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Volume 1 In the Human World Chapter 36 That Year, That Red Cloud

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    Yang Fengnian was stunned for a moment, then asked with a smile.

    It seems that this is not a bad thing.  You and Yan Chixia are going to fight for their lives, what are you doing with us?

    Nie Xiaoqian looked like he was hesitating to speak. After biting his lip, he still looked at Yang Fengnian firmly and said: "It won't work anyway, I want to act together with you!"

    Yang Fengnian said amusedly: "Butwhy?"

    Nie Xiaoqian hesitated for a moment and finally revealed the reason.  After taking a deep breath, his eyes were full of seriousness, and he looked at Yang Fengnian and said, "Because I'm worried that after you save people, you will disappear and ignore me!"

    After hearing the other party¡¯s cute little bit of small-mindedness, Yang Fengnian suddenly couldn¡¯t laugh or cry.  But after seeing Nie Xiaoqian's nervous expression, I understood something in my heart. He looked at her seriously and said softly: "Hey, so this is what you are worried about!"

    With that said, Yang Fengnian patted his chest and promised: "Don't worry, after finishing the work, as long as we are still alive, we will definitely take you out of this hellish place!"

    Nie Xiaoqian stubbornly stood in front of her, still refusing to give in, and said coldly: "Most of the betrayers are scholars, I don't trust you!"

    When Yang Fengnian heard this, he was immediately speechless.

    ¡°Believe it or not, let¡¯s talk about it. Being negative is what scholars say, just like it¡¯s nothing to you.

    Seeing that the other party¡¯s expression didn¡¯t seem to be hypocritical, Yang Fengnian was stunned for a moment and said in astonishment: ¡°You really want to go with us?¡±

    Nie Xiaoqian was a little annoyed with the other party's attitude. At this point, did she still think she was joking with him?

    "Yes, I must go with you!"

    At this time, Nie Xiaoqian no longer had the previous coldness and indifferent attitude towards everything.

    At this time, she was like a little girl who was afraid of being left behind by adults. Her calm eyes were full of unconcealable worry and fear.

    Biting her lips, she stared at Yang Fengnian, nervously waiting for the other party's answer.

    She was even a little scared, afraid of angering the scholar.

    You know, don¡¯t look at this scholar, he is wearing a long gown and looks gentle and elegant.  But everything that happened in the forbidden area yesterday showed the scholar's ruthless and extremely sinister nature.

    If the other party is dissatisfied, fall out on the spot.

    What should we do?

    Just when Nie Xiaoqian was feeling uneasy, waiting for Yang Fengnian's answer.

    The scholar opposite was stunned for a moment, then smiled freely, nodded and said, "Okay, no problem!"

    The tone was extremely casual, as if he was talking about a very common thing.

    Nie Xiaoqian was stunned for a moment, looking at the smiling Yang Fengnian in disbelief, and said in surprise: "You, what did you say, you agreed?"

    Yang Fengnian shrugged his shoulders, spread his hands and said, "Yes, since we are allies, we should act like allies. Since you are not afraid, then come with us!"

    After Yang Fengnian finished speaking, Zhanyan smiled at Nie Xiaoqian, then turned and left.

    However, after walking a few steps, I found that this woman was still standing in the pavilion, looking like she was hesitant to speak.

    Yang Fengnian felt funny in her heart, spread her hands and said: "Let's go!"

    Nie Xiaoqian was extremely happy and stammered: "Here, are you leaving now?"

    Yang Fengnian nodded and smiled, and said teasingly: "Otherwise, let's leave quickly. Make plans early and act early. After finishing the work, leave quickly. I don't want to stay in this damn place for a whole day!"

    Nie Xiaoqian pursed her lips and smiled, grabbing the front of her long skirt, she ran out of the pavilion quickly like a colorful butterfly.

    Jogging all the way, he arrived in front of Yang Fengnian.

    "Let's go, let's go!" Nie Xiaoqian lowered her head and said softly with a slightly red face.

    Yang Fengnian shrugged his shoulders, turned and walked towards the Baiyuan Garden.

