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Volume One Chapter 486 This Starry Sky (3)

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    Chapter 486: This Starry Sky (3)

    Chapter 486: This Starry Sky (3)

    Just when everyone was going crazy about Apple's results, the next day, May 2nd, happened to be Monday, and on that day, the cover of Time magazine's new weekly issue was a beautiful and tranquil figure, and  There is a black figure behind this beautiful lady!  This beauty is undoubtedly Li Keqing!  But as for the supporting black figure behind Li Keqing's photo, no one knew who it was. It was obviously the figure of a man.

    Almost no one had any objections to the cover character of this issue of Time Magazine, and the detailed explanation of the content in Time Magazine made most people smile in good faith.

    "Regarding what happened yesterday and what happened this week, it is actually difficult to choose the person on the cover of this week's weekly magazine, because there are two people who are equally outstanding. I believe many people have guessed these two people. They are from the mysterious ancient Eastern country.  Ms. Li Keqing, Chairman of Star Group, and Mr. Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer Company. Without Mr. Steve Jobs, we would not see this crazy mobile phone today. But in the end we still  I chose Miss Li Keqing as the cover of this issue for no other reason than I believe many people can guess!"

    "It can be said that Miss Li Keqing is the person who has the greatest influence on this matter! And her investment vision will also be talked about by everyone in the world. A girl who has not graduated from college this year is already the richest man in the world.  , If they hadn¡¯t seen it with their own eyes, I¡¯m afraid no one would believe the news.¡±

    " I believe many readers have noticed that there is a black figure behind Miss Li Keqing. After reading the above comments, many people will think that the figure is Mr. Steve Jobs, because it is him and Miss Li Keqing  The emergence of the iPhone, an excellent mobile phone, and the iPad, an excellent tablet computer, appeared in this world! But I am here to tell you that you have guessed wrong! This figure from behind is not Mr. Steve Jobs! He  It¡¯s Miss Li Keqing¡¯s fianc¨¦, Mr. Zhang Yang!¡±

    Looking at the comments in Time Magazine, Zhang Yang touched his chin proudly. Well, these people¡¯s comments are very pertinent!  Time magazine described Zhang Yang as extremely great because Li Keqing said on the official website that the company was founded by Zhang Yang, but he gave up the position of chairman of the company and all the shares to Li Keqing, which in the eyes of others  It is a very incredible thing, it is also a very crazy thing, but it is also a very romantic thing, and the evaluation of Time magazine even said that because of Mr. Zhang Yang¡¯s love that makes all women in the world jealous,  Only then can everyone see Miss Li Keqing's breathtakingly beautiful appearance.

    "Look at his stinky look, ugh." Li Yuxuan secretly stretched out her hand and poked Chen Xiaowei and said. Chen Xiaowei and the other girls immediately turned their attention to Zhang Yang and kept laughing. Zhang Yang didn't care about this.  , he didn¡¯t expect that one day he would be featured in Time Magazine. Well, even though it was from the back, the back was still that of a buddy!

    "Haha, but Keqing, you are in for a treat. This is the third time this year that you have appeared on the cover of Time magazine! Hehe." After despising Zhang Yang, several girls immediately started to tease Li Keqing with a "giggle" smile.  The first time he appeared on the cover of Time Magazine was when Star Group signed a contract with Apple. That week, Li Keqing was named the most magical and charming chairman in the world.

    And the second time was undoubtedly the time when Li Keqing successfully became the world's richest man after Time magazine published the Forbes list of the world's richest people.  Li Keqing is also the first person to have appeared on the most covers of Time Magazine in a short period of time.  Although several girls didn't say it, they actually admired Zhang Yang very much, and at the same time they all had a hint of envy in their hearts.  There is no way, as long as it is a woman, everyone is probably not envious of it. What kind of love can make a person ignore nearly one trillion RMB of money?  This is how you really treat money like dirt!

    In the next week, newspapers and media around the world seemed to be filled with a burning smell. For no other reason than the global sales of iPhones in one week exceeded 15 million units!  This is still due to Apple's insufficient production capacity, and the market information fed back is even more crazy. Although there are flaws, such as the battery problem, which has not been solved even after a few years, it is certainly dwarfed now.  It's awkward, but there's nothing you can do about this thing. It's different from high-tech products like computers. God knows when battery technology will make a breakthrough.

    The single-week sales have even exceeded the annual sales of many mobile phone giants!  And Apple is adhering to its usual style and directly announced that Apple¡¯s mobile phone series will only have such a product, and in the future there will only beAfter technological breakthroughs, it will be updated and replaced, and other series and price products will not be launched.

    Because Apple has always been like this, no one is too surprised. This is not the most important thing. The most important thing is another point. Although these 15 million mobile phones make people crazy, Apple also thought that the mobile phone has received close to 90  A terrifying gross profit of US$100 million, but no one ignored another problem!

