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Bleach Prequel: Hueco Mundo Main Chapter 108 Acedo (Part 1)

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    In the Great Void Forest, Nilu ran crying and crying. Behind her, there were several weird-looking Void creatures chasing her.

    ¡°I don¡¯t want to run away, I will torture you when I catch you!¡± Pei Xue yelled funny, her steps were not slow, and she accelerated towards Nilu.

    "Wait a minute, Peixue! Don't leave me behind!" After Dongdechaka found out that he was left behind by Peixue, he also quickened his pace and chased after him. He raised his hands high as if in preparation.  Like a monster that pounces on food.

    "Wow~" Bawa Bawa behind Dongdechaka was not to be left behind. He twisted his body quickly and kept up with Peixue and the others with strange screams. His speed seemed to be much faster than before!

    "Wow - no, Nilu, don't be abused!" The tears on Nilu's face flowed even more fiercely. Because she was running so fast, the tears dragged long traces to both sides. She - burst into tears!

    The game played by Nilu and the others is very realistic. Even if you look carefully, you can't see anything too strange. At a glance, you can tell that it is a little girl who accidentally entered the Hueco Mundo and was attacked by three evil Hollows.

    On a giant tree in the distance, a figure wearing a skull cape was hiding in the shadows. The mask that seemed to be an Arrancar was worn on his face to cover his appearance, but this strange outfit may be confusing to the entire Hueco Mundo.  There is only one person left, and that is - Asido!  !

    "How come there are human children here!" Asido looked at Nilu in the west in shock, "Although I don't know why human children come to this place, but as a god of death, I can never see death without mercy.  save!"

    Asido kicked his feet hard, and a black shadow shot towards Peixue and Dongdechaka at a speed that was invisible to the naked eye. The moment he approached Peixue and Dong Dechaka, the broadsword on his waist was immediately unsheathed. A white light flashed, and the broadsword  With an extremely swift and violent posture, he looked at Pei Xue's neck and was about to separate Pei Xue's head from his body.

    Acedo has been fighting Daxu all year round. Here, there is only a life-and-death fight. There is no such thing as mercy, and blood will definitely be seen as soon as he takes action.  Therefore, when attacking Pei Xue, the first knife should hit the opponent's fatal point directly.

    If it were the previous Peixue, he might have been killed by this sword, but now Peixue has been re-completed by Long Fei, and his power is stronger than before. When Asido's sword was unsheathed,  , he had already sensed the danger and crouched down without hesitation.

    "Whoa!" The big knife passed across Pei Xue's head. The extremely sharp blade cut off a corner of his mask. The cut was very smooth, as if it had been specially polished.

    ¡¾enemy?  !  ] This word immediately flashed through Pei Xue's mind, and he immediately pressed the transmitter hidden in his waist to send the news to Long Fei, [Whoever the other party is?  Anyway, the method of informing Long Fei is absolutely correct!  ¡¿

    "Who are you? Why did you attack me?" Pei Xue looked very serious now, without any laughter at all. The enemies that attacked in the past few days made him understand what it means to be someone outside the world, and there is a sky outside the world!  So no matter who he is, he will never be careless.

    Faced with an incoming attack, you must not hold back or be careless. Hiding too deeply will only increase your chances of death.  These were the words Long Fei often said to them, and Peixue and the others kept them in mind.

    Dondchaka also took out a huge hammer-shaped weapon from his big mouth, which was indeed very suitable for his strong body, but only if he changed the clothes on his body, otherwise it would only increase the number of  Funny elements!

    "The blow just now was dodged. Aren't those people really mediocre?" After a pondering, Asido seized the opportunity and attacked Peixue and Dongde Chaka first.

    The tip of Asido's knife swayed up and down as his body ran, and after tracing an irregular trajectory, it slashed towards Peixue's waist. In his opinion, Peixue was much weaker than Dongde Chaka.  , when fighting, usually choose someone with a thin body. This is a subconscious reaction of people.

    "Infinite gliding!" Peixue was still Peixue. Even in a real battle, he still couldn't help but use those weird tricks. A strange slime appeared in the air and rushed through the air after a few bright rays of light.  To Asido.

