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Volume 1¡¤The War of the Throne Chapter 51 King, may your light shine forever (Part 1)

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    Chapter 51 King, may your light shine forever (Part 1)

    When Ganda and others came out of the broken gate where they had been hiding for several hours, they saw Avis and others who still looked so dazzling even in the dark.  Avis frowned slightly and looked at the letter in his hand.  He seemed to be thinking about something. After all, Devil's language is an extremely difficult language to learn, and even the speaking habits of devils of different races are very different.  So Ives isn't quite sure how to translate the word 'king'.

    It would be terrible if this was the Dark Iron Demon God, one of the Four Demon Gods of Hell.

    In ancient times, the Dead Sea Script was not called the ¡®Dead Sea Script¡¯, but the ¡®Rune Slate¡¯, with twelve thrones on it.  This is the oldest artifact, and only the 'King' can sit on it.  And in that ancient battlefield, the kings sitting on it were twelve elven kings.  They sit on the throne, they control the power of the throne, and when they are together, they even have the ability to kill gods.

    Later, the gods feared this terrible power, so the rune tablets shattered.  It is divided into three parts.  Although the King of Powers is still powerful and can even resist the gods for a short period of time.  But they no longer have the ability to kill gods.

    The largest piece was controlled by Merksus, the Lord of Glory, and became the ¡®Dead Sea Document¡¯.  The other part fell into hell and became the 'Four Demons'.  The last part, and the strongest part, entered the Sea of ??Chaos.  There are clues that it is its power that ultimately protects the Book of Order, preventing it from jumping away in the endless sea of ??chaos.

    "The next mission is very dangerous." Ives turned his head and glanced at Rebecca and others who were comforting the survivors, "Mia, go and escort them back to the ground In addition, we are going to  We may have to face stronger enemies, and if we want to withdraw, we can do so now.¡±

    Rebecca said curiously: "Enemy? What kind of enemy is it?"

    "Powerful beyond your imagination." Ives said seriously, "I am going to take this risk. If I make a mistake, then we may face a person who can fight against the gods, or a demon  If this is really the case, we will definitely die.¡±

    Fight against the gods?  Everyone was shocked.  At this moment, Mia suddenly spoke: "Although I, Amiya, am indeed a little afraid of death, what do you mean by asking me to go back like this? I"

    Avis glanced at Mia, whose face was a little flushed, and then sighed faintly: "You will be of no use in fighting for a while. Instead, it will be a hindrance - it is almost impossible to perform psychic magic in that place."

    "You mean, that place is the Sea of ??Chaos?" Kadir suddenly said, and Avis nodded: "This formation is obviously teleported into the Sea of ??Chaos That place is a fault in space.  It may be connected to heaven, the Kingdom of God, other planeseven."

    Avis¡¯s voice deepened, ¡°Even hell. So, have you figured it out?¡±

    "Haha, I can't wait to kill the devil." Heloise laughed, "What's so scary at this moment?" She looked at Avis with burning eyes.

    "It seems that all the hard work along the way has come to an end." Sack smiled slightly, "There's no reason to quit, right?"

    "Wherever my sister goes, I will go."

    "If Avis wants to go, I will go too!" Anriya and Rebecca said almost at the same time.

    Kadir sighed: "I won't worry if you go, so let's go together."

    Ives suddenly felt moved. He smiled and said, "Good brothers, I remember you." After that, he turned around and said to Mia, "Please, take Captain Ganda and the others with you."  Go up and wait for us at the hotel"

    Mia was silent for a long time, then nodded: "I will wait for youplease don't worry."

    Ives let out a sigh of relief. At this time, the red-haired Captain Ganda looked at the somewhat silent team with only a dozen or so people left. Then he looked at the smug Avis and others, and sighed.  In one breath: "Although I don't know where you are going, but take care." Most of them were injured and their morale was low. They simply did not have the ability to explore again.  Now, they just want to quit this mission and have a good rest.

    Avis and others looked at each other, then they all smiled and stepped into the teleportation array.


    This is a chaotic world, and chaos has not yet begun.  In this world, there is a short plane.  This plane is very small, but as a plane, no matter how small it is, it is still very big for a human being.In this place, there are two people standing, no, they should be two high-level demons.  One is a voluptuous female, sitting casually with a faint smile on her lips.  Next to her, stood a humanoid demon covered in black robes. He was standing respectfully next to the female demon.

