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Volume 1 In the World Chapter 64 An old friend comes in late spring in March

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    When Yan Chixia said this.

    The earthly master, who was originally a party and respected by incense, was now like a competent and dedicated servant, walking around the barrier with a cane, and inspecting the spirit-gathering formation within the barrier with a serious expression.  operation.

    This reward from the Land Master made Yang Fengnian feel a little deserved.

    It was an unintentional move to save him, but I never thought that this old man would repay him so generously.

    Especially when he saw this old man who had lived for ten thousand years and whose white beard almost touched the ground, like a top, diligently wandering around the barrier, it made Yang Fengnian feel bad.

    "Old Tan, don't be busy, come and have a cup of tea!" Yang Fengnian, who was sitting on the stone chair, picked up the teapot, added a new cup of tea, and said to the Earth Master with a smile.

    The name of Lord Tutu is easy to remember. His surname is Tan and his name is Tan.

    Tan Tan was the chief of the pavilion in the Western Zhou Dynasty.

    Because during the war, he died under the knife of the rebels in order to protect the people in the village.

    Later, heaven thought of Lao Tan's heart to save all sentient beings, and granted him the status of god.

    It became a piece of land in Qinghua County.

    ¡°However, it¡¯s funny to say it.

    "Lao Tan is too straightforward to please the immortals, and he is too shy to pay bribes with his colleagues.

    Therefore, nearly ten thousand years have passed.  The other land lords who were granted the title together with him are now high-ranking gods.  Lao Tan's position as land god has always been unshakable.

    After getting along for a while, everyone also came to understand this land man¡¯s dedication and even his sincere character.  However, I also fell deeply in love with this stubborn old man.

    As time went by, Lao Tan also had his own nickname.  Yang Fengnian and Yan Chixia called him Lao Tan, but Zhuo Yue called him by his nickname with a smile and talked.

    ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????OUTOUT out out of nowhere, Yang Fengnian was shocked when he heard Zhuo Yue call him Tu Tu Ye like this.

    It seems that this one respects the old and loves the young

    However, what made Yang Fengnian even more astonished was that the landlord Lao Tan didn't take it seriously at all, and he still looked respectful and saluted Zhuo Yue.

    Later, Lao Tan also told Yang Fengnian the whole story.

    It turns out that Zhuo Yue, who lives in the thatched house in the center and is as beautiful as a fairy in a white dress, is also from the Western Zhou Dynasty.

    ¡° Moreover, counting the days, he is hundreds of years older than Lao Tan.

    After hearing the news, Yang Fengnian was shocked.

    Turning her head with difficulty, she looked with disbelief at Zhuo Yue, who was squatting on the grass in front of the door, playing with a little white rabbit, with a very strange expression on her face.


    March time flies by in a flash.

    As spring passes and summer solstice passes, the snow disappears and the grass turns green.

    In the wilderness, the grass is green and the trees are green.

    The blazing sun hangs high in the sky, exuding a fire-like aura and scorching the earth.

    Ten miles uphill, in dense woods.

    The cicadas chirp continuously day and night.

    On this night, the moon was bright and the stars were sparse.

    In the thatched houses on the left and right sides, Zhuo Yue and Yan Chixia were sitting cross-legged in their respective houses, meditating and practicing non-stop.

    But Yang Fengnian stood at the door of his thatched house, looking up at a dark cloud floating in the night sky from the north.

    I saw dark clouds stopping over Qinghua County, covering the bright moon.  Yang Fengnian narrowed his eyes slightly, frowned, and looked full of thoughts.

    Not long after, the earthly master Lao Tan also emerged from the temple.

    I saw Yang Fengnian standing at the door, looking up at the sky and stargazing.

    Old Tan trotted over quickly and said to Yang Fengnian with a solemn expression: "The demon has come to Qinghua County and is very powerful!!"

    When Yang Fengnian heard this, his heart trembled.

    Turning his head, he saw Lao Tan¡¯s solemn gaze, frowned and thought for a moment, then turned sharply and walked towards Zhuo Yue¡¯s room.


    In the early morning of this day, it was still dark, and in the blue evening air, white cold mist lingered in the streets and alleys of Qinghua County.

    At the gate of the city, the newly appointed magistrate of Qinghua County, along with all the officials of Qinghua County, were hit by the disaster early.

