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Volume 1¡¤War for the Throne Chapter 47 Underground Mine (2)

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    Chapter 47 Underground Mine (2)

    When Ives and others arrived at the underground mine tunnel, it was already close to noon.  Ives and others ate lunch in a hurry and walked towards the entrance of the underground mine tunnel.

    "A lot of big things have happened recently" the guard guarding the entrance of the cave said. "I heard that this cave is haunted, and many people have died A mercenary group also entered yesterday, but they are still there now.  Not coming out. Hopefully you guys can work these things out."

    Avis smiled and said to the guard: "The team that went down yesterday was called the 'Order of Swords' mercenary group?" The guard nodded: "Oh it seems to be called that name, the leader.  He seems to be a middle-aged man with red hair." After getting the exact information, Ives nodded. After thanking the guard, Ives and others walked into the underground mine.

    There is no one here anymore. Because of the large number of miners dying, no one dares to continue mining here.  Mercenaries are still here to detect it now, and troops may come down in a few days.  After all, if an iron mine does not produce iron, it will do great harm to a place.

    As soon as he walked underground, a dark breath hit his face.  Avis casts a dark vision, allowing his eyes to see clearly the surrounding situation in extremely dark areas.  Then he turned his head and looked at the people around him. They all had their own ways of seeing clearly in the distance.

    The elves are born with the ability of night vision, but there is only one exception, and that is the Erenya elves, also known as the eternal elves.  The eternal elves cannot see in the darkness without the moon, which is indeed a relatively big flaw, but Avis has no way to do it.

    They did not use a light source in this tunnel. That was an extremely stupid method. It was equivalent to telling others, "I am here." Generally speaking, people who do not have a tendency to self-abuse would not use this trick.

    Avis and others moved forward carefully. There were some light sources here, which were lit by the guards stationed there.  After seeing Ives and others, a group of guards came over.  He glanced at the Avis team, which was neatly equipped and all formal professionals, and said with some respect in his heart: "Are you all here to solve the haunting here too?"

    Avis looked at the leader and smiled: "Do you have any information you can share?"

    "Information" The leader looked around, pondered for a while, and said, "It's a bit of information. The ones fighting us seem to be some kobold-like beings, but their skin is red.  Yeah, it's not like any kobold we know - and it's not like their fighting ability, they're so good at fighting."

    Avis nodded, indicating that he understood: "It seems to be the power of demons This place is really strange. What do they want to do?" What do the demons want to do?  Ives didn't understand the question.  What demons do is always premeditated, and they will not do anything that is not beneficial.  So what do they want to do by occupying the underground mine tunnels?  Mining ore?

    While exploring the first floor, after turning a corner, Ives suddenly had a fiery red figure with a haircut.  Ives was shocked and shouted: "Be careful, there are enemies!"

    The fiery red figure let out a strange cry and rushed towards Avis and the others crazily.  Elvis, however, waved his long sword extremely calmly and slashed directly at the fiery red figure.  The fiery red figure paused in the air for a moment, and then was slashed to the ground by Avis.

    At this time, Heloise also stabbed down with his sword, hitting the fiery red figure.  After the kobold screamed, he finally became silent and completely stopped.

    Avis frowned slightly.  He lowered his body slightly and began to examine the body.  This is indeed a kobold, but its skin is dark red and looks extremely weird.  Ives touched the kobold's blood with his fingers, then put it slightly in front of his nose and smelled it.

    "The breath of the devil." Ives frowned, "I'm sure there is a devil in this place."

    "It seems that our luck is not particularly good." Heloise shook his head, "Usually you may not see a demon in decades, but we have seen a lot recently."

    Ives shook his head: "This kobold probably just ran to the first floor accidentally. There shouldn't be many of them. Let's finish detecting the first floor quickly. Then we are going to go to the second floor. That place  It is said to be the place where monsters are rampant.¡±

    Avis and others continued to move forward, and soon they had roughly completed the exploration of the first floor.  Indeed likeAs Weiss said, there is only one kobold on this first level, the one killed by Avis.  Now they are ready to enter the second level. After all, they still have to save people, and delaying time is not a good habit.