    "You mean, the candidate for the Seventh King's Power will come back here in a while?" The female devil smiled slightly and took a sip of the scarlet drink.  The man nodded and said respectfully: "Your Majesty, if my prediction is not wrong, it is indeed the case."

    "Shouldn't the person with royal authority, even if he is just a candidate selected by the 'Dead Sea Document', have no way of divination?" The woman put down her wine glass and said.

    "Those with royal power have divine power, and any divination against them is invalid." The man smiled slightly, "But if you are just a candidate for royal power, you can still use the 'Great Divination Technique' to divine a thing or two."

    "Are you a hero, Alex?" The woman suddenly raised her head and glanced at the respectful Alex.  Alex is one of the most mysterious demons. He is not a lord and travels around the world. However, he is like a prophet and his predictions are quite accurate.  Now, he can even predict the candidates for the kingship. This is simply unbelievable.

    "I am not a hero." Alex shook his head, "But, not only those with royal authority can obtain the power of gods there are other ways."

    "Stealing?" The woman glanced at Alex, and then laughed loudly: "You are so brave, you dare to steal God's power! Aren't you afraid of God's punishment?"

    "Stealing? It's not exactly right, but it's almost the same." Alex smiled, "Also, I want to remind you, Your Highness, that after today, I won't be able to predict all the information about the seventh candidate He may be dead.  Yes, but it could also be"

    "Maybe he inherited the royal power." The woman touched her temple with a headache, "But his strength should be very weak, right? Even if he inherited the royal power, he doesn't have the strength to push the throne, so it should be easy to kill him.  right."

    While they were talking, there was a fluctuation in the space, and a powerful aura instantly surrounded the place.

    "I am the fourth king of power. If I stand in the sky, I will not be defeated!"

    There was a burst of chanting, and the sky in this world immediately changed color.  The woman immediately stood up and her expression changed several times.  Afterwards, the woman laughed: "The King of the Sky - Ticrus"

    There was a violent vibration in the sky. The vibration was so terrifying that countless people seemed to kneel at his feet, praying for him and cheering for him.  The man in the sky was shining with golden light, and there was a shining scepter in the sky.  Underneath the scepter is that person, the one with royal authority.

    The king stands above everyone, he is the invincible king.  The only ones who can rival him are kings andgods!

    Alex took half a step back slightly, and then he smiled slightly and said: "I'm sorry, Ms. Sophiel. Since an unexpected presence has appeared - the king, then I am not safe, so I will evacuate first.  , I wish you good luck in martial arts." After that, Alex's figure slowly disappeared.

    The demon named 'Sophir' laughed, and then her fiery red hair began to flutter loosely: "This place is a new plane! Without accepting the recognition of this plane, you and I will not be able to display our legendary abilities.  With power, it cannot truly push the power of the throne This battle is doomed to result in losses for both sides, do we really want to fight?"

    Tikruth slowly looked down. The iron objects on the ground were lifted up by an inexplicable force and floated next to the Dark Iron Demon God Suphiel, carrying a fatal lethality.

    "I said: Strong wind!"

    The originally clear sky immediately changed and became violent, and a terrible gust of wind blew towards Su Feier.  Sophiel smiled, and the iron beside her immediately began to boil, and she rushed towards Tikruth in the sky.  These iron ores formed the shape of a giant dragon in the sky, ignoring the terrible hurricane, and rushed in front of Tikrusu!

    "I said: Lightning!"

    With this shout, lightning continued to fall from the sky, falling on the steel dragon in front of the Sky King.  For a time, terrible noises continued.

    At this time, in front of a teleportation array, Avis and others appeared on the battlefield of this royal power.  Avis and others looked at this scene in surprise, grinning from ear to ear.

    "Is this the Holy Land fighting?" Feeling this supreme pressure, Sack couldn't bear it anymore.  Avis shook his head: "It's not a sanctuary, it's a legend No."?, they did not exert their legendary power.  Damn it, this is King Power!  "

    Ives immediately walked forward. At this time, Rebecca shouted loudly: "What are you going to do? Ives!"

    "You guys should find a safe place to stay first." Ives turned his head. At this time, heavy rain began to fall in the sky. "I feel like there is something calling me in front of me" After that, the elf boy turned his head.  He walked forward without looking back.

    PS1: The first volume ends today, so there will be another chapter in a while.  The ending of this volume was a bit rushed, and will be corrected in the next volume.

    PS2: Please give me Sanjiang tickets!


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