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Volume One 2012 The Sun Disappears Chapter 537 Love and Hate Only in a Moment

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    Liu Li stood up with all her strength as she spoke Holding on to the transparent wall of the cube, she stared at the young man with a look of death that made him feel cold and numb. Then she looked at the non-existent sky on the top of the cave, piously and in awe: "Okay.  The people of Yuan will always be loyal to your Majesty!"

    Her words should not have been heard by young people, but there was no one else here except Chu Yunsheng. Her words were weird and hard to figure out.

    Chu Yunsheng was shocked. Before he could figure out what she was talking about, he hurriedly stopped his "planning" and wanted to know what was going on, and why it suddenly became his fault again.  ?  Liu Li's matter has always been a knot in his mind, and he can't just keep it unclear.

    But he was still a step too late. "Liu Li" spread her fingers, her hair disheveled, turned her head to the sky and let out a woman's unique scream, as if a sharp blade had scratched the eardrum, which was uncomfortable.

    When the young man saw it, he immediately darkened his face, turned over the token he had prepared a long time ago, and scolded: "Stop!"

    The yellow light of the token flashed, and immediately I saw eight twisting energy beams shooting out from each of the eight corners of the cube, wrapping around "Liu Li's" head, hands, cervical vertebrae, waist and thighs, etc., calling her  He was so frightened that he couldn't use any of his abilities.

    Chu Yunsheng here saw that something was wrong and was worried that the young man would kill "Liu Li" on the spot and said in a stern tone: "Boy, if you dare to touch her, I swear to kill you!"

    The young man didn¡¯t look back, pretending he didn¡¯t hear anything, tied up ¡°Liu Li¡± and moved towards the baby cube, with a very urgent look on his face.

    Although Chu Yunsheng could not understand their language, he could tell from the young appearance and behavior that the other party was about to take action. Here "Liu Li" was tied up and had not yet calmed down, and there was a baby there that made him anxious.

    We absolutely cannot allow young people to harm our own daughters!

    With a strong effort, Chu Yunsheng tore his body out of the "female corpse"'s arms and clung to the coffin wall, his fingers flying. The young man was so weak that every step he took was very difficult. He still had time to attack Yifu in front!

    No one noticed that the eyelids of the female corpse beside him twitched slightly.

    "Envoy Geyu! Do you think you can stop me like this!" "Liu Li" smiled coldly, her face was pale, her eyes protruded and widened, and the corners of her mouth were bloody, as if she had suffered great pain.  Very ferocious.

    The young man ignored her completely and rushed towards the baby.


    "Liu Li"'s eyes were bloodshot, she was gritting her teeth with blood and howling in the cave. The screams were loud and loud, like a vagina coming out of a ghost prison!

    Not only inside the cave, but also the resistance troops stationed outside the passage heard it. They all had cold hairs on their backs and their scalps were numb. It seemed like there was a seductive and sinister force blowing through them. If they were not careful, they would lose their souls.  .

    Looking at "Liu Li" three feet above her head, a pillar of air rose into the sky, causing the cube to fall apart. Only eight twisted ropes of lightning were left, still entangled and getting tighter, just like the spider.  It's the same as network cables. If you get stuck on it, don't try to get rid of it.

    "Chu Yunsheng, I gave Liu Li to you!" Liu Li's eyes were red and her tone was urgent: "Stop the Geyu envoy! She doesn't dare to kill you now. Once you die, the child will be the first to inherit.  She can¡¯t take away the child¡¯s consciousness even if she is protected by the gods! She must be killed before she comes to the child! Kill her! Kill!¡±

    After saying "kill" three times in a row, the red light in "Liu Li's" eyes almost bloomed to the extreme. She suddenly shrank inward, and all the red light went into her eyes and disappeared. At the same time, the air column above her head also followed.  And detached, completely suspended.

    "Liu Li", who had lost her restraints, stumbled and fell weakly, but in an instant, her pupils turned gray and black, and she seemed to wake up from a nightmare, ejecting and rushing towards the baby cube desperately.

    "My child, don't take away my child!" Although she is a weak woman who has just gained control of her body, her movements are stiff and slow, and she stumbles, but she is still "agile" compared to the weak and sweaty young man.  ", and in less than three or four seconds, he rushed to a place less than half a meter behind the young man.


    The young man had to turn around and pull out the token, open his mouth slightly, and the word "solution" was about to pop out!

    Seeing that Liu Li was pitiful and had just regained her freedom, she didn't even have time to take a look at her own child before she was about to be crushed into ashes.

    A black rune shot up into the sky and hung at the top of the cave. The mist was thick, and the black rune shined out from it!

    The golden s¨¨bo pattern that had just been drilled out of the token in the young man's hand suddenly lost its accuracy and plunged into the black fog, crackling and foggy lightning.

    "Destructive energy!?" The young man's face was as dark as water, he took half a step back and held the token in his hand tightly.

