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Volume 1 In the World Chapter 99 Love Fool on a Snowy Night

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    Chapter 99: Love Fool on a Snowy Night

    Tired of playing, the two of them were lying in the snow like two innocent and carefree children for n years, with their hands behind their heads and looking calmly at the blue sky.

    The little white rabbit squatted on one side, chewing something in his mouth, looking here from time to time, and then lowered his head again, digging for something to eat in the snow.

    "Are we really going to leave here?" Nie Xiaoqian lay on Yang Fengnian's arm, turned her head and glanced at the tree house not far away with nostalgia, and sighed softly in her complicated heart.

    This is the love nest between myself and Feng Nian.

    Yang Fengnian smiled and stretched out his hand to wrap around her waist. The fingers of his other hand played with the woman's cloud-like hair in boredom.  He nodded and said: "Yes, our home is in the human world, we can't stay here forever. Besides, we single-handedly destroyed his plan to attack the human world. I guess the person the Demon Lord wants to kill the most now is me.  ! This is the territory of the devil. As the saying goes, a gentleman will not stand behind a dangerous wall, so"

    Just as he was about to continue speaking, a soft white finger gently pressed against Yang Fengnian's lips, stopping Yang Fengnian from continuing to explain.

    Nie Xiaoqian raised her head, looked at Yang Fengnian with shining eyes, and shook her head obediently.  After smiling, she lowered her head, moved her body slightly, and curled up in Yang Fengnian's arms.  Her hot cheek was pressed against Yang Fengnian's chest, and she whispered softly: "No matter where you go, I will always be by your side. The blue sky will fall in the sky, and I will fall in the underworld, and I will never leave you!"

    Hearing this, Yang Fengnian opened his mouth and was speechless.

    Nie Xiaoqian lowered her head and glanced at Nie Xiaoqian, who was hugging herself tightly and pressing her cheek to her chest. She was speechless for a moment, unable to say anything to her.

    "I will never leave you in my life!"

    The breeze was blowing, carrying snow particles, and it was slightly cold.

    Yang Fengnian didn¡¯t say anything, he just held his arm around the woman¡¯s waist harder.


    When night falls, the sky is filled with stars.

    ??The night sky is full of stars, and the stars are deep and blue.

    The land is covered with white snow, stretching as far as the eye can see.

    It was already late at night, and in the vast jungle of the undead, there was only one dim light, shining in the depths of the jungle, flickering like a star falling into the mortal world.

    There is tranquility in the jungle of the undead.  But in the treehouse with twinkling lights, it was a busy scene.

    Nie Xiaoqian was busy packing her things. Packages, large and small, were piled up in the open space in the house.  At this time, Nie Xiaoqian was staring at a huge cabinet with her hands on her waist, looking like a housekeeper, with a look of eagerness on her face.

    Beside, Yang Fengnian was stunned and Nie Xiaoqian opened her mouth wide.

    Doesn¡¯t she want to vacate the entire tree house?

    Turning his head and looking at the mountains of debris, Yang Fengnian couldn't help but twitch the corners of his eyes.

    When she was about to gently persuade Nie Xiaoqian to throw away whatever she needed to throw away.  Nie Xiaoqian, with her hands on her waist and her head wrapped in a floral cloth, turned her head softly, her watery eyes full of expectation, pouted her little mouth, and said sweetly in a voice as soft as honey.  A cry: "Fengnian!"

    With just two words, Yang Fengnian pushed back everything he said.

    "no problem!"

    Yang Fengnian looked proud, waved his hands and said proudly.

    Nie Xiaoqian smiled brightly, as beautiful as a flower.

    Then, Yang Fengnian showed off the star-blue ring on her finger, waved her hand, and the pile of salutes piled on the ground like a hill, as well as the cabinet that she had randomly pieced together, were all included in the ring.

    Looking at the empty room that seemed to have been ransacked, Yang Fengnian sighed and said to herself: "If I had known this was going to happen, why would I have packed my things? Why not just put the whole house in?"

    He does not mean that.

    Yang Fengnian said it unintentionally, but after Nie Xiaoqian heard it, her beautiful eyes were filled with joy. She turned her head, clasped her fists in front of her chest, and looked at Yang Fengnian with big eyes.

