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Volume 1: In the Human World Chapter 126: A sudden turn of events (seventh update)

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    The energy of the sun is the purest pure Yang energy in the world.

    Practitioners have a natural ability to restrain ghosts and demons.

    In addition, at this time, the Buddha's light was in full bloom.  The two complement each other and are under attack from both inside and outside.  The evil spirit that shrouded the sky over the Valley of the Undead made a loud noise and fell apart in an instant, declaring it was shattered.

    Thousands of rays of sunshine are falling like sharp swords.  However, the thousands of undead troops still had a determined look on their faces.

    With determination in his eyes, he raised his spear without fear of death, roared angrily, and made his last effort.

    They are practitioners before them, but more importantly, they are the best soldiers.

    And the glory of soldiers is fighting.

    A battle that is not afraid of death, a battle that moves forward courageously.

    Even if you are on the verge of death, you still have to fight to the end.

    Seeing this scene, the monk in white couldn't help but feel moved.

    The golden lotus in the hand was shining with golden light, and the light paused for a moment.  He turned his head and looked at the Black Rakshasa with a look of determination on his face, and said in a deep voice: "Black Rakshasa, this poor monk has one last question for you, do you agree or not?"

    The black Rakshasa had a cold look in his eyes, and glanced coldly at the monk in white, as well as the black army of demons behind him, and

    There are several terrifying and powerful auras in the Hidden Domain Demon Army.

    After retracting his gaze, the black Rakshasa closed his beautiful eyes slightly, raised his pretty cheeks, and took a deep breath.

    The breeze blew by, and three thousand black silk threads swept across that beautiful face.

    The long eyelashes tremble gently in the wind.

    After a long time, the Black Rakshasa lowered his head, opened his eyes, and took a faint glance at the undead army that was still struggling to resist the golden light in the sky. He opened his lips lightly, and his soft voice, with a unique rhythm, echoed in the air.  In the Valley of the Dead.


    Black Rakshasa had a look of determination and a touch of bitterness on his pretty face. His beautiful eyes looked at the army that had followed him for thousands of years, and he asked softly: "What do you think we should do?"

    The undead army was silent, but an extremely fierce evil spirit was condensing from their void bodies.

    When the blood-red evil spirit condensed into a wild and ferocious dragon queen in the sky of the Valley of the Undead.

    The army of thousands of undead struggled to raise the soul swords and guns in their hands, and roared in unison: "Kill!"

    The evil spirit rose into the sky, and the red male dragon hovering in the air rushed towards the Dragon Subduing Sword Spirit, which was flying in the air and turned into a golden dragon.

    The golden dragon raised its huge head, let out a high-pitched dragon roar, and turned into a bolt of lightning, instantly fighting with the blood-red male dragon.

    The sky, which was originally sunny, was once again covered with clouds.

    The storm is rising.

    The raging wind came suddenly.

    The flying snow is raging like swords and spears.

    "Amitabha!" The monk in white who offered the golden body of Fudo Myoyo closed his eyes, clasped his hands together and recited the Buddha's name, and then used his Seal again.

    At the same time, the eighteen Arhats who were protecting the Dharma from all directions around him also sacrificed the magic weapon with the shining Buddha light in their hands.

    Eighteen rays of golden light were extracted from the bodies of the Eighteen Arhats, and then all returned to the hand seal of the Fudo Ming King whose momentum was soaring.

    The raging wind roared, and the black Rakshasa stood alone in front of the palace, with his skirt flying and his hair dancing wildly.

    Facing the oppressive Fudo Mingou¡¯s hand seal, the bright eyes of the Black Rakshasa instantly turned black.

    His white jade-like hands waved like lightning.

    Two dark red rays of light, like lightning and flint, shot out from the cuffs of the Black Rakshasa.

    With the whistling wind and the sound of breaking through the air, two dark red rays of light quickly drew a circle after breaking away from the black Rakshasa's cuffs, and condensed into two blood-red serrated magic swords in the air.  .

    Just when the Black Rakshasa was preparing to do two things, manipulating two demonic swords filled with demonic aura, he rushed towards Yilong Yizhang.

    In the sky not far away, a fleeting blue-red light entered the sight of Black Rakshasa.

    After seeing the blue-red light that quietly flashed in the western sky and then disappeared instantly, the Black Rakshasa's originally resolute eyes suddenly burst out with a trace of unspeakable joy.

    Maybe, things will take a turn for the better.

    The Black Rakshasa bit his cherry lips gently and stared at the sky, thinking this in his heart.

    It seems to be confirming Black Rakshasa's guess.

    After a while, something appeared in the sky above the Valley of the Dead.There was an extremely weak fluctuation of vitality.

    Then, he saw that the Dragon Subduing Sword, which turned into a divine dragon, suddenly disappeared into the air.

    Disappeared silently, as if suddenly evaporating from this world.

    And Bai Susu, who was standing in front of the Demon Clan's Da Kong Formation and controlling the Dragon Subduing Sword, turned pale when she saw the Dragon Subduing Sword suddenly disappearing.

    At this moment, she clearly felt that her relationship with the Dragon Subduing Sword was completely isolated by a powerful barrier. Moreover, the seal she had engraved on the Dragon Subduing Sword was also quickly disappearing.

    The seal is carved with blood by the practitioner.

    It has an extremely close and important relationship with the practitioners themselves.

    If the seal is forcibly erased, the practitioner will inevitably suffer heavy losses.

    When the seal on the Dragon Subduing Sword completely disappeared, Bai Susu could no longer suppress the surging energy and blood. With a puff, a mouthful of blood spurted out.

    The Dragon Subduing Sword was suddenly collected, and the power to split the space disappeared instantly.

    The gap in the dark clouds that was previously cut by the Dragon Subduing Sword quickly closed.

    Between heaven and earth, the dark age of darkness has once again returned.

    When darkness comes, the undead army that was originally burned by the sun instantly regains its vitality.

    With a wave of the Black Rakshasa's arm, the undead army roared, like a blue poisonous mist, invisible and shapeless, pressing towards the tens of thousands of demon troops blocking the entrance to the Undead Valley.

    In the midst of the cyan smoke, there are thousands of undead legions as powerful as rainbows.

    Seeing this scene, Bai Susu, whose white dress was stained with blood, suddenly changed her expression. At this time, she didn't care about the mysterious disappearance of the Dragon Subduing Sword. She was so worried that she quickly ordered the army to resist.

    However, the army of the undead is an undead army that has been in the demon world for thousands of years. Except for the objects of the sun, there is no way to restrain them.

    ???????????????????????? Ten percent of the demon army is composed of demon cultivators, and their cultivation methods are very different from those of Zhiyang.

    Therefore, when faced with the tide of money-counting undead monks, the previously imposing demon army had nothing but fear in their eyes.

    When, the aura of the undead soaring into the sky, carrying a heart-stopping blood-red evil spirit, filled the air.

    Standing in the first row, the demon soldiers were fighting with each other. Finally, they couldn't suppress the fear in their hearts. They threw away the weapons in their hands, turned around and ran away.

    After the first row of soldiers were completely defeated in front of the undead army, the entire demon army lost all fighting spirit in an instant.  Tens of thousands of troops abandoned their helmets and armor, turned around and ran away.

    In an instant, the army was defeated like a mountain.

    Bai Susu, who was standing at the front, looked unchanged.  She just turned her head and glanced coldly at the disintegrated army.

    Then he withdrew his gaze.

    After raising her head and taking a look at the empty sky, Bai Susu vaguely thought of something, and a frightening cold light flashed in her cold eyes.  (To be continued



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