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Prologue¡¤Prelude to the Kingdom of Heaven Chapter 10 The Cup of Heaven

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    The 10th Kaiten Cup

    Avis naturally noticed Hades¡¯ departure.  But he wasn't very familiar with Hades, so he couldn't say much.  After having breakfast, Ives couldn't bear the gazes around him, so he said to the leader of the Ganda mercenary group: "When will we leave?"

    Ganda pondered for a moment: "The caravan still needs to be replenished, probably after lunch. You know, we have lost some people, and this will also require us to be busy for a while."

    Avis nodded, and then said: "Then can I go to this market for a stroll?"

    Ganda nodded: "Then please feel free." Avis nodded, and then he stood up, ready to see if there were any leaks that could be picked up.  Considering his level, 10 silver coins is enough to pick up the missing items.

    When Rebecca heard that Ives was going shopping, she immediately said hesitantly: "Is your foot okay?" She was the priest responsible for treating Ives's feet, so she naturally knew about Ives.  How quickly the injury heals.  But she still hesitated. Is Avis really okay?

    "Well, I can walk now. As long as I'm not running fast, I think it should be fine." Ives smiled softly.  After that, Avis was ready to ¡®pick up the leaks¡¯.  This is undoubtedly an exciting thing. In fact, there was a legend that someone accidentally picked up an epic weapon.

    Avis can¡¯t wait.  After all, the ¡®players¡¯ he robbed from this world don¡¯t exist!  He doesn't ask for any powerful epic weapons to be picked up. As long as he can pick up a magic item, he will feel at ease.

    Even if it is a magic prop with +1 enchantment, someone who knows the goods can sell it for more than 10 gold coins.  There are many people setting up stalls in the market, and these NPCs also sell the proceeds from their adventures.  It is impossible for the NPC to identify all the props. At this time, it is the turn of the players who recognize the goods to pick up the missing items.

    At this time, Rebecca also stood up.  She looked at Avis: "Since shopping is such an interesting thing, then I will go with you."

    Ives didn¡¯t think much about it, so he and Ives walked out of the pub together.  But they didn't notice that a pair of eyes saw the sparks that burst out after the two of them walked out of the tavern.

    Seeing the open market, Avis smiled slightly.  The market has just opened now, so there are not many people.  The young trainee priest, like all women, likes shopping, so she immediately picked up Ives and walked towards the already bustling market. From the looks of it, she seemed to be even more excited than Ives.

    "Come and take a look, miss! There are a lot of good things here!" a vendor said loudly.  Rebecca immediately walked to the side of the shop and looked at the rows of accessories, a little dazzled.

    "How do you sell this?" Ives had already put on the black hat, covering his ears.  Therefore, at this time, he looked like a handsome noble boy, not an elf.  Ives doesn't want to be watched here.

    The merchant saw Ives's outfit and thought it was a fat sheep ready for slaughter, so he showed an exaggerated smile: "This guest is really discerning. This ring is a handmade product made of sterling silver.  But the precious items handed down from the holy city of Jerusalem are very precious treasures and are very suitable for giving to the lady next to you. Now you only need 10 silver coins"

    Rebecca also saw the ring at this time. It was simple in shape, with some light shining on it, and some words engraved on it. It looked pretty good.

    "15 copper coins." Avis suddenly quoted a price.  The vendor was stunned, and then said: "Are you kidding me? This is my family heirloom. If it were not for my livelihood, I would not sell it. How about this, 8 silver coins, what do you think?"

    Ives suddenly smiled, "Your home is Shadowfang Castle? Then aren't you a family member of Baron Brege?"

    The vendor was stunned.

    "This can't be a treasure handed down from the Holy City of Jerusalem. In fact, that place is indeed the Holy City, and many precious items have been handed down. But those items all carry sacred blessings Sorry, I don't have them.  It shows in this ring.¡±

    "Look carefully, the light shining on this ring"

    Avis smiled: "Phosphor powder, I know this thing."

    The vendor opened his hands, and then sighed: "It seems that you are an expert, so I won't negotiate the price anymore. Just take the 20 copper coins."

    Avis took out the money and threw it to the vendor.  He then took the ring.  Afterwards, a smile unconsciously appeared on his lips. He naturally knew about this ring. The Ring of Brutal Strength, located near Shadowfang Castle.The Bone Guard will explode this thing.

