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Text Chapter 18 Are sister?  (Down)

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    Chapter 18 Are youmy sister?  (Down)

    "Da da da."

    Such footsteps echoed in the dilapidated streets that had been baptized by arcane destruction.

    This is a girl.

    Her hair is black, and her eyes that have become azure are silently watching the enemies hidden in the darkness ahead.

    She walked step by step, holding a short knife in her hand.  Her head was lowered slightly, not knowing what she was thinking.  Just walking like this brought an endless sense of oppression to the person in the darkness.

    The sky turned white, illuminating the streets that had been completely destroyed.  The girl slowly raised her hand, and the short knife she held began to glow with cold light.

    There was a cold smile on the girl's lips: "Who are you I don't know. But if you dare to hurt my brother, you are really seeking your own death"

    And in the ruins, a tall woman dug Avis out of the ruins.  The elf boy opened his eyes and looked at the mess in front of him.  If the villagers hadn't fled in all directions when the fighting just started, many people would have died in this incident

    The ¡®time and space distortion¡¯ he used at the last moment saved his life.  The enemy is so terrifying that even if all three powers are used, he cannot be defeated.  However, if he still had a power just now, any one, that person would also be dead.  Avis was a little pity, he shouldn't have wasted his power on that puppet.

    That person has a "pseudo holy realm". As long as he stands in the darkness, he will not be defeated.  Elvis cursed secretly, never expecting that he would meet the famous 'Haze Sage' here

    Yes, this is the Haze Sage, a famous hero professional in the future.  But now, he is just a high-level professional with a pseudo-sacred realm.  But that pseudo-sanctuary is enough to make Avis drink a pot.  Moreover, the Haze Sage 'Visiot Redden' is definitely not comparable to ordinary people. His fighting consciousness is not inferior to that of Avis.  So even if Avis almost pushes the throne, it can only hurt him, but not kill him.

    The elf boy slowly sat up and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth: "I have restored my powers, I can continue" The sky has become brighter, and Avis's powers have been restored.  But the long-haired female elf in front of him stopped Avis: "Please leave it to His Highness."

    Your Highness?  Aves looked at the girl with short black hair.  When he saw her appearance clearly, his heart couldn't help but beat a little.

    How come Kai Avis, the last royal bloodline of the elves, appears here?

    The battle just got into the heat of the moment, and Avis used arcane destruction crazily. When fighting against the pseudo-sanctuary of the Haze Sage in front of him, the Haze Sage used the strongest attack of the pseudo-sanctuary, cutting off Aiwes.  Half of Weiss's head was knocked into the ruins.  If it weren't for the 'moment distortion' performed by Avis, he would have been dead by now.

    After that, the girl appeared.  The knife in her hand was made of something unknown, but it could actually cut through the territory of the sanctuary.  The Haze Sage, who had consumed a lot of magic power and had almost no strength to fight anymore, was naturally defeated.

    ???????? Ives did the math, the Brilliant Sword Diranx, the Haze Sage Weiss Ott, and finally the royal family Kai Ives.  What kind of terrifying place is this Sylva Village?

    The girl walked forward.  After a while, a figure came out of the darkness: "Eternal Elf, I have no intention of being an enemy to you."

    This is a young man with a faint smile on his pale face.  But no one dared to ignore the majestic magic power in him.

    The girl raised the dagger in her hand, and her blue eyes slowly disappeared, turning into ordinary black pupils.  In fact, most of the Eternal Elf's hair and pupils are black.

    "So, how did you and my brother fight?" the girl said.  Hearing the word 'brother', Avis was stunned for a moment.  Am I Kay Ives¡¯ brother?  Then I am not from the Elf Royal Family But, I haven't heard that there is a male in the Eternal Elf Royal Family?  Moreover, Alexi is definitely not a royal surname.

    Avis feels that this world is extremely strange.

    "Haha Because he got what I wanted I have been looking for this thing for 2 years. But now that he has got it, and I can't do anything to a king, so this time the matter will be forgotten  ¡±

    The Haze Sage turned his head and looked at Avis: "Then, I will take my leave now. In addition, if I am lucky enough to set foot in that field I will come again. King, please stay safe at any time.careful.  "

    After that, Visiot¡¯s figure slowly dissipated and escaped into the boundless darkness.

