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Volume 1, In the Human World, Chapter 88: Bad Joke and the Demonic Jungle

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    When the Black Bear King asked, the White Bull Holy King was stunned for a moment, then looked at his brother-in-law with a strange look, and asked curiously: "The viper is unlucky, isn't this funny?"

    The black bear spirit was stunned, its two big eyes twinkling, very cute and adorable.  .

    Seeing that his brother-in-law was so unresponsive, the Holy King of the White Ox couldn't help but feel frustrated.

    Next, he had no intention of talking to this heartless brother-in-law.

    The two of them exchanged cups and cups, enjoying the singing and dancing while chatting about some non-nutritious homely talk.

    Before we knew it, the afternoon passed.

    When night fell and the lanterns were first turned on, the black bear spirit, his brother-in-law, left the palace of the White Bull King with three steps.

    The White Bull King returned to the palace of his beloved concubine, the nine-tailed fox, to enjoy the avenue of human relations.

    In the middle of the night, when the White Ox King was lying on his beloved concubine, he was working hard.

    The door to the bedroom was suddenly kicked open with a bang.

    The White Ox King was so frightened that he almost stopped moving on the spot.

    Just when the White Ox King summoned armor and weapons, he was ready to teach this daring man a lesson.

    But he saw the black bear spirit rushing in like a black whirlwind.

    Seeing the White Bull King's prepared look, the Black Bear Spirit didn't realize that he had gotten into trouble.

    Instead, he laughed, his dark face twitching.

    He held the White Ox King in his arms.

    He patted the dull-looking White Bull King hard on the back, then turned and left with a laugh.

    "Brother-in-law, your joke today was very funny, hahahaha"

    In the quiet night, outside the palace with flying gauze, the black bear spirit's laughter could be heard.

    The White Ox King, who was standing at the entrance of the palace, was confused.

    He scratched his head and looked at the black bear spirit walking in the distance towards the palace gate, smiling, with a confused look on his face.

    What is this called?


    Heavy snow fell from the sky one after another.

    In the withered woods, there is a tragic scene of everything dying in winter.

    The knee-deep snow was like a gorgeous white velvet blanket, spread across the entire land, stretching into the distance to the foot of the distant mountains dyed white by the university.

    There was silence in the forest, except for the faint rustling sound of the falling snow on the ground and the tree trunks.

    I had no sleep all night, and could only hear the soft sound of falling snow outside the window, like spring silkworms biting mulberry leaves.

    By this time, it was already dusk in the day.

    The sky is dark and the woods are deep.

    In the vast white snow, deep in the woods, you can vaguely see a tree house built on an ancient tree with dim lights flickering, quiet and warm.

    A soft ladder made of ivy hangs from the tree house to the ground.

    It¡¯s convenient to put it down during the day and put it away at night.

    This is the jungle of the undead in the north of the demon world.

    In the jungle, monsters are rampant and dangers abound.

    Because of its unique natural features and monster resources, the Jungle of the Undead has become the best place for many accomplished monsters to explore and seize treasures.

    In the demon world, there are humans, monsters that have been cultivated into spirits, and indigenous people with infinite strength who have continued from the ancient barbaric period.  However, the dominant group is still the monster clan with strong physiques and the ability to practice.

    Here, the positions of humans and monsters have undergone earth-shaking changes.

    Human beings have become the targets of hunting, while monsters have become the main force in hunting human beings.

    Of course, goblins not only hunt humans, but also their own kind.  Although, it sounds a bit incredible.

    But, this is the devil world.

    Here, the survival of the fittest and the jungle law of the weak and the strong are vividly reflected.

    In order to avoid being hunted and hunted by fairies, humans in the demon world fled in all directions.

    Some people migrated northward and entered the extremely cold places in the far north where the climate is harsh and it is difficult for ordinary people to survive.

    "The other part is entering the jungle of the undead and being with vicious monsters all day long.

    Living in this jungle where monsters and beasts are everywhere in danger within a radius of thousands of miles.

    As time goes by, more and more fleeing humans come to the Jungle of the Undead.

    Gradually, the jungle of the undead has become a place for human beings to live in seclusion and avoid disasters.

    The humans living here survive by hunting monsters and bartering.  Moreover, as human beings have more and more desires, they are gradually formingCreated a unique small society.

    The villages and villages are crisscrossed by lanes and streets.

    The place where Yang Fengnian currently lives is the largest of these countless villages, called Confucius Village.

    There is no special reason why it is called Confucius Village.

    Rather, the first resident of this village was a teacher who fled here.

    After this person settled down, his descendants came.

    When asked about the name of this place, the teacher casually answered: This place is Confucius Village.

    So, the name of Confucius Village spread in this jungle of the undead.

    When Yang Feng came here at the beginning of the year, he was naturally ostracized and hostile by the villagers.

    Especially since he also brought Nie Xiaoqian, a ghost who was not accepted by human monks.

    Although, Nie Xiaoqian's current cultivation level has almost reached the point of forming an elixir, and she has officially entered the ranks of ghost immortals.

    However, the villagers still regard them as aliens and find it difficult to accept them.

    " If Yang Fengnian hadn't shocked the world with his sword when he first came here, maybe Nie Xiaoqian would have been refined and collected the Yuan Yin.

    So, for Nie Xiaoqian¡¯s safety and to avoid trouble.

    Yang Fengnian took Nie Xiaoqian to find an ancient tree in the dense forest outside Confucius Village and built this unique tree house.

    At this time, the sun is setting.

    The green twilight aura enveloped the thick fog-shrouded jungle of the undead.

    Deep in the thick fog, a dim yellow light is like a lighthouse that will never go out. In this sea of ??fog, it flickers brightly and dimly, flickering slightly.

    Guides the men who go out hunting in Fuzi Village on their way home.

    In the quiet jungle, goose feathers and heavy snow fall.

    Dry ancient trees are criss-crossed, and their beards are tangled.

    The rustling sound of falling snow lingered in the entire empty and silent jungle for a long time.

    I don¡¯t know how long it took.

    Deep in the jungle, there was a sound of dense footsteps, accompanied by the cheerful voices of the men, reaching the silver-clad world and the wooden houses with dim yellow lights.

    After hearing the sound, Nie Xiaoqian, who was sitting in the warm spring-like home, quickly put down the gown she was mending, stood up, grabbed the front of the gown, and trotted to the window.

    Opening the window, her beautiful eyes were full of expectation, looking at the direction of the sound in the snowy jungle under the blue night.

    The light yellow light shone on her body, reflecting the gleaming light.

    The woman bit her lip gently, her eyes full of hope.

    The look of tranquility and warmth is like that of a woman who is alone in an empty house, waiting for her husband to return.

    Gradually, the sound got closer.

    Nie Xiaoqian bit her lip tightly, put her feet up and looked into the distance.

    Under the blue night, the thick snow in the jungle is as white as jade.

    In the snow that was several feet deep, there was a man with a handsome face, wearing a long leather coat worn by a hunter, with a spear on his shoulder loaded with prey.  As he was walking, he was chatting and laughing with the hunters in the village.

    When he got close, the man smiled and said goodbye to the hunters.

    After watching the Orion leave, the man turned around and strode towards the tree house.

    Under the dim light, the man¡¯s appearance gradually became clearer.

    Nie Xiaoqian, who walked down from the tree house, was like a peaceful orchid. She stood charmingly in the white snow in front of the ancient tree, biting her lips gently and looking lovingly at Yang Fengnian who had returned from hunting.


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