    The limitation of dimensions not only disadvantages Chu Yunsheng, but also greatly restricts her. All kinds of skills are inferior to the domain certificate token.Works well.

    But he didn¡¯t understand that Chu Yunsheng¡¯s black mist could absorb the token attack.

    "Let's see how much you can suck!" The young man snorted coldly, raised his weak hand, and another golden s¨¨bo pattern appeared.

    "I sucked it even for you!" Chu Yunsheng groaned, and forcefully pulled his left hand out from under his body regardless of the fracture. He pressed the delicate face of the female corpse and forced it to lean back against the wall to prevent it from using its black body anymore.  Fog, concentrate all your efforts to deliver a steady stream of vortex energy to the suspended black fog version of the Talisman.

    In his desperation just now, Chu Yunsheng didn't know what kind of attack talisman the black mist could successfully seal. The black mist is different from the vitality of heaven and earth. The vitality of heaven and earth can be mobilized or transformed into pure vitality such as ice and fire. What is going on with the black fog?  He also doesn't understand. If using it to make a fire attack talisman or an ice attack talisman has no effect, the consequences will be disastrous. Now is no better than before. The urgent time to save his life will not give him a second chance!

    The Wu Na Talisman is the one he is most proficient in, and also the lowest level. The seal making speed is fast, stable, and familiar. Most importantly, the nature of the Wu Na Talisma does not obviously conflict with the black mist, at least the success rate is high.

    After a try, although it was barely usable, its internal effects were very weird. Chu Yunsheng didn¡¯t have time to study it, as long as it could absorb the young man¡¯s attacks!

    No matter how much it is done!  ?  The top priority is to kill the young people!

    On the other side, Liu Li finally rushed to the cube, nervously and tenderly looking at the sleeping baby inside, looking around for the entrance, hoping to take the baby out.

    "Come over here!"

    When Chu Yunsheng saw this, he increased the vortex transport and shouted hurriedly.

    The young man is strange and unpredictable, with an unusually high IQ. He is unfazed when he encounters the black mist that is often mistaken for destructive energy. He deals with it heavily. Liu Li is only a few steps away from this person and is very dangerous.

    He still doesn¡¯t understand Liu Li¡¯s situation, but the more he doesn¡¯t understand the situation, the less he can let Liu Li die.

    When he shouted, he saw Liu Li's whole body shaking. She looked back in disbelief, and her tears suddenly fell like threads.

    "Yunsheng? It's really you!" Liu Lifei rushed over, his eyes full of surprise, grievance, and a flood of longing: "It's really you! It's really you! I knew you wouldn't let me go.  Yes! I knew she was lying to me! You won't let me go!" Chu Yunsheng's heart suddenly trembled but he bit his tongue tightly, he needed an explanation.

    Liu Li¡¯s tear-stained face was pressed against the coffin wall. She stretched out her hand as if to caress Chu Yunsheng¡¯s cheek, murmuring and crying: ¡°Yunsheng, is it really you? I miss you so much, I miss you so much!¡±

    The young man took advantage of Chu Yunsheng's distraction and suddenly increased the frequency of token attacks. Golden s¨¨bo patterns emerged one after another, and he penetrated into the runic black mist with his teeth and claws. The powerful decomposition force almost dismantled the black mist.

    Chu Yunsheng gritted his teeth after being hit hard, and regardless of the danger that the zero-dimensional space might collapse at any time, he once again increased the intensity of transporting the black mist.

    The black talisman replenished by the black mist immediately swept away the decline, swallowing seven or eight golden s¨¨bo patterns in one fell swoop, and even forced it towards the domain certificate token in the young man's hand.


    The young man's face turned pale, and he spat out a mouthful of flesh and blood weakly. He was sucked forward and staggered a few steps before regaining his balance.

    The two sides once again faced off in a balanced manner.

    "Why?" Chu Yunsheng knew that he wanted to kill the young man. The only way now was to fight with his body. Whoever couldn't hold on first would be killed first. It happened to be this time, so he wanted to ask Liu Li for an explanation.

    He was completely confused by Liu Li's changes one after another and what he said just now. He is still in the clouds and doesn't know why.

    Liu Li seemed to be frightened by Chu Yunsheng's questioning eyes, her face was pale, and she said guiltily: "Yunsheng, I'm sorry, I know you don't want children, you want to fight for a few more years, but I want it, even in my dreams,  So I didn¡¯t take any medicine without telling you, I just want to have a child, marry you, and be down-to-earth, I"

    Chu Yunsheng didn't believe it and said excitedly: "But, then, why did you leave? Even if you left, why didn't you even give me your contact information? You can't be found on QQ, you didn't reply to WeChat messages, and the phone calls couldn't be reached.  , I asked everyone but they didn¡¯t know anything about you, your best friend Xiaoxiao, and your parents refused to tell you, do you know that I¡¯m going crazy looking for you!?¡±

    "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Yun Sheng, it's all my fault. I shouldn't be the main child." Liu Li sobbed in great pain.

