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Volume 1 In the Human World Chapter 132 Comrades (Please subscribe)

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    A scream resounded throughout the world.

    But in the end, it was taken away by the wind and snow flying all over the sky and disappeared invisible.

    In the flying snowflakes, pieces of golden light fell.

    That was the fragment of the old man in black¡¯s soul. At this point, the old man in black completely disappeared from this world.

    At the same time, in the Demon Lord¡¯s Hall in the Demon City.

    The gloomy main hall is empty and silent.  There are rows of cold blue candles all around.

    Directly opposite, there is a huge statue of a demon with an upper body, two forks in hand, and a blue body.

    The statue is several meters tall, and its head is directly connected to the skylight above the hall.

    The demon statue looked down at the main hall, and an invisible, coercive aura emitted instantly.

    In the empty hall, there is a man wearing black armor, more than two feet tall, with a powerful appearance. He has a long sword in his hand and lives on the ground. He raises his head with gloomy eyes and stares at the stressed demon statue in front of him.

    An old man with white hair stood respectfully behind him, silent.

    Suddenly, a gust of wind blew through the palace.

    Tens of thousands of blue candles on both sides of the hall were shaking violently.

    Seeing this, the Demon Lord frowned slightly.  Then, he raised his arm and waved lightly.

    A cold breath emanated from the cuffs, and in an instant, a light blue shield was formed in the hall, covering thousands of candles.

    The candlelight gradually stabilized, and the hall became bright again.

    But just when the Demon Lord removed his protection and was about to turn around and tell the people outside to close the hall door.

    Suddenly, a gust of wind came through the door.

    In an instant, a square array of candles were extinguished.

    Seeing this, the Demon Lord was immediately shocked. He ran over and squatted beside the candlestick, watching the wisps of green smoke rising from the ten thousand extinguished lamps.  I was horrified.

    "Your Majesty!"

    Behind him, the white-haired old man was shocked when he saw this.

    Staring at the cold candlestick, he said with a trembling tone: "Jungle of the Undead." At this point, the old man suddenly turned his head and looked at the Demon Lord who was squatting on the ground, shaking all over because of his rage.

    The demon king's body trembled sharply. He stretched out his hand to support the candlestick and stood up slowly.

    The hands pressing on the candlestick were too hard, and their knuckles had been pressed deeply into the bluestone candlestick.

    The Demon Lord¡¯s eyes were blood red. He suddenly turned his head and stared in the direction of the Undead Jungle. He gritted his teeth and said, ¡°It¡¯s that woman!¡±

    "Elder Bai!" The Demon Lord's voice was like metal friction, making people's hair stand on end.

    Hearing the words, the old man in white hurriedly stepped forward and bowed to accept the order.

    ¡°Blow the drums, the whole army assembles!¡±

    Valley of the Dead.

    The sky is still hazy and the snow is still flying.

    The falling snowflakes are falling in a splendid way.

    On the earth, the blood river has become cold, and the remaining broken arms are covered by goose feathers and heavy snow, leaving only patches of dark red blood pools.  Like red plum blossoms inlaid on white cloth, they dyed the snow-white earth red.

    Yang Fengnian, suspended in the sky, quietly looked down at the corpses buried in the snow on the ground, as well as the blood-red color of the white snow.

    The cold wind has passed by, and the flying snow is stirring.

    The green gown on her body moved and whistled with the wind.

    The black hair swept across the resolute cheeks, revealing a pair of extremely calm eyes.

    He lowered his head and glanced at the still sharp sword in his hand, but in his mind he couldn't help but think of the wailing sound that just resounded throughout the world.

    I don¡¯t know why, but I suddenly felt a little tired.

    Glancing over again, I saw the corpses covered by the snow, and the blood-red patches in the vast snowy wilderness.

    Yang Fengnian¡¯s mouth moved slightly, and a complex look flashed in the eyes of Jingping Gujing.

    But in the end, he didn¡¯t say anything.

    He just took a deep look at the blood on the ground, then waved his sleeves, and his body turned into a stream of light, falling on the snow-covered square in front of the palace.

    Judgehow is Qian?  "

    Yang Qianqian took a deep breath, sheathed his sword, raised his head, glanced calmly at the Black Rakshasa in front of him with a faint smile in his eyes, and asked softly.

    The eyes of the Black Rakshasa were full of hesitation and hesitation to speak. Looking at the scholar in front of him, he looked tired and didn't know what to say.

    "How is she?"

    Yang Fengnian glanced towards the store and asked with a frown.

    "She was poisoned"?!  "A worried look flashed in Black Rakshasa's eyes, with a hint of apology in his eyes, and he said softly. Seeing that Yang Fengnian looked a little anxious, Black Rakshasa was afraid that he would misunderstand something, so he quickly said: "However, I have already fed her the Baicao Pill.  , everything will be fine for now!  "

    Yang Fengnian breathed a sigh of relief, raised his head, looked at the woman in black with an apologetic look in front of him, an ugly smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, and said bitterly: "Thank you!"

    The Black Rakshasa chuckled and said amusedly: "I should be the one thanking you!"

    Yang Fengnian shrugged and said nothing.

    Then, with a smile on his face, he nodded slightly at the Black Rakshasa, and then stepped forward, ready to go in and see Nie Xiaoqian's situation at this time.

    Behind him, the Black Rakshasa looked at the slightly thin back of the scholar and remembered the look of exhaustion that flashed through his eyes just now. He wanted to say something in his heart, but when the words came to his lips, nothing came out.  .

    Stepping into the world of cultivation means fighting against heaven and earth.

    Human greed determines the survival law of the fittest.

    Such cruel laws of survival are particularly clear in the world of spiritual practice.

    The treasures of heaven and earth, the blessed land of heaven and earth, and even women may become the reason why practitioners risk their lives.

    In order to improve your cultivation, you must have heavenly materials and earthly treasures, and you must have a blessed land.  There must also be a Taoist companion cauldron.

    In the case of these things, in the case of constant, as more and more people have entered the practice world.

    There will be more and more fights and plunders.

    Therefore, killing and fighting are eternal topics for practitioners.

    ????????? This principle doesn¡¯t work if others say it. In the end, you can only rely on yourself to understand and recognize it.

    Then, get used to it.

    ?????????????? Get used to killing in order to live.

    This is the path that practitioners should take, and it is also their destiny.

    "But if you can't accept this path, you can't accept this fate.  And if you forcefully suppress it in your heart, these things will explode sooner or later, and when the time comes, the practitioner will inevitably have inner demons.

    "The inner demon is the greatest enemy of a practitioner, even greater than the threat of catastrophe.

    The Black Rakshasa raised his head and looked at the back of the scholar who was about to enter the hall.  After hesitating for a moment, she opened her lips lightly and called him.

    "Yang Fengnian!"

    Seeing the scholar stop and turn his head, he looked at himself calmly.

    After being silent for a moment, Black Rakshasa looked directly at him, then pointed back at the Acupoint Star battlefield behind him, and said seriously: "You are not wrong! Most of the time, the helpless choice is the best choice!"

    Yang Fengnian was startled when he heard this.

    Looking at the serious and sincere gaze of the woman in a black dress amid the flying white snow, Yang Fengnian was stunned for a while and then smiled freely.

    "Thank you!" (To be continued

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