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Volume 1 In the Human World Chapter 58 The dimly lit place

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    A gust of cold wind blew by, and the second young master of the Yang family shivered uncontrollably.

    What's going on here?  Did he suddenly catch a cold?

    Young Master Yang frowned, feeling extremely suspicious.

    He raised his head and glanced around.  I found that my eyes were a little dizzy.

    Everybody is drifting.

    Like a lonely soul without an owner, it was floating lightly in front of his eyes.

    Then, these floating crowds suddenly rushed towards him.

    Seeing this scene, Young Master Yang was immediately frightened to death.

    For a moment, he was confused, waving his hands crazily, and screaming.

    There was a snap, and there was a burning pain on my face.

    Only then did Yang Ershao, who was in madness, come back to his senses.  Covering his burning face, he looked at the young man in purple beside him with a surprised look on his face, who was glaring at him angrily.

    The young man in purple clothes doesn¡¯t know what happened, but his handsome face has long lost his graceful figure.  Instead, his nose was bruised, his face was swollen, and he had a few scratches on his body. His long gown was like a shabby door curtain, and he looked like he had been beaten aside by the crowd.

    "Young Master Wang, what's wrong with you?" Young Master Yang panicked and asked worriedly.

    The young man in purple raised his hand and wiped away a trace of blood from the corner of his mouth that had just been caught by this bastard. He smiled coldly and suddenly raised his foot and kicked Er Shao Yang in the face: "Fuck you!"

    It fell with a sound.  Second Young Master Yang saw a dark footprint covering his face.

    Then, he covered his face forcefully.

    Second Young Master Yang raised his hands to cover his face, which looked like a soy sauce shop, screamed, and then fell straight to the ground and passed out.

    "Throw it out!" The young man in purple raised his hand and rubbed a bruise on his face, and his painful muscles twitched.

    Thinking back to the sudden and crazy grab by this bastard.  My heart became even more angry.

    Seeing the motionless Second Young Master Yang lying on the ground, the purple-clothed young master could not bear the anger in his heart, and waved his hand and said to the servant who rushed over.

    The servant took the order in a deep voice, and a group of people stepped forward, lifted the unconscious Yang Ershao on the ground, shouted a slogan, and threw him out of the crowd.

    The sudden reversal in the field made many onlookers a little confused.

    We were originally friends wearing a pair of pants, but why did they suddenly start fighting?

    Until the instigator Yang Ershao was thrown out, he didn't come back to his senses.

    However, after seeing the miserable condition of the county prince with a bruised nose and swollen face, everyone was puzzled as to why these two men suddenly started to bite each other, but they were still extremely happy in their hearts.

    After this incident happened, the prince in purple clothes felt a little depressed for a while.

    After giving Yang Fengnian a cold look, he raised a sneer at the corner of his mouth: "Yang Fengnian, you are very good!"

    After saying that, he turned around and left with his servants.

    Prince Wang left with a group of his men, and the people and villagers who gathered around, waiting to see the fun, sighed with regret, and then left in low spirits.

    I thought it was going to be fun, but unexpectedly, it was just a chat.  Tsk, what the hell!

    After everyone left, the scene returned to normal.

    At this time, a dull explosion sounded in the night sky in the south.

    Everyone turned to look and saw gorgeous fireworks shooting high into the sky in the dark blue night, and then exploded loudly.  In the brilliant colors that illuminate the night sky, fireworks explode one after another.

    When more than a dozen fireworks exploded in the night sky, bursting into brilliant colors, the excited people applauded.  The scene was extremely lively.

    In the night sky, fireworks bloom.

    Zhuo Yue pursed her lips with a slight smile, turned her head and looked at Yang Fengnian.  A hint of joking flashed through her beautiful eyes, and she whispered softly: "Yang Fengnian, where are your poems? You just promised me!"

    Yang Fengnian smiled freely, shrugged and said with a smile, "What's the problem? Just open your mouth and do it!"

    "Okay!" Zhuo Yue said with a slight smile, "Zhuo Zhuo is all ears!"

    Yang Fengnian took a deep breath and stood proudly with his hands behind his back.

    The look in his eyes was calm and indifferent, and there was a confident smile hanging on the corner of his mouth.  Looking at the fireworks blooming in the deep blue night sky.

    After a moment of pondering, the scholar's clear voice was particularly clear amidst the dull sound of firecrackers.

    "The east wind blows thousands of trees and flowers into bloom at night. It blows down like stars like rain"

    In the sound of Langlang's poetry, the flowers in the southern night sky bloomed successively.

      Among the gorgeous colors, Zhuo Yue, dressed in a white dress, stood under the dim light.  The breeze blows, and the skirt corners fly.

    Turning his head, he glanced at the scholar whose blue shirt was dancing in the wind, smiled slightly, and looked away.  In my ears, the magnificent poems seemed even more extraordinary in this festive and lively night.

    "The crowd searched for him thousands of times. Suddenly looking back, that person was there, in a dimly lit place"

    The gorgeous poetry has come to an end, but the unique atmosphere lingering in the poetry cannot be dissipated for a long time.

    The woman raised her small chin, her beautiful eyes gleaming, looking at the fireworks blooming in the night sky, and smiled.


    Not far away, in a dark alley.

    Suddenly, two green rays of light disappeared in an instant.


    The next day, it was still dark.

    The blue night still envelopes Qinghua County.  A thin layer of mist floats over the quiet Qinghua County, like a translucent white ribbon, lingering in the wind.

    Last night, Qinghua County caroused all night long.

    Early this morning, the sleeping people seemed to have not yet woken up from their carnival dreams.

    There are few pedestrians on the street, the morning fog lingers, and the clean stone road is covered with white frost.

    The yard on the west side of Yang¡¯s house is covered with dead grass.

    The cold wind of early spring blows, and the withered yellow grass leaves sway gently in the wind.

    In the yard, by the well.

    Nie Xiaoqian, who was wearing a purple dress, had been sitting by the well for who knows how long.

    There is a little sadness on her pretty cheeks.  His clear eyes were slightly red, as if he had cried.

    The breeze blows, and the blue hair on the forehead is messy in the wind.

    After Nie Xiaoqian came to her senses, she turned her head and looked at a room not far away.

    I don¡¯t know what I thought of, I shook my head gently and smiled bitterly.

    Raising his hand, he lifted a strand of messy hair from his forehead.  Holding his knees with both hands, he stood up slowly and prepared to enter the house.

    But at this moment, the door that had been closed before opened with a creak.

    The scholar appeared at the door wearing white pajamas, rubbing his sleepy eyes.

    "Whoever wakes up from the big dream first, I will know it in my life!"

    Yang Fengnian, who had the demeanor of a reclusive sage, said something casually.  When he opened his eyes, he suddenly saw Nie Xiaoqian standing at the mouth of the well with a sad expression.

    Look at her, then look at the well.

    Yang Fengnian was confused and suddenly thought of something.  The sleepiness that filled my mind was instantly swept away.

    "No!" Yang Fengnian's expression changed drastically, and he shouted as he rushed over.

    Under Nie Xiaoqian's puzzled gaze, Yang Fengnian rushed to her. Without saying a word, he stretched out his arms and hugged Nie Xiaoqian tightly.

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