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II Breakthrough, the Road of Blood Baptism Chapter 438: The Swallowed System¡¯s False Color

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    "What are you doing?"

    When Xu Cai¡¯s voice sounded, Chen Mo¡¯s mind was filled with only her presence.

    Although he was unable to control his body, Chen Mo's perception was not affected by entering a fully awakened state.

    It can be said that it was precisely because of Xu Cai's interference that Chen Mo remained awake after his awakening, so Chen Mo had such an opportunity.

    Xu Cai¡¯s purpose may be to completely control his lust, but Chen Mo¡¯s purpose is to take this opportunity to give it a try.

    If you win, it¡¯s a win-win situation; if you lose, you lose everything.

    If he hadn¡¯t been forced into this situation, Chen Mo wouldn¡¯t have made such a determination.

    The time and place when Hong Ming appeared were different from what he planned. However, the world is like this, and plans can never keep up with changes.

    Who would have thought that Hai Lan would defect with Lian Zhen?

    In fact, all this was already doomed from the moment Hai Lan left Jiutian headquarters with Lian Zhen.

    "It's just that the process may not change, but the direction of development is something Chen Mo didn't expect.

    This was a big gamble, a big gamble that happened at the wrong time and in the wrong place, but Chen Mo wanted to bet on the right thing.

    With Chen Mo using his perception ability to the limit, his physical condition finally appeared in his mind.

    In fact, Chen Mo's perception ability has been greatly improved. It is not difficult to scan the human body. What is difficult is scanning his own body without being able to control his body.

    This is not a question of ability, but a question of one's own habits.

    But when Chen Mo put aside all other distracting thoughts, his perception ability was maximized, and his body was finally scanned.

    What Chen Mo's perception ability scans is not the body itself, but rather a person's energy fluctuations.

    If there are energy fluctuations, they can be captured by the perceptual ability. However, after advanced, the perceptual ability can image the picture in three dimensions.

    The scene that appeared at this time was a bit special for Chen Mo.  This was the first time he saw himself this way.

    In his perception, he is an extremely unstable explosives library at this time, full of destructive power.  But this power was unchecked and his body was almost on fire.

    In fact, from the perspective of energy intensity alone, he is on par with Hong Ming.  However, a person who has lost his mind can master even the most powerful power.  Nor can it be used correctly.

    For Chen Mo** who has lost the ability to judge at this time, he cannot judge Hong Ming's fake moves, does not know how to avoid, and can only attack crazily.

    If this continues, you will only lose to Hong Ming.  This is why most ability users don't wait until the last moment.  Never choose to enter the awakening state.

    Entering the awakened state, especially entering it completely, is actually a big gamble. Not only is it a gamble that one can defeat the opponent, but one also bets that one can wake up from the awakened state.

    "If facing other ability users, Chen Mo would undoubtedly be a terrifying killing machine, but for Hong Ming.  In a situation where they were evenly matched, Chen Mo was irrational, but he had the ability to make calm judgments, and the outcome was clear at a glance.

    However, after Chen Mo only paid a little attention to his own energy fluctuations, he began to go deep into the explosive energy to find the almost invisible brilliance.

    To penetrate this mass of energy is a great test for Chen Mo's mental strength.

    If you are not careful, you may suffer serious injuries.  This may lead to dementia.

    But at this time, there was only one choice. Chen Mo's mind was more determined than ever, and his mental power was highly concentrated.  After gradually going deeper, his perception finally penetrated this terrifying energy body and reached the inside.

    Penetrating the energy body is a very mentally consuming and extremely dangerous process.  Chen Mo only used it during practice and never used it at all.

    But Chen Mo discovered it during practice.  It is difficult to find virtual color in a living person.

    After all, in addition to physical energy fluctuations, humans also have mental fluctuations. Even if they are found, it is impossible to judge whether it is, not to mention that Chen Mo was not sure whether Xucai was a parasite before.

    But it¡¯s different now.  Chen Mo was exploring himself, and his perception ability was originally a mental ability. He would not be affected by fluctuations in his own mental energy at all.

    After breaking through his own energy fluctuations, Chen Mo quickly started searching within his body.

    After realizing Chen Mo's intention, Xu Cai became silent. Chen Mo searched the body carefully twice, but found nothing.Time passed by, and he was gradually at a disadvantage under Hong Ming's attack. Failure was only a matter of time.

    However, despite this, Chen Mo was not restless, but remained calm and explored carefully.

    The high concentration and huge overdraft of mental power made Chen Mo feel empty, but he still did not relax at all.

    But after searching several times, he still couldn¡¯t find it. Chen Mo began to realize that maybe he was looking in the wrong direction?

    Is Xu Cai a real person?  Or is it simply a mass of spiritual energy?

    No, judging from the stripped out ability user system, the system Xucai should be an entity, with powerful mental fluctuations at the same time.

