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Text Chapter 49 The King¡¯s War (1)

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    Chapter 49 The King¡¯s War (1)

    When Avis and others were about to arrive at Leiteng City, a slightly tired voice sounded in Avis's mind.

    "Sorry, I slept for a long time this timeI have woken up now, the king of the world."

    After hearing this voice, Avis couldn't help but smile.  The owner of this voice is Amos Zhuyue.  The demon king who once dominated the world.  Of course, he is still too weak now, and it is almost impossible to reproduce the glorious fighting power he once had.

    At this time, Avis also saw a prompt light up: he could transform into a 'Blood Angel' and borrow the power of Amos.  At the same time, the skill level of his epic skill ¡®Starlight Flurry¡¯ is +1.

    Amos is the former Demon King, a being who stands at the top of this world.  Borrowing his power can certainly increase your own strength significantly, but it will also slowly plunge Avis into a dark situation.  He is the one with royal authority, so he actually does not need to borrow the power of Amos.

    Of course, there is another very scary thing about Ives that prevents him from being completely controlled by Imos.  That¡¯s the ¡®system¡¯.  Which game makes players lose their will?  Therefore, Ives is confident that no matter what kind of mind control it is, it cannot directly change his will.

    This is also the biggest reason why he dares to embark on the path of the devil.  It is not that he has not verified that in the spiritual space, he is completely unaffected by the chaotic atmosphere of the devil, and even the tainted artifact cannot pollute his spirit.  After merging with Aimos, an extremely chaotic will poured into his mind, but it still could not make him lose his original intention.  Although all this seemed to be the power of the royal power, Ives could feel that before the royal power had even exerted its power, a mysterious force completely destroyed the power of the former demon king.

    "However, Ives doesn't know whether his prediction is 100% correct.  Shaking his head, Avis decided not to think about it so much.

    "You didn't sleep too long this time How much have you recovered?" Ives said with a slight smile on his lips.

    But Amos smiled bitterly: "Not much I woke up because I felt another drop of my blood."

    The Eternal Elf is riding on a horse, and the soldiers are preparing nervously because they are about to fight.  Even the Teutonic warriors had a nervous look in their eyes.  It could be seen from their rapid breathing that they were now in a state of excitement and a hint of nervousness.

    But after hearing what Imos said, Avis fell into deep thought.  Imos' voice continued: "My last three drops of blood represent my three powers. But the only thing that contains my original consciousness is this drop of blood on your body. Now, I sense another drop of blood  He may meet you. Then, he may fight you."

    After Ives thought for a long time, he raised his head: "Since he dares to come, let's kill him."

    Then kill him.  Easy and neat.  Not to mention swallowing that drop of blood to make himself stronger, not to mention doing anything to prepare for the upcoming battle.  Then kill him.

    Amos was silent.  Perhaps this is the will of the king.  Standing on the heads of too many people and looking down at the entire sky, they indeed have their pride and charm.

    In front of that, there was suddenly a burst of faint shouts of killing.  The cry of killing seemed to be shaking the sky.  The Teutonic warriors standing behind Ives were a little nervous at this time. They looked at each other and tightened their weapons.

    The Eternal Elf made his mount take a few steps forward slowly, and then he looked straight ahead, with a smile on his lips.  He slowly stretched out his hand: "The whole army is ready, get into position!"

    The Teutonic warrior dismounted.  They held their shields and held their swords in their hands.  White and black flags were raised.

    After hundreds of years of silence, the black flag finally flew over this land again.  When the flag was noisy, fluttering, and fluttering in the spring breeze, everyone felt a rush of blood.

    That heroic unit that was once so glorious was now standing in front of everyone.  Their ancestors were once extremely glorious, and now, they will recreate this glory!

    With the sword drawn out, these Teutonic warriors stood up straight.  They stood on the high ground, looking so dazzling under the sun in the sky.

    The Eternal Elf looked around, and then said: "The White Stone Knights will take a detour to support the rear of Leiteng City. The long-range troops will be prepared for local flank attacks. Finally Teutonic warriors, listen to my orders!"

