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Volume 1: In the Human World Chapter 44: Inner Demon

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    Looking at the night, his wife and young daughter were waiting for him to return home at the entrance of the village.

    At this moment, the deepest and softest heartstring in Yan Chixia's heart was finally touched.

    He forgot that he was in an illusion, and he also forgot that this was all an illusion.

    He just wanted to run over and hug his wife and daughter tightly.

    Tell them that after a hundred years, he is finally back.


    Just when Yan Chixia was filled with excitement and her heart was filled with sweetness, she was speechless.

    On the hillside behind the village, a burst of red blood mist suddenly filled the air.

    The blood mist appeared without warning and then covered the sky.

    In an instant, the wind swallowed up the entire mountain village.

    In the fog, there are scary monsters with blood-red mouths, blue eyes, white skin, and wearing black cloaks.  In the blood mist, interspersed flight.

    The tranquility of the village was instantly broken. The quiet village was filled with screams of terror and unwilling roars before a tragic death.

    In front of the village entrance, under the poplar tree, a beautiful and gentle woman was trembling all over, holding her daughter in her arms with all her strength.

    Seeing this, Yan Chixia's eyes instantly turned blood red, she glared angrily, roared, waved her golden sword, and rushed over.


    The diffuse blood mist instantly swallowed up the mother and daughter.

    "Daddy! It hurts so much!"

    The crisp child's voice, with a cry, sounded in the blood mist, then weakened, and finally disappeared silently.

    Yan Chixia froze on the spot, her whole body trembling like chaff, her throat was clogged with anger and blood, and she couldn't speak.

    He could only open his mouth wide and roar in vain.

    Ah ah ah ah ah¡­¡­

    The golden sword was waved, but it was difficult to hurt the monsters that were galloping through the blood mist.

    When the blood mist receded, the originally quiet and warm village was left in a mess, with blood and broken arms all over the ground.

    Yan Chixia walked over in despair, and with a plop, she knelt under the blood-stained poplar tree.

    ?? Stretched out a trembling hand and grabbed a piece of jade pendant in the soil.

    Then, with all his strength, he held it tightly in his hands.

    I feel like crying but have no tears, only the blood of my heart is dripping down from my heart full of wounds.

    "I will definitely kill you, I will kill you, I will kill you, I will kill you!"

    Yan Chixia knelt on the ground, holding the jade pendant in her fist, trembling violently.  With chapped lips, he spoke slowly.

    Thinking of my daughter¡¯s miserable and helpless voice, and my wife¡¯s determined look before she died.

    Yan Chixia¡¯s throat felt sweet, and the fishy smell of blood hit her heart.

    With a pop, a mouthful of blood spurted out.

    Yan Chixia stretched out her hand and stood up with difficulty while taking advantage of the ground.

    With blood-red eyes, looking at the gloomy mountains, he looked like a madman, roaring at the top of his lungs: "I will definitely kill you, kill you"


    The moon is bright at night, and the shadows of the trees on the windows are mottled.

    Green lamps and candles are burning, and the study is fragrant.

    A dignified and loving woman in a simple long dress was holding a beautiful woman in a blue dress. Her eyes were full of tenderness as she looked at the middle-aged scholar sitting at the table, writing furiously.

    ¡°Master, it¡¯s getting late, go to bed early!¡±

    The woman walked over, stretched out her catkin and pressed the scholar's hand, and said softly.

    The scholar smiled, turned his head, held the woman's hand, and said softly: "Woman, as an official, I naturally want to work for the welfare of the people here! The land in the south of the Yangtze River is seriously flooded, and the court is bewitched by evil spirits.  They are providing disaster relief, but they believe in evil cults. How can I sit back and ignore this?"

    After finishing speaking, the scholar hesitated for a moment, then put down the brush, turned his head, held the woman's hand, and said softly: "You make time. You and Qian'er go to bed first. I will go back after I finish writing this memorial."  Got it!"

    After saying this, the scholar glanced at the daughter who was standing aside with a pouted look on her face. After shaking her head and smiling, she said softly: "Qian'er, don't be angry. When next year's Dragon Boat Festival, daddy will definitely take care of you."  Would you like to go watch the dragon boat racing?"

    Nie Xiaoqian lowered her head and grabbed the hem of her skirt, and said aggrievedly: "Dad, you always say it, but you can't get it!"

    The middle-aged scholar laughed and promised: "Don't worry, I will definitely take you there next year, and our whole family will go together!"

    "By the way, look at those well-educated people. I think my Xiaoqian's appearance will definitely makeThey are fascinated!  Ha ha!  "The scholar laughed, reached out and touched Nie Xiaoqian's hair, jokingly saying to his daughter.

    Nie Xiaoqian blushed, lightly stamped her foot, and said angrily: "Daddy!"

    Beside, the lady looked at the father and daughter lovingly, smiling lightly.


    Next year, April, Qingming Festival.

    Father and daughter, pure and white, stand in front of a deserted tomb outside the city.

    Nie Xiaoqian¡¯s tears fell like rain, and she knelt in front of the grave, crying and burning paper money.

    "Mom, daddy is going to Beijing, and daddy has become a high official. Oh, mommy, haven't you been looking forward to this day? Please say something!"

    The cold wind of early spring raged by, leaving the grass desolate.

    Only Nie Xiaoqian¡¯s heart-wrenching cry, and the paper dust picked up by the wind, drifted away with the wind.

    The middle-aged scholar raised his hand to grab the handkerchief, blocked his lips, coughed lightly, and saw a trace of bright red blood, which was shocking.


    Severe winter, ten miles of slope.

    The vast snowy wilderness can¡¯t be seen at a glance.

