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Text Wellbeing

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    McGee watched helplessly as the green light erupted from the muzzle was suddenly twisted in the middle and turned into a spiral shape sliding towards the center.

    "How is it possible? The radiation should not have reached here yet. All ships in the coverage area are so far away. Listen to the order and follow the flagship to start retreating. Don't stop shooting at the center!" McGee gave the order.

    "It's clear that the cannons are ineffective and they are still struggling. This guy is really treating a dead horse as a living horse doctor. There is no other way now. If even the light energy emitted by the main gun can be distorted, more people can be better together.  There is a possibility of survival." The old-looking captain shook his head and gave the order to move closer to the main ship.

    "As expected, you ran away backwards, but how can you get out of this fatal spiral?" Will's lips raised.

    Judging from the twisted rails that were shot in the round just now, if we attack rashly, we will definitely be wiped out by the traps that have been arranged in those twisted spaces. But will the opponent leave us a way to retreat calmly?  ?  If I were that person with superpowers, I would definitely turn the back road into a death passage. Now it seems that there is no abnormality or danger in the rear, but compared with the dangers in the front, the rear makes people feel safe and scary. But if you are a person with superpowers,  I don¡¯t have such strength myself. The safety of the rear is certain. If you just mislead me to get closer, I don¡¯t have time to test which side is safer. I can only rely on intuition.

    McGee shook the sweat off his hands and looked up at the busy staff on the other side. Only then did he realize why Hart was the leader and he was just a tactician ¡Ü a handsome man must make good decisions!  As a tactician or staff officer, they can propose ten thousand plans, but only one of them is the key to victory according to the war situation, and the commander-in-chief must choose which path from thousands of plans. If the wrong choice is made,  The only fate waiting for this army is destruction ¡ÜMcGee felt the pressure on Shuai for the first time.

    Go ahead!  Face the danger!  Never retreat!  Only in desperate situations can we survive!  Cyborgs never shy away from challenges and dangers!

    The path McGee chose at this time

    Will saw the opponent's fleet starting to turn and sighed in surprise: "Oh? It seems interesting that the opponent is a very careful and bold person."

    "It's a pity that both sides can only be Jedi. Due to the gravitational pull up and down and the high heat of the energy-gathering system, they will definitely not choose to break out in both directions. If they break out towards me, there is indeed a glimmer of hope. If they retreat, they will definitely  Total annihilation¡âI have seen all of this clearly.¡±

    As soon as McGee's fleet turned to move forward, a violent energy reaction began in the rear. The huge white light reflected the entire body of the modified human's ship as white as snow!

    McGee stared at the holographic map and sweated like rain. "There is a huge cone-shaped space distortion on the side, and the energy upheaval that is expanding behind is also a rotating cone. The bottoms of the two cones are slowly joining, and the one in it is  There seems to be no way out for the reformers.

    "The whole thing is complete, now what you need is my guidance"

    Will controlled his body that was shaking due to the loss of strength, opened his dazzling eyes and stared at the fleet of cyborgs that was speeding towards him.

    "Is it a dragon or an insect? Let's experience it for yourself, the Great Power Technique, Dark Light Spiral! The Great Power Technique is linked to the Great Power Technique, Shadow Birth!"

    With Will's cold drink, black beams began to escape from his body into the surrounding space, causing the entire twisted void to slowly increase its rotation speed, pulling McGee inside.  The Fang battleship was nailed to the spot!

    "Lord Hart, no luck, Lord McGee has encountered a special attack from a person with powers! The entire fleet is now in extreme danger!"

    Hart skillfully broke off an arm in his hand and kicked the person he captured to pieces. He asked without looking back, "Is he dead?"

    The soldier who came to inform looked at the twisted, non-human-shaped superpower in Hart's hand with a disgusted look on his face, and felt nauseated.

    "He is already dead, Lord Hart"

    "What I'm talking about, Mikey, is he dead?"

    "Mr. McGee is trying to survive now. The opponent's ability is far more powerful than we imagined. Mr. McGee has no choice but to ask you for help."

    If McGee asks me for help, if it is a surprise attack with conventional combat force, McGee will definitely not be unable to cope with it, and the combat strength of the troops left behind is also guaranteed, which means that the force currently used by the opponent is far beyond the level of the troops left behind.  Are you really strong enough to compete with me?  Judging from the two special forces currently attacking by the opponent, the mecha unit is the most powerful, but it is only Carlos's level. In other words, are there superpowers over there that can compete with me? Are there superpowers?  What kind of power?

    ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????¡­??Thoughts did not affect Hart's ability to once again escape from the joint sniper attack of the supernatural team and kill one person.

    No matter how tyrannical Hart is, superpower is a very special power after all. Because the absolute main force is restricted and the integrated support of the mecha troops, Richardson and Albert finally turn the one-sided frontline battle situation  Gradually it reached the point of mutual blogging.

    The other party was able to use two squadrons of special forces to lead the battle to this situation when all our elites were deployed. It seems that the other party is also very powerful, right?  Could it be said that this situation was planned by the other party a long time ago?  In other words, everything I do is included in the other party¡¯s calculations?  ¡âIs it possible?

    McGee, who was in a state of chaos, opened his eyes wide and looked at the center of the twisted void, where everything will be revealed!

    "Shoot again, all troops, stop reporting to me about the energy load of weapons! Now we must figure out the laws of this twisted space, or we will all die here!"

    McGee ordered while paying close attention to the degree of distortion of the laser.

    "Oh? Are you starting to go berserk? It's a pity that this meaningless shooting can't reach us at all." Will murmured indifferently as he looked at the McGee fleet that was galloping and shooting not far ahead.

    ¡°It¡¯s coming soon, it¡¯s coming soon, give me a little more time, give me a little more time,¡± McGee began to pray in the bridge.

    "Is this?" Will looked at the other party in surprise as he kept shooting even though he knew it was meaningless, and seemed to understand something.

    Who can go further between life and death?
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