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Volume 1: In the Human World Chapter 67: Dark clouds cover the sky and rain is about to come

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    Seeing that Yan Chixia is getting more and more enthusiastic, she plans not to give up until she helps Yang Fengnian become a matchmaker today.

    Yang Fengnian quickly begged for mercy, took Yan Chixia and went to find Lao Tan.

    Since having a new home, Lao Tan has become more and more cheerful and cheerful.

    ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????: A?head of?white hair that was like a bush of grass, is now neatly combed and shiny.

    Sometimes, Lao Tan couldn't help but show off his coquettishness and recite a few lines of poetry.

    ??Looking at this posture, this old landowner who has lived for more than 10,000 years has a lot of signs of seducing a woman from a good family, and the dead wood will become spring again.

    Every morning early in the morning, Lao Tan walked back and forth in the barrier on crutches.

    Humming a little tune, he checked the operation of the barrier with a smile on his face.

    When I saw Lao Tan, Lao Tan was setting up a bonfire and a stove by the stream. It seemed that he was preparing for a picnic.

    After seeing Yang Fengnian and Yan Chixia approaching, Lao Tan quickly stood up and bowed to Yang Fengnian respectfully.

    When Yang Fengnian saw this, he smiled bitterly and shook his head.  He rushed over in three steps and supported Lao Tan: "It doesn't have to be like this!"

    The stubborn old man gave the gift to the end, shook his head and said, "The gift cannot be discarded."

    Feeling the strength and tenacity of the old man bending down, Yang Fengnian had a speechless smile on his face.

    Turning his head, he smiled helplessly at Yan Chixia.

    Yan Chixia laughed loudly, then moved her eyes elsewhere, pretending not to see it.

    After seeing the ceremony, the three of them sat by the stream, smelling the aroma of fish soup emanating from the pot licked by the flames on the bonfire.

    They chatted about how to deal with this Sophora Tree Spirit¡¯s senior brother, the Southern Dynasty Imperial Master.

    Over the past few days, several people in the barrier have discussed it.


    First, lay spells and formations on Shilipo.  At the maximum level of consumption, this cobra demon is rumored to be in the Nascent Soul stage.

    Second, after he broke through the formation, it is estimated that the demon element in his body has been almost exhausted.  When the time comes, Yang Fengnian, Yan Chixia, and Zhuo Yue stand shoulder to shoulder, and they will probably be able to defeat him no matter what.

    You must know that among the three of them, Yan Chixia is already at the middle stage of Jindan cultivation.  And Zhuo Yue, this fairy from heaven, has even more unfathomable cultivation.

    However, due to the suppression of the laws of the Three Realms, Zhuo Yue's cultivation at this time was only at the peak of the Golden Core.

    The reason why Zhuo Yue hides her cultivation is not only the suppression of the laws of the three realms, but also another reason.

    That is to avoid the pursuers from heaven.

    ¡°If, once she reveals her Tongxuan cultivation, then all the immortal masters who have been walking in the human world for a long time will definitely come to her in droves.

    By then, Yang Fengnian and the others will face more than just the immediate threat.

    So, after considering this, Yang Fengnian, who was sitting on the grass by the river, pondered for a long time, then raised his head, glanced at Lao Tan and Yan Chixia in front of him, and said: "So, we are going to do the worst now.  Intend!"

    They had no objection to Yang Fengnian's suggestion.

    Lao Tan was grateful to Yang Fengnian for saving his life. He would never say anything Yang Fengnian said.

    As for Yan Chixia, as Yang Fengnian¡¯s sworn brother.  That's more like wearing a pair of pants with Yang Fengnian.

    No matter what brother plans to do, he will not only support, but also support.

    Looking at these two people, they patted their chests and helped each other, as if they trusted you.

    Yang Fengnian rolled his eyes speechlessly and said with a wry smile: "At least give me some advice!"

    Yan Chixia waved her hand and said proudly: "No objection, I can trust you, brother!"

    Beside, Lao Tan nodded his head fiercely, like a chicken pecking at rice, oh no, it¡¯s Lao Tan.

    Yang Fengnian was stunned for a moment when the two shirked their responsibilities, then smiled bitterly and cursed secretly in his heart.

    But there is nothing that can be done about these two hobs.

    This time it¡¯s good, the responsibility falls entirely on my shoulders.

    Yang Fengnian suddenly felt as if a mountain was pressing on his shoulders, making him unable to breathe.

    "What are you sighing for?"

    Just when Yang Fengnian was staring at the clear stream in a daze, an old voice sounded lazily in his heart, with a tone of resentment that iron could not become steel.

    Yang Fengnian, who was lost in thought, was startled by the sound.

    He was still in shock and cursed angrily: "Holy shit, are you a sword spirit or a ghost? Before you speak out, you will die if you make some noise. Don't you know that scaring people can scare them to death??  "

    Sword Spirit sneered at Yang Fengnian's fuss.

    Seeing Yang Fengnian's fussing, Sword Spirit even lowered his face and scolded: "Master, master, pay attention to your quality. If you want to be a master, you must have a mind that is calm and calm. Don't say that you are a piece of garbage in the Nascent Soul stage.  , even if Lord Tathagata comes, you still won¡¯t urinate on him. How unbecoming you are!"

    Regarding the blind arrogance of Sword Spirit, Yang Fengnian twitched the muscles in his mouth and cursed: "My quality is worthless, young master, I am only at the level of pill formation, while the national master is at the Nascent Soul level. The difference between this period,  Don¡¯t you know? If you just rely on your quality to fight someone, isn¡¯t that just throwing an egg at a stone and seeking death?¡±

    After hearing the words, Sword Spirit rolled his eyes, lazily turned over in the sea of ??qi in his dantian, and said calmly: "What are you afraid of? Aren't you still with me?"

    "You?" Yang Fengnian looked suspicious and curled his lips and said, "Are you okay?"

    When the sword spirit heard this, he was immediately furious.

    As a peerless killing weapon, he couldn't stand Yang Fengnian's distrustful tone.

    He cursed angrily, and then recounted his glorious battle examples in detail.

    Only then did he stop scolding Yang Fengnian and said proudly: "Humph, a master at the Nascent Soul stage. He is just trash among the trash. If I take action, his soul will be shattered and he will never be reincarnated!"

    After saying that, Jianling paused and said in a critical tone: "This Sword Spirit has no problem, the key is your problem!"

    "Me?" Yang Fengnian asked curiously: "What's my problem?"

    Sword Spirit sneered: "After all, I am a sword, and I am just a weapon. If your cultivation is strong enough now, I can increase your attack power ten to a thousand times, even beyond your imagination."  level. But, hey, it¡¯s a pity that you are still a rookie in the pill formation stage. Hey, I don¡¯t know what year or month, I ahem, this sword can show its great power!"

    Yang Fengnian was too lazy to listen to his self-pity, and waved his hand: "Okay, stop it. Stop talking nonsense. You came out of nowhere and you didn't just brag to me about your achievements, right? If you have any idea, please tell me!"

    Sword Spirit sneered, and then said lazily: "Didn't the red monster give you a lot of illusion formations when you were in the demon space? Just pick one out and use it, isn't it enough?"

    When Yang Fengnian heard this, he was stunned for a moment.

    "Is it that simple?" he said in surprise.

    The voice fell, but there was no echo from the sword spirit.

    Yang Fengnian quickly took a look inward, and then he discovered to his amazement that Sword Spirit had once again immersed himself in the sea of ??dantian energy and fell asleep.


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