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Bleach Prequel: Hueco Mundo Chapter 94 The Night Rain Arrives

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    "So your name is Stark!" Ye Yu frowned slightly. She had only seen Stark on the monitor, but she didn't know his specific name. "I'm very surprised. You obviously  If you are so powerful, why would you walk with a god of death? The same goes for those people outside the door. Do you want to judge Hueco Mundo?"

    "Judged Hueco Mundo? What a big hat." The expression on Stark's face was a little distressed, "We just all need companions and are looking for companions. As a result, we met and each other felt that the other was to our liking.  , we went together! Although I didn¡¯t admit it directly, I was really good under him!¡±

    Ye Yu frowned even more after hearing this. Stark was undoubtedly a Vastod-level Arrancar, and what he said now was considered to be an admission that he was Long Fei's subordinate. In other words,  Long Fei is stronger than Stark.

    "Looking at you, you are determined to protect Kurosaki Ryuhi!" Although Ye Yu's eyes were covered by an eyepatch-type mask, he could still feel the sharp aura from them.

    "After all, he is my companion and my immediate boss!" Stark shrugged noncommittally.

    After Stark said those words, Ye Yu's aura suddenly filled the air and rushed towards Stark. The overwhelming aura made Lilynit beside Stark tremble slightly.

    "Where is Ryuu Saki? My target this time is him, it has nothing to do with you!" Ye Yu's words were loud and clear. She didn't want to fight with people of the same race. No matter before or now, she was very disgusted.  The same people want to kill.

    "Long Fei has something to do now. If you want to see him, you have to wait for a few hours." The expression on Stark's face was very relaxed, completely ignoring Ye Yu's momentum. "We can't just sit down and have a cup of tea to chat.  Want to chat? After all, the waiting time is very long."

    "It seems you are determined to stop me." Ye Yu's momentum disappeared without a trace the moment she finished speaking.  She raised her feet and walked towards Stark step by step, her body filled with light spiritual pressure.

    "Hey! Hey! You are very dangerous like this! Let's have a good talk, I am a pacifist." Stark raised his hands as if he had no intention of fighting.

    "E!" The two daggers behind Ye Yu quickly popped out and spun around in the air for several times before landing in her palms.  They were two silver-white daggers, with a cold radiance on the blades. A chain extended from the end of the hilt and was connected to the end of the hilt of another dagger.

    Ye Yu was not fooled by Stark's words and walked towards him firmly. Although she hated killing each other, there was nothing she could do about it. Dragon King Al and Lord Carol had already given orders, so even if she  You have to do it even if you don¡¯t want to do it.

    "Little girl, that is a very dangerous thing. Please put it down quickly. It looks like you don't want to fight me. Then we should go drink tea and chat!" Stark's eyes were so vicious, and in the blink of an eye he  He saw through Ye Yu's thoughts.

    Stark is different from Ye Yu. He doesn't hate fighting among his own kind. He is just afraid of trouble and doesn't like fighting, because when a fight starts, one party will always die, either him or his enemy.  No matter what the situation is, he is not willing to accept it. The death of his enemy means that there is one less master in the world, which also means that there is one less person who can get along with him.

    "I don't want to fight with people of the same clan, but this is an order from my superiors. If you don't want to fight with me, just tell me where Qi Longfei is." After saying that, Ye Yu's footwork gradually accelerated.  , the speed increases rapidly, like a rocket launching, from the slow speed at the beginning to the rapid speed.

    Ye Yu was very fast and arrived in front of Stark in the blink of an eye. As she said, she hated cannibalism. When attacking Stark, in order not to hurt Lily beside him  Nite, Ye Yu's energy converged on the sword, reducing the attack range infinitely.

    "Are we going to fight in the end?!" Stark sighed helplessly. Without moving his feet, he dodged Ye Yu's slash on one side of his body.  The sharp sword blade scraped through the air a centimeter in front of Stark.

    "Ta!" Ye Yu stepped on Stark with his left foot, then turned around with one foot as an axis, raised the dagger, and slashed at Stark's waist with his backhand.

    "Hey! Do you have to be so harsh? Just hit him casually!" Stark stepped on both feet to avoid Ye Yu's cut in the waist, and the blade once again scraped the air in front of her.

