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Episode 7: The Sun of Tomorrow Episode 13 Chapter 13: Absolute Myth (please vote for me)

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    Episode 13, Chapter 13: Absolute Myth (please vote for me)

    Oh my God?  Is this the eighth level?  This bastard actually passed the eighth level?  I haven't passed the fifth level yet, but this bastard has reached the eighth level?  The first few levels were so difficult, how did he pass them?  too crazy.

    But the scene in front of me really doesn¡¯t know whether I should call him powerful or stupid.  If only he were powerful, he hadn't knocked out a single hair of the enemy yet, and the battle situation was already in despair. The entire mecha was on fire, and everything in front of him was a sea of ??fire. He couldn't see anything, and there was nothing he could do.  But call him stupid, he has been able to persist until now.

    ¡°How on earth did you do it, to end up like this?¡± Megan asked in surprise.

    "Don't make any noise." Tang Xiaoyan said.

    Meghan was immediately angry, but she suppressed her anger and waited a while to settle the matter.

    Then, Tang Xiaoyan was seen charging in the front direction. The mecha's alarm became more and more intense, and the mecha's outer shell was almost melted away.  The mecha's own fire extinguishing agent kept spraying, but the fire outside kept burning. When the fire extinguishing agent was finished, the fire was still burning crazily.

    Rush, rush, rush, you can¡¯t see anything in front of you, just rush forward.  Megan was surprised because Tang Xiaoyan was rushing towards the place where the enemies were most concentrated. Isn't this looking for death?

    "Bang" Finally, Tang Xiaoyan rushed out of the sea of ??fire, but the entire mecha was already crumbling.

    At this time, the only thing that will kill you is a few high-energy electromagnetic bombs flying in the distance.

    Tang Xiaoyan opened fire quickly, whoosh whoosh whoosh

    But the mecha was damaged and missed, with a big deviation.

    Tang Xiaoyan quickly calculated the deviation, fired again, and finally hit all the electromagnetic high-explosive bombs.  As luck would have it, the Tyrannosaurus mecha on the beach was covered and fell to the ground paralyzed.  However, due to Tang Xiaoyan's delay, the other two mechas attacked Tang Xiaoyan frantically.

    Although Tang Xiaoyan quickly dodged, an armor-piercing projectile swept through the leg of the mecha. Suddenly, it was wiped by a deep pit, revealing the wiring inside. The flames rolled over crazily and the wiring began to burn.  The mecha's leg immediately lost its function.

    Something that horrified Megan happened, Tang Xiaoyan jumped forward quickly on one leg, with the densest enemy in front of him.

    Tang Xiaoyan¡¯s Tyrannosaurus mecha jumped in with one leg like this crazily, running rampant and smashing the enemy¡¯s infantry into a pulp.  The tank artillery in front continued to fire, and Tang Xiaoyan's whole body suddenly fired wildly. All the cannons were firing, and the entire mecha suddenly turned into a hedgehog on fire.

    The enemies were too close, and they were immediately hit numerous times.  Almost all the infantry and armor were wiped out, and most of the Black Iron mechas and Hornet mechas also suffered casualties.  But the butterfly-wing mecha and bat mecha were too fast, and they all escaped.

    The enemy's Tyrannosaurus mecha hesitated for a moment, because Tang Xiaoyan was in the enemy group, and if they opened fire, they would hurt one of their own.  But after just hesitating for a moment, he continued to fire fiercely. Although it hurt Tang Xiaoyan, it also blew all the remaining few of his own people into pieces.

    Tang Xiaoyan could no longer take into account the artillery fire from the local Tyrannosaurus mecha at this time.

    "Bang" One arm was directly penetrated by an armor-piercing bullet, and half of the arm fell off.

    Megan could hardly bear to look at it. This Tyrannosaurus mecha was really beaten so badly.

    But Tang Xiaoyan still rushed forward crazily. After a moment of hesitation, the Hornet mecha in front of him stopped on the road and rushed forward.

    "Bang" Tang Xiaoyan punched directly, and the huge force caused the Hornet mecha to be knocked away dozens of meters. Tang Xiaoyan slashed with his sword, directly volleying and splitting the Hornet mecha into two.  cut.

    Right in front of you, the sea is right in front of you.  The Tyrannosaurus mecha was almost burned through and was about to be completely scrapped.

    At this time, the four butterfly-wing mechas and three bat mechas were completely intact. After looking at the Tyrannosaurus rex mecha that was on fire, they suddenly rushed forward, ignoring the raging flames and facing Tang Xiaoyan, who was already disabled.  The poor mech does crazy piercing cuts.