    Damn it, I really want to slap myself!

    Yang Fengnian's face suddenly became dull, and he cursed himself hard in his heart.


    Take the whole house with you, not now, of course, but only until tomorrow.

    After all, we have to spend the night today.

    After finalizing the details of the move, the two fell into a strange silence.

    The candle flame is like a bean, quietly emitting a dim light.

    There was a suffocating and panic-stricken atmosphere in the room.??.

    The bean-like lights swayed gently, and the occasional crackling sound echoed in the quiet room.

    The lights flickered on and off, just like at this moment, Nie Xiaoqian was like a deer bumping into her heart.

    At this time, her heart was beating very fast.  Her pretty cheeks were also burning like fire.

    For some reason, she always felt that something would happen tonight.

    And in her heart, she was a little nervous and a little looking forward to this upcoming thing.

    Nervous emotions lingered in her heart. Nie Xiaoqian sat there a little uneasily, holding her skirt with her little hands, and unknowingly, she had rolled the skirt corners into a bow.

    "Ahem, where's the embroidery?"

    After sensing the awkward atmosphere, Yang Fengnian coughed and found something to say.

    However, as soon as the words came out of his mouth, Yang Fengnian cursed himself silently in his heart, wishing he could slap himself in the mouth: What the hell are you talking about.

    Sure enough, as soon as these words came out, the ambiguous atmosphere in the air was immediately stirred up.

    Nie Xiaoqian panicked, and her white jade-like fingers quickly loosened the hem of her skirt.

    Raising his head, his beautiful eyes were full of anger, and he glared at Yang Fengnian.

    The woman stood up slowly and snorted: "Go to sleep!"

    Then, he walked into his boudoir.

    With a bang, the door closed.

    The room fell into silence again.

    However, this time it was truly quiet, with no ambiguity or warmth. There was only the rustling sound outside the window, with the cold wind carrying snowflakes and tapping on the window lattice.

    Hey, you are so stupid!

    Yang Fengnian raised his hand, patted his forehead in frustration, shook his head, sighed, and stood up helplessly.

    He reached out and picked up the tea that had cooled down on the table.

    After raising his head and drinking the whole drink, Yang Fengnian put down the tea cup in his hand, shook his head, and walked towards his house.

    However, just as she took a step forward, she heard a creaking sound from the door of Nie Xiaoqian's boudoir.

    Hearing the sound, Yang Fengnian turned his head and took a look.

    Seeing that the door that was originally closed opened a gap.

    Seeing this, Yang Fengnian was stunned for a moment, then shook his head and smiled bitterly: He didn't even close the door, and he wasn't afraid of catching the cold.

    He said to himself and strode over.  Raising his hand, he prepared to close the door.

    "Youcould it be true"

    At this moment, Nie Xiaoqian¡¯s timid and trembling voice came from inside the room.

    When Yang Fengnian heard this, her heart moved, and then she thought of Nie Xiaoqian's action of closing the door just now when she returned to the house.

    Could it be that

    Did she leave the door open on purpose?

    After thinking of this, Yang Fengnian's heart suddenly lit up.

    The emotions of joy and nervousness lingered in my heart, and for a while, they became overwhelming and became more and more intense.

    Gently opening the door, a faint fragrance that belongs exclusively to a woman's boudoir hits your face.

    Pushing the door open, one could see Nie Xiaoqian wearing a long cyan skirt in the warm yellow light, sitting beside the bed with a red face, her little hands tightly intertwined.

    After hearing the sound of pushing the door, Nie Xiaoqian tightened her hands and raised her head uneasily.

    The long eyelashes fluttered, and the tenderness in her beautiful eyes was enough to turn a hundred tempered steel into softness around the fingers, accompanied by a touching and beautiful smile, flowing out lightly.

    ??Looking at Yang Fengnian who was standing at the door, looking at him blankly.

    Under the light, the beautiful Nie Xiaoqian smiled.

    She gave Yang Fengnian a charming look, her lips parted lightly, and she smiled lightly: "Fool!"

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