    Shadowfang Castle is a small dungeon, not very far from here. It is next to the Cthulhu Mountains.  Its former owner was Baron Brege, but as the baron died suddenly in the castle 10 years ago, and the castle also killed some of its owners, no one cared about this cursed castle.

    Later, it seemed that an evil presence had taken over the castle.  Some undead creatures appeared around Shadowfang Castle.  Of course, that place is too remote and few people go there, so no one has ever come to clean it.

    This level 10, 5-player dungeon is considered one of the most basic dungeons.  There are many things that explode inside, and this Ring of Brute Force is just one of them.  Unfortunately, the effect of this ring is to increase physical attack power by 5 points, which is almost useless against Ives.  Why does he need physical attack power?  So he decided to sell it.

    After arriving at a corner where no one was paying attention, Rebecca watched in surprise as Ives washed the fluorescent powder off the ring with water and slowly input magic power into the ring.  Then the ring took on a faint golden light.  This is what the runes inside look like when activated.

    "Magic equipment!" Rebecca tried not to scream out loud.  Bought a magic equipment for 20 copper coins?

    Avis smiled softly and said: "Identification should be regarded as an essential skill for a mage." After that, he went to a more formal magic shop and sold the ring for 25 silver coins.

    Rebecca was speechless.  But Elvis knew that this missed pick was just a small pick. If he was lucky, he should be able to pick it up 2 or 3 times.

    After about an hour or so, Ives took action twice more.  After this, the money they had on them had reached 112 silver coins.  Rebecca had never seen such a strange way to make money, and she was so surprised that she was speechless.  Elvis sighed, he still hadn't found the equipment he wanted.

    He didn¡¯t come here to make money.  In fact, you can earn a few gold coins just by completing a dungeon, and a simple dungeon will never take an hour.

    He is looking for equipment that he can use!

    ¡°But this is a small market after all, and there aren¡¯t many things that can be picked up.  Just when Ives wanted to give up, a cup walked into Ives' eyes.

    This is a very ordinary silver cup, with most of the patterns being very gorgeous.  After Avis played with it for a while, he settled the deal for 15 silver coins.  Although this is an ordinary cup, it is made of silver after all, and 15 silver coins is actually not expensive.  In fact, the shop owner did not expect that this cup, which was purely for decoration, would also be bought.  He was also thinking of sending the cup to be recast in a few days.

    After learning that the shop owner wanted to recast the cup, Ives chuckled.  If this shop owner knew the value of this cup, he would probably never sell it!

    "What is this? It looks so precious." Rebecca said curiously.  Elvis smiled: "Do you know about holy water?"

    "Don't you think it's rude to ask this question in front of a priest?" Rebecca said with some displeasure.  Elvis smiled and waved his hand, and then said: "I'm not questioning your belief, well, let's put it this way. Holy water, even No. 7 holy water, needs level 20 Well, it also needs to reach the level of a priest.  It can only be adjusted according to the level, right?"

    "Well, yes. Holy water is a good thing. It can cure almost all injuries." Rebecca nodded.  Avis looked at the cup in his hand: "And there is a thing that can make holy water without a priest. This item is called the 'Heaven's Cup'"

    "Are you talking about the holy object blessed by the Holy Son?" Rebecca naturally knew about the Cup of Heaven.  In fact, the Cup of Heaven is definitely the most powerful holy object. There are even rumors that drinking the holy water produced by the Cup of Heaven can resurrect the dead.

    "This cup can produce holy water." Avis laughed.

    "You mean this is the Cup of Heaven? That's impossible!" Rebecca said in disbelief. "The real Cup of Heaven is in Mensa, it can't be spread here Moreover, the Cup of Heaven is an artifact, and the one on it is  The majestic holy power cannot be concealed so that no one can detect it!"

    "Did I say this is the Cup of Heaven?" Ives said weakly, "This is just an imitation. In fact, the 14th Pope once made 14 imitations, but after the battle between humans and undead,  After the Hundred Years War, only three imitations of the Heavenly Cup have been passed down perfectly This is not the three undamaged imitations of the Heavenly Cup. The sacred pattern of this thing has been broken, so it needs to be repaired"

    Rebecca took the silver cup and then?Sure enough, I saw some familiar runes.  This is a holy pattern, something that only true holy objects have.  After a while, she said hesitantly: "But I don't know how to do it the sacred pattern is too advanced, it is a field that only priests can touch"

    A priest is considered a high-level professional, that is, level 30.

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