    Looking at her familiar eyes and crying voice, Chu Yunsheng suddenly realized something. The words spoken by "Liu Li" who looked like another person just now hit his heart like a heavy hammer. There was a sharp pain and his voice almost trembled:  "Is there another person?"

    Liu Li bit her lip and choked, "I went to the hospital that day.When I found out I was pregnant, I felt happy and scared all the way. I thought I didn¡¯t know how to tell you, so I went to the supermarket to buy flowers and red wine. I was going to find a chance to tell you at night, but I couldn¡¯t even leave the supermarket.  , suddenly passed out, and woke up in a dark place. She later told me that she had been waiting for me to get pregnant, and took my body away as soon as I got pregnant. I begged her not to hurt you, but she ignored me at first.  , I couldn¡¯t stand it anymore, and told me that you wouldn¡¯t want me anymore, and that you had given up looking for me long ago. You also said that you would have many other women. I didn¡¯t believe it, so I made a bet with her.  She asked me where I got so much confidence, and I said I trust you!  "

    Chu Yunsheng burst into tears all of a sudden. No one else needed to say anything, he understood everything, and understood everything. His heart felt like needles pricking his body, and his soul was in pain. Love and hate only lasted for a moment!

    That "I trust you" almost made him want to kill himself!

    "Li, stop talking, it's me who's sorry for you, it's me, it's all me! It's my damn identity! It's me who hurt you!"

    Liu Li's eyes suddenly blurred, as if she was very tired, but she still relied on her will to support her, and smiled like a child: "Yunsheng, I'm so happy to see you, really so happy."  , I knew you would come to me, you will definitely come back!"

    "I" Chu Yunsheng didn't dare to continue, because he really didn't do it, he really gave up. He felt that compared with Liu Li's love for him, he was worthless and he had harmed her life.

    He wanted to scold himself, slap himself, and rip out his heart and liver.

    Liu Li stretched out her quickly withering little hand and blocked Chu Yunsheng's mouth through the coffin wall, saying with love: "Don't say it, don't say it, let me leave this world in happiness"

    Chu Yunsheng took a sharp breath, with tears filling his eyes. He bit his mouth tightly and kept shaking. He felt that he was not worthy and could not bear Liu Li's heavy feelings that could crush everything in the world.  .

    ¡°For more than twenty years and nearly thirty years, no one knows the horror of zero-dimensional space better than Chu Yunsheng, the fifth-level heartbreak, the boundless emptiness, the endless loneliness, who can bear it!  ?

    But now he can only look at her, looking at her through the coffin!

    He wanted to hug her again and touch her again, but it was an extravagant hope!

    He couldn¡¯t even touch a corner of her clothes or a finger!

    Liu Li closed her eyes. Her whole body was aging at a visible speed. Chu Yunsheng was shaking violently, his mouth was twitching, and he was convulsing with anger because he could not do anything and watched his most beloved woman in front of him.  The pieces wither and die slowly!

    And he was fucking naked with another woman!

    "let me out."

    Chu Yunsheng twitched and whispered firmly.

    "let me out!"

    He suddenly pinched the female corpse¡¯s neck and said sternly.

    The female corpse was motionless!

    "let me out!!!"

    Chu Yunsheng burst out with an unimaginable force, almost broke the female corpse's neck, and shouted!

    "You wake up, you can't save her even if you go out!"

    The female corpse finally spoke and sighed.

    "I don't care, I owe her! Let me out, I'll trade black mist for you, you can suck as much as you want!" Chu Yunsheng was filled with grief.

    The female corpse shook her head, opened her eyes, looked at Liu Li with a hint of sympathy, and said: "Here, the coffin is opened, and you and I die instantly, what's the use?"

    "I can't watch her die!" Chu Yunsheng said with firm eyes.

    "Yun Sheng!" Liu Li, who had just separated for a moment, forced a smile and interrupted: "That's our child. I gave her a lot of names, but none of them sounded good to me. I'll leave them to you in the future.  Now, you have to raise her. I really want to hear how you got here all these years, but unfortunately I don¡¯t have time"

    "No, no, I can think of a way, don't give up!" Chu Yunsheng knew that he was deceiving himself, but he still said this. In fact, he was lying to himself.

    Liu Li's eyes became more and more distant: "Yun Sheng, over there, I'm still waiting for you, as long as I want."

    After saying that, she suddenly came back to her senses, kissed Chu Yunsheng gently across the coffin wall, bent down to pick up a sharp steel bar, and walked towards the young man who was still confronting Chu Yunsheng in the black mist with cold eyes.

    "What do you want to do? Don't go there, come back quickly!" Chu Yunsheng said in panic.

    At this time, the beam of light bound by eight chains was faintly extinguished, and he sighed to himself: "You are so stupid!"


    Staying up late is still getting worse, the climax is coming, waiting for me and Lao Chu to explode togetherBar.  !  .
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