    Along the way, Yang Fengnian kept talking about whether Wang Xiaoer would make false accounts, and he didn't know how his harvest in the restaurant was. They said that one day in the sky and one year on earth, he didn't know if he stayed in this enchanted space.  It's been two days, what's it like outside?

    There are all kinds of words like this. Along the way, I chattered and talked to myself.

    Nie Xiaoqian, who was hanging tightly behind her, followed hurriedly.  He lowered his head gently and bit his lip.  While listening to the scholar's chatter, the smile hanging on the corner of his mouth was extremely charming.

    After arriving at Baiyuan Garden, he winked at Yan Chixia who was sitting alone in the corner.

    Yan Chixia understood the idea and stood up first, walked out of the yard and walked home.

    Yang Fengnian has arrivedJuzhu and the two demons came forward and apologized, saying that they had something to do and wanted to leave first.

    At this time, the two demons of Ju and Zhu, who were being treated like the moon by the demons and stars, heard that Yang Fengnian was leaving and readily agreed.

    I have long been hoping that you will leave as soon as possible. If you leave, no one will steal the limelight from me.

    After Lord Juhua casually handed over her hand, she continued to chat about poetry with the banshees beside her.

    Yang Fengnian listened casually for a while, only to hear this guy shaking his head and reciting some obscene poems such as "Spring Breeze Caresses My Breasts".

    After shaking his head and smiling, he walked directly outside.

    We walked out of the archway and were about to go home directly.

    Suddenly, I felt someone behind me tugging at my clothes.

    Yang Fengnian turned his head and took a look out of curiosity.

    I saw Nie Xiaoqian, with her eyebrows furrowed and her pretty cheeks full of solemnity, looking ahead, at a covered bridge under the shade of green trees, a female ghost in red came gracefully.

    "What's wrong?" Yang Fengnian glanced at the female ghost in red and asked curiously: "Do you have a grudge against her?"

    Seeing Nie Xiaoqian biting her lip and staring at the female ghost in red without saying anything, Yang Fengnian smiled, glanced at the female ghost in red who was already walking towards here, stretched out her hand, patted Nie Xiaoqian's weak shoulder, and lowered her head.  The voice said: "If you have revenge, take revenge immediately. It's already here. If you don't take revenge, you won't have a chance!"

    Nie Xiaoqian raised her head, glanced at Yang Fengnian, and then lowered her head as if she was hesitant to speak.

    "What's wrong?" Yang Fengnian said funny.

    "I" Nie Xiaoqian blushed slightly, lowered her head, and whispered: "I, I can't beat her!"

    Hearing this, Yang Fengnian suddenly had a dumbfounded expression on his face.

    But then, she saw Nie Xiaoqian raising her head and staring at her angrily.

    Obviously he was very dissatisfied with himself for laughing at this time.

    Yang Fengnian smiled even brighter when she saw this cold and aloof woman showing such a little girl-like expression for the first time.

    Then, Yang Fengnian stretched out her hand, and then held Nie Xiaoqian's cold and soft hands in her slightly dull eyes.

    Then he turned around and walked towards the female ghost in red who was walking directly opposite, with a comfortable and relaxed smile on her face.

    Nie Xiaoqian was at a loss in her mind. She let Yang Fengnian pull him and walked towards the female ghost in red at a loss.

    When they arrived, the female ghost in red had not yet waited for the lady in red to scold Nie Xiaoqian with her arms akimbo.

    Yang Fengnian suddenly stopped, then turned his head and gave a very strange smile to the female ghost in red.

    At the same time, the palm hidden in the sleeve suddenly struck out.

    A ray of snow-white light bloomed instantly in the palm of your hand, and then converged instantly.

    There was a bang, a low muffled sound.

    The figure of the female ghost in red trembled slightly, then turned her head with difficulty, her eyes filled with disbelief as she looked at the scholar in front of him who was still smiling at him.

    The next moment, the female ghost in red became transparent.

    The wind blows and it is very soft.

    The female ghost in red stood there like a burst of red smoke.

    Drifting away with the wind, scattering.

    Disappeared into the air.

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