    Ye Yu's attack was still not over, and he slashed out with the daggers in both hands, but it only forced Stark to keep retreating, and none of the swords hit Stark. In terms of the strength of Wastod level, it was too much.  It's not normal anymore.  Just like Stark said, just hit him casually.  But is it really that simple?

    ¡¾That's right now?!  ] Ye Yu finally revealed her fangs after Stark stepped back three feet in a row. Her slashing speed suddenly increased, more than three times faster than before. The spiritual pressure attached to the sword seemed to make the sword even sharper.  You can actually clearly hear the sharp sound of the sword cutting through the air.

    Seeing this, Stark narrowed his eyes slightly, tapped his toes on the ground, and immediately moved his body backwards, reaching beyond the range of Ye Yu's slashing attack. It seemed that Ye Yu's attack failed again.

    "Virtual Flash!" Ye Yu concentrated energy on the dagger in his left hand, thrust forward quickly, and hit Stark with a false flash.

    "Bang¡ª¡ª" A purple-red light quickly condensed in the tip of the dagger. The moment Ye Yu thrust out the sword, the purple-red light roared, and a thick beam of light shot out from the tip of the sword.  In the blink of an eye, he was in front of Stark and drowned him.  Looking from a distance, there was only a flash of purple light, and purple-red energy filled the space in front of Ye Yu.

    After the successful attack, Ye Yu did not relax. She knew that the real battle would begin from now on. The attack she just made was just to push Stark away from Lilynit, because the battle between them was too destructive.  With Lilynit's strength, she would definitely be injured.

    "Bang!" With a sound, Ye Yu's body shot out quickly and flew into the air. There was no one in the direction she ran out.  But her sword suddenly looked towards the empty place in front of her.  As expected, Ye Yu's sword struck the empty space.

    "So fast!" Ye Yu secretly thought, flipping the dagger in her hand and stabbing her behind. This time, there was still no one behind her.

    "Ping!" This time, Ye Yu's sword did not stab into the air, but made a crisp sound of sword collision. Stark was seen holding a Zanpakut¨­ in his hand, blocking Ye Yu's thrust with the blade.  .

    "Your attacks suddenly became sharper because" Before Stark could finish his words, he was drowned by purple light.

    "Boom!" Another false flash was fired from the tip of the dagger, and the thick beam of light quickly passed through where Stark was standing.

    "Danger! Danger!" Stark suddenly appeared in front of Ye Yu on the right side, patting his chest gently with his left hand.

    "Drink!" Ye Yu would not give Stark time to rest. After the sound, he hit Stark with another false flash. This action seemed meaningless, because the strength displayed by the two now was on par.  Among them, virtual flash is a slower move, and it is almost impossible to hit Stark.

    "This kind of trick ugh!" Stark wanted to say that this kind of trick is useless against me, but the moment he appeared, he saw Ye Yu's sword pointed at him, with a purple red mark on it.  The light is already full.

    "I have seen through your general movements." While Ye Yu was speaking, he had already used a false flash.

    Under this situation, Stark could no longer dodge this false flash, but after all, this was just an ordinary false flash. It was a bit naive to cause damage to Stark.

    The sword in his hand was raised and swung down. As soon as the sword fell, Void Flash was split in half by Stark, flew out from both sides of him, and hit the rock wall behind him, making an explosive roar.

    "You are really a dangerous guy!" Ye Yu felt that Xu Shan was split in half by Stark without any hindrance, and the eyes under the eye patch showed a cautious light, [The seemingly lazy man in front of him is no better than himself.  Weak, but also quite shrewd.  ] Ye Yu's evaluation of Stark rose even further.

    "I'm a pacifist, how can I be dangerous? In normal times, I wouldn't even step on an ant to death!" Stark's words make people have the urge to complain. If anyone in the know stands here, they will definitely curse.  .

    Stark will not trample ants to death, because he spends most of his time sleeping. Of course he will not trample ants. He might as well go to sleep if he has this time!  What a lazy uncle!  !

    "If you can't even trample ants to death, where does your current strength come from?" Ye Yu's voice suddenly became low. In order to reach the level of Vastod, she killed a lot of people, and even some  Many Hollows were killed when she was forced to have no choice.

