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Volume 1¡¤The War of the Throne Chapter 09 The End of Evil (Part 1)

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    Chapter 09 The End of Evil (Part 1)

    The sound of horse hooves sounded in this dim village.  Avis quickly arrived at the place on horseback.  After he and Rebecca killed the horned devil in the farmland, the sky had turned completely dark.  There are probably demons in this place, so Ives doesn't plan to wander around in the dark, as that would undoubtedly be too dangerous.

    These demons are chaotic and evil existences. They are best at erasing you unknowingly under the shroud of darkness.  Therefore, Avis would rather wait for the arrival of those demons in the formation he had arranged.

    Rebecca had fallen into a coma after experiencing the effect of the 'Holy Spirit Possession' spell.  But it's not a big deal. After a while, Rebecca will wake up on her own.  Rebecca would probably be able to help in the upcoming battle, so Avis took her with him.

    The traveling horse quickly arrived at the village chief¡¯s door.  Because of the evil connection, it could be said that there was no one on the street at this time, and the surrounding houses lacked even lights.  Avis' brows frowned slightly.  But when he dismounted, his eyes still caught a trembling beggar in the corner.

    (Have we finally found youthe mission issuer.)

    There was a smile on Avis's lips, and then he walked towards the beggar.  The beggar also noticed Ives, and suddenly there was a hint of fear in his eyes when he looked at Ives.  He was trembling all over, trying to escape from Avis.

    "Hey, don't be nervous." Avis said helplessly.  Then he took out a piece of bread and said, "Don't be nervous, come on, I'll give you something to eat."

    The beggar saw the bread in Ives¡¯ hand and stood stunned for a long time.  After a long time, he cautiously approached Ives and took the bread from his hand.  After confirming the authenticity of the bread with his hands and nose, the beggar couldn't wait to gobble it up.

    Avis smiled slightly and said: "How did you end up in this situation? As far as I know, there shouldn't be many rich people in this small village, and there won't be many people begging for money for you, right?"

    "Koboldsthose damn kobolds!"

    After hearing what Ives said, the beggar was silent for a while, and then made a sound like a curse.  Afterwards, Ives stood next to the beggar and listened to him explain the cause and effect of the incident.

    It is also a very simple story. This beggar originally owned a field, and his identity was not a free citizen, but a farmer.  But some time ago, kobolds occupied his land, making it impossible for him to cultivate it.  And his identity, that is, the shackles of a farmer, prevented him from leaving this land without the lord's approval.  Therefore, he could only become a beggar and accept alms from his former villagers.

    Recently, more and more people have been entangled in bad luck, so the food that this beggar can get is getting less and less. Maybe it won't be long before he should risk being caught and beheaded to escape from the village.  .

    As for the lord of this placeit has been five years since he came to manage this village.  This village seems to be a forgotten place.

    Avis does know what happened to that lord.  That's what he has to deal with next.  It was also the first dungeon he wanted to clearbut for now, it was more important to deal with the evil and kobolds here.

    Thinking of this, Avis smiled: "So, if I can help you solve this hidden danger, that is, help you take back your land, what can you give me?"

    The beggar, who was originally dull-eyed, was stunned for a moment, and then looked at Avis, who was smiling slightly, with bright eyes.

    "II only have one ancestral book now. If you can help me, I am willing to dedicate it to you!"

    Avis finally smiled with satisfaction. That book was actually a magic book, which could record magic and release it.  Although the level is not very high, it is indeed a good piece of equipment in the early stages.

    Avis nodded, and then said: "Well in that case, I will help you." After confirming that he had received the mission, Avis said goodbye to the beggar and walked to his horse.  He took Rebecca down and walked into the village chief's home.

    Under the swaying fire, the village chief's family was enjoying dinner.  Seeing the arrival of Ives, the village chief, a middle-aged man, finally showed a smile: "It turns out to be Mr. Traveler Do you want to enjoy dinner together?"

    "No need." Ives took a look at the little thing.?'s dinner, then shook his head.  It¡¯s better not to eat more of these foods that are not popular.  Only then did the village chief notice the girl in Ives's arms, and then said with some surprise: "What's wrong with this lady?"

