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Volume 2 The Road to Escape Chapter 29 The Apocalyptic Survivors of Agricultural University

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    Anti-riot armored vehicles rampaged through the streets, knocking down and crushing zombies one by one who dared to stand in their way.  Soon, Li Zhi and others advanced to a residential area in the city.

    "Help, help us!" Seeing the arrival of the anti-riot armored vehicles, the people still alive in the community burst out with great will to survive and ran to the window and shouted loudly.

    Some of these survivors have obtained magic cores and become super soldiers, but the vast majority are still ordinary people with no power.

    "Li Zhi!" Ji Yu shouted softly and looked at Li Zhi sitting next to him.  Obviously, this kind-hearted girl began to have compassion again.  However, after the last lesson, she has learned a lot and will no longer think that she is the savior and can beat the savior of the world.

    "Keep driving, we are not gods and can't save everyone!" Li Zhi said calmly to Xiao Gang who was driving.

    Xiao Gang sighed and stepped on the accelerator hard.

    Seeing the anti-riot armored vehicle and not stopping, the survivors suddenly began to shout violent curses in the community.

    Xiao Gang, who was originally a bit soft-hearted, suddenly changed color and became very ugly after hearing the abuse from the survivors, and his foot on the accelerator became much firmer.

    However, just as the anti-riot armored vehicle was about to drive out of the community, a young woman in her thirties rushed out of a building with a little boy in her arms and rushed straight towards the anti-riot armored vehicle.

    When the zombies in the community saw the young woman and the little boy, they roared and rushed towards them.

    In the blink of an eye, the young woman and the little boy were blocked by zombies and fell into a tight siege.

    "Please, please save my child. He has been hungry for several days. If he doesn't eat, he will starve to death!" The young woman desperately raised the child in her hands and begged the people in the armored vehicle.

    "What to do!" Upon seeing this, Xiao Gang couldn't help but step on the brakes and stop the armored vehicle.

    Looking at this woman who was still desperately protecting her son despite being surrounded by zombies, Li Zhi seemed to see his parents again.

    Shaking his head, Li Zhi sighed and said: "Cover me, drag this woman and boy in immediately, and then leave the community quickly!"

    With that said, Li Zhi opened the car door first and jumped out of the car.

    Li Zhi¡¯s zombie clone also jumped out from the roof of the armored vehicle with a roar and rushed towards the mother and son ahead of Li Zhi.

    I saw the zombie clone holding two fire axes. While charging, he quickly swung the ax and chopped down the zombies in front of him one by one.

    Li Zhi also ran quickly behind the zombie clones, taking out two submachine pistols, aiming at the zombies approaching the mother and son and shooting them repeatedly.  With the continuous gunshots of "Pengpengpengpeng", the zombies who were close to the two mother and son were hit in the head and died from headshots.

    "It's strange, Li Zhi actually has such good marksmanship!" Ji Yu was stunned, and then he took out his sniper rifle and pulled the trigger continuously, killing the zombies approaching the mother and son one by one.

    "Help!" When the young woman saw someone jumping out of the armored vehicle, she was overjoyed and shouted for help.

    Soon, Li Zhi ran to the mother and son, stretched out his arms to clamp the two of them on the left and right, and then quickly ran back to the armored vehicle under the cover of the zombie clones.

    After dragging the young woman and her child into the car, Xiao Gang quickly slammed the gas pedal and escaped from the community before other survivors rushed out.

    The moment a group of people rushed out of the community, several figures also appeared on the roof of a building in the community.

    "Hey, there's no need to test it now. The big fat man in the target should be a powerful close-quarters fighter. Judging from his movements, he should have received certain strength training, but his moves are unstructured and not dangerous. He should be using a submachine pistol.  He is an agile gunner, and his marksmanship is quite accurate, so he should be careful. The one who uses the sniper rifle should be a perceptual gunner, and his marksmanship is also very accurate, so he must be careful. The person with mental abilities should be among the remaining people. Today  Tonight we will attack those who have figured out their strength first!" The clown said to the trapeze brothers next to him while spinning the throwing knife in his hand.

    The black twin brothers looked at each other, and finally nodded and said: "No objection, the strength of these people is only at the level of second-level super soldiers at most. For us, who were a transnational killer group before the end of the world, killing them is not a piece of cake."  Disc?"