    In the lonely carriage, there is no protection from the wind or snow.

    In the carriage, the brazier had long been extinguished and it was frighteningly cold.

    Nie Xiaoqian, who was thinly dressed, lay feebly in the carriage, motionless.

    Outside the car, the cold wind was raging and the snow was falling.

    By the campfire that was almost extinguished, the middle-aged scholar clumsily held a bowl of hot water, got up and ran back to the car.

    "Qian'er, Qian'er, drink some water, Qian'er, Qian'er, you are a gorilla!"

    The middle-aged scholar panicked and stretched out his trembling fingers to explore Nie Xiaoqian's nose.

    Suddenly, the middle-aged scholar withdrew his hand as if he was electrocuted.

    His expression changed drastically, and his face was like gold paper.

    Under the sloppy beard, his lips pursed.  Two lines of hot tears rolled down the vicissitudes of his face.


    A cry of grief resounded in the carriage.  ,

    Not long after he left the carriage, he was swept away by the raging cold wind and disappeared without a trace.


    Nie Xiaoqian, who was on the side of the Demon Palace, huddled in the corner with her hands on her knees, tears streaming down her face.


    ? Under night, on the outskirts of Jiangnan City.

    The entrance of a dilapidated welfare home.

    A man and a woman dressed in ordinary clothes, holding a sleeping baby in their arms, stood at the door, looking hesitant and struggling to the extreme.

    The woman sat helplessly on the ground, looking at the baby in the man's arms, tears streaming down her face.

    The man lowered his head, pressed his forehead tightly against the baby's forehead, and murmured to himself in a trembling voice.

    "Fengnian, don't blame your parents for being cruel. The only blame is that you are in a home that cannot tolerate you! There is nothing you can do about it"

    After saying that, the man raised his hand and wiped away the tears from the corners of his eyes.  In a cruel move, he placed the sleeping baby at the entrance of the orphanage.

    Then he got up, took the woman who was crying heartbrokenly, and left here.

    "Fengnian, my son"

    In the night, the woman's shrill scream echoed over the deserted suburbs and lingered for a long time.


    Six years later, in the courtyard of the welfare home.

    A little girl with braids, holding a lollipop, squatted in front of a lonely child, whispering something.

    "My name is Kong Kanglian, what's yours?"

    "My name is Yang Fengnian!"

    "Yang Fengnian, what a nice name!" The girl smiled sweetly, then reached out and handed the lollipop to Yang Fengnian: "Here you go!"

    "For me?" Yang Fengnian raised her hand to wipe her nose and asked happily.

    "Well, it's for you!" The girl smiled sweetly and nodded vigorously.

    The boy took the lollipop and licked it. It was very sweet. Then he smiled: "Then can you be my wife?"

    "Okay!" The girl nodded, giggling.

    "I, Yang Fengnian, have a wife, and I can play house too!"

    Yang Fengnian, holding a lollipop, stood in the courtyard of the welfare home like a war hero returning from victory, talking happily.


    Seventeen years later, on the busy street.

    A BMW parked on the side of the road. A fat-headed boss in the car looked impatiently at the beautiful woman outside the car who was talking to Yang Fengnian.

    "Why?" Yang Fengnian had tears in her eyes.He spun around, pointed at the man in the BMW on the roadside, and said bitterly: "Is it because of his bad money?"

    Kong Kanglian shook his head with a cold face: "Yes!"

    "But, I will have it!" Yang Fengnian looked excited and wanted to reach out and grab the girl's hand.  But the girl avoided him.

    Kong Kanglian took a step back, a look of pain flashed through her calm eyes, and she shook her head and said, "I can't afford to wait, and neither can the younger brothers and sisters in the orphanage. I'm sorry, Yang Fengnian!"

    After saying that, Kong Kanglian turned around and walked towards the BMW.

    Behind him, Yang Fengnian hurriedly took two steps to catch up and shouted loudly: "Three years, give me three years, I will definitely be able to do it!"

    Hearing this, Kong Kanglian stopped slightly, turned her back to the man who yelled at him, and said coldly: "You know, Yang Fengnian, you are the smartest one in the orphanage, and the dean has high hopes for you.  But what about you, what did you do? You broke everyone's heart. You live in the shadow of being abandoned by your parents every day, giving up on yourself. It's like this every day, we've been waiting for you day after day, year after year.  One year, but what about you? Ha!"

    Kong Kanglian raised her hand to wipe away the tears that had been left on her face for some time, shook her head and said: "Now, I can at least provide a comfortable environment for my younger brothers and sisters, but you, you don't have any ambition at all, even your own beloved woman  They all look down on you"

    After a moment of silence, the woman said nothing, never looked back, and went straight into the car.


    In the Demon Palace, red demonic energy lingers throughout the entire hall.

    Like a nightmare, it swallows everyone up.

    There was silence in the huge demon palace.

    Yan Chixia was sitting on the ground, her eyes were blood red, and her body was filled with murderous aura, as if the god of murder was alive.

    Nie Xiaoqian burst into tears and huddled in the corner with a pale face.

    Yang Fengnian stayed in front of the cage, looking dull.

    But if someone comes close, you can see that his dull eyes quietly flashed with light, and then lit up instantly like a spark in a prairie fire.

    After a long time, Yang Fengnian finally recovered from his dull expression.

    He raised his head and took a deep breath.  Then he reluctantly concealed the parting scene in front of the orphanage at night, as well as the pretty face that was deeply imprinted in his mind, but he always remembered the woman's words before leaving.

    Yang Fengnian raised his head, clenching his fists hidden in his sleeves. On his resolute cheeks, a relaxed smile mixed with tears, and finally condensed into a sentence.

    "I see!"

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