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Volume 1: In the Human World Chapter 70: Jian Guanghan, the Visitor from Heaven

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    "Zhuoyue"<The voice of the wind.

    Zhuo Yue walked to the door. After hearing this, he stopped, turned his head, and looked at Yang Fengnian with a slight smile.

    Yang Fengnian threw away the grass in his hand, clapped his hands and stood up, tilting his head and looking at Zhuo Yue with a smile.

    "You are a woman!"

    Yang Fengnian crossed her arms, looked at Zhuo Yue with a smile, and said with a smile.

    Hearing this, Zhuo Yue rolled her eyes mischievously.

    But he did not leave, but patiently stopped in front of the door, looking at Yang Fengnian with a smile, waiting for his next words.

    "And I" Yang Fengnian raised her finger and pointed at her chest, smiling: "I am a man!"

    Zhuo Yue raised her pretty cheeks, exposed her teeth, and smiled lightly.  The gorgeous sunshine shines on the woman's long skirt as white as snow, and her stunning appearance, reflecting a shallow layer of blurred light.

    "It is normal and necessary for men to protect women!" Yang Fengnian looked at the woman in the white skirt in front of the thatched house. After pondering for a moment, there was a rare seriousness in her smile and she said lightly: "What's more important is  Yes, we are friends and confidants!¡±

    "So" Yang Fengnian smiled, coughed slightly, and looked at Zhuo Yue with bright eyes: "So, I will protect you!"

    Hearing this, Zhuo Yue was stunned for a moment, then covered her mouth and burst into laughter.

    With clear black and white, charming eyes, Yang Fengnian rolled her eyes, suppressing a smile, and joked: "Zhuoyue is honored! However, I just said that I want to go out to pick some other grass tomorrow. The little rabbit eats the same thing every day.  The green grass seemed very unhappy. He smiled slightly, turned around and returned to the house.

    ???????How could the pure and pure Zhuo Yue not know the feelings that Yang Fengnian showed from time to time during these days?


    Thinking of the Heavenly Realm, the terrifying strength of the Book and Sword Alliance.

    A helpless smile emerged from the corner of Zhuo Yue's mouth.

    Walking into the room, Zhuo Yue sat at the table by the window.

    The white jade-like little hand gently held the chin, and the beautiful eyes looked at the beautiful and picturesque scenery outside the window, with the slightest sparkle in the eyes.

    The breeze blew into the room, and the long eyelashes trembled in the wind.

    For some reason, the scene where Yang Fengnian looked directly into his eyes for the first time, blushed, suppressed the uneasiness in his heart, and said those words to protect himself, came to mind again.

    As I thought about it, a strange smile appeared on her beautiful cheeks.

    With a puff, Zhuo Yue, who couldn't help laughing, laughed again.

    It¡¯s the elixir formation period!

    How great it would be to be Daluo Jinxian!

    Zhuo Yue held her chin in her hand, her beautiful eyes wandering with thoughts.  Not knowing what he thought of, he pouted his lips in annoyance and sighed softly.

    But at this moment, in the package placed on the table, the induction magic weapon brought from heaven suddenly appeared with a hazy golden light.

    The golden light disappeared in a flash.

    But it still didn¡¯t escape Zhuo Yue¡¯s eyes.

    After retracting her wandering thoughts, Zhuo Yue reached out and took out the Bagua-shaped induction magic weapon from the package.

    He lowered his head and looked at the black magic weapon in his hand calmly.

    With her slender jade fingers, she gently fumbled for the carvings on the magic weapon. She smiled helplessly and sighed softly: "Are you trying to scare the snake away?"

    On the side of the thatched house, leaning against the wall, the autumn sword was shrouded in the sun, and the bright light was gently flowing on the hilt.

    When the slight smile on the corner of Zhuo Yue's mouth gradually converged, it turned into a cold and stern look.

    The Qiushui sword lying quietly in the corner suddenly trembled slightly, and the scabbard suddenly made a soft sound.

    The bright cold light of snow suddenly appeared.

    In the quiet room, the sword energy was strong.


    On this day, three very strange guests came to Fuji Restaurant in Qinghua County.

    The three of them are all dressed in black and white robes, with their hair tied in high crowns and long swords on their backs.

    Although the clothes of the three people were very strange, for some reason, the people of Qinghua County on the street did not pay attention to them.

    At most, he only glanced at it and then looked away.

    Even in the bustling Fuji Restaurant where there were so many guests, no one looked at the three of them.

    Except, Wang Xiaoer, the owner of Fuji Restaurant.

    After seeing these three people entering the door, Wang Xiaoer's eyes lit up.

    He quickly ran out from behind the counter and greeted him personally.

    "Are the three guest officers going to work in the hotel or staying in the hotel?" Wang ?Er Er glanced at the swords on the backs of these three people, his eyes flashed, and he asked with a smile.

    The three of them did not answer, but one of them glanced around and took out a portrait of a beautiful woman from his arms.

    Unfolding it, he frowned and asked Wang Xiaoer: "Shopkeeper, have you seen this person before?"

    After Wang Xiaoer heard this, he read it carefully.

    In the expectant gazes of the three people, a surprised expression gradually appeared on Wang Xiaoer's face.


    Wang Xiaoer¡¯s eyes widened and he pointed at the woman in the painting, his voice changing with surprise.

    "Have you seen it?" One of the sword-fighting Taoists suddenly felt happy after hearing this. He quickly stepped forward and asked anxiously.

    "I haven't seen it before!" Wang Xiaoer spread his hands and replied with a sincere smile.

    Three people: ""

    I¡¯ve never seen you so surprised!

    One of them glared at Wang Xiaoer fiercely, then waved his hand and led the other two out of the store.

    Wang Xiaoer, who was standing at the door, personally watched the other party go out of sight.

    Then he turned around, grabbed a waiter who was walking among the diners at the table, and said in a low voice: "Get ready, I want to go out!"

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