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Episode 7: Temporary Happiness Episode 13 Chapter 23: Horror!  (Down)

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    The terrifying destructive power of the gravity cannon was undoubtedly demonstrated. In just a few minutes, this shelter, which was large enough to rival the planet, was declared to be disintegrated. Its internal structure had been destroyed by more than 90%. Not only that, but also everything with a size exceeding  The spacecraft inside the shelter have also suffered varying degrees of damage, and the degree of damage is related to the size of the spacecraft.

    This kind of attack method is no longer available to low-level cosmic civilizations. It completely ignores electromagnetic shields, energy shields, quality and solidity, etc., and it is as easy as tearing up a paper model.  An invisible giant hand easily crushed it to pieces. Whether it was a shelter, a second-level cosmic civilization, or even various spacecraft of a third-level cosmic civilization, they were easily crushed in front of this power that surpassed the cognition of low-level cosmic civilizations.  Destroyed!

    One minute after the gravity cannon was fired, the energy shield surrounding the Hope quietly disappeared. Until then, the various collapsed material fragments were shot directly at the Hope. Not only were they metal, the electromagnetic shield could not withstand it.  With these many material fragments, just as the Hope was about to be penetrated and destroyed by these endless fragments, suddenly another layer of shield appeared out of thin air. This layer of shield was not invisible like the electromagnetic shield. It was invisible to the naked eye. On the contrary, it was invisible to the naked eye.  There was a shimmering light, as if a layer of liquid energy had enveloped the Hope!

    Suddenly, all the material fragments shot towards the Hope hit this shield and disappeared. This was no longer an electromagnetic shield, but an authentic energy shield!

    One of the symbols of the third-level cosmic civilization!

    At this moment, outside the Hope, there are still a few aliens still alive on the battlefield where Blue 6 was before, and some of the more solid metal layers have been lifted up.  But it has not finally broken. A few "lucky ones" survived by hiding in such a place and did not directly hit the energy shield surrounding the Hope. At this moment, when the energy shield surrounding the Hope disappeared,  , when a large amount of matter collided with the Hope at extremely fast speeds, a smaller energy shield appeared on the surface of the Hope, once again blocking the countless material fragments.

    "Energy shield?"

    "Energy shield!"

    "Energy shield"

    "These four Chinese characters are translated into alien words in various ways, but they all represent the same meaning One of the signs of the third-level cosmic civilization is a protective technology that completely overrides the electromagnetic shield.  It can withstand any tangible material and non-material attacks, called energy shield!

    At this moment, the aliens who were still alive on the scene were already chilled to the core of their hearts. They had originally expected the power of the gravity cannon to be unleashed by the Hope.  It was enough to scare all the civilizations in the refuge to the point of peeing. However, when the Hope entered the refuge, the internal reconnaissance mechanism of the refuge had indeed scanned the technology level of the Hope.  It is absolutely impossible for Wandering to have such a terrifying weapon.

    Of course, it is not ruled out that the Hope is pretending to be a pig and eating the tiger. There is a fourth- and fifth-level cosmic civilization hidden under the shell of the second-level cosmic civilization, but it is more likely that the Hope has accidentally found the ruins of an advanced civilization.  One or two weapons created by advanced cosmic civilizations were obtained from them, but this is a more logical guess.

    Everything in the entire universe is actually in a kind of balance. What is yours is yours, and what is not yours cannot be forced. This is especially true in cosmic civilizations. The creations of high-level cosmic civilizations are often given to low-level cosmic civilizations.  Even low-level cosmic civilizations cannot use it. Occasionally, when there are individual creations that can be used, it will probably cost a huge price. This is the fairness in this universe. Whatever you gain, you will always lose.

    If the Hope relies on the creation of an advanced cosmic civilization, it will suddenly explode with such terrifying power with the strength of a second-level cosmic civilization.  Then it must be unsustainable, and its negative effects are very large, enough to cause the Hope to collapse there in a short time, and this time is the opportunity for the various civilizations in the shelter.  After all, although the shelter has been destroyed, there must still be a small number of troops from various civilizations surviving in it. It is really easy to clean up the spacecraft of a second-level space civilization.

    But when the energy shield appeared, this last thought was suddenly shattered. It was already clear that a spacecraft of a second-level cosmic civilization and a spacecraft of a third-level cosmic civilization were shattered in this refuge.  At this moment, its weight is really different. This is like the last straw that breaks the camel's back. To put it simply, the refuge is really powerless to deal with the Hope at the moment.

    Just when the remaining alien races outside had their last thoughts broken and were truly desperate, the inside of the Hope was not completely peaceful. In fact, with the use of the gravity cannon, this was also a huge test for the energy system inside the Hope.  .

