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Volume 1 Chapter 531 Reinforcements?

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    Chapter 531: Reinforcements?

    Another world depends on one person, one person in reality!  That person is Yi Lexiang, His Majesty the Emperor of the Human Empire!

    No one can speculate whether the other world will fall apart because of Yi Lexiang's fall. Although scientists from both worlds have a negative attitude towards this, no one is sure, and no one dares to take this risk.

    Then there is only one way to solve the problem - our noble Emperor must survive. Even if mankind loses this war, Yi Lexiang must live!  Only in this way can human beings accumulate powerful enough liliang from another world.

    The "Black Star Area" has become the most important part of this plan. There is a huge fleet that is completely loyal to His Majesty the Emperor. Its number is almost equal to the regular strength of the empire. Most of its members are veterans of the former Free Army. They are pure  Charnorans of blood, which contributed to the cohesion of the entire army.  Three years ago, the empire removed this part of the armed forces from the empire's regular armed forces to ensure the independence and confidentiality of this force.

    If humanity loses this war here, the remaining royal fleet will protect Yi Lexiang and return to the "Black Star Area" to cultivate and recuperate there.  This is very similar to the strategy adopted by Charno back then, and the Charno people finally achieved the final success.  The empire's top brass hoped that this tactic would still have the same effect.  [From Private to Famous General] 123 Reads First From Private to Famous General 531 Chapter 531 Reinforcements?

    No matter what, Yi Lexiang must live!  Even if he is the only one left in this world, he must find a way to survive.  Even if a person lives alone, he must do it.  This is the mission given to him to save mankind, and it is also the sacrifice he must make.

    Yi Lexiang is very clear about the future he faces.  Several respected elders have talked to him. In a sense, living is more difficult than dying.  But he has no other choice!

    The battle is progressing faster than expected. The "Great Interstellar Wall" that all humans have high hopes for is not indestructible. Every charge of the interstellar fleet of soul creatures makes this strongest line of defense for humans precarious, and it becomes more and more dangerous every time.  There was not a single smiling face in the spacious command hall of the command ship, and most people had serious expressions.

    As Yi Lexiang¡¯s deputy, Wu Wei was appointed as the commander-in-chief of the Royal Fleet. This is trust and responsibility.  He watched the battle on the big screen uneasily. He could not focus on the battle. He kept turning back to discuss the situation of the war with the staff behind him.  He must make an important judgment before the situation becomes clear: when the Royal Fleet will leave the battlefield.

    This is the war with the largest number of participants and the largest number of races that humans have ever fought. The complicated and various data makes everyone confused and dizzy.  Commanders at all levels and their staffs must not only consider how to direct their troops but also coordinate joint operations with friendly forces.  The enemy far exceeds humans in both quantity and firepower. Every combat unit has to face an enemy attack that is several times or even more than ten times their own. Only by cooperating with each other can they survive.  It is not easy to accurately judge when is the best opportunity to escape from the battlefield in such a complex and changing situation.  [From Private to Famous General] 123 Reads First From Private to Famous General 531 Chapter 531 Reinforcements?

    Shengli, for everyone on the battlefield at this moment, is very far away, almost out of reach.

    As the Savage Legion entered the battle, the Ghost fighter planes also entered the battlefield.  Not far from the Royal Fleet, the huge interstellar aircraft carrier floated quietly in space, constantly pouring out black fighter jets, as if tirelessly.  The metal fighters also seemed to understand that this time would be their final battle, with dazzling tail flames roaring in the black space.

    On the large screen of the command ship, the aperture representing the combat units is rapidly disappearing at a heart-stopping speed.  A dazzling light cut through the darkness, the energy shield outside the command ship rippled like water waves, and the light blue instantly turned into a faint blue.  ¡­

    A space fortress had no choice but to self-destruct under intense enemy fire.  The explosion took away hundreds of enemy warships around him as well as dozens of struggling human ships that had lost their main power systems.  The intense electromagnetic pulse emitted by the Battlestar when it self-destructs sweeps across the battlefield.  This is the seventh space fortress that has chosen to self-destruct and die with the enemy.  Only one hour and twenty minutes had passed since the fleet of soul creatures began a full-scale attack.

    At this moment, the enemy's starships have broken through the outer defense line of the "Great Interstellar Wall" and inserted themselves into the human defense line covered with various interstellar defenses. The ships of both sides are strangled with each other with the space fortress as the core.  Those giant Mac-like war weapons are the skeleton of human defense. Without them, human defense will collapse instantly, and both the enemy and us obviously understand this.  [From private soldier to famous general] 123 reads First article From private soldier to famous general 531 500Chapter 11 Reinforcements?

    "Your Majesty, let the mechas attack!"

    "Wait a little longer." Yi Lexiang shook his head.

