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Text Chapter 539 Jui Demon Island (45)

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    To the west of Crystal Mystery, look at the sea reef.

    There is a long and narrow beach here, and there are many black rocks at the connection between the beach and the sea.  The most conspicuous piece of reef is more than five meters high, in the shape of a human skull, standing "facing" the sea.

    And this skull-shaped reef is the "Wanghai Reef", which is why this place got its name.

    ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????¡¯???¡¯¡¯¡¯ has she¡¯s she she?  Therefore, people at Wanghai Reef at this time can just see a red sun setting in the west.


    The sound of the metal shaft turning started again, which announced that a small tricycle was approaching.

    "Long time no see" Billy quickly parked the car next to the big rock and said.

    On Wanghai Reef, a lonely figure stood alone, admiring the afterglow of the setting sun.

    He didn¡¯t look back, but responded calmly: ¡°What a rare visitorare you here to save your brother on the island?¡±

    "He's been rescued." Billy said, raising his little arm and pointing in the direction he came from, "Look, he's waiting for me over there."

    The man on the rock turned his head and glanced at Bill, who was a few hundred meters away.  Bill was looking around with an expression like @_@ at the moment

    "Hehwhat's that next to him? Zongzi made by Zhen Ye?" the man asked with a chuckle.

    "Yes, and the stuffing is the meat of silkworm mothers." Billy replied.

    "Whatever" The man shrugged, responded in an indifferent tone, and then said: "Let's talk about your reason for coming."

    "Sigh the clothes are not as good as new. The people are not as good as old" Billy said in a sad tone, "I just came to visit an old friend whom I haven't seen for a long time. Is there any other reason?" He paused and continued,  "Master Xing, after all, we studied under the same teacher, so we can be considered brothers and sisters Why should you"

    "Don't do this." The torturer interrupted Billy angrily, turned around, and glared at Billy.

    "I get angry when I see you" the torturer said coldly, "I will always remember what 'that old guy' said before he drove me away 'You are just a sadist. And Billy is the artist.  .You can only give people pain, but he can make people redeem'HumphThis is really a great insult."

    As he spoke, he raised his legs and took a quick step, jumped off Wanghai Reef, and stood in front of the tricycle.

    When viewed up close, the appearance of this criminal god is almost the same as that of a human being.  He is about 1.9 meters tall, of medium build, and has a fair complexion.  He has long gray hair draped over his shoulders; he has a very serious face, with a broad forehead, cross-brows and cold eyes, a garlic nose, thick lips, and a wide chin He also has two curls full of Mexican flavor.  beard.

    "How could that old guy have thought" Master Xing continued what he just said, "A few years later, I became one of the gods in the multiverse, the most capable assistant of the Lord of Time, and the chief designer of Jui Demon Island.  ; And you are just a bastard who fell into chaos, a fugitive. Even before you became a fugitive, you were just a juror in the Court of Truth." He sneered, "Hmph This is really a great irony.  "

    "I indeed just came to visit you" Billy continued.  "Why do you have to say that"

    "Ha!" the torturer interrupted, "Really I really didn't see that there is such a relationship between you and me that we can visit each other" He touched his beard and looked down at Billy,  He snorted coldly.  "Although we are from the same school, you and I have never been on the same page, right? This even a fool like your brother can see that."

    "Watch your words." Billy's tone suddenly turned cold.

    "AhI'm sorry." The criminal master leaned down.  Putting his face in front of Billy, "Your brother is not a fool, he is a big fool"

    "I haven't seen you for more than a hundred years. You are very good at annoying people" Billy said solemnly, his eyeballs flashed with a strange light, as if he had murderous intentions.

    Howeverhe still held back.

    "Huh forget it." Suddenly, Billy restrained his murderous intent and calmly continued, "Anyway, you don't have much time"

    "Huh?" The torturer straightened up again and said suspiciously, "What did you say?"

    "Haha" Billy smiled, "It won't take long and you will know" As he said that, he turned the front of the car and pedaled towards Bill.

