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Know that I have sinned against me, postscript, only not far away

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    At some point, Wei Jianzhong stopped, a strange light flashed, and he appeared on a cold and dark field.

    "Where is this place? What time is it?" Li Chunyuan, who was in a mental state, asked Wei Jianzhong.

    Wei Jianzhong was about to open his mouth to speak when he suddenly spurted out a mouthful of blood and fell to the sky.

    Li Chunyuan was startled, turned the emptiness into reality and stretched out his hand to explore. It turned out that he had reached the limit and fainted from exhaustion.

    After thinking about it, no matter what time it is, the most important thing is to go to the outer space of the earth to see if the Tutayas are coming.

    The entity became a complete spiritual body and appeared in the outer space of the earth in just a few breaths.  Thirteen spaceships parked quietly in front of the earth, seeming to be ready.

    Li Chunyuan clearly remembered this formation from Mabuterazi's memory. After the satellites and spacecraft space stations were shot down on the earth, there was no response. Finally, Tutaya was convinced that there was no force on this planet that could threaten them.  , only then did the decision-making begin, and then the experimental chemicals were spread.

    In other words, everything is still too late.

    Li Chunyuan raised his arm, neither happy nor angry: "Infinite Xuan Bingyu!"


    Huang Laosan is dead. The person who killed him was a college student named Li Chunyuan who was still in college.  Because Huang Laosan had harmed his parents by uncleanly occupying the land, he was stabbed to death by this young man in his office late at night.

    This is not a big deal in City A, but of course, it is big news near the Hongyun Grain Factory he opened.  As soon as the old people sat down to talk, they all had to talk about the allusion of "good and evil will be rewarded in the end", and they had to shake their heads and regret that the baby named Li Chunyuan was obviously destined to be the number one scholar, but was defeated by Huang Laosan, the broom star.  The future is determined by time and destiny.

    "Mr. Li, this is you after all. Do you want to help him?" Wei Jianzhong, who had recovered, asked "Li Chunyuan".

    "Li Chunyuan" waved his hand: "At this time, he has a death wish and has no joy in life. It is useless to save him. It won't be too late when he thinks about it on his own."

    Wei Jianzhong laughed: "You are only less than a year older than him when it comes to swinging, but your words and actions are completely different."

    "The two of us can be regarded as outsiders now, why do we care about this? Just let it develop how it should develop."


    "Political commissar! This is the prisoner we are escorting this time!" An armed policeman trotted over and saluted.

    Zheng Li looked at the vicious faces, and suddenly saw a delicate and cold face, and couldn't help but feel something strange in her heart: "What's your name? What crime did you commit?"

    "Li Chunyuan, kill someone."

    Zheng Li looked at him carefully and suddenly felt an indescribable feeling. When she came back to her senses, she realized that she had been staring at this indifferent guy for a long time. She smiled and said, "You are very interesting."

    Li Chunyuan did not answer, but the other "Li Chunyuan" sighed, flicked his fingers, and a little spiritual suggestion was sent into his mind.

    Li Chunyuan stared at Zheng Li again and said loudly: "Zheng Li, when I am released from prison, I will marry you. This is my promise!"

    Zheng Li was stunned, then her face turned red, and she shouted angrily: "What nonsense are you talking about! Who who wants you to marry me?"

    A carload of prisoners started to boo, and the armed police officers quickly stepped forward to clean up order. Zheng Li didn't know what was going on. Looking at the stupid and cold-faced boy, her heart felt a little soft, and there was also a faint sweetness  ,

    I promised you a five-year agreement.

    "In addition, there are three marriages that I owe, and I have to work hard to win them. "Li Chunyuan" suddenly felt motivated. He felt that the road ahead might have been opened for him, and he was just waiting for him to walk through it slowly.

    Only not far away.
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