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Comprehensive comic of the world of Xingyue 115. Xingyue in the heart

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    Part One: The Finite World (Narrations of King Solomon)

    I am a very famous person. By chance, I came to this world and was born into this world as the son of King David. Like my father, I received the favor of the God named Jehovah.  []

    "The Lord gave my father strength, and also gave me wisdom. It is wisdom, but in fact it is just the ability called future vision plus the ability to control mysteries.

    But after gaining future vision, I feel confused about the future. There should be either only one kind of future, or there will be infinite kinds of futures, but in front of me, there are very limited kinds, and many times they are also blurry.  , as if time disappeared from the world out of thin air.  I don¡¯t know when it was when we reached further away, but the future completely disappeared. Is this the end of the world?  I have no idea¡­¡­

    So I decided to prepare for a rainy day, and I formed a magician group with my magician friends. Of course, later generations confused these magicians with the object they stole power from - the "devil". By the way, in our time  In this era, it was commonplace to steal the power of "gods", a fantasy species that was powerful but difficult to control. Hence the legend of King Solomon's 72 Demonic Pillars.

    I actually know what will happen next if I do this, but when it actually comes, I am still very unwilling and disappointed, but my plan must be carried out.

    According to the plan, I signed a contract with Alaya and became a heroic spirit and a human guardian.

    However, the news I received from Mr. Alaya made me know that the situation of this world is worse than I imagined. The root has created many different worlds, and most of them have been destroyed in an instant due to the occurrence of contradictions.  was wiped out.

    ¡°Will the root cause destroy the world just because of contradictions?¡± I asked.

    "If you have future vision, you should know that there is a saying that the entire universe is the brain of higher-level life. To be more precise, it should be thinking."


    "I'm sorry, this is true for this world The source himself doesn't know what he created and what he destroyed. All he pursues is the concept of contradiction Of course, if the world where contradictions occur does not disappear,  If so, the root itself will be in danger, and then all the worlds born from this root will disappear From this point of view, I would rather be happy"

    I don¡¯t agree with what Mr. Alaya said. Although he protects human beings, I don¡¯t agree with measuring human life in numbers. However, now we have no choice

    From Lord Alaya, I learned that our world is on the verge of destruction. There are other worlds that are on the verge of destruction like ours. There are also many fragments of destroyed worlds that have been stuffed in.  Entering the world we belong to, among those fragments, exactly the same events happened repeatedly in a small area. The reason why they were stuffed into our world is that only our world can accept them, but the only difficulty is that  These fragments should be placed in which time period and at which location

    So, I came up with a new plan, using the events I saw in the future, called the "First Holy Grail War", to accept the fragments of those worlds, and at the same time use these fragments to create a world that can interact with the source.  Cognitive existence, in this case, the root can be made aware of what it has done, and most of the work can be handed over to this existence. In this way, those worlds with irreparable contradictions that are destined to be destroyed when they are born will be destroyed from the beginning.  There will be no more births, and the contradictions in the internal laws of the world that have already been born will also be repaired under the control of this existence.

    Lord Alaya agreed to this plan and took the initiative to contact Lord Gaia. The result was not beyond my expectations. Lord Gaia also fully agreed to this plan.

    As for other existing worlds, they are things that even Alaya and Gaia cannot accurately contact, but that existence can, so I want to save more worlds.

    The root has the world where the root is located. For the world where the root is located, our world and other worlds born from this root can only be regarded as a kind of message.

    But regardless of these title issues for the moment, in short, when the First Holy Grail War broke out, I participated in the war as a member of the Servants, and met the second magician Jishua Zelrich?  Xiubain Ogu, and successfully made this old naughty boy agree to help me implement my plan in the Magic Association, but I did it for a goal, and he just did it for fun.

    As expected, the disciple I accepted during the First Holy Grail War¡ª¡ªthe one who summoned meThe magician successfully completed his task and spatially integrated those fragments with the world, such as the fragment named Mitsusaka Town, the fragment named Yomiyama, the fragment named Hinamizawa,  The fragment named Winged Man

    Later, during the Second and Third Holy Grail Wars, I took on the magicians who summoned me as my disciples, and they successfully completed their mission, which was to fuse those fragments with this world in time.  Make its internal "plot" happen as scheduled.

    Sure enough, as I expected, I successfully used the fragment called Yomiyama to summon the existence I wanted. She was officially born in this world on January 1, 1981, and in 1988  I was successfully summoned as a Servant during the Fourth Holy Grail War.  She is very cute, at least I think so, although I also know that this is the expectation effect, but so what?

    Then, with the end of the Fifth Holy Grail War, more fragments were successfully integrated with this world, and I also successfully contacted those worlds that were on the verge of destruction like the world I was in, through a channel called "  Academy of Heroes" stuff.  But I always felt sorry for her because I had to take advantage of her and do things that made me feel ashamed.

    Then, I arranged for her to observe various fragments and some important nodes in the world directly connected by the roots. I knew that if she came to this conclusion personally, she would definitely agree with my plan, even though it is the most tiring part of the plan.  It is she who needs sacrifice the most.

