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Volume 1 In the Human World Chapter 7 The Beginning of the Era of Cohabitation

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    Hearing this, a look that looked like a smile but not a smile flashed in the woman's autumn-like eyes.

    He glanced at Yang Fengnian lightly and suddenly said, "Are you from the Yang family?"

    Yang Fengnian was stunned for a moment, nodded and said: "Yes!"

    "Then you said, your name is Chen Jinnan!" The woman sneered, stared at him with narrowed eyes and said, "Are there any children named Chen in the Yang family?"

    "Tell me, who are you and what are your intentions in following me?"

    The woman's voice became cold to the bone again, and the long sword in her hand was raised with a swipe, pressing it against Yang Fengnian's throat.

    Yang Fengnian quickly raised his hand, looking at the sword edge that could see his own shadow in horror, feeling the cold breath on the sword edge, feeling both scared and angry.

    You are addicted to drawing swords, right?

    "Is it interesting to threaten a scholar like me?"

    ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? domineering,???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? meant that he just said it in his heart.

    Yang Fengnian drooped his face and said with a wry smile: "Okay, I'm Yang Fengnian, I'm from the Yang family. But don't worry, girl. I'm here because I want to check out why this person died!"

    The woman still didn¡¯t believe him. She held her sword and looked at him coldly: ¡°How can I believe you?¡±

    Yang Fengnian pointed back at the courtyard wall and said with a wry smile: "My home is inside. If you don't believe me, come with me and you will know. If you still don't believe me, just ask a servant of the Yang family and you will know!"

    The woman looked at him suspiciously.

    Yang Fengnian spread his hands and smiled bitterly, speechless.

    After seeing Yang Fengnian's clear eyes and harmless smile, the woman finally put aside her suspicion for the time being. After taking back her sword, she coldly snorted: "Go back to where you came from. You, a scholar, cannot interfere with the things here."  of!"

    Yang Fengnian breathed a sigh of relief, cupped his hands and said, "Although I am not called Chen Jinnan, my name is Scholar Sword uh, okay!"

    After saying half a sentence, I saw the woman frowning again, obviously impatient.

    Yang Fengnian remained silent knowingly, bowed his hands, and then turned around and walked towards the wall.

    However, just when he was about to climb over the wall and go back.

    Behind him, the woman's cold voice came over again: "Wait!"

    "Uhis something wrong?" Yang Fengnian turned his head and looked at her curiously.

    The woman glanced at him indifferently, then raised her delicate chin, pointed to the coffin in the pergola, and said calmly: "Go, help him turn over!"

    Yang Fengnian took a look and saw the extremely ugly and frightening mummy in the unnailed coffin. He raised his hand and pointed at himself in disbelief: "Shall I go?"

    Although he worked in a crematorium in his previous life and saw countless corpses, he is still a proven revolutionary warrior.  But, that was completely different from now.

    "Isn't this nonsense? Am I going to go?" Seeing Yang Fengnian looking like he had been cheated, the woman couldn't help but laugh. However, after a moment, she regained her cool demeanor and glanced lightly.  After taking a look, he said coldly.

    "All right!"

    Seeing that the woman was determined, Yang Fengnian could not refuse.

    The first is because the opponent has a big fist, and the second is because it is obligatory.

    After all, my previous plan was to do it myself.

    Now that I have help from others, I am still nagging and picky, which is a bit unreasonable.

    After agreeing happily, Yang Fengnian put down his long sleeves, wrapped his arms tightly, took a deep breath and walked towards the pergola.

    "He died violently and with a grudge. Once he sensed his popularity, he might fake his body. When you move, remember to hold your breath! Don't let yourself get involved! It's my fault for not reminding you!"

    The woman raised her scabbard and blocked Yang Fengnian. After giving some instructions, she put down her scabbard and let him pass.

    Yang Fengnian glanced at him in surprise.

    I saw the woman frowning again.

    Yang Fengnian felt funny in her heart, held her breath and walked over.

    After putting on the gloves beside the coffin, Yang Fengnian slowly picked up the body and turned him over.

    Beside him, the woman in the white dress walked over, glanced at her lightly, and then asked Yang Fengnian to put down the body.

