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Text Chapter 35 The Dark Sonata (Part 2)

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    Chapter 35 The Dark Sonata (Part 2)

    In the dim sky, passionate music suddenly sounded.  Surrounded by this music, the endless and exhausted spiritual world begins to expand.

    "Only good gay friends can share the same quilt!"

    Such a sound suddenly shook out and spread in all directions.  Although the content is a bit strange, Ives's teammates all know the ability of Ives's sword, so there is no one who is strange.

    The powerful sword light continued to move forward, surging forward.  This power continued to explode, rushing directly in front of the vampire girl.  Rania gave a sweet shout, and the exhausted space around her became more real.  When faced with an attack from an artifact, no matter how careful you are, you can never be too careful.  Because, after all, this is an artifact!

    But Avis doesn¡¯t plan to use this artifact for a long time.  First of all, this is a melee weapon, which makes Avis speechless.  He prefers the kind of artifact that can be used both near and far.  Secondly, this artifact has actually been contaminated. With Avis's character, it is still very difficult to further integrate this sword.

    Avis can make a plan and get those hidden artifacts.  There are not many artifacts from later generations, but there are still artifacts that can be obtained.

    "Click!" There was a loud sound, and the manifested world collided with the sword light of the Brilliant Sword again.  After the violent roar, the scene suddenly became a mess.

    After the violent light and darkness, Avis fell out of the violent light first.  He fell to the ground and then hit the ground hard.  After rolling a few times, Avis fell completely to the ground and spurted out a mouthful of blood.

    "Damn the backlash of this artifact is really too great." Avis said as he sat up.  At the last moment, Avis wanted to increase the attack power of the artifact, but was counterattacked by the artifact.  If Ives hadn't seen the opportunity quickly and withdrew most of his power in time, he might not be as simple as vomiting blood now.

    At this time, there was a sound of footsteps.  Ives raised his head slightly, and everything he could see was thick fog.  This mist was the result of his battle with Rania.  After the violent collision, most of this area was destroyed.

    The elf boy straightened up slightly, and suddenly the urge to vomit blood came up again.  After forcing down the bad feeling, the elf boy looked around.

    At this time, the mist formed by those flying particles slowly descended, and Avis saw the two people running over.

    Anriya, and Qadir.

    "Where's Kay Ives?" Ives said, "I just sensed her breath."

    The silver-haired girl had already ran over at this time, and the holy light shone on the elf boy.  Soon, Ives felt a majestic force rushing through his body. This holy light soon made Ives feel that his body began to recover.

    "If you are talking about the elf princess." Kadir, who had taken off his hat, said in his magnetic and neutral voice, "She is fighting now."

    Avis raised his head, and there were two people fighting fiercely on the horizon.  A figure was red, like the scorching sun, showing a fiery aura in the dark night.  The other one was surrounded by melodious songs and had a strong magical aura about him.

    "The blessing of the ancestors" The elf boy raised his head and looked at the two fighting on the horizon.  Finally muttered to himself.  At this time, Her Royal Highness the Princess is using the blessing of her ancestors.  This makes her almost invincible under the sanctuary.  But her opponent is a vampire who can manifest his soul into reality.

    "There are also self-made limits It's really a headache." There was a hint of bitter smile on the corner of the eternal elf's mouth.

    This is not a simple magic.  It comes from projection magic, but it is countless times more advanced than projection magic.  Projection magic just uses magic power to condense a seemingly real prop.  But this magic called 'Self-Contained Limits' allows you to write your own rules in your own world!

    For example, if a legendary strongman wants to display his true legendary strength, he needs to fully understand the rules of one party in order to do so.  But in a world with self-limited boundaries, the changed rules will prevent legendary strongmen from completely using the power of legend!

    Unless they are the strongest group of people even in the multiverse.  That is, only the limit of legend - demigod - can ignore this ability to change the rules.

    Avis stood up and looked at the two fighting on the horizon, silent.  The Rania in front of her was already stronger than Ives expected.  Ives puts on the arcane magician againAfter taking off his robe, his body slowly began to float.  On the horizon, an erect royal power appeared again.

