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Volume 1, In the World, Chapter 110: Through the Forest Sea, Crossing the Snowfield

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    After stepping on the thick snow and passing through the wild forest, there is an open snowfield that exudes a hazy and cold light.

    In the night sky, the moon is as bright as jade.

    A few black clouds with silver edges hang in the sky, like cotton wool.

    The land is vast and desolate.

    In the distance, on the undulating snow hills, there is the faint sound of the horn of the wild wolf, sounding in the empty and lonely place.

    Then, it echoed in the snowy wilderness and lingered for a long time.

    He reined in his horse and stopped at the edge of the forest. He raised his head and looked at the bright moon as big as a basin in the night sky, and at the snowy scene with clear black and white and cold light in front of him. Yang Fengnian took a deep breath and felt refreshed.

    A group of cavalry reined up their horses and stopped at the edge of the forest.

    ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????can possible.

    ¡°A thousand years ago, when we first came here, we were here too!¡±

    Bai Qi raised the riding whip in his hand, pointed to the open space in front of him shrouded in silver moonlight, sighed, and sighed for a long time with an unforgettable nostalgia for the past in his eyes.

    "A thousand years have passed, and the scenery has changed. Oh, but we are neither humans nor ghosts!"

    Bai Qi raised his head, took a deep breath, closed his eyes, a hint of sadness appeared on his resolute face, and his voice was full of unwillingness and hatred.

    The snowy night is quiet and the night wind blows gently.

    One hundred death knights, standing proudly on their horses, looked at the scene in front of them, recalling those prosperous years, and couldn't help but sigh in their hearts.

    Countless particles of snow are blown up by the wind, like a veil.  Under the moonlight, it sparkled with crystal fluorescence.

    Snow particles are hitting your face, giving you a slightly cool feeling.

    After Yang Fengnian took a deep breath, he whistled softly and galloped out.

    Behind him, Bai Qi looked solemn, raised the riding whip with flashing blue light in his hand, and whipped it in the air.

    One hundred death knights surged out.

    ?Through the forest and sea, across the snowfield, soaring into the sky!

    The knight waved his whip and howled.

    The war horse galloped across the deep snowy field, stirring up the flying snow like smoke and mist.

    In the vast world, on the vast snowy fields, there are only the thundering sounds of horse hooves, and the roars of this group of knights who have been dead for thousands of years, but their fighting spirit is still undiminished.

    It shocks the world and lasts forever.


    Through the forest and across the snowfield.

    When I climbed over a hill, I came face to face with an ice and snow valley that reached into the sky and was filled with cold air.

    Such an unexpected appearance caught Yang Fengnian off guard.

    The two peaks are like two knives, thrusting straight into the sky.

    On the mountainside, green mist is lingering.

    The moonlight is shining, and the frozen peaks are shining.

    The cold wind howled, bringing the icy air in the valley, and the long-lasting roar of the cavalry formation echoing in the valley.


    Yang Fengnian took a look. On the road leading to the valley, the fiery red flowers on both sides had reached the end. With a slight movement in his heart, he turned his head and looked at Bai Qidao.

    Bai Qi nodded slightly and said with a smile: "Here we are, this is our home, the Valley of the Dead!"

    The Valley of the Dead, just like its name, is full of weirdness and splendor.

    This valley, which seemed to not exist in the world and could appear anywhere, actually appeared in front of Yang Fengnian's eyes.

    The low hills cannot block the dangerous peaks that reach into the sky.

    However, on the other side of the hill, Yang Fengnian could guarantee that he really did not see the two giant peaks that suddenly appeared.

    So, this is not a cover-up.

    The only explanation

    Over there is the Valley of the Dead, a moving valley.

    In this jungle of the undead, it can appear anywhere as long as it wants.

    The narrow entrance is full of elements of a dangerous military location.  Look at the fortress bridge made of huge boulders that looks fragile but is extremely strong between two dangerous peaks.

    ??????????? Seriously, one man can stand the test, but ten thousand men can¡¯t stop it.

    There is no breath of life at the mountain gate fortress.

    Looking from a distance, it looks like a gloomy death place.

    Under the cold moonlight, this Valley of the Dead is even more eerie and eerie.

    A group of people rode forward in silence.

    When we arrived at the foot of the mountain gate, a series of waves suddenly appeared on the stone bridge across the middle of the two mountains.Colorful light.

    The light dissipated, and each of the ghastly, soul-body soldiers with green light all over their bodies, holding long guns, appeared on the stone bridge out of thin air.

    "The sky and the earth are dark and yellow!"

    On the stone bridge, an officer, holding a horizontal sword in his hand, pointed at Yang Fengnian and his party who were walking under the bridge, and shouted in a deep voice.

    Bai Qi reined in his horse, raised his head, and shouted back: "The universe is ancient!"

    After receiving the command, the officer on the bridge turned his head and ordered the soldiers behind him: "Open the door!"

    The soldier nodded, and then stood on the bridgehead, waving the flag in his hand.

    A wave of vitality emanated from the flag.  Translucent waves of vitality were formed, spreading towards the empty void under the bridge.

    Then, a wave of ripples appeared in the seemingly unobstructed hole.

    Then, a green circle of light appeared from the center.

    Like a piece of paper that is lit from the middle, the aperture does not expand much.

    Finally, it spread to the entire bridge.

    "The Gate of the Undead Barrier?" The red-clothed sword spirit, Rumeng Fairy, who had been silent for a long time, let out a light sigh when she saw this scene.

    "What?" Yang Fengnian asked curiously: "What is this?"

    "This is not a thing, this is the method used by King Rakshasa during the Conferred God War!" Sword Spirit said with a hint of surprise in his tone, unable to conceal the joy in his heart, and said with a smile: "Could it be that King Rakshasa is inside?"

    "A dream lasts for a thousand years, but when I wake up, everything has changed."

    Now, I didn¡¯t expect that in this demon world, I would meet my old friend. The sword spirit was so excited that he couldn¡¯t hide the joy in his heart.

    "King Rakshasa?"

    Yang Fengnian¡¯s battle against the Fengshen was only at the level of the Fengshen novels he had seen in his previous life.

    ?????????????????????? The Conferred God War in this world has very little similarity to the Shang and Zhou wars in Yang Fengnian¡¯s memory.

    So, no matter how hard Yang Fengnian thought about it, he never imagined who this Rakshasa King was.

    "King Rakshasa was a general under King Zhou back then." Sword Spirit talked eloquently: "You may not think that she is a woman, but her skills are no worse than those of the great gods in the heaven who have become gods now.  It can be said that at least half of the gods who are showing off their power in the fairy world today have suffered at the hands of the Rakshasa King."

    "King Rakshasa was ruthless, and she offended many people because of this. Even after those people died and were made gods, it was difficult to eliminate the resentment towards her." The sword spirit sighed softly and said helplessly: "Rakshasa  Wang made countless enemies. Therefore, after the Conferred God War, there was no place for her in the Three Realms. At that time, I thought that she was beaten to pieces by a group of gods and had disappeared into the universe. Unexpectedly, she was actually in the universe.  Demonic world?"

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