    This underground mine is extremely complex, with four passages leading to the second level below.  Ives hasn't downloaded this copy for a long time, so he doesn't remember it very clearly.  After pondering for a long time, they chose the middle one and headed to the second floor.

    The second layer is darker than the first layer, and the air is also mixed with a faint smell of blood.  At this time, there was a sound of footsteps coming from the front.  Avis and others immediately turned their heads, only to see a man wearing broken armor running towards them.  Avis and others immediately drew out their weapons and looked ahead warily.

    "Helphelp!" At this time, the man also saw Avis and others in front of him, and he immediately shouted.  Avis immediately took a step forward and said, "Relax, where is the enemy?"

    "Comeit's too late!" the man said in horror.  At this time, an arrow penetrated his chest.  The man struggled for a few times and then fell to the ground, with blood flowing all over the floor.

    Avis was startled, and he immediately looked ahead.  There, a large group of kobolds were slowly approaching.  Avis sneered slightly: "It seems they are starting to welcome us Get ready, we are about to go."

    "Yeah, sure." Helois nodded, and then she put up her large shield, ready to attack at any time.  The others in the Avis team were also ready to fight.  At this time, as Helois charged, the momentum of the kobolds immediately responded to Helois.  But Helois was a paladin after all, and his strength was still stronger than the thin kobolds in front of him, so he beat the kobolds back after just a few encounters.

    "Scorching burning handle!" With this voice, the warlock covered in black robes released a fireball.  The powerful impact of flames immediately rushed into the group of kobolds, instantly injuring them all.  At this moment, Avis stretched out his hand and shouted: "Colorful spray!"

    With Ives¡¯s voice, a burst of spray of different colors sprayed out and rushed forward.  All the kobolds who smelled the spray were dazzled for a while, and then fell to the ground one after another.

    Avis let out a long breath, and he immediately took his sword and beheaded a sleeping kobold.  When other people saw Avis doing this, they immediately joined in the massacre.  Soon, this wave of kobolds were all dead.

    "The release of the colorful spray requires some chemicals." Avis said, "I don't have a lot of this kind of medicine in stock, so I need to use it sparingly."

    "Aves." At this time, a girl with short blond hair suddenly called Aves.  Avis immediately turned his head and saw Rebecca half-crouching next to the dead human being.

    "He isBrother Sco. He is a member of the 'Order of Swords' mercenary group!"

    "What?" Ives was shocked. He immediately walked to the man's side, squatted down and took a breath.  There is still some breath, but it is already very weak.  His heart had been cut at this time and he wouldn't live long.

    "Quickly, treat him." Ives immediately raised his head and looked at the three priests present.  Heloise curled his lips and said, "It can't be saved anymore, so why do we need treatment?"

    Rebecca used a medical scroll worth 50 gold coins without hesitation.  At this time, a burst of holy light flashed, and the man in front of him spat out a mouthful of blood, and then slowly opened his eyes - he had woken up.

    Avis let out a long breath, and then he looked at the man named "Sko": "Tell me quickly, what happened to your Order of Sword mercenary group?"

    With a broken heart, it was obvious that Scoo wouldn't live long.  He opened his mouth and said: "The third floor, the broken gate" After that, he spat out another mouthful of blood and finally died.

    Ives slowly put the deceased on the ground and remained silent.  Rebecca, on the other hand, held back tears and made the sign of the cross.  Now it seems that they can only pray for the deceased.

    "It seems that Uncle Ganda and the others are all at the broken gate on the third floor. We need to go to that place to take a good look at what happened to them." When he said this, Avis' eyes became firm for a while.

    "Okay." Heloise said indifferently, "Rescuing them doesn't seem to go against our purpose anyway."

    PS1: The first volume is almost over, I need a good planClick.  So there is only one update today.  Feel sorry.

    PS2: After the end of the first volume, I will try to have an explosion.


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