    The village chief¡¯s honest face showed just the right amount of concern, and the family members behind him also stopped eating and looked at Rebecca, who was held in Avis¡¯s arms, with a hint of curiosity.  Ives looked around and above the empty fireplace, frowning slightly.

    (That place is a bit clean.)

    Avis¡¯ thoughts changed for a moment, but he decided to go back to his room first and set up the magic circle.

    "Noshe didn't have anything big going on." Ives shook his head, then showed a wry smile.  He hugged Rebecca and entered the room he had chosen in advance on the second floor.

    After locking the door, Avis let out a sigh of relief.  He took out some magic items he bought in the previous town and started setting up the formation.  Arrangement of formations can be said to be a necessary ability for a mage, and the formation set up by Ives was not a very powerful one, so soon, Ives had already completed the formation.

    After taking a deep breath, under the bright moonlight, Avis chose to activate his magic circle.

    A mysterious and mysterious impact spread immediately.  The evil magic circle hidden under this village finally came to life under the stimulation of this arcane magic circle

    Standing on the edge of the magic circle, Avis finally showed a warning expression.  He held a long sword in his hand and looked at the arcane magic circle in front of him.  After a while, the surrounding scene immediately began to change.

    "Has it been activatedthen, let me see what your ability is, Demon Corrosion Body!"


    The girl seemed to have had a dream.  In that dream, I seemed to see my mother again, the mother who always smiled warmly and gave me love.

    But wasn¡¯t his mother dead long ago?

    The girl doesn¡¯t understand.  But she was lying in her mother's arms, enjoying the warm embrace.

    But the dream will eventually pass.  The girl finally woke up.  The girl with short blond hair looked around, then touched her hair, which was somewhat deformed by sleep, and murmured an unknown meaning.

    Soon, she found herself lying on the bed.  And on her bed, there was a faint fragrance of green grass.  Rebecca had only felt this aura from one person.

    The short-haired girl turned her head and saw someone lying on her bed.  This man has long black hair like ink, and a pair of closed eyes on his almost perfect face. Although he is asleep, he exudes incomparable charm.

    Rebecca knew who this person was just at the first glance.  At this time, her brain finally realized that she was actually sleeping in the same bed with the elf boy Elvis!

    Rebecca, who was still a virgin, immediately turned red.  She opened her mouth, but couldn't say a word.  At this time, the elf boy seemed to wake up from his sleep as if he felt the movement of the girl next to him.  He slowly opened his eyes and looked around blankly.

    "Here is so to speak, it is really here. It seems that I succeededah!" The words that seemed to be said to oneself ended with a scream.

    "Succeedsuccess or something, you pervert! Pervert!"

    "Eh?" Avis touched the head that was hit hard and glanced at Rebecca who was blushing strangely.  It took him a long while to realize: "Well well, I didn't do anything to you."

    "It's useless to explain anything!" Rebecca seemed to have made up her mind to punish the elf boy.  Avis immediately shook his hand and explained: "Don't get excited yet! This place is the devil's lair!"

    "Huh?" When Rebecca heard the word 'devil', she seemed to think of something, and then she stopped waving her fist.  After the shy feeling in her heart faded, she immediately felt the dense evil power around her.

    Avis sat up and then said: "Devil, there are demons in this place. The horned demon we killed before was not the mastermind of this incident. It should be said that it was just a chess piece used to explore the path."

    Ives got out of bed and began to put on his armor, "So I found the center where the devil's power is strongest and where the formation is hidden in this village. Well, it's this room. I set up a  The formation that reflected evil finally entered this 'inside world', that isThe devil's lair.  "

    "The other world?" Rebecca said a little strangely.

    "That is, a person's inner world." Ives said with a slight smile, "The power of demons is not compatible with this world. They cannot display their true powers in this place. Therefore, they will choose a person's inner world."  The inner world corrodes them. When a person is corroded, he also becomes corrupted. And that person can be selected as the corrupted body of the devil and cast some evil spells that can only be cast in hell."

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