    People will always be afraid of unknown things, or try to avoid those unknown substances. Acedo did the same thing. He avoided most of the mucus while shaking his body continuously. Finally, he jumped back to avoid it.  the rest of the attack.

    "Pei Xue, Dong De Cha Ka" Nilu hid behind the tree and looked nervously at the battle ahead, calling out the names of Pe Xue and Dong De Cha Ka in worry.  But in Asido's eyes, that's not the case.

    "Kid, hide behind that tree. Don't come out. The battle between us will affect you!" Asido warned loudly.Hold on to Nelu and don't come out from behind the tree.  And at one point, he raised his knife and rushed towards Peixue and Dongde Chaka.

    "Huh?" After hearing An Anduo's words, Nilu finally understood the reason why he would come out to attack Peixue and Peixue, but it was too late to stop him now.

    In the distance, Asido held his ground and slashed out continuously. Although his sword skills were messy, each one was an attack on the key point, and the force was heavy. As long as he was not careful, Peixue and Dongde Chaka would be killed.  Cut in half by that sharp blade.

    Peixue and Peixue wanted to attack, but after hearing Axiduo's words, the two also knew the whole story. They knew that this was another good old man. When they saw Nilu being "chased" by the two of them, they came to the rescue out of kindness.  .  Knowing that this was a misunderstanding, the two people could only dodge Asido's attack in a hurry and did not make much counterattack.

    The battle ended in a stalemate. Without releasing the Zanpakut¨­, both sides were at a loss. Peixue and Peixue were trying their best to evade, so naturally neither could do anything to the other.

    At the same time, Long Fei in the underground training ground also received a notification from Pei Xue. The red light on the transmitter kept shining, reminding Long Fei that something was wrong with Pei Xue.

    "Long Fei, this is" Stark looked at the serious-looking Long Fei beside him and knew something was wrong, "Is there something wrong with Nilu and the others?"

    "Yes!" Long Fei nodded and admitted, "I gave Pei Xue and the others a transmitter in advance, telling them not to hesitate and press the button immediately if they encounter an incoming person. Then I will know that something happened to them.  Got it!"

    "Then they have encountered an enemy now?" Stark's face sank and he slowly stood up. He couldn't stay out of the matter now. Just when he was about to shout to Lilinite in the distance,  Was interrupted by Long Fei.

    "You stay here for now. Your body has not fully recovered yet. Leave it to me and Harribel this time!" Long Fei said quickly, placed the communicator on the rock, stood up and prepared to leave.  go.

    "I know!" Stark sat down unhappily and returned to his previous practice. He knew that if Long Fei couldn't solve the problem, even if he went there, it wouldn't be of much help.  I will definitely inform him of the matter and ask him to help.

    "Haha! Who told you to practice so seriously with Harribel!" Long Fei couldn't help but tease Stark before leaving. Long Fei deeply sympathized with him for what he had experienced these days.

    "? What!" When Stark said these words, Long Fei's figure had disappeared from his eyes.

    On the cliff of the underground training ground, Harribel was still struggling to train her control. Just when she failed again and was about to try again, Long Fei's figure appeared beside her.

    "Something happened, let's talk about the details on the way!" After Long Fei said that, he rushed up to the sky. There was a big hole in it that could accommodate two or three people. This was a hole specially left by Long Fei and others for the convenience of getting out.  one.

    Looking at Long Fei's appearance, Harribel also knew that something was not going to be good. She pulled out the big knife beside her and inserted it into the scabbard behind her. She exerted some force on her legs, and after a long line of smoke and dust splashed from the soles of her feet,  Immediately after, Long Fei rushed out of the cave.

    After Long Fei felt the spiritual pressure in the air, he rushed in the direction of Pei Xue and others. Harribel behind him also accelerated to catch up, and arrived at Long Fei's side in the blink of an eye.

    "What happened?" Harribel asked looking at Long Fei flying beside her.

