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Text Chapter 28 Preparation and... Shura Field (Part 1)

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    Chapter 28 Preparation and Shura Field (Part 1)

    Today, Ives got off to a bad start and managed to eat a piece of heartbroken grass.  Fortunately, he has the magic of 'dispersing toxins', otherwise he would have completely stopped eating at this time.

    Avis touched his belly and could still feel an overwhelming feeling.  At the same time, he made up his mind that he would never let Kay Ives or Rebecca touch the kitchen again.  This is dangerous stuff and absolutely needs to be banned!

    After having stomachache for a long time, it was already noon.  Elvis touched his still aching stomach, and then decided to have lunch.  As for the elf princess, after learning the lesson this morning, she shouldn¡¯t cook any more dangerous dishes, right?

    Avis feels like the future seems a little brighter.

    Because each person has his or her own cultivation plan, they usually do not eat together.  But Avis is a lord after all, and it is normal to receive guests during meals.  Moreover, according to aristocratic tradition, it is a necessary etiquette to sit at the main table in a restaurant to eat, so Ives usually eats at the dining table.

    As a princess of the Elf clan, Kayavis naturally sits at the dinner table with aristocratic etiquette.  And the strange thing is that the place where she sits is to the right of Ives, which is usually where the hostess sits.

    Opposite her, Rebecca puffed out her cheeks and stared at the person opposite her.  Her pretty face looked indescribably cute at this moment.  But after all, Kaiweisi was an elegant noble from the Elf clan. She held a teacup in her hand and took a sip of black tea.  After the warm tea slowly flowed into her heart, the elf princess slowly placed her tea cup under the table.

    Avis coughed, this scene was really weird He looked at the fourth person on the table, the warlock Kadir.  The elf boy quickly changed his expression. He looked at Kadir and said, "Kadir, how is the royal power in your body?"

    When he said this, Avis's expression was extremely serious.  When he was fighting against the Fourth Demon God Lotstop that day, the cross rising into the sky could be said to be an attack that turned the tide of the battle.  And that attack was an attack of power.  It was precisely because of being attacked by the power that the Fourth Demon God would evacuate when it was confirmed that there was another king of power in this place.

    Otherwise, even if Avis releases the dragon language magic, he may not necessarily win.  And just after Ives landed on the ground, he saw Kadir unconscious.  On the back of his hand, a pattern of royal power appeared.

    Avis could feel the royal power in his body and the call of some kind of power in Kadir's body.  He had only seen this feeling in one person - the Sky King.

    Avis feels that this world is too incredible. The Kadir in front of him is actually a candidate for the kingship!  However, after Avis compared the memories of later generations for a long time, he felt that the First Kingship was somewhat similar to Qadir.  But the problem is, the first king is a woman.

    But because Avis has come to this world, he has changed the world.  So he still doesn't know what kind of existence Kadir will become.

    "I don't know." Kadir shook his head. "It feels like there is still a long way to go before I awaken to the royal power. I guess it will be possible until I become a high-level professional, or even a high-level professional" said  After finishing, Kadir also took a sip of black tea.  At this time, he did not use his deep voice, but his neutral voice.  Coupled with his stunning appearance, Ives was briefly distracted.

    At this time, today¡¯s lunch has been served in the kitchen.  Ives has found a chef who once worked as a chef for a small nobleman, but later the noble family failed, so he wandered to this place.  Until he was discovered by Ives and hired as the chef here.

    I have to say, this chef¡¯s cooking is really good.  When the half-roasted beef, large pieces of bread and accompanying jam were put on the table, Ives couldn't wait any longer.

    This morning he just ate some gallbladder and vomited everything he could.  He is very hungry now.  Ives picked up the bread, dipped some jam in it, and took a bite.  He swallowed the contents of his mouth with satisfaction, finally feeling satisfied in his stomach.  This made Avis suddenly feel like tears were filling his eyes.

    While Avis was eating, Rebecca suddenly raised her head.  She looked at Avis, who was eating happily, and showed a smile: "Aves, what do you want to do this afternoon?"