    After receiving the order, the white army sailed away like a tide.  RidingJoan of Arc at the front turned back and glanced at the smiling young commander.  At this moment, this person showed a kind of temperament, a kind of convincing temperament.  This confident smile surprised everyone.

    The eternal elf slowly raised his hand.  The Teutonic warriors who had formed a square formation were silent. At this moment, they had thrown away their nervous feelings.  They may have been just farmers before, just ordinary people.  But at this moment, they are wearing armor, they are Teutonic warriors, the strongest army in this glorious era!

    At this time, the Vikings also discovered the situation here.  They made a quick move, some turned and they positioned themselves for battle.

    But when they saw the flying flag, they were shocked.

    Commander Edward, who was directing the battle, turned his head and saw the army under the sun.  When he saw the flag, his heart couldn't help but beat violently.

    Of course he knows that legend.  The army wearing black and white uniforms, the troops who dared to launch a death charge against tens of thousands of magicians at the most critical moment.  They have a belief that as long as their flag is still flying, they will not fail!

    "Hurry! The whole army is ready!" Edward was already a little nervous at this time.  Although there are only more than a thousand people coming, if this is really the time of the Teutonic warriors, this is definitely a nightmare.

    The troops attacking the city wall immediately turned their guns.  They faced the front of Avis and began to prepare.

    Heloise, who was standing next to Ives on horseback, said: "Don't you need any strategy?"

    "The current battle does not require strategy." Ives shook his head. "I want others to know that the Teutonic warriors are back. So they need the most amazing victorya victory in a head-on battle."

    Zach took a deep breath, slowly picked up his bow and arrow, and walked aside.  He will lead his troops to provide long-range support.

    The hand raised high by the Eternal Elf slowly lowered it.

    This is the signal to attack.

    After receiving this signal, all the Teutonic warriors slowly raised their swords.  They were silent at the moment, but they knew what they were about to face.

    Since summer flowers are short-lived, it is better to bloom with your own brilliance.  What the Teutonic warriors need is this kind of brilliance.  They raised their swords, shouted that word, and rushed forward.

    The person at the front of the team this time is the Eternal Elf.  An Infinity Sword appeared in his hand, and the epic glory immediately shone on the battlefield.  The sound of the army galloping past was more shocking than anything else.

    "You just rushed over?" Edward's brows raised slightly.  Then he began to prepare the archers to release arrows.  But at this moment, something that frightened everyone happened.

    The soldiers charging forward began to burst out with fighting spirit.  Generally speaking, this scene can be seen in any war.  But at this moment, this is not a little star that occasionally breaks out among tens of millions of troops.  At this moment, these stars gathered together to form a big river.

    These people all have fighting spirit!

    They shouted that word, and they burst out with their own fighting spirit.  They marched in neat steps, charging forward at a speed no less than that of a galloping horse.

    Listening to the uniform roar behind him, Ives also firmly raised his sword high. He also used all his strength to howl out the word together with the Teutonic warriors behind him.

    "For death!"

    Life is short, but it can bloom with the most dazzling brilliance.  They are not there to win, not to destroy the enemy.  But fight to the death.  Troops with such a belief are formidable because there is no enemy they can fear.

    Everyone is afraid of death, afraid of the eternal darkness after death, and afraid of the endless loneliness after death.  But what happens when a person, a group of people, or an army no longer fears death?

    These Teutonic warriors have been defeated before, and they may fail again in the future.  They may even all end up in eternal darkness.  But no one, no one can conquer them.

    Because they conquered death.

    When the rain of arrows came flying, the brilliance of fighting spirit immediately knocked these arrows away.  Some were injured and some were even killed by arrows.  But no one stopped.  They are extremely firm in their beliefs at this moment.

    When death cannot be feared, he is already strong.

    But when an army composed of strong men marched over, it was extremely despairing.

      ps1: Ahem, try a new combat description method.  The original battle was indeed more tragic.  Change it if you have a chance.

    PS2: Please collect it~~
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