    "I don't know the specific situation. I only know that something happened to Nilu and the others!" Long Fei was also confused now. According to his perception, where Pei Xue and the others fought, the spiritual pressure was very strange. The unfamiliar spiritual pressure did not look like Xu.  It feels like a god of death, [Damn it, is it a god of death from the Soul Society who managed to sneak into the Great Void Forest without dying?  ¡¿

    As soon as he knew that something happened to Nilu and the others, although Long Fei's appearance was no different from usual, and he could still tease Stark, his heart was completely confused. It could be seen from his judgment that even in the big world  The fact that the only Shinigami in the Hollow Forest is Asido is perfectly played.

    "Harribel, the person fighting Peixue and others is probably a god of death. Don't kill him without knowing the whole story!" Long Fei's current situation still seems stable, but his next sentence  Her words exposed her uneasy heart.

    "If something happens to Nilu and the others, kill him!" Long Fei's words were full of murderous intent. I'm afraid even he himself would never have thought of saying such a thing!

    "I know!" Harribel did not refute Long Fei's words. With such a leader who thinks about his companions, how could she refute him? Moreover, Harribel expressed understanding of Long Fei's situation. If Sunsun and the others  ?If something happens, she will kill the person who hurt them.

    Long Fei and the two were extremely fast. After dozens of seconds, they approached the place where Pei Xue and others were fighting. From a distance, Long Fei and Harribel could already see the flashing light of the sword!

    "Harribel, pull the two sides apart. I will take care of Nilu. You hold the other party first!" Seeing that Nilu and others were not injured, Long Fei immediately gave an order to Harribel. Now he has  He looks a little more like a leader.

    "Understood!" Harribel accelerated her flight. At the same time, her right index finger hooked the guard of the knife behind her and quickly pulled it out. With a flick of her arm, her right hand firmly grasped the handle of the knife.

    "Pei Xue! Dong De Cha Ka! Dodge backwards!" The knife in Harribel's hand emitted a golden light, and a golden ball condensed in the hollow of the blade, and as it shook, it covered the blade.  .

    At this time, Peixue and Dondchaka, who were being forced by Asido, suddenly heard Harribel's voice. Although this was a complete misunderstanding, they knew Harribel's character well, and they knew that she was about to  He used his ultimate move, and without thinking twice, he used the sound to turn and dodge.

    "Is shethe God of Death?" Asido also heard Harribel's voice, and when he looked up, he was also stunned, because he didn't know that a special Hollow like Arrancar had been in the Great Hollow all year round.  He couldn't see the superior Arrancar when he was fighting in Mori, so he immediately regarded the human form of Harribel as a Shinigami.

    "False flash!" Harribel didn't care about Asido's thoughts. After flashing a series of phantoms, the sword in her hand was swung out in the blink of an eye. Suddenly, a virtual flash like a slash struck towards Asido and  The junction of Peixue et al.

    "Boom!" A golden flash flashed across the ground, and there was a loud noise. Countless gravels flew everywhere, and smoke and dust rose from the ground.

    After the smoke and dust dissipated, a ravine dozens of meters deep appeared in front of everyone.  Harribel's strength has indeed become stronger, but the full power cannot be controlled in a short time. Now she can only control most of it.

    "Whoosh!" Long Fei's figure appeared next to Nilu, and immediately hugged her, checking Nilu's body with his hands up and down, and asked anxiously: "Nilu, are you okay? There is something wrong with you.  Are there any injuries? Don¡¯t just sit there and say nothing. If you are hurt, just say it and I will heal it for you right away!¡±

    "Puch!" Looking at Long Fei's appearance, Nilu couldn't help but laugh. This was the first time she saw the calm Long Fei make such a move.

    Long Fei narrowed his eyes slightly when he looked at Nilu, then stood up and returned to his original appearance. There was no trace of nervousness at all, as if the person he was anxiously questioning just now was not him.

    "I'm going to check Pei Xue's injuries first!" Long Fei's current appearance can easily remind people of a word, that is "sanctimonious"!  When he saw Nilu's smile, Long Fei's mind turned quickly and he immediately knew that she was fine. The speed of changing facial expressions was probably even inferior to those masters of face-changing in Peking Opera.
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