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Text Chapter 22 The Blood Baron (Part 1)

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    Chapter 22: Blood Baron (Part 1)

    The sound of feet echoed throughout the area.  An elf boy wearing a gorgeous mage robe walked through this dark corridor.  His handsome brows were slightly wrinkled, and his dark eyes looked around cautiously, feeling the cold atmosphere around him.

    The faint smell of blood floated in the air, and Avis was very close to his destination.  He slowly pulled out the long sword on his back. His eyes were extremely cold at the moment. He walked forward slowly, his sharp eyes constantly staring at the darkness around him.  Although he couldn't see clearly, the elf boy knew that an evil creature might jump out of the darkness at any time and bite him.

    About Tanlas, Avis knows something about it.  After all, he had pushed it several times in his previous life, and while walking, some memories flooded into his mind.

    "Hmm" Ives raised his brows slightly, and he felt a faint feeling of heat and humidity coming from the front.  The power of royal power continued to spread around him. The elf boy walked slowly, ready to release his power at any time.

    "Hiss!" Such a voice sounded.  A flash of light flashed in the elf boy's eyes, and the rune sword in his hand quickly slashed forward.  After a heart-stopping collision, the darkness returned to deathly silence.

    Avis looked around, his thoughts seemed to go back to an hour ago.

    Ives and the elf princess were sitting in the study. Baron Tanras smiled and took out two glasses of wine, and then poured them for Ives and the elf princess.  After that, Baron Tanlas also took a sip of his own wine and looked at the two people in front of him: "I haven't congratulated Mr. Ives on successfully becoming a noble. Alas, I have been too busy with government affairs recently and have no time to visit you. It's really  Sorry."

    "It's nothing." Avis smiled and picked up the glass of wine in front of him.  His hand kept shaking the wine glass in his hand, and the intoxicating red liquid kept swaying.

    "If you come to my castle and make me drink poisonous wine, I will really have a headache"

    Avis laughed softly.  At this time, Baron Tanlas was stunned for a moment, obviously not expecting that his trick would be seen through.  After that, the Baron smiled: "Well I don't know what you are talking about?"

    Avis put the wine glass under his nose.  Then he took a deep breath, and then there was a hint of evil smile on the corner of his mouth: "The poison of Tianshui can harm people invisible. It will only take effect 6 hours after drinking it. At the beginning, the symptoms are the same as those of a cold.  Exactly the same, he will die of heart failure in the end What a good plan."

    The Baron's eyes have darkened: "I originally thought you were so smart, but now it seems that you are nothing more than that Because now that you have discovered it and you said it so unscrupulously, it seems that I can only  I'll kill you here. You know, there are still bandits around here."

    The elf boy slowly put the wine glass in front of him, then raised his head and looked at Baron Tanras: "You shouldn't pray to the dead for eternal life. Only faith can give you what you want."

    Afterwards, a brilliant golden light flashed behind Avis.  A sword slowly emerged from the void.  Avis grabbed the hilt and then pulled out the sword.

    The pressure of the artifact immediately swept through this small room. In this raging light, Ives took out the sword from his treasure inch by inch.  This is the first power he uses today.

    ¡°This is the barony, what do you want to do!?¡±

    "I want toburn straight people to death!"

    Avis seemed to shout something incredible, and then the long sword in his hand glowed brightly.  Following Ives' attack, a sword beam that broke through the sky shot out, not only turning the 'Baron' in front of him into ashes, but also punching a big hole in the city wall below.

    Everyone looked at this scene in shock. Is this the power of the king's power combined with the divine weapon?  This power is simply invincible.

    After Ives issued this blow, he opened the treasure again and put his Brilliant Sword into his treasure space. Then he took out his master robe and closed his treasure space.  After Ives put on the master's robe, he turned his head and looked at the nervous Elf Princess, and said: "You go and help the Teutonic warriors break through the defenses here from the inside, and I'll kill the real Tanras."  baron."

    Having a vampire who is hostile to you in the dark is a very dangerous thing.  And Avis will not leave any danger that could threaten him.  The elf princess looked at Avis and said in a deep voice: "Is it okay?"

