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Prologue¡¤Prelude to the Kingdom of Heaven Chapter 03 Songs at Night

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    Chapter 03 Songs at Night

    Ives clicked on his attributes. His health was around 50%. Although his magic value was full, his left foot was in a 'fractured' state Even with the treatment of a priest, it would take more than 15 days to heal this state.  Time will heal.  Only a spell like 'limb healing' can completely heal the fracture.

    But, those are the skills of a level 50 priestand before the Viking invasion, level 45 was the full level.

    In short, the current Avis¡¯ movement speed has dropped by 60%, and his weight-bearing capacity has dropped by 35%, which can be considered a tragedy.  And moving with your feet for a long time can even cause blood loss.  If you want to move quickly, in addition to sitting in a carriage like Ives is doing now, there are two other ways to mount a horse and use flying magic.

    But there are no mounts that level 1 players can ride on.  Moreover, it is impossible to learn the magic of flying before level 45.

    "Can you ride a mount only at level 10? What's called life." Ives sighed. Of course he could ride a horse, but the problem was that he couldn't learn riding skills at all before reaching level 10.  The horse cannot be operated while sitting on it.  The aborigines have no such scruples. As long as they are willing to learn and spend a few months, they can ride around on horses.

    Of course, you can ride a pony at level 10, a medium horse at level 20, a big horse at level 40, and after level 60, most players can ride a dragon around.  Those NPCs in the sanctuary don't have the guts to ride a dragon.  It's almost the same when it reaches the legendary realm.

    Avis opened his backpack. As he expected, the epic suit he had worked so hard to build was naturally gone.  In his powerlessness, he could only calculate how many more copies he had to download and how many times he had to clear the BOSS.  I just don¡¯t know if there is such a thing as a copy in this world?

    After all, it is a real world.

    Of course, it¡¯s not really nothing.  Avis is currently wearing a fashionable dress, an elf noble dress.  This costume does not have any power bonus, but its attributes are incredible to the current Ives.

    The reputation level of any camp is +1, and the reputation of the eternal country Gonavis is fixed and worshiped.

    In other words, for those camps whose reputation is turned on, the default reputation is not 'neutral' but 'friendly'.  The reputation of the Eternal Kingdom of Gonavis, the hometown of the Erenya elves, is even more incredible.  Of course, wearing this thing, Avis can't wear equipment that increases attributes such as armor and spirit.

    So, this one does match its name, ¡®dress¡¯.  However, am I a noble among the Erenya elves?

    Of course, the Erenya elves have always been nobles, which is not surprising.  It's just a dress that can be purchased by players who have acquired the noble status of other races. It doesn't seem to have such a powerful ability. It just adds 1 to the reputation level of allies and +2 to the reputation level of one's own race

    Avis took out several items given by the newbie, including a glass of water and a piece of bread, and started eating them.  He has a small bag with 15 compartments. This is the small bag that was given at the beginning of the system. Now it seems that it is only about the size of a palm, and it can actually hold a lot of things.  It seems to be a space item.

    Space items seem to be very precious I didn¡¯t expect that every player has them.  Allenya smiled bitterly. Of course he knew the difference between real space items and this small bag. Even the legendary mage might not be able to get that kind of thing.

    There are 5 items in the bag.  Bread, water, arcane archmage robe, mahogany wand and map of Lanthos area.  Although the name of the Arcane Archmage Robe looks domineering, it is actually just a decoration that looks very powerful.

    ? And the mahogany wand is a good thing, an artifact for novices.  I remember that in order to reveal this level 1 equipment, there were people who were more than 10 levels in the past.  Later, after the explosion rate increased, it became a mess.

    Bread can restore life, water can restore magic power.  So Ives started eating bread.  It is expected that in ten minutes, his blood volume will be increased.

    Although Rebecca¡¯s profession is a priest, she is actually a disciplinary priest, so her current level is only ¡°light healing¡±.  This spell isn't very useful.  Of course, if Rebecca hadn't cast this spell, Ives' current blood volume should be less than 20%.

    "I'm a fragile mage How weak must you be, Rebecca?" Avis sighed.

    In fact, the disciplinary priest should not be regarded as a weapon, just like the dragon warlock cannot be regarded as a long-range output.  But it's really rare for a priest's spell to be so weak

    Suddenly, Avis thought of a fact.  Rebecca is an NPC, not a player.  Players are all 'hero templates', and their power is actually stronger than most NPCs.  Of course, those BOSS are not counted. Those who can defeat BOSS alone are not normal people.