    After the two of them took a step back, the woman raised her white jade-like finger and hooked a strand of black hair in front of her forehead.

    He said calmly: "There are holes in the back, and there are some hairy beards and the like. They should be things on the tree vines. It seems that the locust tree spirit is undoubtedly doing evil!"

    Although he was talking to himself, it seemed more like he was talking to Yang Feng.??Clear doubts.

    After hearing this, Yang Fengnian glanced at the corpse in the coffin, facing the loess and back to the sky, and smiled disdainfully: "Ha, in fact, if the Sophora japonica tree spirit kills all these people, it can't be said to be an evil act!"

    In this time and space where good and evil are not mutually exclusive, this is probably the first time I have heard of such rhetoric that confuses right and evil and only cares about good and evil.

    After hearing this, the woman in the white dress looked at Yang Fengnian in surprise, frowned and said, "Why do you think so? Do you have a grudge against him?"

    Yang Fengnian shrugged his shoulders and said with a relaxed look: "It's true, it's true, but it's true that it's not true. However, this man has done a lot of evil in his life, bullying men and dominating women, and doing all kinds of evil. In his hands, his family was destroyed and his family was destroyed.  I don¡¯t know how many people there are. If such a person dies, the world will be cleaner! It can be said that such a person is inherently evil. Now that the other person is using evil to stop evil, he is actually doing good in disguise. Of course, the premise is that Huai  Dryads have never killed a good man!¡±

    The woman in the white dress sneered: "How is this possible? According to what I have seen along the way, the Sophora japonica tree spirit does not distinguish between good and bad people. They often kill everyone on sight!"

    "So!" Yang Fengnian shrugged his shoulders and said with a smile: "They are like dogs eating dogs, and they have nothing to say!"

    The woman in the white dress was interested in hearing this, and she pursed her lips and smiled.

    This smile was like a flash in the pan at night. Although it was short-lived, Yang Fengnian, who saw this scene, couldn't help but lose consciousness for a while.

    The woman might be in a better mood at this time, but she didn¡¯t pursue Yang Fengnian¡¯s direct gaze.

    After suppressing his smile, he looked at Yang Fengnian and asked curiously: "A dog bites a dog with a hair in its mouth. Where did this saying come from?"

    Yang Fengnian sweated. After thinking about it, he waved his hands and said, "The sage said it. Master once said"

    The woman was too lazy to listen to his nonsense. After giving him a faint glance, she ignored him and turned away.

    Yang Fengnian was left alone, staying where he was, shaking his head, feeling embarrassed.

    After checking the body, the woman was ready to leave.

    But after Yang Fengnian enthusiastically sent out the invitation, the woman pondered for a moment and nodded in agreement.

    On weekdays, women wander around the world and are not picky about where they live.  No matter what mountain temple it is, people living in ruins have lived there.

    Of course, not being picky doesn¡¯t mean you don¡¯t want to live well.  just because of¡­¡­

    It¡¯s just that I¡¯m short of money.

    Now, after Yang Fengnian sent out the invitation, the woman basically agreed without even thinking about it.

    ¡° Moreover, she is not worried about what will happen if a man and a woman live alone in the same room.

    With Yang Fengnian's little strength, he can basically ignore it.

    Along the way, the two of them didn¡¯t talk much.

    After entering the house, the woman did not sleep. She just sat cross-legged on the bed, closed her eyes and meditated to breathe.

    And Yang Fengnian, whose bed was occupied, had no choice but to spread a meadow on the ground.

    Raising his head, he glanced at the woman who was sitting on the bed under the dim light, with her eyes closed and her hands clasped together, resting on her knees. She was as holy as a fairy.

    100% girl!

    After Yang Fengnian praised him in his heart, he took a deep breath and calmed down his mind.

    After guarding the entrance, you will enter concentration for a moment.

    After Yang Fengnian entered meditation, the woman on the bed slowly opened her eyes.

    Glancing at Yang Fengnian, who was sitting on the meadow with a natural expression, a hint of surprise flashed in his eyes.

    It turns out that he is really a practitioner?


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