    "Bang" Tang Xiaoyan ignored the attacks of these mechas and jumped into the sea.

    Megan was completely stunned. Such a heavy mecha jumped into the sea. Can anyone save it?

    After the blazing mecha jumped into the sea, the fire finally went out due to lack of oxygen.  The four mechas wrapped around Tang Xiaoyan finally lost control and kept sinking.

    The enemy's two Tyrannosaurus mechas finally stopped attacking, and the battle was over.

    "Boom, boom, boom" Suddenly, there were several loud noises on the sea surface, and huge water columns rose into the sky.

    Tang Xiaoyan fired wildly at the seabed, and the huge recoil pushed Tang Xiaoyan's mecha away.??Sea surface.

    At this moment

    Tang Xiaoyan aimed at the two Tyrannosaurus mechas that were standing in a daze and fired all the armor-piercing bullets.

    "Boom, boom, boom" In the stunned eyes of the locals, two enemy Tyrannosaurus mechas were pierced through the chest, ko!

    Meghan was stunned!

    This, this is also okay?

    Although we won, it was too tragic.  Now that Tang Xiaoyan's mecha has become like this, how can he fight next?  You must know that the ninth level is the most terrifying ghost mecha.

    Megan wondered, under such circumstances, could the ninth level be opened?  Because there is no way to fight.  She has never seen the ninth level. Maybe the system will give Tang Xiaoyan a brand new Tyrannosaurus mecha. After all, the ghost mecha is different.

    The system didn¡¯t seem to feel the brutality of the battle just now, and the ninth level started as usual.

    But at first, Meghan almost went crazy.  How to fight this?

    A completely disabled mecha was lying on a high place. Yes, it was lying down. It could not even stand.  Lost a leg, an arm.  The entire mecha was completely unrecognizable. The entire surface was melted away by the fire and turned into an ugly lump of iron. It was impossible to tell that this was a majestic and murderous Tyrannosaurus mecha.

    Megan Mendes has never seen such a miserable mecha. What¡¯s even more funny is that the system allows the battle to continue.

    But the ninth level is different from the others. The armor, mechas, infantry, aircraft, and electromagnetic bombs that appeared in the previous eight levels did not appear. The entire battlefield was only filled with blazing flames among the rocks.  The incendiary bombs there were still burning, and the entire huge pile of rocks had been red-hot and burned, but the burning continued.

    Then, an extremely coquettish and beautiful ghostly mecha appeared.

    It is very small, very light, very elegant, very strange. It flew over from the sea, flew to the beach, and started to walk on the ground.

    It walked very slowly, and it was so beautiful that Megan couldn¡¯t help but look at the mecha from a God¡¯s perspective, and stopped looking at Tang Xiaoyan.

    It walked to the burning pile of rocks and paused for a moment.  Then walked in directly.

    ¡°I only saw a beautiful blue shadow walking in the burning fire hell, like an angel bathing in fire.  It was an easy walk, and the terrible fire did no harm to it.

    After it completely walked out of the Hell of Fire, there was no trace left on the beautiful mecha, not even black smoke.

    Then, it accelerated suddenly, really like a ghost.  A few hundred meters away, in an instant, only a blue afterimage was seen crossing the air.

    "Boom, boom, boom" The Tyrannosaurus mecha opened fire.

    All the bullets, all the cannons, and the missiles that I was reluctant to use before were all shot out.

    The hit on the ghost mecha only caused its body to tremble slightly and could not be damaged.  The strangest thing was that the missiles that were supposed to hit it flew past it.

    It just walked forward under the hail of bullets, and its speed slowed down again, as if it was enjoying the baptism of these guns.  When dozens of missiles passed by it, he even turned around and glanced at the disappearing missile tail flames, and then continued walking forward.

    "Whoosh whoosh" The Tyrannosaurus mecha fired out its trump card, several high-explosive electromagnetic bombs.

    "Boom, boom, boom" After a fierce explosion.

    Countless rays of lightning seemed to flash across the sky, and bursts of lightning flashed across the body of the ghost mecha.

    The ghost mecha began to tremble, and electric sparks began to appear all over its body.  Suddenly his legs folded and he fell to his knees, then seemed to fall to the ground.

    But after a moment, it shook again and stood up.  After vigorously shaking his limbs and neck, he continued walking towards the remains of the Tyrannosaurus Rex mecha.  Except for being a little burnt, the ghost mecha was intact.

    This is completely a bug, a bug with no solution.

    In front of us, a huge boulder of dozens of tons blocked the road.

    "Whoosh" A red light flashed, and an extremely bright laser flashed across.

