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Volume 2 Strange Place Chapter 6 Voyage

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    Dead people can become legends, and living people can also become legends, such as Li Zhuang, who has been living in seclusion.  He has been in the forest for twenty years. The older generation still remembers him, but the young people have almost forgotten this once great man.  Human life is short. Even if we can live for thousands of years, compared with the life of the universe, it is only an instant.

    What is Li Zhuang doing?  Not many people believe him when he says it, but he is still learning, and he will continue to learn as long as he lives.  He Xiuwen likes to read technical information very much. This hobby is a bit perverted and has been criticized by many people. However, Li Zhuang now reads the R&D information of Wesson Technology all day long. It is more advanced and comprehensive than what He Xiuwen saw back then. After all, their status is different.  difference.

    The information in the emerald ball is very scattered, and it is not easy to find the context. This situation is understandable. Most human beings do not have the habit of carrying all the information with them. Besides, there are specialties in the art, and it is impossible to be proficient in everything.  I don¡¯t know what type of life the Kalus people are, they are very strange.  It is normal for their technology to be advanced, because they are born with extremely powerful bodies, have a stable social structure, and have extremely long lifespans.  This type of life is more suitable for aerospace than carbon-based life. There is no information on life support or artificial gravity systems in the emerald ball. They do not need these extremely energy-consuming devices.  Five years ago, Earth's six major aerospace agencies jointly launched an unmanned exploration spacecraft outside the solar system, with the target being the Centaur galaxy.  As for the manned spacecraft, it is just an idea for the time being, and even qualified volunteers cannot be found.

    Carbon-based life has a common characteristic, requiring a life support system, while life that can survive in a vacuum does not.  Energy, power and star maps are necessary for all life to navigate in the universe. Li Zhuang has always been coveted by the Calus people's super crystal stone manufacturing technology.  It is considered to be the best battleship energy source, equivalent to a super energy furnace, with small size, high specific power and light weight.  He once used the company's advanced equipment to test the strength of jade balls and stone balls. He was stunned and didn't know how they were made.  This thing is unscathed when it is close to absolute zero, and it behaves like nothing under the influence of high-temperature plasma. Its hardness exceeds the hardest substance synthesized by the company, but it has a certain elasticity, which is extremely weird.

    It is still unknown whether Elta is alive. Li Zhuang was very suspicious, so in his third year in Australia, he found a natural top-grade obsidian to practice martial arts.  I had never thought of taking off the jade necklace before, but then I felt that my body was not normal, so I asked my daughter to help build a special isolation and energy absorption device.  It is extremely difficult to prevent time and space teleportation. Human beings are still unable to achieve material teleportation. However, Alta is not a human being. In order to prevent uncontrollable accidents, he cruelly asked his sons to make collars and put them around his neck.  The collar is a special bomb with an advanced brainwave recognition device. Once the brainwaves change, it will be activated to blow the head into pieces.  The material used in the collar is extremely strong, and it is impossible to remove it in a short time without the help of outsiders.

    The jade ball is a treasure house. The stone ball is not a stone ball. It is too light and its composition is unknown. It is most likely not a mineral from our universe, or a mineral we know.  Li Zhuang had been thinking about how to find the common ground between the two civilizations in Alta's complicated records, obtain advanced technology, and escape unscathed without being plotted by "insidious aliens" who suddenly appeared.  He has conditions that are unmatched by anyone on the planet and has access to a complete range of research materials. Wesson Technology, which has been painstakingly managed for generations, is very comprehensive and surpasses any organization, including Citigroup, which is suffering from internal conflicts.

    wai908 is the assistant of the villa owner. There are two traditional computers in the picture. Li Zhuang did not use large speakers for analysis and comparison. He felt that the speaker family and Vicky family also have some mysterious connections with Alta, so he used all products not developed by himself.  , the grades are all below 6.0.  In addition, he only uses traditional health care products and does not touch the high-tech life extension liquid and body strengthening liquid. He is worried that if he breaks through the traditional system, Alta will be taken advantage of.

