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Volume 1: In the Human World Chapter 73: Love in the world of mortals lasts longer

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    While he was communicating with the sword spirit, a faint ripple suddenly appeared on the outer wall of the barrier not far away.

    Then, Yang Fengnian saw a paper crane, with its wings flapping, slowly flying towards him.

    This is?  ¡­

    Out of curiosity, Yang Fengnian stretched out his palm and let the paper crane rest on his palm.

    When the paper crane landed on the palm of your hand, you pulled it away.  It was restored to a handkerchief exuding a fragrant scent.

    Not far away, Yan Chixia and Lao Tan stopped their hands and winked at Yang Fengnian, who was standing alone under the tree in a daze.

    Yan Chixia crossed her arms, bumped into Lao Tan beside her, raised her chin, pointed to Yang Fengnian not far away, who was looking at the handkerchief carefully, and said with a smile: "The handkerchief conveys love!"

    Old Tan raised his hands, covered his eyes, shook his head and sighed: "Hey, the world is getting worse, the world is getting worse!"

    For Lao Tan, he was born in the Zhou Dynasty, which was the period when ancient rituals were most prosperous.

    Now, you can imagine how you feel when you see this young man and woman having sex in broad daylight.

    On the side, Yan Chixia glanced at him contemptuously after hearing this.

    The world is going downhill, no matter what!

    ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? How about you just put your five fingers together, spread your fingers like a sledge, and still have the nerve to say that the world is in decline?


    The two men were muttering to each other, with lewd smiles on their faces.

    But Yang Fengnian, who was sitting quietly on a stone chair under the peach tree, was stunned for a long time after reading the content on the handkerchief.

    I looked at the rabbit cage under the tree with a white rabbit missing. Looking at the cage, three little white rabbits were jumping around looking for food.

    After watching it for a while, I wanted to laugh, but in the end I sighed.  There was a bitter smile on the corner of his mouth, full of helplessness.

    On the handkerchief, Zhuo Yuejuan's beautiful handwriting is pleasing to the eye.

    However, the content is disappointing.

    "There are three little rabbits, you keep one, and let go of the other two"

    The content is very simple, only four sentences.

    But the meaning behind it made Yang Fengnian's heart suddenly thump, and then a feeling of emptiness and weakness spread throughout his body.

    Four sentences, seemingly saying nothing.

    But in fact, it explains everything.

    Zhuo Yue is gone

    Just like four months ago, she appeared softly.

    Now, she waved her hand and left without taking away a single cloud.

    Probably, we will never see each other again!

    Yang Fengnian sat on the chair, bent over, with helplessness and loss in his eyes. He looked at the white handkerchief in his hand, bit his tongue, raised his head, and smiled to himself.

    The warm sunlight passed through the treetops and broke into wisps of light beams.

    Warmth fell on Yang Fengnian's body, reflecting the scholar's helpless and lost smile.

    The breeze blows, bringing the fragrance of flowers and plants.

    It also woke up Yang Fengnian from deep thought.

    Straighten your waist and stand up slowly.

    He walked to the tree, squatted down, and gently opened the cage.

    Squatting in front of the cage, Yang Fengnian looked at the rabbit in the cage, a helpless smile flashed in his eyes, and he sighed softly: "Oh, it is better to forget each other in the world. You let's go!"

    After saying that, he no longer held back. After getting up, he walked directly towards the room.

    Behind you, the three little white rabbits jumped out of the cage.

    There were two of them, and they left separately.

    But one of them stopped where he was and looked around.

    Then, he followed Yang Fengnian and walked into the house.

    Under the stunned gazes of Yan Chixia and Lao Tan, Yang Fengnian walked straight into the house and closed the door.

    The room was dimly lit.

    Yang Fengnian sat alone by the bed and took out the ancient sword with green light flowing from the ring.

    Holding the hilt of the sword tightly, he gently pulled out the sword body.

    The blue-red light is like a dazzling star, emitting endless light.

    Suddenly the dark room was illuminated as bright as day.

    Yang Fengnian sat quietly by the bed, staring at the sword in trance for a long time.

    With a random movement of the heart, a trace of awe-inspiring righteousness poured into the sword body.

    A flash of green light passed over the sharp sword blade.

    In the room, there was a sudden burst of light.

    Suddenly, ?The sword is full of energy and the sword is full of energy.


    "What's wrong?" In the room, Lao Tan noticed the terrifying sword energy emanating from Yang Fengnian's room. He was frightened and rushed over to find out.

    However, he hasn¡¯t taken two steps yet.

    Yan Chixia, who was standing next to her with a wry smile on her face, grabbed her arm.

    "Don't let anything happen!" Old Tan glanced at Yang Fengnian's room worriedly and said worriedly.

    On Lao Tan's face, I couldn't see it at this time, and I just joked.

    Instead, there was deep solemnity and worry.

    Just now when Yang Fengnian was looking at Si Pa, the helpless smile fell into his and Yan Chixia's eyes.

    After a little guessing, the two of them guessed the result.

    ¡°Obviously, Sipa is not here to express love.

    After being together for such a long time, Lao Tan also knew that Yang Fengnian was not as indifferent as he seemed on the surface.  No matter what happens, it is difficult for him to worry or worry.

    On the contrary, Fengnian is a good man who values ??love and justice.

    ? And people who value love and righteousness often cannot escape love.

    At this time, Zhuo Yue left without saying goodbye.

    How could Yang Fengnian, who admired Zhuo Yue, not be sad?

    Thinking of the countless tragic stories of crazy men and women that have happened in Qinghua County over the past ten thousand years.

    Lao Tan was getting more and more worried. He held Yan Chixia's arm tightly and said with a worried look, "Let's go over and have a look. Don't let anything happen!"

    After hearing this, Yan Chixia did not answer.  Instead, he stared quietly at Yang Fengnian's room, feeling the awe-inspiring sword intent that the thatched cottage could not block.

    After a long time, Yan Chixia came to her senses and pulled Lao Tan towards the stream.

    "Master Yan, Master Yan, Feng Nian" Old Tan turned around and said worriedly as he walked.

    Yan Chixia shook her head and smiled bitterly: "He needs to be alone now. Don't worry, he will be fine. The only ones who are really in trouble are Yuan Yangzi and the others outside the formation!"

    Hearing this, Old Tan scratched his head and looked at Yan Chixia with confusion.

    Yan Chixia didn¡¯t say much, she just shrugged and smiled.

    He knew Yang Fengnian¡¯s character very well and was not worried that Yang Fengnian would do anything outrageous because of falling out of love.

    On the contrary, in his opinion.  Yang Fengnian, who was in an extremely bad mood now, would definitely find an unlucky person to use as a punching bag according to past practice.

    After thinking about it, it seems that Yuan Yangzi is the one who took the initiative to come to the door this time.

    It¡¯s very suitable!

    Yan Chixia groped her chin, her eyes filled with a gloating smile, thinking secretly.


    In the thatched house, the sword energy was very cold.

    The raging sword energy surrounded Yang Fengnian, moving freely in the air.

    Wherever it went, everything touched by the sword energy turned into a cloud of dust.

    The sword spirit, who was connected to Yang Fengnian, also knew that at this time, the master was unhappy and needed to vent his anger.

    ¡° Moreover, after realizing that Yang Fengnian¡¯s cultivation restraint, which had been stagnant for more than a month, seemed to be loosening.  Sword Spirit, who wholeheartedly hopes that Yang Fengnian will become the best master in the three realms, is more excited than anyone else.


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