang Hou rescued her and treated her injuries. Maybe it was a long-lasting love, Xue Qing seemed to be in love with Pingyang Hou Murong Feihan" Mo Zi  A good man speaks the truth.

    Gu Jing snorted: "How can such a coincidence!? This Xue Qing's hiding methods are extremely clever. The sect master once said that except for the Dunzong and the Yin sect, there are very few sects who know how to gather energy and concentration. But she  She can hide it from everyone, but not me. Although the aura on her body is shallow, it is actually elusive. Her skill is definitely not inferior to Dragon Fang!"

    Mo Ziliang was also shocked. Like Zhang Kuang, he never imagined that a seemingly weak and elegant woman could be such a terrifying master!  Appalling!

    Gu Jing paused for a moment and then added: "I asked Zhang Kuang to wait in Tiandu Town. You should quickly arrange the arrangements. If he is leaked, no one will be able to bear the wrath of the sect master"

    "Okay" Mo Ziliang lowered his head and replied. There was a bit of hatred in Mo Ziliang's eyes. He defeated him easily and left an unsurpassable impression in his heart. When practicing Tiandao martial arts, he is most afraid of inner demons.  .

    Mo Ziliang has developed inner demons, but he hasn't discovered them yet.  His thoughts contained jealousy, fear, and hatred. These were all stumbling blocks that prevented his thoughts from being clear and entering the aurora.

    It is because of these reasons that one thought becomes a demon.

    Of course, Zhang Kuang, who is already miles away, will not know that a conspiracy has been drawn against him, waiting for him to jump in.
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