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Volume 2, Section 1: Uncovering the splendid chapter of the birth of the devil

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    The world four hundred years ago.  £®  £®

    "Master Priest!" Hearing the shouts outside the temple, the old priest opened his eyes and turned his head slightly: "What's the matter?"

    "We caught this guy on a nearby island" Four soldiers holding spears pushed a tightly tied teenager in: "His clothes are strange! And it's been confirmed! He  He is a person with demonic abilities who has not been approved by God. Should he be executed?" "Hmm" The priest tugged on his long white beard and nodded: "Go out, I will execute him in the name of God.  "

    "Yes! Then let's leave!" He bent down and the four guards walked out. The old priest stood up and walked to the black-haired boy who was sitting on the ground and looked at him: "You are a foreigner.  Bar"

    "Ahyeah" The black-eyed boy with a bandage on his left eye raised his eyebrows: "Is it the custom of your island to treat guests like this?"

    "Ho ho ho ho" The old priest laughed loudly: "I can't tell you are quite brave. Of course we have corresponding etiquette when treating guests But we treat those who have obtained demonic powers without God's approval.  We need to execute people, don¡¯t you know this?¡±

    "Heyhow do I know there are such bullshit rules here" The tied boy frowned dissatisfied: "Devil abilities refer to things you get after eating devil fruits, right? Is this in this place?  Are there any restrictions on the island?¡±

    "It's not just this island" The old priest brushed his long beard and looked at the young man with a hint of confusion: "This is a rule that is common in the entire world. Since those gods  After reaching an agreement with the World Government, it has been circulating in the world for decades, how could you not know?"

    "Is there no Pirate King here?" The young man's black right eye stopped at the statue behind the old priest: "What is that thing?"

    "Huh? Boy, are you kidding me?" Brushing his white beard again, the old priest turned around and said, "I've never heard that those dirty robbers on the sea can get instructions from God and get the title of king, and  , Do you really not know this? The statue of the God of Light"

    "Tch what I know about the world is four hundred years from now, not now" The young man shook his head boredly: "How do I know that four hundred years ago this place was still in the age of theocracy? That guy Oda is  I didn¡¯t draw what the pirate world was like four hundred years ago"

    "I don't know what you are talking about" The old priest looked at the young man solemnly: "In this world, the gods are the most powerful, and the laws they have made cannot be violated.  You ate the devil's fruit without God's permission, so now you are one of the devils that the church must execute Although it is a pity" The old priest slowly sat down: "But there is no way.  ThingsMany people who have unintentionally acquired demonic abilities have become villains who do nothing wrong without exception. Although I am willing to believe you, the rules are the rules"

    "Oheven if they became villains, it was because of the persecution of your church, right?" The young man narrowed his eyes lazily: "This kind of thing has long been common in my hometown. Can you tell me something new?  I listen?"

    "!!! Bang!" The wooden cross in the old priest's hand was broken into two pieces: "Kid do you mean to say that we were the ones who made the mistake?"

    "Oh? I didn't mean that" The young man narrowed his eyes dangerously: "In fact, everyone is right The so-called mistakes are just excuses for the weak to deceive themselves. With the sentence 'Ah, it turns out I  "Wrong" to excuse one's failureor the winner's beautiful words "Ah, yes, the guy I defeated was wrong". With such ears, don't you think this is boring?  "

    "Really" The old priest paused for a moment: "That bastard boy said the same thingheheheyou are quite similaryou both dare to disobey God.  The guy"

    "That boy?" The young man curled his lips: "Who is it? Could it be your son?" "? How do you know?" The old priest looked at the young man in surprise: "Is it possible that you know him?" "Tch?"  Who knows him? I just used my fruit power to escape from the desert island and got here, and you caught me" The young man smiled coldly: "But just look at the way you mentioned him.  With an expression that is half proud and half complaining, you can probably guess a good guess In my original world, observing people's emotions was the most basic requirement for survival"

    "Your original world?" The old priest's eyes widened in surprise: "Is it possible that you are not from this world?" "Ah, of course" The young man rarely nodded seriously: "Although I was in the original world  I have been looking forward to coming to this world, but what I want to go to is four hundred years later Hey, old man, do you have any shortcuts?"

    "Ohit turns out you are from another world."What?  I still want to go four hundred years later" The old priest touched his chin seriously: "Is there a shortcut?  No"

    "" The dishonest young man looked at the old priest who was holding back his laughter: "Laugh, laugh, don't choke you to death, I will have one more crime If you don't believe it, don't  You believe it, why are you pretending to believe it! Stinky old man?"

