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Bleach Prequel: Hueco Mundo Main Chapter 140 Complete Hollow (Part 1)

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    "Whoosh!" The wind blew in all directions. At this moment, the Xuye Palace was shrouded in darkness, and the originally luxurious and huge palace was turned into an open-air area without a sky cover.

    "It's so awesome is this victory?" Harribel said blankly, looking down at Long Fei, who was standing proudly in the distance.  Nilu, who was staying beside her, left at some point.

    After the blow just now, Long Fei and the others fell from the sky to Xuye Palace below. At this time, Long Fei was standing in the desert with a squirming meat ball in his hand.  The fleshy ball was completely covered in blood, which made people feel sick to their stomachs.

    Gradually, some white and tender skin appeared on the flesh ball, and it began to evolve into a human form. The restoration of the limbs was also carried out in an orderly manner. Not long after, a female body with no head and no clothes was completed.  Her beautiful body is enough to make all the men in the world go crazy for her.

    "However, Long Fei didn't have any interest in this body. No, if you really want to say it, Long Fei's interest is to chop this body into the most primitive spirit sons, without leaving even a bit of meat residue.

    Long Fei threw it away casually, leaving Carol's beautiful body on the ground without any respect from a young woman.

    Under Harribel's astonished gaze, Long Fei waved his hand, stood the long sword in his hand on Carol's chest, and slowly stabbed downwards. The low sound of the friction between the blade and the air told the people around him  , how powerful this move is.

    Suddenly, there was a "pop!", and the slender arm grabbed Long Fei's hand holding the sword to prevent him from thrusting the sword down. At the same time, the owner of that hand hugged Long Fei's body.

    "When did she go there?" Harribel looked at the man who was hugging Long Fei in shock. She tried to move, but fell down weakly. In order to resist the energy storm just now, she used up what little energy she had left.  Reiatsu, she is just an empty shell now.

    "Stop, Xiao Fei, don't bear everything by yourself anymore. Aren't we companions? Why are you always alone when something happens" Nilu cried, her arms holding Long Fei shaking constantly.

    "I want tosave thembring themtotheperson hereis methe wrong personit's metheyshould notdieaccompany meto die together!" Long  Fei's voice was intermittent, as if he was talking in sleep, vaguely, but he kept saying it over and over again, and the sword in his hand slowly stabbed down.

    "What nonsense are you talking about!!" Nilu shouted with tears on her face, and her hand holding Long Fei's body became tighter, "You are the one who brought us together, no  You, Stark, are still a lonely person, Harribel is just a Hollow running for survival, Asido is still fighting a meaningless battle in the Great Hollow Forest, and I am still just a company trying to protect myself.  A little girl with no power!!!¡±

    Under Nilu's roar, Long Fei's hand seemed to pause for a moment, but then he quit firmly. At this moment, Carol had completed the restoration of one wing, and even half of her head had been restored.

    "You taught us what happiness is and built a home for us to live together." Nilu's body was already filled with tears. Sword Dragon Fei still didn't stop. Nilu yelled with all her strength.  : ¡°Is a home without an owner still a home?!!¡±

    This sound went straight to Long Fei's heart, which was wrapped in darkness.

    In the sea of ??consciousness, Long Fei's conscious body slowly opened his eyes, but those eyes were still blank, without a trace of emotion or life in them, just like the eyes of a dead person.

    "How long will you continue to sleep?" A figure wearing black clothes, with his face covered by a hooded hood, appeared next to Long Fei, "There are companions waiting for you outside, do you want to sink like this?  If you die, what will happen to your younger brothers and sisters in this world? What will happen to the girl named Nilu?" The man stretched out a finger and touched Long Fei's forehead.

    For a moment, something seemed to appear in Long Fei's dull eyes. By the way, it was life. Life was actually appearing in his eyes that were originally filled with death energy.

    "Youarewho" Something called emotion finally appeared in Long Fei's eyes. Of course, he also saw the black figure.

    "Have you even forgotten my name? You have always held it in your hand." After saying that, before Long Fei could come back to his senses, the black shadow was submerged in the darkness.

    "Hold it in your hand, are you" Long Fei raised his head, but only saw that the black shadow had completely disappeared, followed by white light, swallowing up Long Fei's consciousness.

    Outside the sea of ??consciousness, Long Fei's body suddenly stopped moving and returned to its original state of standing blankly.  Nilu saw Long Fei stopped? movement, my heart was suddenly filled with surprise, but in a blink of an eye, the surprise turned into shock.

    "Shua!" With a sound, Carol's figure appeared behind Long Fei, and the cross lightsaber in her hand was drawn towards Long Fei's head, hoping to kill the opponent with this blow.

    Long Fei's body instinctively sensed the danger. He pulled Baili away from Nilu, dodged the lightsaber on one side of his head and retreated to the distance. When he finished this action, his empty eyes seemed to have something extra.  thing.

    "Did you avoid it?" Carol stood on the spot, looking at Long Fei in the distance with complicated eyes. Although there was no obvious expression, the opponent's strength had already made her feel scared. The killing just now made her feel scared.  She felt so close to death.

    In the shocked eyes of Nilu and others, Long Fei took off the bull-headed mask on his face, revealing the pale face under the mask. Compared with the original him, Long Fei's current charm was even more charming.

    "Xiaofeiis it really you?" Nilu asked in disbelief.

    Suddenly, with a sound of "Swish!", Long Fei's pale skin and the mask in his hand turned into black and white energy, which concentrated on the front and back of his body, and rotated to form a whirlwind, which was then injected into his chest.

    In the blink of an eye, Long Fei¡¯s empty chest had been filled with black and white energy, and it was no different from before. Even his clothes returned to their original appearance at this moment.

    "Super speedregeneration" Carol and Nilu stared blankly at Long Fei's completed chest.