    "What tricks are you doing" the torturer muttered thoughtfully, and then shouted to Billy loudly, "Are you here just to talk nonsense to me? What is this? What on earth are you?  What's the meaning?"

      Billy still didn¡¯t answer the other party¡¯s question. He just answered without looking back: ¡°Whether you appreciate it or not out of friendship, I¡¯ll give you two more pieces of advice First, don¡¯t trust appearances.  Phenomenon; secondly, never underestimate that guy who is better at annoying people than you"


    Having said that, let¡¯s return to the players.

    After leaving the resting place, Brother Jue and the others walked leisurely for another hour.

    During this period of time, the light on the surrounding crystals became darker and darker, and finally finally became completely non-luminous.  And the sky above them that showed the "reflection" of Jui Demon Island also turned into pitch black.

    Of course, that¡¯s okay.  From the perspective of Brother Jue, who prepares for the worst in everything, everything is expected.

    But the problem is after "darkness", something even weirder happened

    I don¡¯t know whenan eye actually appeared in the dark sky.

    Yes, it¡¯s one, not a pair

    It was a giant white eye, with its eye sockets and whites floating faintly like burning white flames, and its pupil was an amber vertical line.

    ????????????????????????????????????????????No matter when, where, and at any angle, all creatures (including players) in the crystal puzzle look up to the sky, they will feel that this eye is staring at them

    When they first discovered this thing, the four players were on guard for a while, fearing that something like rays would be sprayed down from the sky But after observing for a few minutes, they found that there was no abnormal movement in this eye.  Maybe it's just a means used by the system to create pressure

    "I saidit's a little too quiet around here" Brother Ma, who was walking in the middle of the team, thought.

    "Actually, it's also so quiet during the day." Honghu, who was in charge of the post-interruption, continued, "It's just when there's enough light. People rely more on vision, so you don't notice."

    "Speaking of vision" Jibu in front continued, "Do you thinkthat eye in the sky is the 'Gaze Eye'?" (Feng Bujue had previously learned about all four guards from Fuling.  name and have told it to my teammates)

    "Not necessarily." Brother Jue, who was walking at the front, turned back half-jokingly, "Maybe that's Sauron (a fictional character in Tolkien's novels) who has cataracts. What Brother Jue is referring to here is naturally the third one.  The spirit Sauron in the third era. He often appears as an eye), or it's just a set that looks like an eyeball."

    "What are you doing You've almost used the Journey to the West jokes, are you ready to do the Lord of the Rings jokes?" Atobe replied with empty eyes, "Countless gay jokes about Frodo and Sam are already on your lips.  right!"

    "I'm just using jokes to lighten the atmosphere." Feng Bujue said, "We have been searching aimlessly for an hour and still have made no progress; coupled with this depressing atmosphere, it can easily lead to a loss of concentration.  "

    "Your rambling will cause our attention to decrease" Atobe continued.

    "Heh" Feng Bujue sneered.  He turned back and glanced at his teammates, "Aren't you all rambling before I spoke?" He paused, as if he wanted to give them time to think, "Maybe you haven't realized yet  The environment has already begun to affect you. From the time when the surroundings completely darkened, the longest silence between you lasted only three minutes. Recall it carefully every three minutes, you can't help but say  A few words of useless nonsense to relieve the tension. This is becauseif you remain silent, darkness and silence will begin to disrupt your thoughts and gradually increase your fear."

    "Listen to what you saiddon't you feel anything about darkness and silence?" Atobe replied.

    "Wellhehehehe" Feng Bujue used the hehehehe method.  He avoided the question coquettishly.

    "Okay, I understand what you mean." Honghu interrupted.  "To put it simplyif you don't say a word, you will easily be distracted, and talking too much will distract you. But proper conversationcan maintain a good mental state."

    "That's right." Feng Bujue nodded, "So we'd better do it every two minutes"

    Suddenly, his words stopped and his steps stopped.

