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Volume 1¡¤The War of the Throne Chapter 18 The Light Breaking in the Dark (Part 3)

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    Chapter 18 The light breaks in the darkness (3)

    At this moment, the sun has set to the west, and the sine moon is slowly rising on the horizon.  Under the light of dusk, the castle was given a faint gray light.

    Rebecca looked at the skeleton hanging on the cross in front of her with some surprise.  This represents blasphemy and blasphemy against the supreme Lord!

    Ives¡¯s eyes suddenly became sharp.  He walked slowly to the bottom of the cross.  The sword in his hand made a sound of breaking through the air, and the sword split open the skull on the cross!  The broken bones fell to the ground, reflecting a terrifying light.  At this moment, the evil force awakens.

    ¡°Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo  The elf boy held a sword in his hand and looked around calmly.  The handsome brows were slightly wrinkled, and even though he was not a priest, he could still feel the strong aura of death.

    Rebecca felt that an extremely evil existence had arrived. She took a half-step back in fear, but soon, she suddenly thought of something and stood up.  Her eyes were completely focused on the handsome young man standing in the center of the darkness that was almost visible to the naked eye.

    Although Rebecca is a priest, and the holy light she releases is very pure, she can even comprehend the true meaning of the holy light that many people cannot comprehend.  But for some reason, she was always unable to advance and become a true official professional.

    The bishop in his own temple could only helplessly shake his head after looking at himself.  Rebecca still remembers him saying that since you will eventually fall, don't believe in the Holy Light This is probably what your parents thought.  Then Rebecca got the news that it would be difficult for her to become a formal professional in her life. All this was the fault of her parents, who didn't know who they were.

    Rebecca also fell into despair for a while.  She once thought her faith was meaningless.  Therefore, she does not serve the only true God like those real priests, saving lives and healing the wounded, and hating evil as much as hatred.  Instead, she wandered around admiring the bustling world.

    But at this moment, Rebecca suddenly realized that she no longer seemed so afraid of evil.  Moreover, the faith in her heart seems to have begun to sublimate

    Avis didn¡¯t notice the difference in Rebecca. He completely regarded Rebecca as a newbie who needed to be taken care of by himself.  Moreover, he had played this dungeon several times, so he knew the process, and naturally there was no trace of fear on his face.

    "Giggleit seems like there is a new guest here" a yin side voice sounded.  Avis turned his head and saw a being whose whole body was bathed in endless darkness.  Elvis lowered his head slightly, his eyes under his black hair staring intently at the existence in front of him.

    This was a man wearing a black butler's uniform. His pale skin and the smell of rotting corpses told Ives that the guy in front of him was not a human being.

    "Perhaps I will never understand the way you undead welcome guests." Ives's left hand began to condense with sacred light, and Ives's eyes narrowed slightly, ready to take action at any time.

    "We undead are very generous. No matter who the target is, we will welcome them" The undead wearing deacon uniform smiled slightly, "and accept them and make them one of us."

    "Tsk, the undead are really unreasonable." Ives shook his head, and the next moment, the enhanced version of 'Arcane Impact' brought by delayed casting was hit.  Under the strong arcane radiance, everything in front seemed to be destroyed like a torrent.

    The undead deacon suddenly squatted down.  There was a disdainful smile on the corner of its mouth, and at the same time, its right hand pulled the cloak behind it and waved it forward.

    The black light and the arcane brilliance collided together, and the collision between the two shook the surrounding air.  In the end, the undead deacon took a few steps back.  The undead deacon wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth with his hand, and then showed a bloodthirsty and crazy smile.

    "It really amazes me you actually have such power. What a perfect sacrifice!"

    The blood of the Undead Deacon has long dried up, and blood can flow out of the corners of its mouth, proving that it has just sucked in fresh blood.  Seeing this scene, the elf boy frowned slightly: "Tsk, it really disgusts me. Are you imitating the vampire? But what I want to say is that even the weakest vampire noble master can easily  Kill hundreds of defective products like you."

    The undead deacon licked his lips with his tongue, and then chuckled: "I will become powerful. Before that, please use your body to please me!"