    So Ives could only eat the bread obediently.  Of course, if he reaches level 5, thenYou can learn the skill of ¡®summoning food¡¯, so you won¡¯t be left without anything to eat.


    The nights in this world are always so gorgeous. Three moons hang in the sky, exuding a faint brilliance of the moon.  Although it is no longer midsummer, the warm wind blowing in the face can still make people feel refreshed.

    On the lush green grass, there are slightly bright fireflies floating.  Listening to the chirping of insects that come and go, there is always an urge that makes people feel so comfortable that they want to fall asleep directly.

    Avis¡¯s health had long been filled up. He slowly stepped out of the carriage and saw the mercenaries laughing, roasting hot meat and lighting a bright bonfire.

    "Isn't this Mr. Elf!"

    Although Avis is already very low-key, the naturally noble elf is so conspicuous no matter where he goes, not to mention Avis who has a charm of 10 points?

    The person who greeted Avis was a generous mercenary.  He laughed and invited Avis to drink with him.  Avis walked up to the mercenary, took the wine bottle from his hand, and took a sip.  This is a very spicy spirit, I can't say it's great, but it has a lot of staying power.  No wonder these mercenaries like it so much.

    "What are you doing!" Ganda immediately knocked the mercenary on the head, "I am an elf, will I drink wine like yours?"

    "Haha, elves also drink." Ives put down the wine bottle, "If you have a chance, I'll treat you to a drink of the wine brewed by the elves themselves."

    "Really?" The mercenary's eyes lit up, "Elf wine! It should be expensive, right?"

    "It's okay, I'll just treat you." Ives smiled slightly and took another sip of the glass of wine.  Elf wine is naturally very expensive, and this kind of wine is often the favorite of the upper class nobles.  Of course, Ives can also brew it himself, so it¡¯s not too difficult to get it.

    At this time, Rebecca, who was sitting next to Ives, looked at the pork dripping with oil and said excitedly: "How about I play a little song for you! Anyway, it's still some time before the meal starts! I  But he has the talent to become a bard!"

    The mercenaries all around laughed.  A mercenary laughed and said: "You can only play some basic songs at most, and you are tone-deaf when you sing. You still want to be a bard?"

    Rebecca stamped her foot dissatisfied, twitched her cute little nose, and then said: "I will definitely make you look at me with admiration!"

    Afterwards, she took out her harp and began to play a common poem. Although it sounded okay, Ives knew that she had made many wrong notes.

    After that, a slightly nasal girl's voice sounded. The sound was good, but it was too out of tune.  So halfway through the song, Rebecca had to stop because of the voices of the mercenaries who were laughing so hard that they were almost out of breath. She pouted and looked at the mercenaries angrily.

    At this time, a round of applause sounded.  After that, the almost perfect elf stood up.  He smiled, and then walked to Rebecca: "You play well, but there are some things that need attention. Let me play it for you."

    Each character has 1 to 3 preferences at the beginning.  This tendency is a BUFF.  There are many types of biases, and there are also many types of attributes that can be added.  Avis¡¯s preferences are ¡®magic attack¡¯ and ¡®music¡¯.  Therefore, his magic attack power increased by 1%, and at the same time, his music had the effect of infecting everyone.

    Avis took the harp, took a deep breath, and then started playing.  It has the same melody as Rebecca, but it is easy for people to sink into this beautiful music unconsciously.

    Afterwards, Ives started singing.  What he used was not the most frequently spoken "Hebran" in the South, but a language that no one had ever heard.  Elegant and high-pitched, the complex and gorgeous tone easily attracts people.  Their hearts slowly settled, captured by Ives's beautiful singing voice.

    In the quiet night, the cool wind blows in your face.  Melodious music sounded, and the almost perfect man sat under the bright night, stretched out his slender fingers, plucked the strings, and sang an eternal song.

    When the singing ended, everyone was still silent in the dreamlike scene, unable to extricate themselves for a long time.

    Avis slowly put down the harp, and then said: "Sorry I don't play it very well." His preference is music, and the artistic cells of the Arren elves are even more powerful.  The combination of the two makes his music very addictive.

    At this time, a blond figure came to Aranya.  The bright eyes sparkled with incomparable light.  Swiss??Ka stared at Ives with perfect cheeks and said, "Teach me."


    "Teach me how to play the piano!" Rebecca looked excited, "You play so beautifully!"

    A trace of cold sweat appeared on Avis' head. What should he say?  You are a disciplinary priest!

    Avis slowly returned the harp to Rebecca, and then said: "I only understand it a little bit"

    "It doesn't matter, as long as I can be as good as you!" Rebecca said with excitement.

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