    The boulder didn't move at all. The ghostly mecha warrior stepped forward and gave a gentle push. The boulder growing on the ground rolled to the right. Because it had been completely cut off by the laser just now, it was top-heavy. At this time, a slight push brought a huge  The momentum rolled off to the right.

    Ahead, there are several big trees, and Tang Xiaoyan is behind the big trees.

    "Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh" The ghost mecha suddenly threw out its super electric whip.

    A flash of light flashed, and a large tree with a diameter of more than one meter was entangled by the electric whip.

    "Boom" Suddenly, the whole big tree shook violently, and the whole green tree exploded.The big tree suddenly burst into flames. There was no blazing fire, but it was just like an electric spark that flew by quickly. The whole big tree suddenly turned into charcoal.

    With a slight pull, the huge tree fell to the ground.

    This is a bug, totally a bug.

    Finally, the ghostly mecha warrior came to Tang Xiaoyan's Tyrannosaurus mecha. His lofty gaze was filled with pity and indifference.

    With a flick of the electric whip in his hand, the almost invulnerable Tyrannosaurus mecha was cut open like tofu.

    The remaining leg was cut off, and the cut scar turned into red molten iron.

    Then, there was another whip, and the remaining Tyrannosaurus mecha was cut into pieces, like a lamb, without the ability to fight back.

    Even though she knew it was fake, Meghan still felt heartbroken watching it.

    However, when the ghostly mecha warriors completely cut the Tyrannosaurus rex mecha into pieces, they found that Tang Xiaoyan was missing, and the incomplete mecha was completely empty.

    ¡°3, 2, 1¡­

    There are only fast-beating numbers.

    The ghostly mecha warrior was startled and retreated quickly. It was really like a ghost, and its instantaneous speed reached hundreds of meters per second.

    But it¡¯s useless.

    "Boom" With a burst of light as bright as the sun, the Tyrannosaurus mecha exploded like a small nuclear bomb.

    ??In other words, this is similar to a nuclear bomb, because the energy center of this second-generation Tyrannosaurus mecha is indeed a small reactor.

    In the explosion of a small nuclear bomb, the ghostly mecha, which was almost a bug, faded away layer by layer like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, and was annihilated

    Even if it is destroyed, it is still so beautiful.

    Then, the ghost mecha was finished and died

    Megan was stunned, this, this is okay?  Is this considered a win?

    Megan quickly looked for Tang Xiaoyan¡¯s figure from God¡¯s perspective, and after a while, she finally found it.

    A violent explosion swept across the sea, creating a small tsunami.

    Tang Xiaoyan had already run far away. He was driving a speedboat left by the enemy and ran ** kilometers away.  He left the Tyrannosaurus Rex mecha early, but at that time Megan was looking at other places from God's perspective.  The ghostly mecha warrior was too arrogant and did not take the enemy seriously at all. He did not care whether Tang Xiaoyan was in the broken mecha.

    Then, Tang Xiaoyan used the computer that was almost scrapped to set up an automatic attack to automatically destroy the system.

    Just when it was about to explode, Tang Xiaoyan quickly jumped into the sea and escaped the terrible high temperature after the explosion, but the temperature of the seawater still rose to the point of scalding instantly.

    Then the small tsunami swept Tang Xiaoyan and rolled him, not knowing where he was going.


    What Megan cares about is, does this count as passing the ninth level?  Will the tenth level be opened or not?

    If she starts, then she will lose. Tang Xiaoyan is her uncle, and she will listen to whatever Tang Xiaoyan says.  She didn't want this.

    But she really wants to know what the tenth level is like?  The ghost mechas in the ninth level are so sharp, so how sharp are the mechas in the tenth level?

    Suddenly, Megan fell into a deep entanglement, not knowing whether she should lose or win.

    "Forget it, in the words of the bastards, just let fate"

    Of course, she misremembered this idiom and was resigned to fate.

    ¡°Dip!¡± The screen changed.

    The tenth level begins!

    The tenth level has really begun

    Megan's eyes widened. At this time, Tang Xiaoyan no longer had his mecha. He was lying on the beach with blood and scars on his body. He looked extremely embarrassed. He couldn't even stand up. The only weapon on his body was probably his waist.  of that pistol.

    However, the tenth level is the final level. The boss in the tenth level wears a mecha that is more powerful than the ghost mecha.  However, the Ghost Mecha is already the most advanced and powerful Mecha in the world.  Which kind of mecha is more powerful than the ghost mecha? It's really a puzzle that makes people crazy with curiosity.

    But at this time, the sea breeze was blowing and the waves were crashing, but there was no sign of the enemy, which was absolutely puzzling.

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