    Sure enough, in 1999, she agreed to support my plan.  Even though I owe her so much, she still does it, and that's the lovely thing about her.

    Then in 2000, I clearly felt that my plan was successful and my wish came true.

    I know very well what will happen if such a powerful power is reduced to the mortal world, so I must block the possibility of anyone using this unique and strongest power for personal gain. Otherwise, for this world and the already existing  For all the connected worlds, this will be a disaster more terrifying than destruction, so it requires people with this power to never have any entanglement with mystery. She can do this, and she will forget these mysterious aspects.  Just treating it as a fantasy is enough to repair the loopholes in the world, and if she does this, she can blind everyone's eyes, even if that person is already connected to the source.

    Lord Gaia and Lord Alaya, even their subordinates and other beings involved in this plan do not know what the final step of the plan is, so they will be blindfolded and will not become the dictator of this world.  , the only one who knows the whole plan and may leak it is me, so in order to eliminate this last possibility - goodbye, this beautiful world

    ? ##################(I am the dividing line)######################

    Part Two: The Leader of the New World (Returning Protagonist¡¯s Narrative)

    The place where the roots are, the space filled with light, what fell from the sky and finally fell into my arms was the other me in my memory, the male me. From the beginning, I was not a time traveler, but a being.  A combination of a copied part of another me and a part acquired in this world (sorry, the introduction is misleading).

    As for the language I am learning, it is not so much learning as it is creating a brand new Creole language using the Chinese, English and some Japanese characters I have learned from watching anime.  Refers generally to all "mixed languages").

    And that other me, the male self, is the source of this world and even other related worlds.

    "What, why don't you get off me?" I said to the other me.

    "Where is this place and who are you?" the other me asked.

    With a little click on his head, he knew the truth here.

    "This is the world I created with my imagination?" He knew clearly, but he still asked in disbelief.

    "Yes, it exists here and only exists in your mind, and it exists in a programmatic way." I confirmed.

    He will continue as planned.

    Ever since the Tsukihime incident in 1999, I have known what Solomon was thinking and what he would do next. Frankly speaking, although I can never forgive him, I hate him as a person.  Don¡¯t get up, because a large part of me was shaped by this person.

    According to the plan, Solomon must disappear from the world. I always feel a little sad about this, but I will forget it soon But anyway, it is still?So sad¡­

    I am waiting for the results to arrive

    "Sorry, I can only do so much." The other me, the otaku, said.

    Then I lost consciousness

    The whole world has been reorganized

    ??The world built by otakus, three years later

    It was a fateful encounter between a girl who was the leader of the entire world and an ordinary boy who was good at making complaints.

    On the first day of school, the girl introduced herself like this: "I have no interest in ordinary humans. If any of you have aliens, future people, people from other worlds, or people with super powers, just come to me! Above."


    It¡¯s only just begun

    ? ################£šI am the dividing line£©###################

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? It¡¯s all over.

    Q: Why is it that someone who is the judge of the entire world and thinks he is a judge of the world of ordinary people does not turn himself into an ordinary person?

    a: Because "I am the judge of the world" does not conflict with "I am an ordinary person" and can exist at the same time, just like "I am the person in charge of the server" has no conflict with "My character level is 0"  .

    Q: How to explain another existence with similar abilities?  (It only appears in the later stages of the novel version of Suzumiya, it seems like this)

    a: The answer is contrary to what most people understand, because an existence that can better control its own power will not let its power easily overflow to form another existence with the same power as itself.

    Q: Is this really the moon?

    a: This book actually came from a bet between my classmates and me on how many other things could be integrated into the type moon. Of course, in the end it became my own work.  It should still be in line with Xingyue's world view, such as origin, suppression, uo, magic, magic, origin, etc. I have not set them beyond the scope of Xingyue. Only a few nouns have changed, because the origin awakener  The definition of superpowers is similar to that in Magic Forbidden, so they are collectively called superpowers. However, the superpowers in Xingyue's original work were renamed telekinesis users, and nothing else has changed.  So it can still be regarded as a model of the moon world, I personally think so.

    Okay, having said that, the postscript is over. If you want to know the future of the protagonist, please read Suzumiya. If you want to know what happened to the otaku who appeared as the root, please pay attention to my urban novel "The Brain of the Otaku".  "Supplement", ISBN 2338553, now has a prologue, and the update will probably start next week or next week.

    Q: Isn¡¯t this book originally meant for advertising

    a: In fact, when this book did not exist, I had imagined a world view, and there was a book corresponding to it called "Perception is Perception", and then that book just started a chaos  At the beginning of ", I made such a bet with my classmates, so I paused that book and started this one, "Is This the Moon?". When I was writing Chapter 6 of the book, I had an idea and came up with a  How about a trilogy?  So I came up with the idea that the first part is "Is This a Sexy Moon", the second part is an urban novel "Otaku's Brain", and the third part is a science fiction novel "Perception is Perception", and the corresponding main plots have also been  I have basically thought about it. When I write the book again, it should not be as confusing as before This is what I think

    ?????????????????????? Well, if readers like it, see you all in "Otaku's Brain"!

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