    "Hey." Brother Jue's tone suddenly changed. He undoubtedly saw something, "There seems to be something in front"

    Hearing this, the teammates stepped forward one after another.

    ????????????????????????????????????????? Everyone looked forward along the light of the [Composite Anti-gravity Ejector], and actually saw a swaying in the wind.The dark shadow of ?.

    The shadow was floating in the air, with a rope around its neck.  Due to the distance, players can only see the outline of a human figure, but they don't know what it will look like up close.  However they all know that according to the usual nature of this game, getting close will definitely trigger a frightening event

    "This shouldn't be someone who committed suicide by hanging" Brother Ma lowered his voice and muttered softly.

    "How do you know?" Atobe also asked in a low voice.

    "There is no stool at my feet." Xiao Ma replied.

    "It's normal to not have a stool." Feng Bujue touched his lower body and muttered, "His feet were two meters away from the ground. Did he hang himself while standing on the coast lifeguard's observation chair? And  Look at the rope around his neck. The other end of the rope is tied directly to the crystal at the top instead of hanging around the crystal and then tiedSo, according to my guess, there are two  Possibly. The first is suicide. The process is He first climbed up the crystal pillar, put one end of the rope around his neck, tied the other end to the crystal pillar, and then jumped down from there. The second was suicide  ¡­There are many ways to do it¡­¡±

    "You guys should stop it!" Honghu lowered his voice and cut off their nonsense, "Is now the time to play reasoning? What kind of suicide? The method and form have nothing to do with it! This is obviously some kind of horrible thing.  Trigger the event! Be more serious!"

    "Well, that makes sense." Feng Bujue looked serious and nodded, "Let's do it I'll go and clear the mines first and get a feel for it. You guys wait for me here."

    "Oh I didn't expect you to come forward in such a shocking scene" Atobe asked.

    "Ha, what's this?" Feng Bujue smiled easily, "It's just a hanging corpse, how scary can it be?"

    "Okay, I have the guts!" Tianma Xingkong turned around to the face with thick eyebrows and big eyes, and patted Brother Jue on the shoulder.

    "Oh? You said 'you have the guts', right?" Feng Bujue turned around and looked at Brother Ma with a malicious look.

    "Yeah, just pretend I didn't say it" Tianma Xingkong instinctively smelled the smell of conspiracy.

    How could Brother Jue let him go

    Feng Bujue in turn put his hand on Tianma Xingkong's shoulder and pushed him forward a few steps: "Okay! As a hero who is better than me, I guess you can't hold it anymore! Why don't you  ¡­You can just pick up any guy right now and rush in to chop them, and we¡¯ll cover you from behind.¡±

    "This line of yours sounds familiar Why did I say it first ah" Brother Ma was pushed out before he could finish his words.

    He didn¡¯t know why, but after a few conversations with no sense of disobedience, he turned into a pathfinder

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    The dead body hanging in the air was still shaking and making some noise.  It sounds like the sound of wind blowing through clothes, or it may be caused by tight ropes

    The closer you get to the dead body, the more obvious the sound becomes.

    After walking about twenty steps, Tianma Xingkong could no longer hear the breathing and whispers of his teammates.  He could only hear the strange noise coming from the corpse and his own breathing

    "Huhit's okay, it's just a dead person." Tianma Xingkong's footsteps gradually slowed down, and he muttered to himself, "There are not even a hundred but eighty dead people seen in the horror paradise. This kind of hanging corpse  I've seen the scene in the movie eighty times if not a hundred timeswhat else" His words became more and more like self-consolation, "As a hero, how can you shrink here"

    After walking another twenty steps, Xiao Ma arrived less than five meters away from the target.

    Although the corpse¡¯s face was always covered by hair and could not be seen clearly, as he approached, Tianma Xingkong always held up his flashlight and let the light shine on the corpse¡¯s head.  Because Brother Ma has a strange intuition, it seems that as soon as he removes the light, the dead body will steal a glance at him.
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