    The cold wind blew by, and the county magistrate, who was wearing a patchwork official robe, sucked in the cold snot from his nose.  He lifted up his sleeves and wiped them, then stood on tiptoes and took a look deep into the mist-shrouded official road.

    See the thick fog like smoke, lingering and flowing.

    There was still no sign of any guests on the frosty official road.

    With anxiety in my heart,The officials in Qinghua County, who had been frozen for several hours, couldn't help but become impatient.

    "Why aren't you here? Something happened on the road, right?"

    The low-slung man, like the county magistrate, wore an official robe that was full of patches and turned white after washing. He sniffed his red nose, looked at the mist-shrouded official road, and murmured in a low voice.

    "Impossible, the Imperial Guard is here, accompanied and protected by the Royal Palace Guards. That short-sighted guy who dares to take advantage of this team is looking for death, isn't he looking for death?" The county government clerk raised his hands in his sleeves and rubbed the garlic.  Nose, frowned and shook his head.

    "Then why aren't you here? Logically speaking, you should have arrived a long time ago!" Wu Zuo was very puzzled and looked a little angry.

    The clerk shrugged his shoulders and said with a wry smile: "Who knows, maybe the Imperial Master is still resting after a long journey!"

    "Tsk, what a long journey, I think he's just putting on airs. Damn it!"

    Behind him, there was a disdainful snort.

    The tone was full of dissatisfaction and contempt.

    Who is so bold as to dare to slander the current Imperial Master?

    Everyone turned around following the sound and saw a disheveled, careless middle-aged man walking over with a folding fan in his hand and a belt tied on.

    After seeing this person coming, the county magistrate who had been speaking was a little dissatisfied. After glancing at him displeased, he looked away and said indifferently: "Why are you here now?"

    "Isn't he here yet?" Wang Xian Cheng glanced at the county magistrate with a sneer, and replied casually while tying his belt.

    When the county magistrate heard that the county magistrate dared to contradict him, he became more and more angry. With a black face, he reprimanded: "The Imperial Master takes your Majesty to tour the world. This is a blessing for the officials from all over the Southern Dynasty. As the leader of this party,  Book, you don't take it to heart so much. What's the reason? Could it be that you are dissatisfied with the Imperial Preceptor? Or are you dissatisfied with His Majesty?"

    The county magistrate was stunned when he heard this, and cursed in his heart, what a hat.

    ¡°Hmph, but do you think I am a three-year-old child and should be frightened by you?

    The county magistrate sneered and opened his mouth to refute.

    But at this moment, there was a sudden sound of horse hooves in the mist.

    A moment later, a cavalryman wearing golden armor rushed over from the mist on horseback.

    After seeing this person, the county magistrate quickly told the officials around him to tidy up their clothes and prepare to welcome the arrival of the imperial master.

    Even the county magistrate who was about to refute quickly stopped speaking, lowered his head, and bowed to greet him.

    However, when the knight arrived at the city gate, he reined in his horse and stopped.

    But he did not stand up and dismount, but sat on the horse, holding the reins, and glanced at the beggar-like crowd in front of him.

    After scanning around, the knight focused his gaze on a fat man in the crowd who was wearing the most ragged clothes but had a fat head and big ears.  After riding the horse one step forward, he raised the whip in his hand and pointed it at the fat man, saying condescendingly: "You are the magistrate of Qinghua County, Wang Dekuai?"

    The magistrate nodded quickly, raised his head and smiled flatteringly, and said to the knight: "I am the magistrate of this place, Wang Dekuai! May I ask, sir, where is the Imperial Preceptor now? We can prepare a banquet as soon as possible to greet the Imperial Preceptor.  !¡±

    The knight raised a disdainful smile, glanced at him, turned his horse's head and prepared to leave.

    "The purpose of taking His Majesty to inspect the country this time is to inspect the sufferings of the people. Therefore, the banquet is not required. Now, the Imperial Master has moved to the Yang Family Courtyard. As for when he will enter the city, there will be notice. So.  "My lords, please go back first!" After saying these words, the knight jumped on his horse, raised his whip, and rode away.

    The sound of horse hoofbeats sounded quickly.  After a while, it disappeared into the mist.



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