    "Who knows? I have had this power from the moment I was born!" Stark's words sounded a bit arrogant, as if he was saying that his talent was very good, but in fact, what he said was not wrong.  The time of his birth was when the power of Arrancar was divided into Stark and Lilynite.  Therefore, it is not wrong for Stark to say that he "had this power when he was born."

    "You are really an irritating guy!" Ye Yu's figure swayed above Stark, and the two daggers in his hands quickly slashed out, and in just a moment, he slashed more than a dozen swords, without a trace.  The opinions are all to attack Stark's vital points.

      "Swish, swish, swish" The silver-white sword shadow surrounded Stark, and the white sword light attacked Stark like rain.  Although the rain of swords was dense, Stark still managed to dodge with ease. Each sword grazed his clothes and did not cause any real damage.

    "You are indeed very powerful. Even an attack of this level can't do anything to you!" Ye Yu said this, but her attack did not stop and continued.

    "Since you know that this kind of attack can't hurt me, why do you continue?" Stark responded lightly. His eyes slowly turned. Every sword strike by Ye Yu was under his observation.  It didn't take long for Ke to realize that he was different when he was hungry. [The frequency of sword thrusts began to change!  Any new ideas?  ] Stark's figure slowly moved out of the shadow of the sword without anyone noticing.

    Just as Stark expected, Ye Yu's moves changed, and the sword that stabbed out in succession began to be covered with purple-red light, just like the previous virtual flash.

    "False flash legato!" Ye Yu's sword force slowed down again, and then thrust out quickly. Each thrust was a false flash, and purple-red light kept flashing under Ye Yu's thrusts.  Like thick columns, they hit Stark.

    "Uh!" Seeing such a move, a few drops of sweat flowed from the back of Stark's head, "This is simply"

    "Plagiarism!!" Lillinite below had already shouted out the last half of the sentence for Stark, "You guys, don't copy my and Stark's stunts!"

    However, it seemed that Lilynit's voice was not loud enough. Neither Stark nor Ye Yu heard Lilynit's shouts amid the roar of the virtual flash.

    When Lilynit shouted, Ye Yu changed his movements again. When shooting, he kept changing positions, but still had no substantial effect.  For others, this move is a bit difficult to dodge, but for Stark, it is extremely easy to hide with this move, because he is an expert in shooting false starts!

    Ye Yu was slightly surprised by Stark's still able movements, "Although my goal is not that, but being able to dodge my false dodge so easily is worthy of consideration, even though I don't like killing each other."  , but maybe it¡¯s better to get rid of him first!  ¡¿

    [This move called Ye Yu is so weird. His target should have been Long Fei from the beginning, but why are he wasting time with me now, and has been fighting me with strength that is beyond the peak of Achiukas?  Her previous actions only occasionally revealed the strength of Vastod level.  ¡¿ In the virtual flash, Stark gradually analyzed the amateur movements, ¡¾ Could it be that her target was not me from the beginning, or that I was just her second target.  ¡¿

    The ideas in Stark's mind suddenly became clear, and Ye Yu's purpose began to become clear, [Her attack was not simply attacking me from the beginning, but observing and attacking the surroundings. The attack on me was just to cover up, and by the way.  Serve as a test.  ¡¿

    "Found it!" A light flashed in Ye Yu's eyes under the goggles. After forcing Stark away with a false flash, he rushed towards an open ground below.

    "False Flash!" Without saying a word, Stark launched a False Flash towards Ye Yu, preventing her from moving forward.

    "Is it really there?" Ye Yu stopped and dodged Stark's dodge, "What is your purpose? With his and your strength, there is no need to do this. Or should we say he"

    "Sure enough, you forced me into the air just to find Long Fei in the first place. Your subsequent attacks were all to kill two birds with one stone, to test my strength and find Long Fei's hiding place at the same time!" Stark's eyes  There was a flash of light, and then he returned to his lazy state.


    PS: Long Fei¡¯s location has been found, but what will Ye Yu do?  From the current point of view, although Ye Yu is not a good person, he is definitely not a person who kills indiscriminately, especially against women of the same race, or in other words, women of the same race.
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