    "Avis, your body" Anriya shouted immediately.  Ives has been injured, and now is definitely not a good time to explode with all his strength.

    "It doesn't matter." Avis's voice came, "I won't fail so easilyI have my own sense of proportion." As he spoke, the elf boy's body erupted with incomparable arcane brilliance.

    After that, he actually directed the power of arcane destruction to his rear.  Behind him, the sudden burst of power knocked down several buildings.  But in the face of this powerful counter-pushing force, the elf boy's body began to sprint forward continuously.

    At this time, the village has been destroyed beyond recognition. It is actually normal for three beings who can be called "rare rivals under the sanctuary" to fight in this place and achieve the current result.

    Avis's body rushed forward rapidly. If viewed from a distance, it was like a blue meteor that suddenly appeared, charging forward in an unstoppable manner.  At this time, the vampire girl who finally felt a familiar aura joining the battlefield raised her head, and then she saw a figure that was constantly enlarging.

    Suddenly the long sword was drawn and pointed forward.  Bathed in azure light and with an indomitable momentum, the young man with slightly long black hair rushed towards this place!

    "Hmph, are you looking for death?" The vampire girl bit her teeth, and the endless and depleted world immediately spread.  In this world, she is the only master, she is the strongest!

    At this time, the black-haired boy had already rushed into the territory of the vampire girl!

    "Avis!" Her Royal Highness the Elf Princess immediately shouted.  If you break into the vampire's 'self-contained boundaries', you will be suppressed by her rules.  Why would Avis do such a stupid thing?

    ¡°No¡­¡± Helois suddenly understood what Avis was going to do.  The glorious knight standing on the ground with some blood stained on his body murmured to himself: "I think he wants to use the royal power"

    Melodious singing echoes here.  This song is sad and bone-chilling, and when it lingers around my ears, it is so heartbreaking.  The elf boy suppressed the arcane power in his body, and the blue light only flickered slightly on his body at this time, but did not completely explode.

    At this moment, the elf boy suddenly stepped on the ground.  This place is in the sky, but because it is a world of its own, this place actually has the earth.

    The dry earth reverberated with the faint smell of blood.  With the melodious singing echoing in his ears, Avis looked around, and then couldn't help but bring a smile to his lips.

    A girl with purple hair slowly appeared in front of Ives.  Under this gloomy sonata, the vampire girl's eyes seemed to have a hint of sadness.

    "Do you know who composed this song?" Rania suddenly said.  The elf boy slowly took his sword in his hand, and his eyes kept scanning the surroundings. Runes were flying around, as if they were about to shatter everything, flying around the world.  This is the rebellion of the world against the soul.

    The elf boy showed a bright smile: "I don't knowdid you do it?"

    "No." Rania shook her head, with a nostalgic smile on her lips, "My brother did it."

    "Is he dead?" Ives started to move.  His feet stepped on the blood-red ground, and the feeling given back to him was so clear.

    "No, he is not dead." Rania shook her head, and then said seriously, "He was sealed, almost forever Well, to a certain extent, he seems to be dead.  "

    "Oh, the magic seal." Avis seemed to understand something and laughed, "It seems that your brother is very strong."

    Generally speaking, the demon seal is to seal those evil entities that have died but can be resurrected at any time.  For example, the immortal warrior Asura whom Avis killed was sealed with the 'Devil Seal'.

    Generally speaking, the power of such an existence in its heyday is not weak.

    "My brother is the strongest!" Rania said seriously, "But if we want to break the demon seal and let my brother reappear in this world, we need human blood So I will give everything here  People are used as sacrifices. When the three quarter moons intersect, the forbidden spell can be cast."

    "Three crescent moons intertwined It seems that you want to use 'Awakening Blood Energy'." Ives said, "This spell is very dangerous." After that, he raised his head and looked at the sky.

    "you knowThere are quite a few.  "A look of approval finally appeared on Rania's face.

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