    That¡¯s Apple¡¯s online store!  Among them, Xingkong Group¡¯s Xinghai instant translation software is undoubtedly the most eye-catching product!  Because in just this week, the number of paying users of Xinghai Software has exceeded 2 million!  Among them, more than 1.5 million people directly paid one-year expenses!  Although the remaining more than 500,000 people did not directly pay for the entire year, they paid for half a year or three months. Only a small number of people paid for one month.

    And among the 1.5 million people who paid for the whole year, nearly 400,000 people purchased the advanced functions of Xinghai Translation Software!  In other words, you are paying one hundred dollars a month for the advanced features of maintaining your original voice.  This means that, not counting the income from Apple's shares, Star Group's income from Xinghai Software alone has reached 600 million U.S. dollars!  This is pure profit!

    Forget about the negligible server maintenance fees!  This number made Zhang Yang break into a cold sweat. Fortunately, he purchased the supercomputer in advance and prepared enough servers. Moreover, Star Group has also signed contracts with mobile communication service providers in various countries. Otherwise,  , this is going to be a disaster.

    Because even if the translation requires the Starry Sky System to be executed, these mobile communication service providers will charge additional traffic fees. The two parties just signed a contract about network data exchange, and the fee was a symbolic one dollar. This is a win-win negotiation.  Of course it is the easiest thing to talk about. Everyone makes money and there is no essential conflict.

    Other software in the online store don't have this kind of trouble. They don't have to sign any contract, because their products are carried by the client itself. Unlike Xinghai Software, Xinghai Software actually has a backdoor in the mobile client.  Almost like a backdoor for Starry Sky to connect to their network.

    And the traffic consumed by this kind of translation is naturally not small, but people who can use this kind of software probably don¡¯t care about the money of traffic, although in 2005, mobile phone traffic was quite expensive.  But in fact, foreign traffic is much cheaper than domestic traffic, and those domestic companies are simply cheating vampires.

    A few years later, 10m broadband has long been popular in European and American countries. In China, 1m and 2m snails are still crawling everywhere. It was not until finally that netizens became too angry that they started to speed up.  Xinghai Software is now under the name of Xingkong Software Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Xingkong Group, and some financial experts have also figured out something from this subsidiary. Everyone has basically guessed that Xingkong Group will not be listed.

    When the time comes, these subsidiaries will be listed, and some financial experts in Europe and the United States have estimated the market value of Star Software Co., Ltd. at more than 20 billion US dollars.  However, most financial experts believe that if Star Software Co., Ltd. is really listed, the market value will probably far exceed this figure.

    There is no way, it is difficult to describe the trust that investors have in a company in terms of its actual value. In 2000, the market value of Cisco Group was a terrifying market value of more than 500 billion US dollars. Although it was just a flash in the pan, it also proved that sometimes the stock market  It cannot be inferred using common sense.

    "Ding dong" Just when a few girls were discussing going out for a late-night snack, Zhang Yang's cell phone suddenly sent out a crisp text message sound. Zhang Yang had spent the past few days at the company. When he heard the sound of the text message, Zhang Yang immediately  He took out his mobile phone and looked at it. When he saw it, Zhang Yang's breathing became rapid in an instant. The text message was sent by Xingkong. Zhang Yang immediately opened the text message impatiently. When he saw that the content inside was exactly what he thought.  After that, Zhang Yang almost shouted out on the spot.

    The curiosity that he had been holding back for several months was finally satisfied. This feeling was like being scratched by a cat. Zhang Yang could not wait to fly home immediately to see what was inside the server.  "Hey, hey, I'm asking you, are you leaving?" Li Yuxuan waved her hand in front of Zhang Yang and said.

    "Ah? Where are you going?" Zhang Yang asked after coming back to his senses.  "What are you thinking about? Didn't I just say that we have been waiting for so long and want to have a midnight snack? Can we go?" Li Yuxuan asked helplessly.  Zhang Yang smiled helplessly. Eating late-night snacks was not a problem. The problem was that Zhang Yang walked helplessly to the window and pointed down and said: "Have you forgotten those crazy paparazzi down there? You still have  What do you want for midnight snack?"

    "Uh" Zhang Yang's words made the girls at the top of the company collectively choke up. This paragraphDue to the madness of the two companies, Starry Sky Group was almost surrounded by paparazzi. Fortunately, Starry Sky Group's security was strong enough, so these reporters could not get any useful information. However, despite this, many reporters still tried to sneak in.  After sneaking into the Starry Sky Group, he was eventually caught by the security guards and thrown out.

    With no hope of having late night snacks, the girls finally changed their minds because we all live in the same community now. They finally decided that since we couldn¡¯t eat outside, we could go home and eat hot pot by ourselves!  Following a group of girls back home happily, while they were preparing hot pot, Zhang Yang rushed upstairs excitedly and couldn't wait to open the cracked folder in the server.

    Opening the folder, there were hundreds of densely packed files inside. Zhang Yang took a look and found that these files were still more than fifty gigabytes in size. Zhang Yang found a file with a preface and opened it. After he read the contents, Zhang Yang  Breathing has turned into a "whoosh" and "whoosh" sound!  His eyes were already widened. Is thistm real?
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