    Because of the energy overload operation, so far, there are four hydrogen polymerization reactors inside the Hope.?Forced shutdown is already a very serious unit accident. If it continues to be used, it is not certain that hydrogen fusion will occur. In fact, there are problems such as current leakage under overload. I hope there are people on board.  Casualties appeared, and these four hydrogen polymerization reactors were the four ones with the biggest problems. They were forcibly shut down by the directly detected artificial intelligence. As for the other hydrogen polymerization reactors, they all malfunctioned more or less.

    This information was transmitted to the Hope's control center through artificial intelligence, and Yao Yuan, who was sitting in the control center, was always paying attention to this information, especially as a large number of hydrogen polymerization reactors were damaged and ruptured, leading to the total collapse of the Hope.  The energy loss dropped sharply, and this series of data made him and everyone present squint.

    "Stop the gravity cannon in five seconds!"

    When the number of forced shutdowns of the hydrogen polymerization reactor reached seven, Yao Yuan finally couldn't help but issue an order, and the people around him breathed a sigh of relief. A series of orders were issued immediately. As the current loop was closed, the gravity structure was constructed.  The virtual energy of the cannon mode gradually dissipated. After about five seconds, the gravity field effect caused by the gravity cannon and the derived tidal force finally ended completely. However, until this moment, the entire shelter felt like a ball being run over by a truck.  It was so shabby, to put it simply, like a weak woman who had been passed around by hundreds of strong men, it was really miserable.

    But even so, everyone in the control center did not dare to be careless. When the gravity cannon was stopped and the energy supply level of the Hope was restored, Yao Yuan immediately shouted: "Start full-screen coverage of creation particles!  The Hope has entered the ecs system and is invisible! All Type 011 space fighters are dispatched!"

    "Blast through these accumulated debris and metal layers for me, and let us go to outer space! At the same time, I sent an order to all the space warriors and told them to fly the 011 space fighter and let me fly in the space outside the shelter.  Indiscriminate attack! Any alien ships, large or small, that try to escape from the shelter will be sunk and destroyed by me! I want to see that within the next twenty-four hours, there will be no cosmic civilization in this shelter.  The ship dares to leave this ruined refuge!¡±

    "Set off!"

    Next, under Yao Yuan's order, almost all Type 011 space fighters of the All Hope took off. Except for a very small number of necessary left-behind space warriors, almost all space war groups mobilized all space warriors in their own war groups.  , boarded the Type 011 Space Fighter unique to Space Marines, left the Hope on hundreds of sorties, and arrived in the cosmic space outside the Hope.

    At this moment, all the personnel in the control center watched as the Hope used heavy weapons to break the metal layer of the shelter without any protective cover, and easily passed through the big breach into the cosmic space outside the shelter. The thing surrounding the Hope was naturally that  Hundreds of 011 space fighter sorties.

    "The quantity is still too small"

    Next to Yao Yuan, Wang Guang was looking at the hundreds of 011 space fighter planes, but he sighed and said this.

    After hearing this, Yao Yuan also sighed in a low voice: "That's true. The number of troops, ships, and even weapons are all a flaw. At least until we find a star system to recuperate, this situation cannot be alleviated.  , anda space fighter force composed entirely of new humans, this is such a luxury."

    Although the voice of these words was low, many people around could still hear them clearly. After hearing these words, many people present sighed involuntarily.

    As the depth of the universe is absorbed, the more knowledge is gained and the more common sense of the universe is known. Especially the addition of Blue 6, the blank common sense of the universe has almost increased by countless times. Until now, the hope is on board  Humanity has finally understood the value of the new humanity. They are not ordinary soldiers who can be used as battlefield consumables, but the real guardians of humanity, the greatest force for the continuation of human civilization. Foreign races can have one or two cosmic adaptors.  Then we can continue civilization. Only humans have the luxury of using the new humans as an organized and large-scale army. This is really a luxury that can make even advanced cosmic civilizations cry bitterly.

    Because of this, when Blue 6 joined the human civilization of the Hope, during the subsequent warp voyage, the Hope not only continued to develop as usual, but also developed the two special weapons teams, and the gravity cannon was  It is the result of a weapons team led by Polly. In addition, the expansion of the defense force and the development of space combat weapons for the Hope defense force system have also been mentioned on the agenda.

    As just said, the new humans are not ordinary soldiers who can be used on the battlefield. Although their combat power is many times stronger than ordinary people, especially when equipped with more adaptable space vehicles, but  When humans expand their scale, such as building the mothership Kunlun, and after more than ten years of population expansion,?, hundreds of new humans are no longer enough to control a war at the level of a cosmic civilization. At that time, the real main force of mankind's war should still fall on the defensive army calculated by number. Regarding this point, whether it is  Human leader Yao Yuan and commander-in-chief of the human army Wang Guangzheng, they both have a clear understanding.

    Of course, to completely achieve this, humans must at least escape from this river system and reach a new river system before it can be implemented. The biggest obstacle at present still lies in completely destroying this refuge and other  All cosmic civilizations within!  (To be continued)
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