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Volume 1: In the Human World Chapter 16: Know how to be in awe

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    The cold night wind swept across the empty square, carrying sparkling snow particles.

    The air is cold and lonely!

    In the cold wind, the two people faced each other, their clothes were flying, and their expressions were different.

    Looking at the complicated smile of Black Rakshasa, Yang Fengnian keenly realized that there may be other versions of the legend about the jungle of the undead.

    And, judging from my situation today, this matter must have a lot to do with me.

    "Then you are?" Yang Fengnian looked at the Black Rakshasa quietly and asked curiously.

    After the Black Rakshasa was silent for a moment, he turned his face to the sky and smiled calmly.

    Turning around, he looked at Yang Fengnian with clear eyes, lightly opened his lips, and said lightly: "We came here on our own initiative!"

    "What?" Yang Fengnian said in shock: "Take the initiative?"

    Seeing Yang Fengnian's surprised and puzzled expression, Black Rakshasa shook his head slightly, sighed and said bitterly: "In the later stages of the Conferred God War, my king knew that he would definitely lose. But he was not willing to accept it. In order to make a comeback, he let me  Lead a thousand elites to the demon world, recharge their batteries, and wait for the opportunity to counterattack the human world!"

    "It's just a pity that the war was lost so quickly that it ended before everyone could react." Black Rakshasa smiled bitterly and sighed softly: "All the plans have now come to nothing!"

    Seeing the black Rakshasa alone, he felt secretly sad.  For some reason, at this moment, Yang Fengnian felt a sense of heartache in his heart.

    Yang Fengnian hesitated for a moment, then finally stepped forward, looked at the sad Black Rakshasa, and comforted softly: "The destruction of the Shang Dynasty is the inevitable result of the world's forward development. So, you don't need to be sad! Besides,  When things have developed to this point, King Zhou also has an unshirkable responsibility! Now, the Shang Dynasty has been destroyed for thousands of years. You said that you, a minister, have nothing to be sad about. "

    "Do you know my king?" Hearing this, Black Rakshasa's face suddenly turned cold. He turned his head, looked at Yang Fengnian, and asked coldly: "Why do you say that?"

    Yang Fengnian ignored Black Rakshasa¡¯s anger, but nodded calmly: ¡°I know something!¡±

    "Then do you know what kind of person the king is?" Black Rakshasa had a smile in his eyes, and seemed to be very satisfied with Yang Fengnian's attitude at this time.

    Yang Fengnian smiled and said frankly: "From some aspects, King Zhou in the early period should be a good emperor. It is not an exaggeration to describe him as a talented and broad-minded emperor!"

    The black Rakshasa pursed his lips and smiled, looking at Yang Fengnian with radiance in his beautiful eyes, and said softly: "Yes, as you said, my king is a heroic lord in the world. He once made a vow to heaven that in his lifetime  , we will make the world beautiful and the people rich. It¡¯s just a pity"

    Speaking of this, I probably thought of King Zhou¡¯s final tragic ending, and a heart-wrenching sadness flashed across Black Rakshasa¡¯s beautiful cheeks.

    "Unexpectedly, just one sentence, an understatement, angered the Heavenly Court. As a result, the Heavenly Court brought disaster and the world was in chaos." Hei Luosha had a helpless smile on his pretty face, shook his head and said softly: "The king was very confused at the time. This  Why is everything happening? Is it just because he spoke his mind?"

    Yang Fengnian also knew something about what the Black Rakshasa said about misfortune coming from the mouth.

    ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????OUT out of mind, when King Zhou saw the statue of Nuwa when he was worshiping the sky, he fell in love with her and casually said what he would do if he could have such a woman.

    But he didn¡¯t expect that just because of these words, he ruined the hundreds of years of Shang Dynasty¡¯s foundation, and also made him end up betraying his relatives.

    "This voice seems to be" Yang Fengnian thought for a while and then added: "It seems a bit arrogant!"

    "Ha, are you crazy?" Hearing this, the Black Rakshasa chuckled disapprovingly.

    "Besides, I think this is not all the reason why Heaven punished King Zhou, right?" Yang Fengnian raised his head, quietly looked at the black Rakshasa with slightly wrinkled eyebrows, and asked calmly.

    If Nuwa is so narrow-minded, how could she become the master of the three realms?  There must be other reasons why she sent down divine punishment to punish King Zhou.

    "What is that?" Black Rakshasa frowned, turned his head and looked at Yang Fengnian.

    Yang Fengnian looked away, looking through the valley of the dead in front of him and towards the farther and broader space.

    What could it be?

    Yang Fengnian looked at the quiet night sky and pondered in his heart.

    I don¡¯t know how long it took, but a smile gradually appeared on Yang Fengnian¡¯s thoughtful face.

    Turning his head, he looked at the Black Rakshasa beside him, staring at him quietly, and said slowly: "People live in this world."You need to know how to be in awe!  "


    Hearing this word, a look of doubt flashed in Black Rakshasa's beautiful eyes.

    "You said that King Zhou was convicted because of his words. Oh, is that really the case?" Yang Fengnian smiled, turned his head, looked at the Black Rakshasa and said, "You can tell from his words. His  The arrogance and ** are beyond his control. In other words, this person can no longer control his ** and madness. !"

    Yang Fengnian looked at the displeased Black Rakshasa with calm eyes, raised the corners of his mouth slightly, and said with a smile: "He is a madman!"

    "You're talking nonsense!" Hearing that Yang Fengnian dared to slander the king like this, Black Rakshasa was immediately furious, his almond-shaped eyes widened, and a cold murderous intent flashed in his eyes.

    "Nonsense or not, I think you know it better than anyone else!" Yang Fengnian sneered: "Don't you know what the life of the people of the Shang Dynasty was like back then? Or are you unwilling to know?"

    "The feeling of awe is not to be in awe of heaven and earth. But" Yang Fengnian raised his finger and pointed at his chest and said word by word: "It is to be in awe of the people's hearts!"

    "The world is dominated by those who win the hearts and minds of the people. If King Zhou loses the hearts of the people, he will naturally lose the country and even his life!" Yang Fengnian glanced at the lost Black Rakshasa with a faint look, said a word, turned around and left towards Nie Xiaoqian  direction.

    "A world for those who win the hearts of the people?" Black Rakshasa did not notice Yang Fengnian's departure, and just muttered this sentence in despair.

    After a long time, the Black Rakshasa smiled miserably, sighed, and said with a bitter smile: "Is this really the case? If this is really the case, then what is the point of persisting for so long?"

    The breeze swept by, and the snow particles carried in the wind felt cool on the face.

    Like a statue, the Black Rakshasa stood there, quietly recalling everything he saw back then.

    Gradually, the confused eyes of Black Rakshasa gradually brightened.

    A piece of snowflake is flying down from the sky.

    The black Rakshasa slowly stretched out its catkin, which was as strong as the frost and snow, and caught the snowflake in the palm of its hand.

    When I saw this snowflake, it finally melted into a round and crystal clear drop of water.

    The corners of Black Rakshasa¡¯s tightly pursed lips finally revealed a relaxed smile.

    "Oh, that's it! Whether it's a river or a snowflake, it's hard to escape the nature of water! The same goes for people, whether they are kings, gods, or common people!"

    After murmuring softly, the black Rakshasa turned his head and looked at the back of the scholar who was gradually receding in the snow.

    There was still a hint of resentment in his eyes that contained a smile, and he pouted: "But, I have really been waiting for you for a long time!"


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