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Volume 1: The First Stroke in the Human World, Chapter 47: The Immortal Killing Sword

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    If Xuanwu hadn't used the demon element to force out the Immortal Killing Sword's body, Yang Fengnian would never have discovered that the disease was floating in the Immortal Killing Sword in front of him.

    After noticing the strong killing aura emanating from the Immortal Killing Sword, even though Yang Fengnian was well prepared, he was shocked by the strong killing aura and almost became unstable.

    Xuanwu flicked his finger and sent the Immortal Killing Sword in front of Yang Fengnian. He smiled and said, "You should believe it now, right?"

    "Is it really Zhu Xian?" The famous Zhu Xian Sword Formation in mythology was under his control. Yang Fengnian felt that it was not real for a moment.

    "Of course!" Xuanwu smiled slightly and said: "If you want to try the power of the Zhuxian Sword Formation for yourself, that's not a bad idea!"

    Xuanwu said with a smile, but he was teasing Yang Fengnian.

    ¡° Then, seeing Yang Fengnian quickly come back to his senses from the shock and joy, and began to look at the transparent immortal sword in front of him, a flash of appreciation flashed in Xuanwu¡¯s eyes.

    "It is neither copper nor iron nor steel. It was once hidden at the foot of Mount Xumi. The changes in killing are infinite and wonderful, and the clothes of Da Luo Jinxian are stained with blood!"

    Seeing Yang Fengnian raise his hand and put the Immortal Killing Sword into the scabbard, Xuanwu's eyes flashed with a solemn look. After reciting it softly, he looked directly at Yang Fengnian and warned: "The power of the Four Immortal Killing Swords has long been exceeded.  However, because the killing is too heavy, once the four swords are gathered together, it will be the beginning of a river of blood in the Three Realms. If a person with bad character holds the Zhuxian Sword, it will definitely be a disaster for the Three Realms and Six Paths. However, you are a cultivator  It is Haoran¡¯s righteousness. Since Yasheng has chosen you to be his disciple, he has his reasons!¡±

    "Now, the Wutian Sect has invaded the Three Realms, and the Heaven Realm, which is the most powerful among the Three Realms, is the first to be involved. The practitioners in the Three Realms are all worried about the precarious situation of the Heaven Realm. Now, the Four Swords of Zhu Xian have recognized their masters. The next thing is  Leave it to you!" Xuanwu sighed softly and encouraged: "I hope you can stop this!"

    Yang Fengnian, who was playing with the Zhuxian Sword, heard this.  Shocked.  He smiled in surprise: "Are you kidding? What do you mean by giving it to me? What does this have to do with me? The Wutian Sect invaded and they didn't come to my home, so why should I risk my life with them!"

    No wonder Yang Fengnian shied away without even thinking about it, after all.  No matter how I heard this, I felt it was unreliable.

    It¡¯s like a person walking down the street.  Suddenly you meet a beggar, he takes out a lot of secret books, and then tells you about his mission to maintain peace on earth.  Just leave it to you, it¡¯s really unreliable.

    ¡°In this world, no one except Zhou Xingxing would believe this.

    I heard that the new master of the Four Swords of Killing Immortals is so narrow-minded.  With such selfishness, Xuanwu was furious.

    Damn it, what do you mean I didn¡¯t hit your home?

    "Every man is responsible for the survival of the world."

    You are a scholar after all, are you not even as good as a common man?

    Looking at Yang Fengnian¡¯s stunned expression, Xuanwu was furious and wanted to kill him with a knife.

    "However, after observing for such a long time, I also know that this kid is a master who takes soft things rather than hard ones.

    Even if he is forced to fight against the Wutian Sect.  There's no guarantee that this kid won't desert and become a deserter.

    " If you want this kid to take the initiative and prescribe the right medicine, that's the way to go.

    Thinking of this, Xuanwu smiled secretly.  After raising his hand and counting with his fingers, a glimmer of light suddenly appeared in his dim old eyes.