    Long Fei didn't speak, and slowly turned his head. Due to the change in height, he had to look up at the current Nilu. Long Fei floated his feet in the air, took two steps forward, and put his right hand on the other person's head.  Touching her head.

    "You have grown a lot taller and it seems you have regained your strength." Long Fei said with a smile, even though the powerful Carol stood behind him, he was still relaxed.

    "Xiaofei, you're alive!" Nilu hugged Long Fei's body, and the pair of huge breasts marked Long Fei's "petite" head, making him almost unable to breathe.

    "Stop, Nilu, stop now, Long Fei can't breathe." Harribel walked to Nilu's side and said anxiously.

    "Ah?" Nilu heard Harribel's words, let go of Long Fei's body, and saw Long Fei rolling his eyes, "Don't die, Xiao Fei!"

    Her hands once again wrapped around Long Fei like a python, and kept tightening.  Harribel on the side could even hear the sound of Long Fei's bones breaking.  This is of course the result of Long Fei taking back all his power. He would not hurt Nilu, so he was hurt by the other party.

    "Have you made enough trouble?" A cold voice brought Long Fei and the others back to reality.

    A gust of cold wind blew by, forming a small whirlwind between the two groups of people, kicking up some dust, spinning upwards, and slowly dissipating.

    Nilu and Harribel looked at Carol nervously, ready to take action at any time, but they knew that they had very little power left, so their eyes showed desperate emotions.

    A faint smile appeared on Carol's solemn face, and she said secretly: [Although my current state is not as good as when I was at my peak, I still have to deal with Kurosaki Ryufei, who has completely become hollow, and there are two seriously injured people.  OK.  But Kurosaki Ryuhei¡¯s previous state]

    At this time, Long Fei took a step forward and stood in front of Nilu and Harribel. Perhaps due to his pride, Long Fei's feet were still floating in the air. For him now, "height" is the only thing that matters.  pain.

    Fortunately, he is not as short as Toshiro. Among his peers, he is relatively tall. It is not impossible for him to grow to 1.8 meters in a few years.

    "Carol, your opponent is me!" Long Fei said softly, but his voice clearly appeared in the ears of several people.

    "Xiao Fei, what are you talking about? How can you be his opponent now?" Nilu dissuaded him anxiously.

    "Yes, let's go together, so we can have some chance of winning!" Harribel catered.

    "? Saki Ryuuhi, although I don't know if the state just now will happen again, but you can't beat me now." Even Carol spoke.

    After Long Fei heard Carol's words, he knew that he had used complete virtual blur, because otherwise, he could not explain why he was still unharmed after being blasted through the chest.

    After lowering his head and standing silently for a while, Long Fei raised his head, with a rocky smile in his eyes, and said: "Then let me recreate the scene just now!"

    After finishing speaking, a burst of black and white energy descended on him again. He put his left hand on his face and lightly touched it, and a bull-head-shaped mask covered him.His cheeks were swollen, a hole appeared in his chest, and his long silver-white hair fluttered in the wind.

    "How could it be? Could it be that he can already control that state?" Carol looked at the mask on Long Fei's face in shock, and even Nilu and the others showed scared expressions.

    "I knew that I could become like this, and I also knew how to change into that state as quickly as possible, but that method was too dangerous. The knot must be completely destroyed, and then someone close to me could awaken it.  The sleeping will." When Long Fei said this, a look of joy appeared on his face under the mask, "Fortunately, this time you hit my chest, and Nilu awakened my consciousness, otherwise, it would really  died."

    When Carol heard this, she felt regretful in her heart, regretting why she didn't bomb Long Fei's head, or kill them both before Nilu and the others awakened Long Fei's consciousness.

    "Come on, let's have the final battle." Long Fei raised the sword in his hand.

    "Xiao Fei" When Nilu was about to say something, a roar interrupted his words.

    "Stark, protect the two of them, don't allow any mistakes." Long Fei shouted, his body rushed out quickly, collided with Carol, and flew into the sky, but the speed was slower than before.  Quite a bit, after all, he was the one using the power this time, and his consciousness had not yet adapted to the increase in power.

    "Shua!" With a sound, Stark scratched his head and appeared in front of Nilu and Harribel, stopping the two people who wanted to help Long Fei, "You'd better not do such a thing, now you  Being able to use it twice is already the limit, and going up in this state will only cause trouble for Long Fei."

    Stark¡¯s words dispelled the urge of the two to help, but Nelu did not give up. She looked at someone with expectant eyes.

    "I won't take action. This is Long Fei's battle. You should know the meaning of it." Stark immediately knew what Nilu meant, shook his head and refused.

    At this time, two powerful spiritual pressures emitted from the sky, and the red light was like a prairie fire. In the blink of an eye, it covered most of the sky, blocking everyone's sight.

    The people watching this battle were not only Al from the Dragon King Palace and Aizen from the Soul Society. Everyone in the Xuye Palace who was still awake was a witness to this battle. None of them took action.  Not only because of Aizen's order, but also because the two people fighting were so powerful that they could not match them.

    A few Arrancars who were not afraid of death rushed forward, wanting to "make contributions", but as soon as they got close, they were reduced to spirit children by the shock wave formed by the void flash energy.

    The blood-red light has not dissipated for a long time, but has a tendency to expand, because the two people in the light are performing their own unique skills. False flashes and false bombs appear in endlessly, making the red energy increase instead of decreasing, and they begin to think of virtual  The periphery of the Night Palace spread out.

    "This kind of battle is beyond our control." Lilynit also came to Stark's side. Looking at the huge energy in the air, a feeling of powerlessness emerged in her heart.

    "Isn't this what we expected?!" A bright smile appeared on Stark's face, "It's really good to have a powerful person as the target and leader!"
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