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Volume 1 In the World Chapter 41 Talent

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    Facing the overwhelming lotus leaves, they are as sharp as a knife.

    Yan Chixia, who was walking at the front, and Yang Fengnian, who was in charge of the rear, did not change their expressions and their speed did not slow down.  The moment the lotus leaf flew up, he immediately launched his flying sword.

    "The two peerless swords turned into two cocoons of light, one green and one gold, and wrapped the three people in them.

    Flying leaves came one after another, hitting the light screen heavily, causing ripples, and then fell to the ground feebly.

    Yang Fengnian and the other three walked along, and the bridge behind them was filled with broken lotus leaves.

    They walked across the arch bridge without any danger, and the moment the three of them stepped into the Pavilion in the Heart of the Lake.  The lotus leaves flying all over the sky suddenly stagnated in the air, as if they had lost their strength in an instant, and then fell one after another.

    He fell into the dark lotus pond and picked up a bunch of water splashes.

    The beast roars and huge explosions coming from the lotus pond have already alarmed the demon soldiers in the demon space.

    The three people standing in the pavilion looked at the countless firefly torches in the distance in the night, gathering together to form streams of firelight, and then gathered into several streams, gathering towards the lotus pond.

    ??Looking at the ferocious-looking monsters holding torches on the shore, listening to the curses in their mouths.  In the pavilion, Nie Xiaoqian lowered her head and said nothing, her delicate body trembling slightly.

    " Yang Fengnian and Yan Chixia, on the other hand, were shameless and looked indifferent.  Crossing his arms, with a mean smile on his face, he looked at the countless little demons opposite him with great enjoyment, spitting and cursing.

    After pausing for a while, Yan Chixia looked at the dark little demon on the other side, groped her chin, frowned and shook her head: "Slightly less literary!"

    Yang Fengnian nodded in agreement, folded his arms, and shrugged: "A little less coquettish!"

    Standing aside, Nie Xiaoqian, who was frightened by the monsters all over the mountains and turned pale, heard that the two brothers evaluated each other calmly, and the fear in her heart disappeared for a while.  He couldn't help laughing, and chuckled softly.

    After hearing the laughter, Yan Chixia turned her head and glanced at Nie Xiaoqian.

    Seeing Nie Xiaoqian lowering her head, she didn¡¯t dare to look at her.  Yan Chixia cast her stunned eyes on Yang Fengnian again.

    "Look what I'm doing!" Yang Fengnian glared at him angrily, waved his hand and cursed.  Then he turned his head, walked to the stone table in the pavilion, and said loudly: "It's time to work!"

    Yan Chixia chuckled, her eyes cunning.

    Removing the black black iron stone weighing more than a thousand kilograms in the pavilion is the entrance to the forbidden area. This is a bottomless black passage.  The gloomy, rancid gray gas blew from the cave. Although it was arousing to smell, it made Yang Fengnian's heart move slightly.

    I saw Yan Chixia pinching a fire talisman and preparing to throw it away.  Yang Fengnian quickly grabbed him, shook his head and said, let the wind dry him.

    Smelling this rancid smell, it is inevitable that the methane gas below is strong. Once a fire occurs, it will cause a violent surge.

    ????????????????? If it were just an explosion, and the demonic space was blown up to the sky, Yang Fengnian would not even frown.  The key is, Zhuo Yue is also inside.

    However, waiting is not an option.  Who knows how much poisonous gas there is in it? What if after waiting for three days, the day lily will be cold after the Sophora japonica tree spirit and her helpers come back from the devil world.

    After Yang Fengnian thought for a moment, he pointed at the bottomless black hole and muttered to him.

    Yan Chixia looked confused at first, but after a while, her eyes suddenly lit up.

    Afterwards, Yang Fengnian and Yan Chixia took action at the same time.

    The two completely different auras came together in a very mysterious pattern.  Then a medium to large whirlwind airflow was formed.

    Then, the two worked together to move the whirlwind into the mouth of the well.

    As soon as the cyclone submerged into the well, gray poisonous gas was seen coming out, as if it had been washed out by a range hood.

    After seeing this scene, Yan Chixia clapped her hands and praised: "Wonderful!"

    Yang Fengnian smiled and said calmly: "I have read some of them in books before, but I didn't expect that I would actually use them now!"

    Yan Chixia shook her head, looked at the mouth of the well where the poisonous mist emerged, and said calmly: "Not only is it important to study hard, but it is also important to practice. There are countless cultivators in the world, but only a handful can become masters. My dear brother, you know this is  Why?"

    Yang Fengnian also knew that Yan Chixia took the opportunity to impart her knowledge on Taoism.  After hearing this, he thought about it and said in surprise: "Talent or opportunity?"

    Yan Chixia did not refute. After nodding and smiling, she said in a deep voice: "Talent and opportunity count, but they are not the decisive factors. In fact, practicing one way is a??Cool arena.  Talent is the practitioner¡¯s ticket.  Those who can enter the world of spiritual practice are naturally talented.  However, what really determines how far a monk can go is personal creativity!  "

    After saying this, Yan Chixia turned her head and looked at Yang Fengnian, who was deep in thought. After smiling, she praised: "Xian brother, since you have entered the world of spiritual practice and are self-taught. This is enough to prove your extraordinary talent.  Although this little whirlwind just now seems a bit opportunistic, but speaking of it, it is the embodiment of creativity. The most important and valuable wealth of a monk lies in this. Dear brother, you must not belittle yourself!"

    In the past, some self-proclaimed masters from famous sects scorned this opportunistic approach and dismissed it as heresy.  But Yan Chixia is different from them.

    Hundreds of years of hard work and what she has seen and heard in the spiritual world have made Yan Chixia accustomed to countless heroes of the generation who are called the favored sons of heaven, and finally ended up disappearing from everyone.

    The reason for this is of course the shortcomings of the teachers.  But ultimately, the reason lies in their individual creativity.


    Yan Chixia sighed softly, her eyes full of expectation and admiration. Looking aside, Yang Fengnian, who was wearing a green shirt and frowning in thought, felt quite expectant in her heart.

    ¡°Perhaps, he can really be ranked among the immortals and reach the realm of immortality.

    Yang Fengnian stood in the pavilion, looking at the constantly rotating vitality at the mouth of the well, but what he was thinking about was another thing.

    The trajectory of the rotating vitality is extremely difficult to capture.  If this method is used properly when attacking, it will definitely have unexpected effects.

    Thinking of the sword moves that take a strong and upright path in my mind.

    Yang Fengnian groped his chin and thought to himself.

    Maybe, you can add some other ingredients.

    Not long after, the gray poisonous mist in the passage was drained away.

    The fresh air was like a flood that had found its entrance and poured in towards the wellhead.

    After the surrounding atmosphere gradually became calmer, Yang Fengnian asked Yan Chixia to throw a piece of burning talisman paper at the mouth of the well.

    After looking at the rapid flames on the talisman paper, they fell rapidly but did not go out.  Yang Fengnian raised his hands, tied the front of his gown around his waist, took the lead in taking off with his sword, and slowly descended into the passage.


    With the resumption of the Yuan Dynasty, everything is renewed. Everyone, happy Spring Festival and a happy New Year!

    Qiu Si wishes everyone a happy New Year!

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