    "I am the one with the king's authority." Ives smiled.?Indeed, he is the King, and this alone is enough.  Avis didn't even look at the ruined place in front of him, turned his head directly, and walked towards the dark place he sensed before.  The elf princess looked at Avis's leaving figure, shook hands slightly, and after cheering herself up, turned her head, used the 'Feather Falling Technique', and jumped directly from the study room.  Below, the Teutonic warriors had begun fighting with the noble private soldiers who were rushing towards them.

    Avis didn¡¯t care about the battle scene below.  After all, the Teutonic warriors are an extremely powerful heroic legion. If they cannot win against these noble private soldiers who are so weak in combat effectiveness, then the reputation of the heroic legion should have disappeared long ago.

    Although there may be darkness inside, this is the private soldier of a nominally bright noble after all.  With priests and adventurers arriving at any time, Baron Tanlas would never dare to create too many evil presences among his private soldiers.  In fact, the same thing happened when he pushed this copy in his previous life.  Therefore, it can be said that Ives is not worried at all.

    Avis walked into the darkness, and what followed was a long search


    Although the elf boy found several places, he was wrong. This castle also has underground space, and it is not small.  Avis could only slowly push inside.  He does have night vision, but only when there's a moon.  In this situation, he couldn't see clearly what was going on around him.

    Although there is ¡®True Sight¡¯, the nearby magic interference is very serious, and Avis can¡¯t see very clearly.  So we can only make do with it.

    The sound of the elf boy's feet echoed in the dark space. The young elf lord took a deep breath, and the faint smell of blood in the air became stronger.  After turning the last corner, the elf boy appeared in front of the flashing door.

    This door was tightly closed. After looking at the appearance of the door, the elf boy immediately chose to open the door.  Although the door was locked, it was finally broken open after Avis's casual 'Arcane Impact'.  Soon, Ives saw the world inside the door.

    A strong smell of blood hit his face, and the elf boy frowned slightly.  He held the rune sword in his hand and stared ahead.  There are three zombies standing here.  Just by looking at the way these zombies stood, Avis knew that they would not be defeated so easily.

    And behind these three zombies, there is a pool of blood.  This is a pool made of blood, and a strong smell of blood is constantly floating in it.  Avis's face changed for a moment, and then his eyes revealed a trace of deep anger: "You actually killed so many peopleTanlas, you deserve to die!"

    It seems that I feel the breath of a living person in front of me.  The three zombies stood up straight.  Two of them took out their long swords, and one pulled out his staff from his back. They stared at Ives with their godless eyes, unable to see the joy or sorrow.  But Ives knew that as long as there was a chance, these zombies would kill him on the spot.

    Because he still has to face Baron Tanras, Ives does not intend to waste his power here.  Ives took half a step back slightly, but this was not to escape, but to start accumulating strength.

    When the zombies suddenly rushed over, a flash of light flashed in Ives's eyes, and the long sword in his hand made a buzzing sound, and then slashed forward with the power to cut through the darkness.  Naturally, the zombies couldn't dodge this powerful blow, they could only start to resist it.

    A zombie raised its hand, and a long sword appeared in its hand.  And this long sword appeared on the route of Avis' attack.  However, Avis did not change the strength of his sword. Instead, he increased his strength and swung it harder.

    With great force, the long sword directly collided with the long sword in the zombie's hand.  After a loud sound of "Dang!", the swords of the two sharpened sparks.  After that, the zombie in front of him took a few steps back, but Avis remained motionless, as if he was just doing a very normal thing.

    At this time, the zombie standing at the end began to chant an unknown spell.  Ives knew that this zombie was a spell-casting zombie.  Theoretically, zombies are not very intelligent, so it is difficult for them to perform difficult magic - the exceptions are lich and corpse witch, but these two undead are not technically zombies.

    Therefore, zombies that can cast spells are not only rare, but also precious.  They either don't have magic, or they have very powerful magic.  This may be God's compensation for them.

    (You must not let it cast magic!) Ives made up his mind instantly.

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