    Li Zhuang studied the emerald ball for a long time, and the stone ball did not let him go. There are three possibilities for him to enter the emerald ball freely: the first is that Alta is still alive and what he saw was an illusion; the second is that Alta is still alive and what he saw was an illusion;  If Erta is gone, he is the real owner of the emerald ball; the third option is that Erta is still alive and has some mysterious connection with him, and he has borrowed his power to enter and exit the emerald ball. In other words, he bears some of his marks.  .

    The first and third situations are not good things. For Li Zhuang, the dead Alta is the good Alta.  If there is a mark, which part of your body does this mark affect?  He often does physical examinations, partly to find out secrets, but partly because he is afraid of death and that his body will become someone else's.

    A clean environment helps to improve research level, escape from the world of mortals, and feel subtle differences more clearly.  Li Zhuang studied and analyzed at the same time. He lived happily every day. It was not as boring as outsiders imagined. Different people have different ways of living.

    The results in recent years have been very good. The Artificial Intelligence Research Institute has reached Li Zhuang¡¯s expectations in the research of advanced brains and computers. The complex and weird s?The vai language was successfully used on the 1000m level machine No. 2, which is far better than the upgraded version of the vai language.  Level 10b is a task that cannot be completed in the short term. The current dean, Jingran, cannot come up with a plan. This kind of intelligent brain has too many components.  Emma is still struggling on the front line. The Biocomputer Research Institute she leads has achieved outstanding results, and the follow-up echelons are strong, but these are things that Li Zhuang will not be able to see.

    In the past twenty years, Wesson Technology has made the greatest progress in the Department of Astronautics and the Department of Physics.  The core team often receives inexplicable technical support and guidance, making progress far ahead of its peers. However, the technology is in reserve, and only a handful of core managers can see the full picture.  The secretly built advanced manned spacecraft is being assembled in lunar orbit. This is Li Zhuang's last wish. He wants to visit the various ASA bases in the solar system during his lifetime. His health is not very good, and his face in the video is very haggard.  During this period, he talked to his children and grandchildren every day, but prohibited them from coming to see him. Over the years, he became more and more weird, and most people regarded him as mentally ill.

    "Dad, do you have anything to explain?" Shuangwei asked.

    Li Zhuang's voice was very calm, "This trip may be my space funeral. You don't have to be sad. I lived a hundred years old, which was a rare longevity in the past. I have left you a large amount of top-secret information and information here in the villa.  Notes, please study them slowly. I have told you about both the L-level intelligence and the V-level intelligence. Wei Jiang is responsible for their maintenance, so don¡¯t make trouble."

    Across the video, the whole room was filled with choked sounds. The children could not see him off. This was what Li Zhuang had repeatedly told him. Before he left the earth, the children could not take any life-extending drugs. Faced with the mysterious non-carbon-based extraterrestrial life,  If we can't find common ground, we can only choose to be cautious.

    The time has come to set off, and it may be gone forever. Li Zhuang carries very complete equipment. This is his usual style. Whenever he goes out, he always brings some tools with him.

    Elderly astronauts cannot ride on a spacecraft, even after training for more than half a year.  The one that sent him to space this time was the va2p space plane, and the energy and equipment he needed to carry were sent to space by the va5e.  As long as the first-generation senior executives were still alive, they all came to see him off.  Li Zhuang hugged his friends one by one, and then walked towards va2p.

    The aerospace plane gradually accelerated on the 9-kilometer runway, then jumped up and quickly disappeared into the sky.  The passengers were a little struggling. It seemed that their advanced age could not adapt to such intense exercise after all, even with high-end spacesuits.

    Space is beautiful. Li Zhuang was a little excited when he saw the earth from space for the first time.  After many orbit changes, va2p successfully arrived at the new LTA space station.  He didn't stay long. After the cargo carried by va5e arrived, he assembled a mixed spaceship and headed for the second destination, Space City.

    After arriving at the space city, Li Zhuang did not go in. The spaceship walked around the space city that was still under construction, and then flew directly to the Moon Space Assembly Factory. There was his car, the most advanced manned spacecraft in human history, with a very interesting name.  It's old-fashioned and called "Shantou".  He insisted on this name that no one was satisfied with, and the researchers were very lucky that it was not named "Tomb".