    How did such a powerful ball of energy escape its own detection?

    Chen Mo thought for a moment, then suddenly his heart moved.

    The first time I discovered the existence of Xucai was in my own memory

    ?? Could it be that Xucai has been hiding in his own spiritual energy group?

    After Chen Mo was stunned for a moment, he immediately began to detect his own mental energy fluctuations.

    This is more difficult than penetrating the energy body, because this feeling is like desperately thinking about what is in your mind.

    However, for Chen Mo, who has been training hard and working hard, mastering the use of abilities, and even mastering them, has always been something he forced himself to do.  In addition to showing the beauty of ability mastery in normal battles, it also plays a great role at this time.

    After several attempts, Chen Mo finally detected his own mental energy fluctuations.

    The awkwardness of using mental abilities to explore one's own spiritual energy is simply unspeakable, and the test of Chen Mo's mental strength is also great.

    Fortunately, the moment Chen Mo succeeded, he immediately captured the existence of Xu Cai.

    Even Xu Cai, who has fallen silent, is still an extremely abnormal existence in the fluctuation of his mental energy.

    The moment Chen Mo explored her, a strong sense of rejection immediately appeared.  The virtual color of the system began to fluctuate crazily in his mental energy, making Chen Mo's mind feel empty for a while, as if he would faint at any time.

    If it was normal, Chen Mo would definitely lose consciousness.  But precisely because he was in the state of awakened ability, he couldn't faint even if he wanted to. Therefore, although he was extremely uncomfortable, Chen Mo endured it under the last resort.

    In the process of enduring.  Chen Mo realized that the system was trying to break away from him.

    Once the system breaks away, you will die, there is no doubt about this.

    When Chen Mo found System Xucai, he didn¡¯t want her to leave him, but to use her.  Take control of her.

    Therefore, enduring great pain, Chen Mo immediately began to control his mental power to restrain the system's Xucai.

    However, as soon as the spiritual energies of the two sides collided, Chen Mo discovered that it was not easy to control the virtual color of the system, but he could swallow it up.

    Because the Xu Cai lurking in his spiritual energy is surprisingly weak.

    This made Chen Mo stunned for a short time.  It didn't take long to figure it out.

    The parasite of System Xucai not only uses the body of the ability user, but also uses the mental power of the ability user.  This is why only powerful ability users can obtain bloodlines and peel off other people's systems.  Because often only powerful ability users who also possess strong mental power can be exploited by her.

    Although Hong Ming possesses both powerful physical and mental strength, he does not rely on his own abilities.

    Maybe this is the real reason why he was given up.  Compared to the powerful Hong Ming.  I have greater existential significance for the system Xucai.

    Thinking that he had such an opportunity because he was favored by the host, Chen Mo couldn't help but feel dumbfounded.

    But the more important thing at this time is how to swallow up the false glory of the system.

    After being discovered, Xu Cai desperately wanted to escape from his mental energy fluctuations, but how could the mentally strong Chen Mo let her do so.

    In fact, in terms of mental strength alone, Chen Mo is far superior to Hong Ming, and even has a deal with Lian Zhen.  This is due to his long-term use of sentience.  It¡¯s because he has already trained his mental strength to the fullest.

    If mental power is still a somewhat elusive and vague concept at ordinary times, then within Chen Mo's perception range, his mental power fluctuates and the system is false.  It is an energy group that actually exists.

    The collision between the two energy groups was imminent, and the void originally hidden in his spiritual energy wasCai can be said to be trapped in a cocoon at this time.

    Precisely because she has been hiding in Chen Mo's spiritual energy for a long time, and even penetrated deep into Chen Mo's memory, the connection between her and Chen Mo has reached a certain level, and it is not that simple to break away.

    And this favorable situation was quickly strengthened by Chen Mo.

    In fact, it is not difficult to swallow up another energy body.  Although it is difficult to control mental power, once you master the key, it becomes as instinctive.

    Chen Mo, who can use both perception and clairvoyance at the same time, has long been proficient in controlling mental power, so in a very short period of time, he completely devoured the system's virtual glory.

    The system Xucai swallowed by him immediately lost all ability to resist the moment it merged with him.

    Her memories, all her plans, and even her thoughts all flooded into Chen Mo's mind at the moment she met Chen Mo

    While devouring her, Chen Mo's eyes suddenly lit up.

    He discovered something so tiny that it could not be detected by the naked eye in the place where his energy fluctuations were strongest, that is, in his mind.

    That is a soft particle. To be precise, it should be a creature, the tiniest but most powerful creature that I have never seen before

    But at this time, this creature has lost its self-awareness and is controlled by Chen Mo

    For Chen Mo, this is an extremely fresh feeling. He can realize that he is both Chen Mo and that tiny powerful creature at the same time.
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