    "I heard that you have a good relationship with Xiaonizi Ziyue from the Fairyland Waterside Pavilion?"

    It¡¯s like a rattle.  Yang Fengnian, who shook his head in refusal, heard the old turtle suddenly say these words.  His face suddenly froze, and he said in astonishment: "How do you know?"


    At this point, Xuanwu suddenly stopped.  He smiled and said: "Guess what?"

    Yang Fengnian was listening when he suddenly saw the old man stop talking. He was so anxious that he was speechless and then got angry: "What on earth is going on, you should tell me!"

    "It's not good!" Seeing that they were almost gone, Xuanwu looked sad, shook his head and sighed: "After the Taiyi Sect was wiped out, Shuixie Pavilion was also destroyed. That Xiaonizi of Table Moon and the Taiyi Sect  The wooden elder is hiding in Penglai Immortal World at this time. However, Penglai Immortal World is also in danger at this time. If Wutian Sect cannot be defeated. Once Penglai Immortal World falls, there will be intact eggs under the overturned nest. Hey, what about you?  The situation of the parallel head is very bad!."

    Damn it, after saying so much, I still don¡¯t want the young master to carry this banner.

    Looking at Xuanwu, he shook his head and sighed.? Although Yang Fengnian was filled with hatred, there was really nothing he could do.

    No matter what the old ghost said is true or false, Yang Fengnian has to go to heaven.

    If it¡¯s fake, then everything is fine.  But if it was true, then I would go even more.

    After thinking of this, Yang Fengnian took a deep breath and raised his head with a look of generosity and justice on his face.

    "As the saying goes, every man is responsible for the rise and fall of the world. The three realms are at stake, how can we practitioners just sit idly by and ignore it."

    After expressing his thoughts, Yang Fengnian changed the topic and looked at Xuanwu Island who kept rolling his eyes with contempt and said: "Tell me, how can I go to the fairy world!"

    Xuanwu ignored the other party's awe-inspiring righteousness, just rolled his eyes at him, curled his lips and said: "Save you for your current cultivation level at the Golden Core stage, you also want to go to the fairy world, but even if you go there, you won't be able to withstand the sword of the Wutian Sect, and sooner or later you will turn into fertilizer in the ground!  "

    Damn it, this is too hurtful.

    How could you say that?

    When Yang Fengnian heard this, he was immediately speechless.  He kept slandering this old man in his heart,

    Xuanwu didn't wait for the other party to comment, he just smiled, waved his hand and said: "However, with me, the God of the North, all this is not a problem."

    As he spoke, Xuanwu stood proudly in the wind with his hands behind his back, showing his masterly demeanor.

    "I have a paradise here to increase your cultivation. You can go into seclusion for three years. After three years, if you still can't reach the realm of ascension, then you can kill yourself with a knife, so as not to be embarrassed!"

    Damn it, how can you talk?

    Yang Fengnian stared.

    Xuanwu ignored him, raised his hand, and with a strong force, Yang Qiang was rolled up, and he wanted to send him to the cave to practice in seclusion.

    "Wait!" At the critical moment, Yang Fengnian had not forgotten Nie Xiaoqian and Hei Luosha. Seeing that Xuanwu was about to send him away, Yang Fengnian quickly raised his hand and said, "Where are my two companions?"


    Before Yang Fengnian could recover, a tyrannical force completely overwhelmed him.

    After the colorful light flashed, Yang Fengnian suddenly found that he was in a cold and desolate space where he could not see his fingers.  ,

    Hey, what is this place?

    Could it be the cave that Xuanwu mentioned?

    Yang Fengnian was curious and prepared to use his spiritual consciousness to investigate.

    However, before he could release his consciousness, a strong pressure came from all around.  He pressed directly towards Yang Fengnian.

    I rely on, for life.

    Yang Fengnian ignored the surroundings and quickly guarded the entrance to resist the sudden pressure.

    After a while, Yang Fengnian entered a deep state of concentration.


    Three years have passed in a flash
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