    "What a disgusting creature." Ives frowned, and the sword in his hand began to slowly disperse.With brilliance.  When the undead deacon in front of him took a step forward, Avis suddenly slashed out a sword. This sword flashed with infinite brilliance and went straight to the throat of the undead deacon!

    The undead butler turned sideways and barely avoided Avis's direct thrust.  At the same time, the undead deacon also waved his sword and hit Avis.

    And where neither Avis nor the undead butler noticed, Rebecca seemed to be silently thinking about something.  Her eyes began to become bright, and her body began to emit waves of holy power.

    Avis and the Undead Butler collided with each other, and the powerful impact caused the two of them to take half a step back at the same time.  Ives flicked the long sword in his hand, and then his hand began to shine with the light of magic.  The instant magic missile was released immediately.  The undead deacon who rushed towards him was unable to dodge and was hit by a fast magic missile.  The Undead Deacon took a few steps back, but at this time, Ives raised his sword and attacked the Undead Deacon again!

    After slashing with the sharp sword, there was another sword wound on the body of the undead deacon.  And behind the sword wound, some black-purple corrupt blood seeped out.

    The attack from the Undead Butler also hit Avis.  But because of the defense of the 'shield technique', Avis was not seriously injured. He just took a small step and almost fell to the ground.

    The Undead Butler is an undead soul after all, and it can no longer feel pain and fear.  Therefore, it could not care about the damage to its chest and continued to attack Avis.

    Ives¡¯s eyes were fixed, and his pupils reflected the undead deacon¡¯s attack route.  At this time, Avis's body has not regained its center of gravity. If he insists on taking this blow, he will definitely be defeated by this attack!

    So Avis simply followed the attraction of gravity and fell downwards.  The undead butler's broken rapier failed to attack Ives, and he dodged it.  At this time, Ives put one hand on the ground, and suddenly jumped up, and the sword in his hand began to emit a little cold light.

    The sword blade thrust out and struck directly at the undead deacon. The undead deacon was unable to dodge this time and was stabbed in the body by the sword.  The sharp blade penetrated the undead deacon's thin body.  This should be nothing, but after stabbing in, Ives was surprised to find that he did not stab the vital part of the undead in front of him!

    In other words, the heart of this undead is not its vital point!

    (Damn, it was a copy too long ago, so have you even forgotten this important information) Ives broke into a cold sweat on his head.  At this time, a heavy blow from the Undead Butler came over!  In the crisis, Avis immediately let go of the knight's sword in his hand, took half a step back, and avoided the fatal blow of the undead butler.

    At this time, the undead butler¡¯s eyes already had a hint of madness.  It was muttering something unknown in its mouth, and evil power began to envelope the area.

    Suppressed by the evil, Avis took out his spare sword from his backpack.  However, this sword is just a blank slate. Although it is the one with the best attributes among all the monsters that Avis has just killed, it is still far behind the sword that Avis used before.

    The undead deacon slowly pulled out Ives' sword from his chest. The powerful evil instantly eroded the sword, and the fine long sword immediately collapsed, like rust that had been left for hundreds of years.  Iron-like, no longer has that terrifying sharp blade.

    Avis frowned. This undead butler actually had such a perverted ability to corrode weapons. It seemed that he had really underestimated this guy before.

    "Night brings me endless power. In the dark night, I am the strongest forever!"

    With this declaration, the surrounding night seemed darker and deeper.  Darkness gradually enveloped Avis and Rebecca. They were surrounded by dim night, making it impossible to see where the undead butler was.

    "Damn, if I had the True Sight" Ives cursed. If Ives's Arcane Archmage profession was level 10 at this time, he would definitely be able to obtain the True Sight skill.  At that time, the darkness in front of him can't stop his eyes that can see everything!

    "Hahaha, everything fades, but night is eternal!"

    Such a sound came from all directions, making it impossible to locate where the enemy who made the sound fell to the ground.

    Avis held the sword. Suddenly, he felt a strong wind coming from his ears.  Almost subconsciously, Ives lowered his head slightly and stabbed out with his backhand.

    But the feeling of getting it is not like being killed.It seemed like it was chopped into the air if it wasn't something tangible.

    At this time, all the detailed information about this BOSS was finally recalled by Avis.

    "Damn it, I missed so much!" Ives couldn't help but cursed.

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