    Avis knows what field it is.  That is the domain of the saint. If he were to use the holy domain today instead of the pseudo-holy domain, Avis's chance of escaping would be less than 10%, let alone defeating him.

    "Interesting" A smile appeared on the corner of Avis's mouth, and then he looked at the sword in his hand.  The fiery red sword body and the faint fluctuation of magic power.  This sword did not recognize Ives, so even if Ives held the sword, it still had no reaction.

    This is the glorious sword, the sword that brings victory and glory, the legendary artifact.

    Kay Avis slowly turned his head and saw the figure.  Although he was a little embarrassed, he was sitting on the ruins looking at the sword in his hand.  But his appearance was no different from what he looked like two years ago.

    The battle just now was seen by Kay Ives and her sister Xueer hundreds of kilometers away.  The arcane power soaring into the sky and the dark power turned the world upside down.  Finally, a royal power briefly appeared in the sky, which was equivalent to telling the elf girl who was turning around nonsensically that the person she had been looking for was there.

    Soon, Xueer cast a large-scale teleportation magic and appeared on the exciting battlefield.  When Kaiweisi just came to the side of the battlefield, a dark beam of light hit the king of power in the sky.  The king's head seemed to have been cut off, and then he suddenly fell into a ruins.

    If he could not clearly feel that the aura of the king had not disappeared, Kaiweis felt that he would definitely go crazy because of this.  But even so, Kaieves was not going to let go of the extremely weak human being in front of him who had just released his ultimate move.

    It¡¯s just that the opponent still has some trump cards. If they really fight, both sides will lose.  In addition, his brother was fine, so Kay Avis could only let him go for the time being.

    Kaiweis walked forward slowly, approaching the elf boy with a trace of confusion on his face.  The elf boy is still so handsome, and after becoming a king, he always exudes a touch of the majesty of a king.  At the same time, he still had the familiar smell of grass. The girl had not smelled this smell for two years, which made the girl's face turn slightly red.

    "Brother" The girl's eyes flashed with tears, and then she hugged Avis's body.

    "Umyou are, my sister?"

    "Well!" The girl raised her head, and then there was a happy smile on her face: "I am not a maid in the palace, I am your sister, Kaiweisi, brother I'm sorry for never telling you the truth, but  I still want you to call me Avril"

    The girl was chattering there non-stop. Ives looked at the girl in his arms and the elf woman who was smiling slightly at the side. After a while, he said: "Um well, can I say one thing?  "

    The elf girl lifted her head from Avis's chest and looked at the embarrassed Avis.

    "Wellactually, I have lost my memory. So I can't remember many things." Avis said with a bitter smile.

    ¡°Amnesia?¡± The girl opened her mouth in surprise.  Xueer also looked at Avis: "No wonder His Highness did not take the initiative to contact the royal family after becoming the king, and there was no other expression Moreover, the achieved kingship is not the first kingship, but the seventh kingship. This should have happened  Something, right? May I askis it caused by a curse?"

    "I don't know, because I have lost my memory." Ives shook his head. "Except for some basic common sense, all other memories have disappeared. What is the curse you mentioned?"

    "You have a blood curse on you." Xue'er replied respectfully, "This is a curse that has existed since your parents' generation, and your children will also have this curse That is the desire to kill. As long as you see blood  , you will especially want to kill. In the end, this person will be unable to restrain himself and become a real murderer But before that, your spirit will dissipate itself. In other words, in the end, you will become a completely soulless person.  A killing machine. And the only way to break this curse is to become a king."

    Avis¡¯ expression changed.  He knew the curse, the 'Blood Feast'.  Ives only knows one person with this curse, so is his father

    "You must have become the king when you couldn't restrain your desire to kill and your spirit began to dissipate. So part of your memory disappeared, and the king's power also changed."

    Xueer made such a guess.  Elvis smiled bitterly, girl, you guessed it completely wrong.  The spirit of my predecessor Ives has really completely dissipated.  I am a foreigner!

    But at this time, Avis also figured out somethingAffection.

    PS1: As I said, I am not in a good condition.  So I'm not satisfied with these chaptersbut forget it, let's leave it at that.

    PS2: Please give me some recommendations and collections~ My collections haven¡¯t been strong enough lately, everyone.

    PS3: Also, it¡¯s difficult to agree with everyone¡¯s opinions. I will only write what I want to write in the future, and I won¡¯t care too much about the opinions of some readers.


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