    The enemy's starships have just broken through the defense line, and they are not deep enough.  Mecha attack is the last bargaining chip for mankind to turn defeat into victory. Only by giving the opponent a fatal blow at the right moment can the situation be saved.

    In a battle between interstellar fleets, the side with superior technology often has the upper hand, just like now.  But Yi Lexiang knows the weaknesses of his enemies, and they are not good at the details of combat.  For his enemies, the starship duel is the final step in the battle.  But for humans, no!

    Starships are just strategic tools. In most cases, the victory of a battle between starships is enough to determine the outcome of a battle. However, victory does not mean conquest. If you want to conquer a country or a planet, then in the end it will  The decisive factor is still the battle between human individuals.

    Of course, for soul creatures, they do not need to conquer, only destroy.

    ¡°But this may provide an opportunity for mankind.

    Time passed little by little, and after the interstellar fleet of soul creatures destroyed eleven more space fortresses, Yi Lexiang finally ordered the mecha army to attack.  The enemy will not engage in individual battles with them. They do not need to conquer them, nor do they need planets suitable for human survival, nor do they need those desolate but resource-rich planets. Their only purpose of coming here is to  Humanity, this not powerful but extremely dangerous enemy, is completely wiped out from this universe.  [From Private to Famous General] 123 Reads First From Private to Famous General 531 Chapter 531 Reinforcements?

    So they can only look for opportunities on their own.  Those starships are their targets.

    This plan started planning and designing a year ago. In order to allow human mechas to function, they built the Great Interstellar Wall.  Many details were taken into consideration when designing this endless steel Great Wall. The narrow and wide passages can allow starships to pass through unimpeded, but the strong forts and space minefields that appear from time to time divide the entire Great Wall into many areas.  Electronic jammers and electronic traps prevent starships from sailing at full speed, and the human ships that rush out of a certain channel from time to time also prevent the enemy fleet from destroying obstacles.

    Densely dense fog-like metal cones carrying mechas were launched from space fortresses and hidden bunkers. Driven by high-speed propellers, the specially modified cone tips pierced the surface like high-speed armor-piercing warheads.  Starship's biochemical armor.  It didn't take long for the enemy starships that rushed into the "Great Interstellar Wall" to be covered with mechas. After a while, they disappeared, leaving only black holes filled with the shells of the enemy ships.

    The battlefield recorder faithfully recorded these images. At this time, the three-dimensional curtain wall of the command ship was playing processed images from various angles and locations.  The video cannot record the battle that took place inside the enemy ship. The shell of the biochemical warship blocked the communication between the command ship and the mecha. Even the spiritual connection between Yi Lexiang and his soldiers became intermittent.  But one thing can be confirmed, the mecha's invasion tactics were successful.  What was different from the past was that this time there were no cheers in the command bridge. Everyone's eyes were fixed on the real-time images sent back by the spy satellite. It was not until the enemy's first biochemical warship burned and tilted that people let out a low and depressed sound.  gasping sound.   Shengli is still far away, but at least they are one step closer to this goal.

    The enemy's offensive temporarily stopped, and the human counterattack was unexpected.  Although they had received information from their companions before, humans seemed to like hand-to-hand combat, and there was no doubt that this was a rather backward combat method, but this did not attract anyone's attention.

    This is just like the emperor in the ancient fable who asked his ministers why the people did not eat meat since they had no food to eat. It is difficult for soul creatures to understand the tactical arrangements made by humans.  The more advanced the civilization, the smaller the number of races, and wars are often battles between controlled war machines. Any way of putting individual life itself in a dangerous battlefield is unbelievable to them.  The soul creatures read from the consciousness of their companions how humans besieged their battleships, but they never regarded this as one of humans' conventional means of combat, including Grisl.

    At this moment, his consciousness, which was wrapped in thick nerve cells, was full of question marks.  He could feel some kind of danger, as if the tactics adopted by the weak humans hit their weak points.

    This is not the thing that worries him the most. The story of the ant regretting the elephant is just a beautiful legend. No matter how correct the decision made by humans, the huge gap in strength cannot be made up with correct tactical arrangements.  He searched in his consciousness for the direction in which danger might come. The premonition was so strong that it seemed that it might happen at any time.  But he believes that this kind of crisis?Not from weak humans, but from some other creature.  [From Private to Famous General] 123 Reads First From Private to Famous General 531 Chapter 531 Reinforcements?

    Other creatures?  Grisl woke up with a start.  This large-scale mobilization of the Soul Legion was very hasty. In order to ensure that all battleships were biochemical warships, they mobilized several legions from other battlefields, and not only the legion he commanded, but also the other two interstellar fleets.  composition.  With such a big move, their enemy, of course, this enemy does not refer to human beings. From beginning to end, even if the saint warned him repeatedly, he could not regard the human beings in front of him as an evenly matched opponent. Their enemies were the advanced beings in this universe.  It is impossible for the combined army not to be aware of this. If they notice this, then they will definitely react!

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