    Just when the clown and the black twins were discussing how to sneak attack Li Zhi and others, Li Zhi turned back with emotion and took a deep look at the community behind.

    "What's wrong?" Ji Yu sensitively discovered Li Zhi's abnormality and asked quickly.

    "It's nothing, let me close my eyes, I want to think about something!" Li Zhi smiled and continuedThen he closed his eyes and leaned his body on the seat.

    At this time, the young woman holding her son recovered from the shock and began to thank the people in the car continuously: "Thank you. If it weren't for you, my son and I would be dead. I will never forget your great kindness."  of!"

    Ji Yu smiled and said to the young woman, "You're welcome. What's your name, what kind of job do you have, and how old is your child?"

    The young woman quickly replied: "My name is Zhang Wenjing and I am a mathematics teacher. This is my son Zhang Bao'er. Bao'er, please call me sister!"

    ¡°Sister, I¡¯m hungry!¡± The little boy suddenly cried out in a milky voice.

    Ji Yu and Xiao Mi were both amused and laughed. They quickly took out snacks from their backpacks and handed them to the young women Zhang Wenjing and Zhang Baoer.

    Both mother and son were obviously very hungry. After receiving the food, they couldn¡¯t wait to tear open the packaging and wolf down the food.

    "Eat slowly, don't swallow!" Ji Yu took out two bottles of mineral water and handed them to the two of them.

    Suddenly, Xiao Gang slammed on the brakes, startling everyone in the car.

    "What's wrong?" Li Zhi asked as he opened his eyes.

    "There is an Agricultural University school bus ahead that is surrounded by a large group of zombies. What should we do?" Xiao Gang pointed forward and said.

    Li Zhi took a closer look and saw that a school bus with the words "School Bus for Agricultural University" was surrounded by a large group of zombies. Judging from the number of zombies, there were thousands of them.  But in the school bus, there were only a few transformed super soldiers struggling to fight the zombies, and there were also a dozen ordinary people hiding in the school bus in fear, not daring to move.

    In the group of thousands of zombies, there are hundreds of first-level zombies at the mini-boss level, and there are also several second-level zombies with special powers.

    ¡°Two of them were flaming zombies that Li Zhi and others had encountered before, and the other one was actually a lightning zombie with dazzling electric light all over its body.

    Fortunately, the few super warriors in that school bus were quite capable. One of them, a pig-headed man, stood at the front of the school bus with a rake in hand, raking away the zombies that dared to approach, as if the legendary Zhu Bajie was reincarnated.

    There is also a minotaur standing on the left side of the school bus with a hoe, like the legendary Bull Demon King. As soon as a zombie appears, he will hit it with a hoe, smashing his head and bleeding, and his brains will fly.

    There is another goat-headed man standing on the right side of the school bus, like a goat-headed devil in a Western fantasy novel, holding a fork. When a zombie approaches, he will skewer it and break his heart.

    At the back of the school bus, there are three super warriors standing, namely, the black chicken transformation, the teal duck transformation, and the white goose transformation. They are all holding iron rods. Their strength is much lower, but together, they can  Barely resisted the attack of zombies.

    However, there are too many zombies, especially those second-level zombies, which are a huge threat.  Fortunately, because there were too many zombies, these second-level zombies were kept at bay, otherwise the people in this school bus would have been doomed long ago.

    However, as the physical strength of several super warriors declined, their defense lines had to begin to shrink.  As a result, several powerful zombies rushed under the school bus and tried to overturn it.

    With the exertion of those powerful little bosses, the school bus kept shaking left and right, as if it could tip over at any time.  Once the school bus is lost as a defensive position, everyone inside, including those super soldiers, will be doomed.

    Li Zhi frowned and thought for a while, then suddenly waved his hand and said: "Ji Yu, stay in the car to protect Zhang Wenjing and her son, and provide cover by the way. The others will get out of the car with me to save others!"

    "Ah, isn't it? Captain, weren't you very cruel before? Why are you so stupid this time? There are thousands of zombies in front of you!" Yao Mei screamed in dissatisfaction upon hearing this.

    "Yes, there are so many zombies, aren't we going to die if we go up there?" Wang Zi and Shu Bei also looked at each other, hesitant.

    "Humph, I made the decision to save people for my own reasons. If you don't want to follow my orders, just leave this team!" Li Zhi smiled coldly, opened the door and jumped out.
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