    "Shantou" is a very beautiful fully equipped shuttle-type spacecraft, which is divided into three parts. The centrifugal gravity device is in the middle of the spacecraft, and multiple living cabins are distributed on the annular belt.  Li Zhuang likes it very much. The shape was designed by his youngest daughter Li Xinmo to meet the needs of long-term space navigation.

    Ji Wenbin is waiting at the space assembly factory. He is the grandson of Ji Chengjun. He was born on the moon and has lived on the moon for a long time.

    "Boss, you are here. Space is dangerous. Have you really decided not to take astronauts with you?"

    Ji Wenbin couldn¡¯t understand. He always felt that there was something wrong with Li Zhuang¡¯s nerves. Could it be a funeral in space?

    The passenger was very confident, "Wen Bin, thank you for your hard work. It has automatic navigation, so it's okay. Besides, this spacecraft is very advanced."

    There is only a 5-ton can and several small containers in the cargo warehouse of the "Shantou", which were all brought from the earth. When the outer packaging was unpacked at the lunar orbit assembly plant, the astronauts did not recognize the company's  High-end technology is kept strictly confidential.

    Li Zhuang knows that the risks of this trip are extremely high. He is gambling. After living for so long, it is enough. When life is at a point where you cannot choose, you must dare to gamble, otherwise it will easily lead to catastrophe and affect your descendants.

    As the spacecraft flew along the lunar orbit, Li Zhuang looked at the achievements of his lifelong struggle. A wide variety of human structures were sparsely distributed on the front of the moon under high-power telescopes.  The moon is the indispensable planet for human beings and the closest, while Mars is very far away.

    After the visit, "Shantou" left the lunar orbit and set off for Mars.  The only passenger entered the cargo warehouse and installed advanced energy sources, some special gadgets, hundreds of sensors and special weapons according to the process.

    The spacecraft quickly accelerated to 100 kilometers under the action of the composite engine

    Seconds, the hull made of lightweight and high-strength materials is huge, but in the universe it is a small ship.

    ??The commander of the Phobos base is called Gao Xiwen, but he is not related to Gao Chengjie, director of the asa astronaut center. He is a white man. His mother's surname is Gao. He took his mother's surname after his parents divorced.  Li Zhuang knew him thirty years ago, so he was not considered a stranger.

    When "Shantou" arrived at the Phobos base, the astronauts came over to join in the fun.  The facilities here are complete. Li Zhuang stayed for two days. He declined the invitation to visit the LPT base. He only took a look at it from the air. After refueling at the Phobos base, he left and went straight to Jupiter.

    The asteroid belt is very beautiful, but it is the god of death in space. However, the gap between them is still very large for the spacecraft. Li Zhuang wrote his travel notes with great interest.  This trip is not cheap, and not many people on Earth can enjoy it, unlike Mars.  Being able to take this trip is worthy of the status of a "real big shot".

    Europa and Ganymede¡¯s bases are not far away. Li Zhuang only took a look in the air, talked to the astronauts, and then flew directly to the Titan space station.  Titan has a dense atmosphere, so there is no need to think about going to the underground base. We can only visit the space station, where we rested for a day and chatted for a while with the four astronauts stationed here.  This is the last stop of the solar system.  Limited by funding and R&D progress, asa adopted a slow advancement strategy.

    Here, Li Zhuang sent the space travel diary he wrote back to Earth, and used argot to say goodbye to his children.  Titan is a fuel depot, and the space station running in orbit has sufficient energy reserves.  The "Shantou" had a plan to refuel here from the beginning, but ASA didn't know that the passengers were carrying high-end cargo.

    After replenishing enough fuel and daily necessities from the space station, the astronauts helped check the spacecraft, and the "Shantou" set off again. The destination was Centaur, the place where the Emerald Ball had been vaguely hinting.

    When passing Uranus, the spacecraft turned off the nuclear booster and used a vacuum energy engine that was still in the experimental stage to accelerate. The thrust was extremely weak, but the speed of the spacecraft was still slowly increasing.  The engine that has been touted to be amazing can only be used on merchant ships. If it is used as a power source for space battleships, it will only be abused.

    Li Zhuang stared at the space in a daze, not knowing what to do, but fortunately he was about to start a strange negotiation soon.

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