    "Well, yes." Ives thought for a while and then said, "I still need to go to the alchemy room to have a look."This place is under construction This is a place where no mistakes can be made.  "That place is an important place. At least for now, the entire fiefdom's finances will gain a lot from here. So there must be no mistakes in this place.

    At this time, the elf princess who was cutting beef gracefully raised her head, looked at Avis who was eating, and said: "I think that working all the time is not a good thing, brother."

    "Huh?" The elf boy raised his head and looked at Kaiweis: "But the territory has just been established. If I don't get things done now"

    "If you want to handle these things, it may be a better choice to leave it to your subordinates." Kay Avis laughed, "We should cultivate some capable subordinates instead of making ourselves omnipotent."

    Ives was about to say something more when he was interrupted by Kay Ives: "Well, having said that, staying in the castle for a long time is really boringBrother, you don't want to go out for a walk.  ?"

    When Rebecca heard this, she immediately said: "Yes, yes, I mean the same thing. Ives, do you want to go for a walk?" At the same time, she glanced at Kay Ives angrily.  .  This should be the attention she came up with, but now this damn woman has preempted it!

    Elvis pondered for a long time, and then suddenly laughed: "That's what you meant. Okay, we can go hiking when we go down." After hearing Elvis's words, the eyes of the two girls lit up slightly.  .  Avis smiled and said: "Kadir, do you have time? Come with us up the mountain in the afternoon."

    "Huh?" Rebecca and the three of them were stunned for a moment, and then looked at Avis with incredible eyes.  Ives said excitedly: "Have you heard about it? There are wild wolves coming to the mountains. It seems very dangerous if we don't kill these things. So this afternoon we can go up to the mountains and kill the wild wolves."

    "Sorry, I'm not interested in this kind of thing." Kadir stretched out his hand to stop Avis's next words. He raised his head and looked at Avis with a serious look: "I wish you the best in your life."  Have a good time in the rest of the world." After that, he finished the steak in a few bites, took the bread and left.

    Kadir eats very quickly, and Ives still knows this.  He can definitely finish the meal without you even realizing it.  But Avis doesn¡¯t quite understand what Kadir¡¯s words mean In the next world?

    Not knowing why, he had a pleasant lunch.  Although no one else came, only Avis went out with the two ladies.  But to eliminate some wolves, it doesn't take so many people at all, and the same goes for one person.

    Avis sorted out his weapons and equipment. At this time, he was wearing a silver knight's armor, and he looked very powerful.  In fact, the Silver Knight's armor can be considered a very powerful armor, and you can gain experience bonuses by wearing it.  So it will definitely be a lot easier to carry it with you when leveling up.

    Although the experience added by the Silver Knight Armor is only the experience of skills, it makes it easier to upgrade skills.  But when skills are upgraded, some experience points will be generated.  In this case, it is equivalent to providing experience for upgrading in disguise.

    At this time, Rebecca, who was wearing a pure white priest's robe, was also ready.  Her priest's robe is no longer the thin robe she saw in summer. The new robe she wears has a strong warmth-keeping function.  Under the dazzling snow light, this girl with slightly long golden hair actually showed a trace of divine charm.

    "Hey, what are you looking at?"

    A slender hand patted Ives on the shoulder.  The elf boy turned around, and the person he saw was his inexplicably extra 'sister'.  The elf princess was smiling slightly and looking at Avis.

    Ives coughed slightly, and then said: "I didn't see anything I was just waiting for you." Then he saw Kay Ives also changed his outfit.

    Wearing a goose-yellow long skirt, although her figure is a bit petite, she looks very good-looking.  Decent clothes make this elf princess look very elegant.

    Of course Ives wouldn¡¯t stare at a girl¡¯s clothes for a long time, he is a man after all.  After coughing, he took out a map and said: "This is the map around here The mountain we are going to is this one. After going up, we can look for wolves If necessary, we can use some  Bait.¡±

    Afterwards, Ives pointed to the venison placed on his horse, "Wolves love this most."

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