    "No, no, no In fact, I believe you very much" The old man waved his hands repeatedly: "Because I have been serving in the temple of the God of Light, and I have also done some research on the observation of the movement of celestial bodies, and I also know very well that if the two worlds  A brief contact with another plane will indeed cause the people in it to travel through time It can be seen that you did not lie just now, so your words are still very credible"

    "Oh? Really? That'll be easy" The boy moved his tied hands: "Can you untie me first? This is the first time in my life that I have been tied up with a rope. It's very uncomfortable.  ¡±

    "Okaywait a minute" The old priest stood up and walked behind the young man to untie the ropes tied together: "Speaking of which, are your parents nobles? You don't look like a sailor or anything.  of"

    "Tch, if my parents are considered nobles in that world, then that world is really full of nobles" The boy flexed his untied hands and said, "Sailors are even less relevant. In fact, I am still  When I first came to this world, I saw the sea"

    "Ohreally?" The old priest walked back to the young man and sat down: "So, do you have any plans?" "Plans?" After shaking his head, the young man smiled strangely: "It depends on you.  How could I be executed"

    "Huh huh huh, you are such a smart and unlovable brat" The old priest stood up and faced the statue in the temple: "So, now, the high priest of the God of Light, Meng Qi.d  .Naro announced that sinners contaminated by the blood of demons should be executed in front of this sacred idol! May the glory of God be with the world forever."

    "" Raising his eyebrows, the young man yawned: "Is it over?" "Well" He sat down again and Meng Qi.d. Naluo moved his shoulders in a serious manner: "  HmmI haven't prayed in such a formal way for so long, I'm really tired"

    "" The speechless young man glanced at the statue: "Then what should I do now? Huh?" "Follow me" Naluo, with serious eyes, stood up and walked over  Under the statue of the temple, a mechanism was lightly touched. With the sound of the mechanism, the exit of a secret passage was revealed under the statue: "From here, you can directly reach the woods outside the towncontinue  You can reach the next town just by walking forward Remember, don't show off your abilities in front of others casually"

    "Ohthank you, old man" The young man smiled evilly: "So, is there anything else?" "Ahyou can see this too" Titusi  On the back of his head, the old priest laughed: "If you see Meng Qi.d. Roland's guy, tell him" Gently lowering his head, the old priest took another look as if he wanted to hug the whole person.  The same statue in the world: "Just do what he wantsbutI won't let him set foot here again"

    "Ah, really?" The young man nodded: "It seems that you respect this god of light very much?" "Ahalthough there are several gods, but" the old priest sighed: "I didn't do anything wrong.  There are only a few In fact, this secret passage is not my intention, but the grace of this benevolent god of light, which allows people who are not bad in nature to escape. That kid also escaped in this way.  Going out"

    "Ohthen do you have a grandson who is a pirate?" The young man touched his chin: "Speaking of which, your last name is 'Mengqi'? There is also a 'd' in your name?"

    "What nonsense are you talking about? I only have one granddaughter at home!" Meng Qi.d. Naluo rolled his eyes at the young man dissatisfied: "Don't you know that it is rude to curse other people's family members as pirates?"

    "Ah? Don't mind, don't mind" The young man spread his hands: "I can't help it, it's so immersive. They all have the surname Mengqi. Their grandfather is an important government official and his son is a revolutionary. I thought my grandson also  identical"

    "Tch! I don't know what the so-called kid is" Meng Qi.d. Naluo curled his lips in displeasure: "But forget it, kid, what's your name?" "Me?" The young man shook his head: "This seems to be the most common thing in this world.  It¡¯s not necessary anymore¡­¡±

    "Well, that's true" Touching his chin, Meng Qi.d. Naluo clapped his hands: "Okay! I'm in a good mood recently, so I'll give you a name"

    "" The boy with a cramped mouth looked at Meng Qi.d. Naluo who was thinking seriously in front of him: "Don't you know that it is rude to decide other people's titles without authorization?"

    "Okay! That's the name!" Meng Qi.d. Naluo nodded: "Kid! There's nothing you can do about it, unless you want to be suspected everywhere, and I also want to know, you are a unique little kid.  Can your head support this?NameCasa.d.Lorraine"

    "Hmm I also brought a 'd.'" The young man curled his lips: "So, does this d really have a lot of use?"

    "Hehe" Na Luo proudly brushed his beard and nodded: "You can experience the specific benefits slowly by yourself It's just" His eyes became serious, and Na Luo turned around: "I don't want you to  Defiled this name"

    "Humph you will know" The young man smiled slightly: "Then, goodbye I will let you know"

    "" Seeing the young man walking into the secret passage, the old priest closed the secret passage again: "God I hope I didn't choose wrong"
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